The stories that I wrote about over the past year are pass on some of my true experience that I have and lived. Mr Soucy was one of my grade 6 class mate father who was a real daddy bear type were I saw him several times in his underwear or naked walking around getting something from the fridge. 

Mr Darcy was my High School Wrestling bear, Who I wrestling with a few times during practise since I was one of his favourite guy's on his team. He always comes in while we are changing in the locker room to make sure everyone is behaving. The funny thing about it most of the time he was only wearing his yellow, red or blue FOTL underwear.

John the banker was my financial person who was a very closet Daddy bear who could never kept his marriages together. Last I heard he was working on wife number 4 now and was not a very nice person overall. I got good vibes from him a few times when he invited me for a fishing trip with him. He was build like a brick shit house, Saw him a few times with a semi on when he was waking up in the morning. 

As for Arnie the wrestler is bass on Mike Kelly was the first man ever to had sex with. I meet him in the bar at the Holiday Inn . He then invited back to his room for some more beers and action. He stood 6'1 has a very hairy reddish blonde body and a nice 7 plus uncut cock. He gave me my first ever blow job in my life before I let him break my hole open. He also got off fucking men  with his underwear during sex  he told me. He came from Eastern Europe and hook up with his twin brother and became a tag team champions through out North America.

Gerry the bus driver was built with the biggest cock I ever scene.  I had the hots for him in my late teens when he became my rout drive for well over 2 years. My eyes drop when he join the same fitness centre that I belong too. He always  love going commando  in the Locker room sauna. One thing I did notice that when we are together all alone in the sauna he always started to play with himself until he got fully erected. I always love watching him but his dark brown Bikini underwear on while he try his best to get his massive got comfortably in them. 

Ken the Biker was a strange dude and was very homophobic as being a Police officer. He lived a very private life about 30 minutes north of Toronto,Canada. I meet him a few times at the leather demon bar in the city. He always got a room for the night just above the downstairs bar. He invited me back with him a few times to his room and knew how to fuck one of my best fuck ever. Always love getting me and few other cubs into the sling. He also had a underwear fetish were he loves fucking his prey in his white underwear that he likes wearing. He broke open the Bar Manager Nephew one night as he let me stay there with him to watch it all go down. I remember the pain this guy was in during each of Ken deep hard strokes. They fuck last well over 30 minutes until he spray his load all over this bear cub hairy chest.

Fire Capt. Tom was the first firemen at the scene when I got into a head on crash. I remember laying on the side of the road as he stood above with the front flip of his firemen pants were open, His zipper was pull down a bit where I could not stop starring at the powder blue briefs that was showing. Thank God that day it was well into the late 80's outside. I meant him once again at the fire station to thank him. He came me a quick tour of the station before we went out for a beer with him. This man was 100% straight just by chatting with him.

Mr Booth was my grade 11 English High School teacher who help coach the baseball team.Once again I became another pet of a teacher. He made sure that I was his room mate during a ball tournament in Ottawa. The room was on the 7 floor and 2 floors up from were the rest of the team was staying in. He was well over 50 years a real Daddy figure. We both were to scare to try anything with one another. He made sure he took his wedding band off for the trip were I felt that was very strange. After the last game of the tournament he never mind me watching him put on his green speedo bathing suit before we head on down to the pool. I notice he has a little semi on with some pre cum spurting out before he wrap the towel around himself.

Rangel Cal was the second law enforcement that I had sex with. I was camping by myself during a thunderstorm and he came to check on me. He then invited me back to his post until the storm stop. He told me that it was the best blow job ever when I blew him off in his bright green uniform. He wanted to fuck me but we did not have any condom with us.

The Handyman story did not really happen until I was living on my own. The apartment  manager had to call him to fix a few closet doors in my new apartment. This man was very well built just like the TV show renovation host Mike Holmes. The sex lasted well over 2 hours  until the apartment Manager came looking for him. I remember we both took each other huge load while we were 69ing.

Bill and Paul are skater from the roller derby league back in the 70's. I work there as a student for most of the sporting and concert events. This was one of the first time that I was really attracted to the Daddy Bear type. Paul was a real tough Grizzly Bear as for Bill I would called him a Brown bear type since his hair was totally dirty blonde. I was helping one of the skaters in their change room when I saw both Phil and Paul came out of the showers totally naked from the afternoon practise. Both of this men were very build and could be the front cover of any Bear Men Magazine. 

I also enjoy very much working the wrestling events over the many years working there.There are some many great looking bear wrestlers that turn myself on so many times from Arn Anderson, Rick Steiner, Mark Lewin, The wild man, Pat and Mike Kelly , John Quinn,Don Kronodle, The Brisco Brothers, Terry Funk, Steve Lambardi. 

The End   




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