The twenty year old pickup, loaded with bicycles, grille, tent and duffle bags had cut through the edge of Pensacola and moved out onto the bay bridge. The sound of tires over expansion joints filled the air as the truck, along with all the other traffic made their way over the bridge. The truck had its windows down letting the hot humid summer air swirl through the cab as its two occupants joked around and talked about the events of their lives the past few months while they were separated.

Bobby drove his old truck telling John, his best friend since first grade, how he had been busting his ass working with his father and brother on the farm and going to evening classes at Pensacola Junior College. It had been hard, harder than he cared to admit, especially seeing his friend leave for Georgia Tech last fall. He was hoping to transfer to a major university next spring after getting some pre-requisites completed. His family didn't have the money for college so Bobby had to plan his going the best way he could, which wasn't the case for John. John's father was an engineer at the Naval Air Station and was able to send John and his older sister to college. John had always felt self conscious about having the newest bicycle, or the best clothes, or when he turned sixteen his parents buying him a new sports car, especially around Bobby, who typically had to take handed down clothes from his brother and even had to work on the side for another farmer to afford a new bicycle and the twenty year old truck had been his grandfathers who had given it to him when he bought another truck two years ago. Their different backgrounds was something each was acutely aware but did everything they could not to make it an issue.

But their mutual friends sometimes made it painfully obvious, especially to Bobby. He was naturally shy and being needed on the farm did not allow him to play sports which made him less popular at the high school they attended, which in the rural north end was small and everyone knew each other and the families they came from. Bobby was attractive, with a tall lean body, toned not from sports or working out but from hard work on his family's farm. His skin was naturally dark toned, having some Native American ancestry and he wore his dark brown hair longer than most. He hadn't dated much in high school and none since graduation feeling he had to get away first, make it to college and feel like he was making it toward some goal before he would date seriously. But it was something he wasn't always honest about for he didn't have the desire to date and he knew what it could mean, what it implied about himself when he preferred to hang out with guys more than girls, when he preferred John's company over anyone else's. He knew the images he painted in his mind when he lay in bed late at night masturbating, and it scared him. He knew in the small community they lived in, with its old traditional views and strong church attendance everyone would shun him if he were to admit to his desires, and it frightened him even more to think of John turning away from him. It terrified him to think what his father would do or say.

They came off the bridge cutting through the small town of Gulf Breeze on the peninsula across the bay from Pensacola. They would cut through town, cross the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway and drive down the barrier island that was Pensacola Beach. John had his arm on the window sill feeling the late afternoon sun as he and Bobby talked about college. He wanted to paint a positive picture of his freshman year as encouragement for Bobby but he didn't want to make him feel bad about having to go to a junior college first. He knew it was tough for Bobby and it made him respect his friend even more, the way he had to work for every damn thing he got. John knew compared to the others back in the small communities that made up the north end of the county he was far better off than most. He had been one of their main athletes on the football and baseball teams and had been so popular as to win all the usual elections and get the votes for one title or another. He was five eleven and broad shouldered, with a solid build from sports and the weight room which he maintained in college. He was fair skinned, with light brown hair, so light that exposure to the hot Florida sun would bleach blonde streaks into it. He had dated a lot in high school but no one girl seriously, knowing he was leaving for college as soon as high school was over. He had realized when he left for college the only person he truly missed was Bobby. He missed the way they could hang out for hours, talking for long periods about anything or nothing, playing video games, riding bikes, or sometimes just sitting on the bank of a pond or creek fishing, hardly talking at all. He felt close to Bobby, closer than he felt toward his own sister, and this weekend was one he had looked forward to since they had planned it while he was still in Atlanta. He would look over at times as they made their way over the last bridge, noticing how Bobby's height made him look even leaner and how his shirt hung loosely from his shoulders, and how his arms were so smooth, so bare of hair, and he realized for the first time Bobby looked as if he finally needed to shave but it appeared to be only his chin and upper lip and a sparse faint line along his jaw. He looked much younger than nineteen, which was enhanced by him wearing his hair long. John considered his admiration as just friendly observation, didn't consider it sexual, for to do that would invite thoughts he knew he couldn't have, ideas or notions that could wreck their friendship.

The hot air swirled in the cab of the truck as they turned off the main road and headed west on the barrier island, driving toward the section of the Gulf Islands National Seashore where Fort Pickens and the campgrounds were located. It was several miles down the narrow island before they would come to the park service station to check in and as they came to the narrowest section they could see the turquoise waters of the gulf on one side and the darker waters of the bay on the other. Bobby drove along slowly, the road uneven and patched from years of damage and repair. He kept looking over at John, listening to him ramble on about college and what he had to look forward to, but Bobby also kept looking over at John, at his body that had filled out more during the last few months, grown more masculine. John had on a tank top and shorts revealing his fair skin and the light brown hair that lightly dusted his arms and legs. His muscular arms looked good and the tank top hung loosely from his broad shoulders, the wind making it blow out from his chest so Bobby could see his nipples exposed from time to time. He tried not to look, tried to focus on what John was saying, but his eyes would wander, roam over John's body frustrating him, making him remain quiet, keeping his thoughts to himself, afraid if he spoke he would say something he'd regret.

They made it to the camp site to find that since they were tent camping they had a site along the back row near the edge of the grounds. It took them less than an hour to get their site all set up, with the tent set up and their sleeping bags tossed inside and an area for grilling out all set up. They agreed to walk over to the beach first thing and dug out their swimming trunks from their duffle bags stored in the truck. They climbed into the tent to change and as John pulled off his tank top, dropped his shorts and briefs, Bobby found himself glancing over, looking at his friend's naked body, one he had not seen totally naked in several years. He noticed how he had matured into a man, how the definition of his muscles was evident over his chest and down over his stomach and around his hips. He noticed how John's cock looked bigger, thicker and he wondered how big he got when he got an erection and the thought embarrassed him. He had his own t-shirt off and felt self conscious about his own body, thinking of himself as skinny compared to John. He pulled his shorts down and in a moment of shyness turned his back to John and pulled his boxers off. He slipped on his trunks and turned to see John had his trunks on and stepping out of the tent. Towels and sun block in hand they headed for the beach on the other side of the island.

They spent over an hour on the beach, swimming in the warm gulf waters and sitting on the beach, letting the hot sun dry them. When they got back to their camp site they grab some shorts and headed to the bath house. The individual stalls for showering and changing made it easier for Bobby, who knew that if the shower had been open he would have looked, would have glanced over at John's body, to see what he really looked like and how different he now looked from when they were twelve and thirteen and staying at each other's homes. At times Bobby wondered he was really that different from that thirteen year old boy but when he looked in the mirror he saw someone completely different.

Back at the tent they crawled in both wanting to crash for a few minutes. They rolled out their sleeping bags, keeping them zipped up and used them as pads as they lay down on top. John lifted his hips up and slid his shorts off leaving him in just his briefs as they settled down. Bobby kept his shorts on and rolled over on his side facing away from John who was lying on his back. He knew he would lay there looking at John's body if he didn't turn away. He lay there for a few minutes feeling trapped, anxious, but eventually their exhaustion overtook them and they slept.

Bobby woke first and found he had shifted onto his back. He looked over and saw John was still on his back as he had been when he first laid down. Bobby looked down his chest, the way the skin shined from the light perspiration, and how he could see the contours of muscle, the bottom of his rib cage as his stomach moved up and down and he noticed the bulge in the white briefs, how it stretched over to toward him, the obvious position of John's cock, and how it looked like he was partially erect. Bobby tried to divert his eyes, look away but he just let his eyes roam down John's legs, noticing how the fine light brown hairs covered his lower thighs and down over his calves, filtering out around his ankles. John's legs were muscular, with strong definition along his thighs and calves and Bobby had to resist the temptation to reach out and run his finger along the skin, to feel its smoothness, feel the hairs tickle his skin. Uncontrollably he looked back up and again was staring at the bulge in the white briefs and now the head of John's cock was over under the thinner material to the side of the crotch and he could make out its contours, the shape of the head and he found himself laying there holding his breath as he took it all in. He reached over, his hand hovering over the cylindrical tube of flesh just beneath the thin white fabric, wanting so badly to touch it, to see what it felt like and to feel the weight of it in his hand. His hand hovered over it, moving so close, almost touching, but he was too scared, afraid of what John would say or do.

He knew he couldn't and took a breath and started to pull away when John's hand jerked up and lightning fast he had Bobby's wrist. Bobby froze and his mind raced into total confusion. John just held his wrist in place, not moving. When Bobby finally could look up, look into John's eyes he saw an expression he wasn't expecting. John wasn't mad or freaked out, but looked solemn, a small smile on his face.

"It's ok Bobby" was all he said has he brought Bobby's hand down on his cock, let Bobby's hand rest on it. Bobby was unable to move or say anything at first, then he looked into John's eyes and saw that look, the one he saw sometimes in the mirror; the confusion and the desire for something he thought he couldn't have, but here was John offering it to him. He squeezed his hand down on John cock, felt the firmness of it, felt the way it filled his palm. He moved his hand slowly along its length and felt the head, stroked it lightly with several fingers and he ran his fingers back down its length. John exhaled a heavy breath and Bobby realized he had been holding it. Bobby watched his hand move over John's cock, watched as his fingers traced its shape under the fabric. Then he saw movement from John, saw his hand come over and touch him on his chest, the back of his fingers sliding lightly over the skin.

John was so surprised and excited to see Bobby's hand hovering over his cock, ready to touch him, then he started to pull away and John understood, knew the fear of going further. He had held his breath and snatched Bobby's wrist unable to let another opportunity pass him by. Then Bobby had gone with the invitation, was touching his cock; the feel of Bobby's fingers moving over it lightly at first, was sending shivers up his spine. He reached over and touched Bobby on the chest feeling how smooth the skin was, how lean and dark toned, and he let his hand move in circles larger and larger until he was rubbing over Bobby's nipples, feeling the soft perimeter and the center harden up, begin to raise up and he rubbed them harder. Bobby shifted his body, giving him better access and he decided now was the time. He pulled his hand back and over Bobby's head and took him by the neck pulling Bobby to him. Bobby looked up into his eyes and the desire and longing was apparent and he knew it was ok. He brought Bobby close as he leaned over and pressed his lips to Bobby's. A light gentle touch at first and he pulled back to see Bobby's reaction. Bobby smiled at him and then moved to him as they embraced, pressing mouth to mouth, soon tongues were dueling with each other. John rolled up to Bobby, chest to chest, as they kept their bodies twisted at the hips, Bobby's hand free to continue to feel John's cock. Soon John had his hand on Bobby, felt his cock move in his shorts, shift to the side and begin to stretch out.

"Get you shorts off" John said as he pulled back and pushed his briefs down his legs and kicked them off. Bobby unfastened his shorts and pushed everything down his legs and worked his feet out of them, with his eyes more focused on John, looking over at his hard cock as it lay over his hip, the shaft like the rest of him, the skin very fair, but the head was red, engorged with blood, swollen up all the way. With his legs free of his shorts he reached over and took John's cock and nearly at the same time felt John's hand on his. They lay there with their torsos turned to each other, touching, feeling the heat of the other, as they stroked each other's cock, slowly at first, their tight fists running up the other's shaft and over the flared heads. John leaned over and kissed Bobby, his tongue snaking out, pushing into Bobby's open mouth as they stroked a little faster. Each holding the other's cock, fingers wrapped around the hard shaft, moving up and down. Bobby is the first to lube up with pre-cum, the head soon wet and John's hand smearing it down the shaft. Bobby's lust is stroked, his hips beginning to move, pushing his cock through John's fist, the feel of the stroke increased.

As Bobby feels his desires fueled, his own hand keeps pace, pushing John along, keeping him stroked up till his cock is wet, the heat of the Bobby's hand too much for him. They pumped each other's cock faster, their hips moving in short natural moves, increasing the sensations. Their bodies continue to touch, chest to chest, and the heat of the day and their own fueled lust increases the heat inside the tent till both are sweating, their skin glistening; slick and hot. They rub and touch more and more urgently as their hands become a blur on the cock it is stroking. John feels the need to cum rise up fast, the feel of Bobby's hand on his cock, the feel of his hot flesh rubbing against him, and the way Bobby is responding to him, kissing back, tongues dueling, and John cums, shooting huge thick wads of cum over his arm and on to his shoulder, then the rest spattering over his stomach and smearing down his shaft by Bobby's hand. Bobby feels the flexing of John's cock, feels it jerk with each ejaculation, then he feels the small drops flying off of his cock and the final wads are shook off in his hard stroking of John's cock and he smells it, the scent strong in the hot humid air, mixing with the smell of their heated bodies, and Bobby cums, shooting so hard it hits the two of them in the face as they continue to kiss, then the secondary and third wads land on Bobby's chest and stomach and the final bubbles up and drools down the head and is quickly smeared by John's hand.

They slow to a very light stroking of each other's cock, fingers loosening their grip, gently holding the cock of the other, as they slowed their making out, their breathing still haggard and hard. Bobby falls back, his stomach heaving up and down as John looks down on him. He wants more, to do more, to do other things but he is afraid, afraid Bobby will think it too queer, going too far, so John leans back and they lay there side by side, breathing in the smell of their cum and their sweat. Before long they fall asleep, exhaustion from their exertion hitting them. They slept naked on top of their sleeping bags, unconcerned if someone were to walk by and see inside through the netting. As they slept Bobby rolled over onto his side, facing John and then after a few shifts in his sleep, his body was up against John and John naturally put one arm over him and shifted his body along Bobby's.

John awoke first, his body covered in sweat and he realized Bobby was lying close by on his stomach with his sweat covered skin shiny and slick. John rose up and looked over Bobby's body, down the long lean torso, the dark skin so smooth, down to the sweep of his back and up to his round ass and down his legs, the hair sparse and thin. He wanted to reach out and touch him, to run his hand down his back and over his ass, to feel the smooth skin, the warmth of it and he wanted to reach down and touch him in places that made his heart speed up, that excited him and scared him too.

"Bobby...Bobby" John whispered. Bobby opened his eyes and jerked awake, leaning up on his elbows looking down at their nakedness and looking slightly embarrassed. He twisted around his back to John, feeling awkward about the situation, and got his boxers untangled from his shorts and pulled them on. John, seeing how Bobby was anxious to get something on sat up and put on his briefs.

"Man I'm starving, what time is it?" Bobby asked, breaking the silence that had lingered between them as they put on their shorts.

"Almost five thirty. You want to grill the hamburgers we brought?"

"Yeah, then we can go to the beach and walk around some."

The sun was getting low on the horizon by the time they had finished eating. Shadows under the tall pine were slanted and long but the heat and humidity was still stifling. Bobby and John changed into their swim trunks and headed to the beach. The number of people had dwindled down significantly and most of the remaining were walking along the shore, which is what John and Bobby did, heading west toward away from most of the people. They didn't talk much, just some casual conservation on how they would spend the rest of the summer and the things they saw along the shore; the eroding sand castles, the holes dug in the sand, a couple of older men fishing, several rods anchored in the sand, and the calm low waves of the gulf. When they got to a deserted section of beach they waded out and swam around, diving to the bottom and racing each other parallel to the shore. But through it all they didn't touch each other, didn't mention what they had done earlier, their uneasiness evident. The sun dropped below the horizon and the wind off the water picked up reducing the heat of the day. Bobby and John waded up on shore and sat on the edge of the wet firm sand and stared south, out over the gulf, watching a boat cruise by, the bow bouncing over the waves. On the way back they looked at the old military bunker sitting in the edge of the trees, its concrete structure covered in sand and stunted trees, bushes and sea oats. There was no formal path to the top platform that had a gun mounted at one time; just open sand trails were others had made their way through the undergrowth and trees to climb up the twenty feet or so to get to the top. John looked at the structure which was so well integrated into the surroundings as to look like a sand dune, and glanced back at Bobby.

"Come on, I've not been up there since I was a kid."

They worked their way under the low limbs, around the bushes, following one of the paths others had used. At the top it was as they remembered it, the metal pad where the gun had been anchored and the bulkhead that had sand piled up in front of it, bushes and sea oats now growing wild on it. They couldn't see straight out with the growth but they could look east and west, down the shoreline. They stood side by side for a moment looking east back toward the developed section of Pensacola Beach then Bobby leaned back against the bulkhead and turned looking west, seeing the bright reds and oranges that remained on the horizon where the sun had set.



"About ok with what we did?"

Bobby looked over at John standing there, the anxiety showing on his face and he smiled, nodding. John stepped up closer, facing Bobby, his eyes dropping down Bobby's body, looking at his slim body with some sand stuck to his skin in one spot or another, and he looked down at Bobby's trunks, looked at the slight bulge visible in the loose trunks.

"I want to do it touch you" John said, his voice going lower and lower.

Bobby looked at John, how he couldn't look him in the eye and he knew John was scared, afraid Bobby would say no, or worse. Bobby looked at John body, so athletic, his broad shoulders and defined chest and the way his fair skin had a red hue from his sun exposure and the sand sticking to him along his side, along one arm and a near his waist band of his trunks, trunks that hung low on his narrow hips. Bobby saw John shift from one foot to the other, nervous, waiting to for him to respond. He reached out and touched John on the side of the head, running his fingers through his hair, feeling the damp hair slide through his fingers.

"I want to do it again" he finally said and saw John look up and give him a small weak smile, the fear still there. Bobby ran his fingers over John's ear and down over his chest, feeling the smooth skin, slick with sweat, and the coarse sand rake away where he pushed through it, running his hand down to John's waist where he ran his fingers along the waist band. John reached out and touched Bobby on the stomach, lightly, gently, running his fingers over the smooth skin. When John ran his hand down and squeezed Bobby's cock through his trunks, Bobby did the same, his hand feeling John's cock, feeling it thicken within his grasp. They stood close, hearing each other breath hard, the anxiety and the need building up. John moved to Bobby's waist band and slid down into his trunks where he wrapped his fingers over the bare flesh of Bobby's cock as it began to get hard, to stretch out. John felt the head of Bobby's cock, ran his fingers along its shaft as he leaned against Bobby, his shoulder leaning on Bobby's shoulder, their flesh touching, its heat spreading between them. Bobby kept squeezing and fondling John's cock through his trunks feeling John's cock get thick and hard. John shifted in front of him and looked him in the eye and Bobby saw the look, knew John wanting him and he felt John put his hands on his waist and push his trunks down, letting them drop to his ankles, freeing his cock, letting it rise up, the open warm air feeling good on it. John's hand wrapped around Bobby's cock, stroked it and moved his hand slowly up and down the shaft. Bobby reached into the front of John's trunks and untied them and pushed down on the front, pulling them out to clear his hard thick cock. Once he got them down to his mid thigh they fell to his ankles. Both of them naked out in the small clearing on top of the old bunker, feeling the warm salty air blow over them made them more excited and they stroked each other, moving hands up and down hard shafts. John leaned back to Bobby, resting his head on Bobby's shoulder, his hot breath hitting Bobby's skin, his hair lightly brushing his ear.

"If I put it in my mouth...will you?" John asked, barely audible to Bobby. Bobby knew what he wanted, knew John wanted to go further, and he did too. He wanted John to take him in his mouth, to suck his dick, and he wanted to do it too.

"Yes" he replied; his voice firm but low.

John eased down on his knees, kicking off his trunks as he did so, and he leaned toward Bobby's crotch, as he took Bobby's cock and held it out, stroking the shaft, looking at the dark head as it flared out. Bobby watched, watched as John leaned forward and watched as he stroked his cock, holding it so close he could feel the heat of his breath on it. Then John stuck out his tongue and licked the head, slowly, firmly he ran his tongue over the soft spongy head and Bobby grabbed a hold of John's shoulders holding himself up as the sensation of John's tongue raked over his cock. Then John took him in his mouth, and he felt his cock sink into the warm slick mouth, slid over John's tongue till only a little of the shaft was exposed through John's lips.

John was soon moving his mouth back and forth, working Bobby's cock through his mouth, feeling it slide through his lips as he held them tightly around Bobby. He worked his head on Bobby, pushing down as far as he could and feeling the head push to his throat and nearly gag him. He'd never wanted to pleasure someone like he wanted to now, to give Bobby such pleasure, and he picked up his pace, moving faster and faster. When Bobby began to rock his hips, to push his cock into his mouth a little harder, push a little further, John took hold of the shaft at the base and let Bobby thrust through his fist, work the shaft back and forth, pump the head into his mouth, push it over his tongue, keeping it wet, slick and hot. Bobby began to pump faster, holding on to John's shoulders tighter, rocking his hips faster and faster. John held on to Bobby's ass, felt the firm round cheeks flex and move as Bobby fucked cock into his mouth.

"I'm going to cum...John...I'm going to..."Bobby was gasping between hard breaths and the hard rhythmic movement of his hips. John held on tighter and took Bobby's fuck, took the hard shoves forward, the push of cock deep into his mouth and into his throat. Then John felt it, Bobby's cock flex and swell up harder. He felt Bobby shove forward hard, pushing his cock into John's mouth with force and John felt the first, then the second blast of cum, the thick hot wads hitting him in the back of the throat and slide down as he swallowed it. He felt Bobby's cock pull back, drag over his tongue as it pumped out more and more cum, the last dribbling out over his tongue as Bobby pushed his cock through it. John sucked the cum off Bobby's cock, swallowed the tangy salty cum in his mouth and when he pulled off of it, he held it tightly and squeezed up the shaft, squeezing out the last small ball of cum that bubbled up at the opening on the head, and John licked it off, the swipe of tongue making Bobby shiver from the touch.

"Oh damn" was all Bobby said.

John stood up, sand stuck on his legs from his knees down to his feet, his pale fair skin glowing in the dim fading light as night began to settle over the barrier island. He stood quiet, looking at Bobby wondering if he would forget their agreement, but Bobby stepped out of his trunks, and eased to his knees. He took John's cock, holding the base, and took the rest in his mouth. Like John, he worked his mouth back and forth, keeping a tight grip to the base of the shaft, letting the cock head slide over his tongue. John leaked a lot, and Bobby could taste it, the unique flavor and he sucked on the head, drawing out all he could. John sucked in a deep breath as Bobby worked the head. It was almost dark, and the nearly full moon shined brightly low in the horizon as Bobby worked on John's cock, sucked it, tongued along the head and shaft and finally he sucked the head and stroked the shaft with his fist, brining John quickly to the brink. John began to work his hips, thrust his cock through Bobby's fist, pushing his cock deep into his mouth. Faster and faster his hips worked as he could hear the sloppy sucking sounds escaping from Bobby's mouth and the hot slick insides of Bobby's mouth as he worked his cock through it.

"I'm going to shoot" John grunted as Bobby squeezed down on his shaft and sucked harder. John shoved forward, slamming his body against Bobby's fist as his cock exploded in Bobby's mouth, shooting out wad after wad of cum, coating the inside of Bobby's mouth, filling it up. He felt his cock slide through his hot load as Bobby kept his lips locked around his shaft. Then he couldn't take it and he stopped rocking his hips and stood there panting for breath as he felt it, the suction of Bobby swallowing, swallowing his cum.

When Bobby stood up he didn't say anything but just looked at the faint outline of John's face then he turned and looked down the dark beach seeing a few flashlights moving back and forth as their owners moved slowly down the shoreline. Bobby suddenly didn't know what to do, feeling odd about the two of them standing there naked in this small clearing, but he saw John come toward him, take him in his arms and pull his lean torso against his own body and hug him.

"Thanks Bobby..." and his voice trailed off as if he wanted to say more.

"We should go" was all Bobby could think to say.

Back at their camp site they grabbed their gear and headed to the bath house to shower. It was busy with several boys and men in the showers or waiting, having spent the end of the day on the beach. Bobby and John were the last to come in and as they waited for each person in front of them to shower they would glance at each other and smiled; a wicked guilty smile. When at last a shower came free Bobby motioned for John to go ahead but John smiled and grabbed Bobby by the arm and pulled him along as he went into the last stall that had become free. John held a finger to his lips for Bobby to be quiet as he pushed down his trunks. Bobby just watched as John got the shower running. When John turned and saw Bobby just standing there he went up to Bobby and pulled his trunks down. Bobby didn't try to stop him but simply stepped out of them and picked them up. They rinsed out their trunks first to get all the sand out and then John pushed Bobby under the spray, took the soap and began to bathe his body, run his hand over his skin, feeling the skin's smooth softness as it rinsed clean. He felt the tight lean body, as he watched the white suds slid down the dark skin. His hands roamed up under Bobby's arms feeling the hair that grew there, then down his sides and back over his chest and stomach. He washed Bobby's flaccid cock, soaped up his balls and tugged them a little as he rinsed them, looking up at Bobby smiling. He washed Bobby all the way down, turned him around and began to wash his back. His hands roamed over the lean back, feeling the shoulder blades and his spine down the center of his back. His hands circled each cheek of Bobby's ass, ran down the cleft between them, and without thinking about what he was doing, John touched Bobby there, ran his fingers over that spot, pushed against it as he rubbed the smooth skin clean of sweat, salt and sand. Bobby felt it, those fingers touching him, and he shifted away slightly, but John lost in his efforts didn't notice, but just continued down to Bobby's feet.

As John bathed Bobby they heard the other showers stop and soon after the screen door slam shut as one after the next left. When John had finished bathing Bobby he pushed him out from under the spray and leaned close, making Bobby think he was going to kiss him, was going to put his lips against his own, but John only got close, whispering in his ear.

"You better go before someone else comes in. I'll finish as soon as I can. We can hang out at the camp site for a while and relax."

"Ok" Bobby whispered and he put his shorts on and gathered up his stuff.

Back at the camp site they relaxed in the camp chairs, shirtless, wearing only shorts. Their bodies felt warm from the day's sun exposure even though they wore sun block, and the evening's warm air felt good to their clean skin as they sat and watched the other campers cooking out and the kids riding their bikes down the paved drive through the campground. John got up and and went over to their supplies rummaging around until he came out with a bottle of bourbon and two cups with a little ice in each.

"I say we relax a little with something better than some ole soda."

As they sat and talked, watching the night time wanderings of the other campers, seeing some load up fishing gear to go to the shore or down to the pier at the fort, they kept passing the bottle back and forth filling their cups until each had had enough to feel it. It was John's idea to get Bobby loosened up, to break down the hesitation he felt Bobby had whenever they had jerked each other off or later, when they sucked each other off. He wanted to go further; he wanted to do things he was afraid to admit to Bobby. But all the activity in the campground made him nervous, made him apprehensive. Then he remembered how, when he was old enough to venture off on his own, he would ride his bike down to the fort at night when the park office was closed and explore the empty fort; sometimes spooking himself. Some sections were always open and you could explore the dark passageways within the wide fort walls or climb on top and walk along the narrow path along the front edge, most of the top of the wall being covered with sand as a protective layer.

"Come on, get your bike."

"What? I don't think I can stand up straight."

"Don't be silly, we've not had that much, come on" and John didn't wait for further protest as he pulled his bicycle out from the bed of the truck. Bobby came around to the tailgate and waited for John to get his bike free then he pulled his out.

"Ok, where are we going?"

"To the fort."

They got to the fort parking lot and noticed a few teenagers sitting on the wall looking out over the west side where the road looped around within the perimeter wall of the complex, so they peddled on over to the pier cutting through the park ranger offices and residences. The pier had a small crowd fishing along its length. They locked their bikes and strolled down the pier seeing one man catch a small flounder and another loose whatever he had hooked. After a few minutes they made their way back and got on their bikes, with Bobby following John. John rode to the fort with Bobby following. They locked up their bikes and made their way inside the walls where the sidewalk traveled through an open corner that had been blow out by an explosion sometime in its past. Bobby followed as he noticed John making his way to the section where some rooms were aligned within the perimeter wall; long narrow rooms leading to a few smaller connector spaces, some of which had cannons on display. John led them into one room, almost completely dark, with some light from the exterior filtering into the small space through the narrow slit in the wall. When Bobby came into the room John stood watching him, thinking it is now or never. Bobby stopped and wondered what John was up to, why he stopped here, when John approached him. He knew immediately what was up, why the alcohol and now this place away from everyone, this dark quiet place where they hoped not to be disturbed, and he waited. John came up to him and took Bobby's head in his hands and held him as he brought his lips to Bobby's, kissing him on the mouth. John feared Bobby would pull away, but he kissed back, his tongue pushing against John's lips, pushing between them, as John accepted it. They kissed for several minutes, hands roaming over each other's naked torsos, feeling the warm skin, so smooth from its exposure to the salty environment, the way it felt tighter, and soon Bobby couldn't help it, he moved up tight to John, pressed his body up against John's, feeling his chest press against John's chest, his crotch with his hardening cock, press against John's crotch, feeling his cock move in his shorts, begin to harden and stretch out. They held each other by the ass and ground their cocks into each other, pushing crotch to crotch, stroking their desires.

"I want to fuck..." John whispered as he moved to Bobby's neck, moving his tongue and lips over the smooth tight skin, working his way over to his ear, tonguing it, tugging the earlobe with his teeth, feeling Bobby lean his head back and push his body against him harder. John moved one hand down and began to undo Bobby's shorts, pull the zipper down and he let them fall to his ankles. John ran his hand over the front of Bobby's boxers feeling his hard cock, squeezing it, stroking it with his fingers through the fabric. Bobby leaned back and gave John room to manipulate him, to feel his cock, to work it up hard. John grew impatient and pushed Bobby's boxers down till they fell to his ankles, taking Bobby's cock into his hand, stroking it, feeling it flex up hard. John moved down, running his tongue, his lips, over Bobby's skin, running down his chest to his nipples where he tongued them up erect and then he bit them lightly, pulled on them, one then the other as his hand kept up its slow steady strokes of Bobby's cock. He slid down further, this tongue trailing over Bobby's heaving stomach, till he felt the sparse hair over Bobby's cock, and he trialed his tongue through it, his nose capturing the scent of Bobby, masculine and hot. He removed his hand and let Bobby's cock flex free, bobbing up and down in the air before he captured it with his mouth, letting it slide through his lips, push over his tongue and deep into his mouth. Bobby held on, both hands resting on John's shoulders as he felt his cock sink into John's warm wet mouth. John worked his mouth back and forth along Bobby's cock, feeling it swell up more, get a little harder, as he undid his own shorts letting them drop to the ground. He sucked back along Bobby's shaft till the head was just inside his lips and he pushed his briefs down till they fell to his ankles. He dropped to his knees, settling in front of Bobby, sucking his cock, rubbing his balls and reaching around and rubbing his hands over each ass cheek. He was so lost into his desires he no longer worried what Bobby would think or if he would be put off by something John was doing. John grabbed Bobby by the waist and turned him around and putting his hand in the middle of Bobby's back and got him to lean forward.

"What are you doing?" Bobby asked.

John pulled his cheeks apart as he kissed each one, lightly bit one letting Bobby feel his teeth, then he ran his tongue over the smooth skin as he glided toward the cleft between the cheeks. He held the cheeks apart as he guided his tongue down and up feeling the various textures of Bobby's skin. He did it again, working his way downward and as his tongue ran over Bobby's opening John felt it, felt his tongue slide over it and he came back to it, over and over and over, pushing against it, sliding his tongue over it.

"Fuck" Bobby whispered into the darkness. Then he felt the warm air on his exposed wet opening as John shifted and then he felt the pressure, the blunt end of a finger push against him, push till it penetrated him, breach his opening and slide up into his warm soft insides. John bit on his right cheek as he twisted the finger around; moved it in and out, stretching the tight ring of Bobby's opening. John pulled his hand back and pushed back in with two fingers, stretching Bobby some more, working the two fingers around, feeling the tight ring loosen up after his manipulations. When he felt Bobby move back, taking his fingers all the way he pulled back and inserted three fingers, feeling the tight opening resist at first, but he pushed in, stretching him open further. He worked them around, feeling the tight ring eventually loosen to his three fingers and he fucked them in and out, picking up his pace, working them faster and faster for several strokes.

He knew Bobby was ready and he stood up and guided Bobby over to the cannon and laid him back on it. The cool cast iron felt good to Bobby as he lay on it. John leaned down and picked up Bobby's legs, working his ankles onto one shoulder, shifting his body up holding Bobby legs up and pushing them over. Soon John was pushing his hard cock against Bobby, pressing the blunt fat head against the opening, feeling its resistance just before opening up letting him slid in. He worked his cock into Bobby, slowly, easing it in fractions of an inch at a time, feeling the tight ring of Bobby's opening grip him tightly. John shifted Bobby's legs till he had one on each shoulder and he leaned over Bobby, holding himself up with his hands on the cannon either side of Bobby's body. His hips rocked slowly back and then forward, pushing his cock in further, working it into Bobby's depths. Bobby reached up and wrapped his arms around John's neck as John worked his cock back and forth, pumping his hips slowly as he felt the tightness of Bobby loosen up, accept the cock he was driving into him. When he had all of it pushed into Bobby, able to work it all the way in and back out, he began to swing his hips, thrusting his cock into the tight hole, feeling it milk his cock shaft as it moved through the opening. Bobby grunted whenever he pushed all the way in, shoved his cock into Bobby's depth, his hips slamming up against Bobby's ass. The old fort interior became hot to them, sweat forming on both, but it was John that sweat ran in rivulets, streaming down his body as increased his excersions, working his cock into Bobby, fucking him harder and harder. The quiet of the room broken by the noise of Bobby grunting as he took John's cock, the sound of bodies coming together, and their breathing getting more and more ragged. John pumped his cock faster and faster, building up a furious pace and he wondered how Bobby felt about him fucking him, taking him the way he did, then he heard it, low and barely audible, but then he heard it again, Bobby's voice.

"Fuck me...John...fuck me" Bobby whispered.

John knew Bobby was into it, wanted it, and he drove his cock into Bobby harder, thrusting it into him, slapping against his ass. He felt his cock swell up, felt it stiffen as he shoved in, and he came, pumping out his seed, pushing it into Bobby's depths, coating his insides and smearing it around with his cock as he kept pumping it back and forth. He thrust forward and felt his cock flex and shoot, pulled back with a jerk and shoved in again and felt it shoot again as he finished himself off deep inside Bobby. When he was spent, he leaned down and kissed Bobby, tightly, mouth to mouth and felt Bobby respond, pushing his tongue in John's mouth. As John got up he ran his hand over Bobby's body and he felt it, his hard cock, the head all wet, and he helped Bobby to his feet.

"Bobby, I want you to do me" John said as he leaned over the Cannon, his ass turned up, opening up as he leaned over the old cannon. Bobby could barely see in the room, the old security light outside not able to get nearly enough light through the narrow opening, but he could see the pale skinned body of John lying over the cannon and he moved into position, rubbing his long thin cock along John's ass, moving it up and down feeling his cock head rub along the hot sweaty skin. John reached around and took Bobby's cock and held it firmly to his opening.

"Fuck me, Bobby, fuck my ass" he said, his voice full of urgency. Bobby pushed forward, slowly, breaching John's opening, feeling his cock slide into through the tight ring of John's opening, push into the hot soft interior.

"Fuck" John grunted.

Bobby held still a moment, feeling his cock inside John's hot insides, feeling how it was gripped around the shaft, until he felt John move, small movements, pushing back and Bobby began to move, his long lean torso undulating to his movements as he pulled back, then drove his cock back into John, shoving in all the way. He shifted up tight to John, pushed his way between John's legs and worked his cock into John, fucked him harder and harder. He was lost to the sensations John's ass was sending through his cock and up his spine, the way it tighten up his muscles, sent shivers through his body and drove him to fuck faster, harder, with more determination , thrusting his cock into John all the way, pull back and do it again. Now it was Bobby who was sweating profusely, his masculine scent filling the small space as he worked his cock into John, fucking his ass with harder and harder thrusts.

"Fuck me Bobby" John grunted and he braced his body with his hands on the old concrete floor as Bobby worked cock through his ass. Bobby slammed his body against John's ass as he shoved inward each time until he felt it swell, flex up hard, and he shot off inside John, pumped out his load deep into John as he worked his hips a couple of times pumping all he had into John's ass.

When Bobby pulled out of John and stood up, letting John work his way back up, he could smell it, their sex as it filled the room, the heat of it, the way it mingled in the hot humid night air. They searched the floor for their clothes and got dressed. They rode their bikes back to the campgrounds. At the camp they found it had settled down and only a few sites had fires burning and the RV's were all closed up, some with a light on, but all quiet just the same. Bobby and John went to their tent and locked up their bikes and climbed into the tent. John began removing his shorts and was surprised to see Bobby no longer shy, no longer timid about being naked as he pulled his own shorts and boxers off. Naked they lay down on top of their sleeping bags. John lay on his back and noticed Bobby lying on his side, facing him, his head propped on one arm.

"What?" he asked; a light hearted tone in his voice.

Bobby didn't say anything as he leaned over and kissed John, as he moved over, shifted up to John, climbing on top of him. He moved slowly, but with determination, as he held John's arms over his head, worked one leg, then the other between John's legs as he kissed John on the mouth, along the line of his jaw and around his ear, along his hairline until John was into it, feeling Bobby's body rub against him, excite him and he hugged Bobby tight to him.

"Put it in me" he whispered, and he felt Bobby shift, one arm move down and his hand slip between them, taking his cock and nudge it up to John's opening, rubbed over it, then Bobby pushed into him, eased in till he was in all the way. He moved slowly, his body shifting and undulating along his spine as he worked his hips, pushed down and pulled back, pumping his cock through the tight ring of John's opening. He worked his cock with a slow rhythm, letting him feel every shift, the friction of every move. Bobby built up his passion, bit lightly John's lower lip; pulled on it as he pumped his cock into him. He fucked John for a long time, this second time, in the quiet of their tent. He felt John's hard cock between their stomachs, felt it rub against his moving, heaving stomach, as he kept his hips moving, pulling up and dropping down, in a rhythmic pumping of his cock into John.

"Oh...John...take me..." Bobby grunted as his hips moved in a few jerky motions, thrusting down hard and John felt the way he was moving in him and he knew, Bobby was pumping his second load into him. His own cock ached it was so hard and when Bobby was spent, had pumped his load out into him, he felt Bobby slide down his body, felt his hot breath on his cock then felt it slide into Bobby's hot wet mouth, felt Bobby's mouth all the way down his cock and then move back up. Over and over and over Bobby worked his mouth over John's cock until John felt his need to cum and he held Bobby's head in place and began to swing his hips upward as he shot his load into Bobby's mouth, pumped out another load. Bobby took it all, swallowed it, sucking his cock clean as he ran his hand through Bobby's dark hair.

When Bobby moved up by John he shifted his sleeping bag over, removing the gap that had existing between them and he lay down next to John. John spooned up next to Bobby, putting his arm over his lean body, feeling it settle down, his breathing slow. John lay there listening to Bobby's breathing, thinking about the way the day had gone, how they had moved their friendship in a new direction. Soon he was able to settle down and his eyes closed as sleep over took him.



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