My evening was already starting off wrong, I had forgotten that Marty, the boss, wouldn't be in tonight and I would be running the lounge, and the bar. To top it all off it was my birthday and I had really wanted off. I was going balistic, the other waiter had called in sick and I was going to be running the bar, and waiting tables by myself. All I could hope for was a slow night. I knew that Jerry was going to do this to me, he had found a new boyfriend, and he was planning to spend some time with him, Jerry was a little male slut, and since Marty would be gone tonight it was just like him to pull this crap.

Well all I could do was just grab myself by the boot straps and get on with the evening.

Grab my boot straps, what a cliche, one week ago I was setting up camp at Fort Leonard Wood in Southern Missouri, I was on my yearly two week active duty stint in the Army Reserves. The memories was awesome, there on the base, expecially in the showers, god was there ever some awesome looking studs. I can still see their awesome bodys strutting around the locker rooms, naked, I really had a problem keeping my cock from standing straight up like it was looking for something to attack.

I noticed as the memories came flooding into my mind, that I was standing behind the counter with a very hard cock stretching my black work slacks, and I have a very nice hunk of meat between my legs, something I have always been proud of.

I looked up and saw a couple guys walking into the bar and came up to the bar and asked for a couple beers, I served them, and they set down at a table, and started holding a conversation.

I was really doing a great job, clients were not that heavy this evening.

I heard the door open around seven o'clock that night and In walked an absolute god of a man. He was carrying a briefcase and was dressed to the nines, God he looked awesome. I had met him a couple times before, I knew he was married, he had a wedding ring on. But he would come to the bar, get himself a drink, and set down, open his brief case and start working on something, What? I don't know.

I had held a converstation with him about three nights before this, and I found out his name was Andrea Conelli, and he was gorgeous, He had these very dark Italian eyes, but he told me that he was French Italian, but he had Italian features. His hair was almost black, he had dark eyes, his face was very handsome looking, he looked like he had a mustach and beard, but it looked more like he hadn't shaved for several days. His suite was definately Armani, because I had seen the label when he reached into his lapel pocket to hand me his credit card to pay with.

It was a silver grey looking awesomely tailored suit, a white shirt, and a gorgeous yellow tie. He looked like a model from GQ, I was awestruck with him. I was stareing at his body as we spoke and I took his order.

I just took complete inventory of his body with my eyes, His waist was trim and his chest was rather large and very masculine and muscular looking, and when he set down, I looked down and noticed the outline of a rather impressive cock laying down next to his right leg, It must be a good seven inches soft. I almost swallowed my tongue. This guy had it all, and I was drooling on my self looking at his awesomeness.

I had taken about seven or eight drinks to Andrea, and most of the guys had left the bar, I had almost all of my cleanup done. I walked over to see if he wanted another drink, 'Why don't you come over and set with me for a while and have a drink?' he asked me. I said, 'well, I guess I could do that, were not too busy right at this time.'

I got a drink and walked over to his little table, he pulled out a chair and I set down.

He looked up and raised up his glass in a salute, I watched as he spoke and said, 'Hey man, heres to us, and fuck the rest of the world,' I had wondered why he was drinking like he was, and now there was a real question in my mind, what had brought that statement on.

'You ever been dumped by someone you loved?' he said, 'sure hasn't everyone at one time or another?' I answered.

'you know whats sad? I loved her, and him.' I said, 'Her and Him?' 'what, a girlfriend and a boyfriend both?'

'Well kinda, She was my wife, and he was my best friend, I came home from a business trip last week early, and found them in bed together, he had his nine inch cock buried in her asshole.'

'What really pisses me off tho, is that she wouldn't even think about doing that with me.'

I said, 'Wow, man I'm really sorry, That sucks.'

'Yeah, I know.' he said.

I noticed Andrea was getting a littly tipsy and talking with a slight slurr.

I said, 'Man, don't let it get too you, there are a lot of fish in the sea.' He just looked at me and said, 'Man your right, I just need to go fishing, Right?'

Then he just sorta slid down in the chair and almost fell off, I grabbed him and pulled him back up, and set him up in the lounge booth.

I got up and went back and finished up my cleaning, It was almost time to close up the bar and leave.

I finished up and It happen to hit me. He paid me but never gave me a tip, I looked over to him, and thought, 'Maybe there's more ways of getting a tip than just getting money.'

I locked up the bar, and lounge, pulled the blinds at the window.

I walked over to Andrea and set down beside him, he was passed out, drunk.

I reached up and took his head into my hands and shook it to see if he was going to awaken.

Then when there was not response, I opened up his suit coats and noticed his awesome looking chest, I undid his tie, then started unbuttoning his shirt, he did not wear an undershirt, god his chest was gorgeous, just enought hair to make his chest astounding looking, I felt the swelling of my cock as I rubbed on his body.

I rubbed his chest and his nipples, I heard him gave him a rather stiffled moan as I sucked on his nipples and licked his stomach, his stomach muscles looked like railroad ties they were so ripped.

I reached down and saw that nice looking cock, laying down beside his leg, I reached down with my left hand to it

and started stroking it, and even tho he was drunk, I felt it start to harden up, and he was just moaning with his eyes closed.

I had gotten his coat off and his shirt and pulled it out of his trousers so that I could get his shirt all the way off.

I was looking at his awesome looking face and I just leaned up and started kissing him with my mouth and tongue, his kisses tasted awesome, I was getting so fucking turned on that I was about to burst, god I was turned on.

Finally as he layed back on the booth seat, I took his belt buckle and started taking his belt loose and then I opened his trousers up and I noticed his 'abercrombie' boxers and the slit was standing open, I was so friggin excited, I noticed that gorgeous thick pubic bush, my mouth was watering with anticiaption. I opened his trousers and boxers, I reached into his boxers and wrapped my hand around an awesome feeling, half hard cock,it had a beautiful foreskin, thick, and throbbing and getting harder by the second, I heard Andrea moan, and say, 'oh yeah, man, fucking yeah. Oh that feels good.'

I leaned over to his body and pulled out his nutsack, he had two very large, egg shaped testicles, I leaned over and started licking his nuts, I wanted to gobble them up, I was so fucking turned on and excited. He raised up on his elbows and said,'Fuck man that feels so fucking good,' he grabbed my head and started running his fingers thru my hair, as he layed there I took that awesome cock into my mouth and started sucking him, I loved the taste of his cock, he was groaning and moaning his approval as I sucked his cock.

I noticed he was starting to get into this with me. He raised up and stood up and his pants hit the floor, I looked into his eyes and he grabbed me an kissed me.

I was gone now, floating away.

He said, 'man, your beautiful,' Now it was my turn, I was wimpering and moaning, he was rubbing the hard cock in my trousers now, he undid my trousers and slid them off, to the floor, along with my briefs. He leaned my back over the table and raised me up on my back and started playing with my asshole, I was about to shoot off from it, I liked my asshole played with and such, damn, I was in heaven.

He wet a finger and slid it into my asshole and found my prostate and started rubbing it, and I wanted to scream, it felt so fucking good. I hadn't had another guy touch me in months, before I had gone to play weekend warrior.

He leaned down and began to lick my asshole, I want to climb the wall, I felt his awesome tongue as it slid into the inner parts of my intestines. My prostate was throbbing, and I was about to loose it.

About ten minutes into the rimm job, I felt him stop, stand up, and I noticed his cock was like a steel rod, I felt his cock head as it touched my male hole and he spit on his cockhead and started sliding it in. I wanted all he could give me, I just couldn't get enough of his cock, I was about to explode as he sunk all eight inches of thick, throbbing cock into my asshole.

I felt it as he layed over my body and started kissing me, as he started pumping into my ass, god I was in love, this guy knew how to fuck like a latin Lover. He was awesome.

He was shoving it to the hilt into my love canal, and I was stroking my cock like a madman, I just stared into his eyes as iI watched his face get red and start sweating. I was squeezing his cock with my rectum muscles and he was about to the blast point himself, I heard his last gasp for air as his cock started pumping out a load of hot,sticky, thick, creamy cum and he filled my intestines to the brim.

He was looking into my eyes and said, 'Thank you, that was Awesome,' I said, 'Andrea, your very welcome, I was staring into his eyes as he reached down and took my cock into his hands, his cock still buried in my ass and he pumped my cock to an awesome finish.

Andrea, ask me to come home with him, and I accepted.

The rest of the week was awesome, I got fucked like I had never been fucked before, as well as getting my cock sucked raw, I had found what I had always longed for, Andrea was not only a good sex partner, but he was an exceptional person, so kind and loving and caring. I had found what I wanted and that night I had got the best tip I had ever gotten. Andrea is awesome.



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