Well for the most part I was in a state of shock when I finally had my first gay sex experience, well not exactly a gay experience, though.

I was seventeen, dating this cute young gal from high school, and just being a normal straight young lad, with the raging Hormone syndrome.

Tereasa and I had been an item for about six months at school, doing all those things that most young couples do.

And of course I was sporting a constant boner, whether I was with her or not. I had not had sex of any kind, with another person that is, besides beating the outter layer of skin off my constantly hard dick, which I was quite proud of..

I was finally setting in the front seat of my fathers 'Impala', on a date with Tereasa, with my hard dick sticking out, and Tereasa was about to suck on it for me, something I had only dreamed and read about.

She had about four inches of hard cock in her mouth, when I felt her teeth almost scrape the back rim off the head of my boner, I thought I would piss in her mouth, Fuck it hurt.

Needless to say that my boner went down, leaving me aching in the balls as well as the rim of my cock from the scraping, Damn I thought it would be a lot better than this, or at least most of the guys that said they had gotten a blow-job from their female partners had told me.

I sat there with my aching cock laying over to the side. when Tereasa said, 'I didn't want that nasty thing in my mouth anyway, I just did it because it's what you wanted.'

I just looked over at her angry and said. 'Well you know what sweetie, you won't ever have to worry about it again, because you won't ever get the chance.

She had a shocked look on her face when I dropped her off at her home that night.

But I was still in a world of hurt, my nuts needed drained in the worst way, and I decided to stop at this Local Park there in town, and go to the rest room and give myself a good stroke off and relieve the built up tension before heading home.

It was there in the park rest room I found out about what a good blow-job really felt like.

I went into the end stall there in the men's room, I closed the door and dropped my slacks and sat on the toilet seat, I reached down and began to stroke off, dreaming of what that blow-job would have felt like.

Then I Heard this voice, and I noticed it was a guys voice coming through this round hole in the stall wall, this dude had been watching me through the hole as I stroked my boner.

'Hey man, put it through the hole and I'll suck it for you.' he said.

What the fuck, was I dreaming, a guy wanting to suck my cock, My mind started darting around with thoughts of me being gay by letting this dude suck me off, but then Who but me and him would know, and it was only one time.

I stood up and this voice, wow man, that's really one nice looking cock, can't wait to suck on that beauty.

I never realized my cock was a thing of beauty, but then I guess like most things, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

I crept up to the stall wall, watched my cock disappear through the hole.

'Oh Shit, was the first words that came out of my mouth, I felt his Hot, wet, awesome feeling engulf my cock, the feeling was so totally different that what I had just endured from Tereasa.

I thought maybe I had died and gone to heave, I felt myself floating away from the awesome sensation that was flooding through my body.

This dude was massaging my nuts and he was moaning like a starving man enjoying the first meal he had had in months, and My cock was that meal.

The feelings and sensations were incredible.

I felt that point of no return coming close and I just whispered, I'm getting ready to bust my nut.

He stopped long enough to say, 'awesome can't wait.' and went back to sucking.

The build up to this climax was phenomenal, like nothing I had ever felt before, I felt all my body going rigid, and my nuts felt like they had been swallowed up inside my body and this dude was takeing me to the balls with each gulp.

I began to saying 'Oh shit, Fuck MEEEE! as My body began to jerk and I felt like a gallon of cum was shooting out into his mouth, he just kept going after it all and swallowing like it was something awesome to eat.

I finally came too my senses and I had to pull away from his mouth and set back down.

'Thanks Kid, that was delicious, and fucking awesome,' he said.

I sat there for a few minutes and I looked up at the hole and there was his cock sticking through the hole, he was really hung well, uncut and dripping pre-cum.

I really didn't know what to say but I figured it was only fair to return the favor.

I knew I would have to watch my teeth, and I leaned over and licked the tip, it was sorta salty, sweet and not bad at all, I felt his cock swell and flex up and I grabbed this guy's thick cock and slid the skin back exposing the head, and for some reason I felt connected to it.

I leaned over and took his cock to the balls, almost gagging, I stifled the gag reflex and began giveing this guy a head job like he had given me, I felt strange due to the face of never ever having even touched another guy's cock before much less putting on in my mouth.

I was as anxious as he was when I realized I had sucked this dude off and from his reactions He was getting close to cumming in my mouth.

Then it happened, I felt his cock do deep into my throat and I felt it rapidly jerking and swelling in my mouth as This dude began cursing through gritted teeth, 'Holy Fuck kid, Oh Damn.' and I began swallowing and tasting his cum. I took it all, and just sat there thinking about what I had done, as he got up and pulled up his trousers, said, 'Tanks kid, that was awesome,' and walked out.

The few weeks went uneventful and I then found myself wanting to go back and enjoy the pleasures I had experienced there at the hole in the wall of that toilet stall, I found out later that it was called a glory Hole.

I found myself sucking all sizes and shapes of cock there, I even knew a few of the guys, some of them married, business men and even a young preacher at this one church, I especially remember him, his cock was like a horses, long and thick. I thought about calling and asking for a counseling session, among other things with him, Well that never happened but I sucked him off quite a few times there in the park restroom, He could shoot a load like a elephant too.

Well I started studying for my college entrance tests and exams.

My Dad came home one night and told me Uncle Jamie, his younger brother was coming to live with us, he had just gotten out of the Marines and needed a place to live until he got on his feet.

I was really happy, since I was home alone a lot, Mom had died when I was twelve and Dad was out with a lady friend a lot, so it was just me.

Dad had ask me if It was alright to let uncle Jamie bunk in my room, I told him it was find with me, I always liked Uncle Jamie and we got along well together, although I worried about him finding out about me.

I was overjoyed when Uncle Jamie finally got there with all his belonging, I had always looked up to and loved my Uncle Jamie.

It was that first night we had gone to bed and I realized how good looking and well built Uncle Jamie was, he was awesome looking, I guess that Marine life was what had done it, he was better than I remembered.

We got ready for bed about ten thirty that night, I had just dropped my trousers and was crawling in to bed wearing just my briefs, whites of course.

Jamie dropped his pants and was what they call commando. His Ass was phenomenal, and his hairy legs were gorgeous, Jamie turned around and I saw his thick meat hanging there and under it was his low hanging nuts sack, they looked like they belonged on a bull. Uncle Jamie was hung. I popped a boner looking at his muscular, bronzed body, his washboard abs, thick pecks and there was just something about him that got my juices flowing.

'Sorry, I sleep in the buff, hope that don't bother you.' he said.

'And by the way, I don't have a problem with you doing what most of us guys do, you know, jerking off, it's a part of a guy's life that he can't live without,' then he just squeezed his thick cock and smiled as he crawled into bed.

Then I watched through the faint light as Uncle Jamie through back the covers and began stroking his cock, I slid my briefs off and began to join him, He was so fucking vocal as he pumped his cock, 'I heard him as he almost in a whisper said. 'Oh, Yeah, Fuck man,' and I heard him grunt and knew he was blowing a nut.

Of course it set me off and I nutted too, just hearing it and knowing he was there in my room.

Actually he jerked off almost every night.

It was about a month after Uncle Jamie came to live with us that I was home alone, I thought Uncle Jamie was gone to work, but Dad had to take a flight to Denver on business for his job and wouldn't be back until the week end.

I had gotten a gay video and was setting on the couch watching it, I had my hand down inside my briefs, my trousers undone and laying open.

I was rubbing my cock through the material of my briefs, when in through the patio door came Uncle Jamie, I was open and exposed in front of him, he could see the video playing and my hard cock sticking out of my briefs. I was in a state of shock.

'What the Fuck are you doing Ken?'

' What's this A Fucking Gay Video? and you setting there watching it and stroking off like a little Faggot. What the fuck is going on here?' he said.

'Hey man, PLease! PLease! don't tell my Dad, PLEASE! I said in a pleading voice.

'Well Ken, lets see what we have here,' as he he lay his arm full of booklets down and walked around and sat down on the edge of the couch, right between my spread legs, I was open and vulnerable.

Uncle Jamie then did something totally unexpected.

'Let's see that cock of your's Kid, looks like an nice hunk of meat there dude.' he said as he reached over and took in his right hand, Damn dude you've really grown up since I last saw you.

Uncle Jamie started stroking my cock, and from the look on his face he was really enjoying, and now i was enjoying it.

'Take your clothes off Kid,' he said.

I got up and stripped naked and sat back down, 'Dmn son, your fucking gorgeous,' he said as he rubbed my athletic body with his hand, feeling my abs, my chest, tweeking my nipples as he stroked my body.

'I bet that cock tastes as good as it looks. Mind if I Try,' he said.

I shook my head in almost disbelief, as Uncle Jamie leaned over and his head went between my legs and he engulfed my cock, I grabbed his head as I leaned my own head back as the sensations flooded my body and Uncle Jamie began to suck my throbbing cock, I turned off the video, since we were making one of our own.

I was almost in a state of unbelief as Uncle Jamie deep throated my cock.

I knew by what Uncle Jamie was doing it wasn't the first cock to go into his mouth and his expertise was awesome. He knew just how to massage the nut-sack as he deep throated my cock with his hot wet mouth.

What got me really going was something I had never had before, when Uncle Jamie stopped lifted my ass up and began to sucking and licking my asshole, sticking his tongue deep in my opening.

Holy shit man, it was the most awesome thing I had ever felt, I loved it, and I knew Uncle Jamie didn't learn this from a magazine...... he had had practice.

When he stopped I sat up, I reached over and he smiled at me as he wiped his mouth off, I reached over and I undid his shirt revealing his hot, sexy, awesome Marine body, then I undid his belt and noticed a hard cock laying upward with and uncut tip sticking out from under his underwear elastic, it was thick, moist with pre-cum and long.

I told him to raise up and he slid his jeans and underwear to the floor, as I reached over and began rubbing his nuts, thick and oval.

'That Fucking feels awesome Kid,' he said.

Then he let out a gasp as I took his cock to the balls.

I had been sucking on his cock about three minutes savoring each thrust of his hips, each little driplet of pre-cum, and loving the moaning he was doing.

But for some strange reason I wanted something else and now was the time for it.

I stopped and got up on top of Uncle Jamie and straddled his muscular body, it was now or never.

My first time was here, as I began to rub his hard thick cock with my wanting asshole, even tho I had not been penetrated and knew it would be a challenge for me this first time, I knew I wanted it to be Uncle Jamie, I loved him so much,. and now even more.

His hard throbbing, veiney cock was wet with my saliva and loads of his own pre-cum when I sat down on the tip of it and felt the first time of having my asshole penetrated with anything more than my own finger, which I did a lot while jerking off.

I groaned and grunted as I felt that thick sphincter stretching cock of Jamie's stretch my asshole beyond belief, it was indeed painful, but I wanted it, like a woman giving birth, I knew it was something I wanted, I had to have and couldn't live without, and I knew there would be more times to come after this time.

Then when I finally felt his pubic hair against my ass, I knew I had done it, 'Now Fuck My Uncle Jamie like the whore I am,' I said.

Uncle Jamie, smiled a big smile, rolled me over on my back hooked my knees with his arms, raised my asshole upward to meet his every thrust, and went to work, God could he fuck.

My first time to this day was my most memorable fuck, and I wanted his whole body inside me.

I felt like a virgin on her wedding night, but I knew it would take some work being able to take a cock like this on a regular basis, but this was just my beginning.

It took Uncle Jamie almost 30 minutes of hammering my asshole, to bring himself off, and I shot my load just knowing it was Uncle Jamie, that was fucking me.

We slept together every night while Dad was away and still sleep together as much as possible, and Jamie never told Dad, nor did I, I'm twenty six now, and Uncle Jamie and I still live in the same house, actually that same house, Dad gave it to me.

He remarried his lady friend and Jamie and I are there enjoying each other in every way.

Yep that was the story of my beginnings but not the end of it all.

I have been happy for these years and never regretted getting that first blow job at the park, it set me on the path of total pleasure, sure like eveyone else we have out struggles and trials but we also have a love and relationship that sees us through it all. Ciao and Peach my friends.



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