The river snaked through the low country, cutting its way through the old red clay hills and sandy bottoms as it wound its way down to the bay. Ancient cypress and live oaks grew along its banks and out into the swamps that lined each side in the low country. The waters teamed with fish, alligators and snakes. About a half mile before the river emptied into the bay there were a couple of bayous that cut up into the swamp. One was narrow and not very long but the second bayou was nearly a quarter of a mile wide in one place and stretched up into the swamp in a long arc for over three quarters of a mile. Most days the vivid blue skies were broken by clouds, small and pure in color in the morning but by the afternoon they grew wide, soared up higher into the sky and turned dark gray or a bruised purple. And some days they stormed across the low country, lightning striking with great frequency and the rumble vibrating the air, sometimes even the ground. Winds blew toward the clouds bringing them moisture and hot humid air till the clouds grew close then the winds changed, turned violent and foretold the approaching storm.

Such a storm rose up over the bayou. Lightning hit an ancient cypress along the edge of the bayou near its opening to the river and the winds blew so hard all the trees bowed and twisted. Curtis was in his john boat so far up the bayou he knew he did not have time to make it back to the landing. He reeled in his line as fast as he could aggravated with himself for falling asleep in the boat and letting this storm come up on him. He started the small five horse motor and worked the throttle till the motor settled down, the oily gray smoke from its ignition quickly blown away.

"Fuck" Curtis exclaimed as he turned the boat toward the head of the bayou and twisted the throttle as far as it would go. The small motor slowly pushed the boat over the rough water, the wind making the surface choppy. The rain moved into view as it approached from the west and Curtis watched it come over the trees and then across the water. It was cold, the drops huge, as it rained down on him. He pulled his cap low to shield his eyes and hunched over letting the rain drops hit his back instead of his chest and face.

It seemed to take forever for him to make the tree line in which he was aiming but eventually the small john boat moved under the canopy of the trees. Curtis backed off of the throttle and began to watch out for the old markers, rusted metal tags nailed into the sides of the trees. Curtis knew several were missing but he remembered enough of the path through the old cypress it didn't slow him and soon he saw it, the old cabin up on piers. Curtis didn't know how long it had been here but for as long as he knew of its existence the roof over the porch had been collapsed and now he saw the floor of the porch was giving way as well. He motored to the rear where a smaller porch was located, one that once had a dock for boats. All that remained of the dock was the main framing and Curtis eased up to it tying off the boat near the porch. He only had to step on the old dock frame once before pulling himself up onto the rear porch.

Curtis knew very few people in the region were aware of the cabin for most of the windows were still in the frames and he recalled the interior, although filthy with dust and animal droppings, and even the dead bird or two, had no graffiti or deliberate damage. He found the rear door closed and he twisted the old glass knob and pushed the door inward feeling it scrap across the floor.

Curtis stood shocked, unsure if he should go inside the cabin this time for the interior had been cleaned up, and through the doorway from the kitchen into the front main room he saw a sleeping bag and gear. The gear lay along the front wall were the windows were blocked by the collapsed roof. He stood still trying to hear if someone was in the cabin.

"Hello?" he called out and only silence greeted his call. The rain grew heavier and all he could hear was the hard tapping of droplets on the tin roof. He saw several locations were water dripped inside, none of which were near the gear.

The kitchen area was only a wall of base cabinets, a sink that required water to be brought in and a drain that went straight down through the floor and stopped just above the water line.  Nothing that required electricity was in the kitchen or anywhere else in the cabin.  There was no service for miles around. In one cabinet he found a cooler but he left it alone, the sight of it making him feel even more like a trespasser.  He went into the front room and turned to the only door inside the cabin, one that led into the only other room, a small space that was probably used as a bedroom. He pushed the door open with his foot and looked inside. Sitting near the window was a make shift toilet consisting of a seat over a bucket with paper and a bottle of chemicals sitting beside it. Curtis realized whoever was staying in the cabin had been here for some time.

He went over to a window in the side wall of the front room, one in which he could look toward the bayou and see anyone who might come back to the cabin. He sat on the floor and leaned against the wall and the musty scent of the cabin rose up stronger from the floor. 'How can someone stay here?' he thought as he looked around the room again then out the window. He watched how it rained so hard he could only see a short distance through the trees. He listened to the rhythm of the rain on the roof and watched how the rain broke the surface of the water. He watched till his eye lids grew heavy, the fatigue of being out all day in the hot sun settling over him. He closed his eyes and let his head fall forward as he fell into a deep sleep.


Curtis felt his feet slipping from under him, all sense of balance lost. He couldn't figure out where he was for all was darkness around him. He felt like he was going to fall and he cried out as he grasped for a hand hold.

And he startled awake with someone standing over him.

"Jesus man, you scared the shit out of me"  cried out the stranger standing in front of him. The guy was holding a lantern too low to illuminate his own face and Curtis tried to remember where he was at as looked around the dark room, the pale dirty walls dimly lit.

"Oh...what...fuck man you scared me" Curtis finally replied as he remembered he was in the abandoned cabin.

"Sorry, but I didn't know if you was alive or dead, and I bumped your foot and you began to thrash around."

"Yeah, I was..." Curtis began then looked up into the dark silhouette, "who are you?"

"I'm Thomas but call me Tommy."

"You're the person who has been living here, aren't you?"

"Yeah...for the last couple of weeks."

"I thought I was the only one who knew this place was here."

"My older brother and I use to come here, but that was a few years ago...before he left home."

"Why are you here?" Curtis asked and he saw Tommy go slack, the lantern drop as he let each arm drop down. Even his posture seemed to make him curl inward on himself. Tommy didn't respond for a long time and Curtis started to tell him to forget it.

"My dad kicked me out and I didn't know where to go and after a couple of days I thought of this place."

"What about other family...your brother, or what about friends?"

"I was scared to call anyone.  I only have two more weeks left in school before I graduate and I need my diploma so I'm still going to classes."

"Where do you go to school?" Curtis asked and Tommy set the lantern on the floor and eased down next to it, legs crossed and elbows resting on each one. Curtis leaned back against the wall and listened as he looked at the guy before him. Tommy was soaked, wet clothes clinging to his lean body. Through the white shirt Tommy wore each nipple was prominently on display. Curtis didn't know why he noticed such a thing but he forced his eyes up till he was looking Tommy in the face.

Tommy told him about attending Chester High and Curtis knew it was the main rural county school in the county north of his own, just across the river. It was why he didn't recognize Tommy although both obviously grew up on the river. He listened as Tommy told him how he paddled out each morning, rode his bike back to school, stopping on the way to clean up at a truck stop. It was all too surreal to Curtis, this guy trying to finish high school and go to college on a scholarship and all of it in jeopardy due to him getting kicked out by his father.  He had finished high school, went to a trade school over in Jefferson County and got a job with a mechanic back in Edenville. He had been there for four years now, worked his way up till only the owner was above him. He was twenty-four and on his own, totally independent of his folks. The situation in front of him was something he couldn't wrap his head around.

Tommy told him of his plans to go to State in the fall and how his mother had caught him after school the last two days bringing him food and money. She told him she'd help anyway she could but Tommy knew she would have to do it on the sly, not letting his father find out.

"Why did your dad kick you out?"

Tommy sat silent for a long time as Curtis waited.

Curtis realized Tommy had begun to cry, silently, streaks down his face were illuminated in the lantern's light.

"I can't tell you" Tommy replied and he suddenly grabbed up the lantern and moved over to his stuff. Curtis saw him packing up, putting things in a backpack.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm packing up...this is your place isn't it?"

" its not. Hey man, don't pack up" Curtis said as he stood and moved over to Tommy. "You have as much right here as I do. Besides I think this is public lands now anyway."

"Really" Tommy replied looking up at Curtis.


After a moment's silence, Tommy just staying stooped down holding some of his few belongings. "You won't tell anyone I'm here will you?" Tommy asked without looking up.

"It'll be our little secret."


Curtis climbed into his john boat and nodded at Tommy as he pushed away. He fired up the outboard motor and turned the boat back toward the bayou using his search light to illuminate his way through the trees and back to open water. The moon was just above the tree line and he cut the light and used its illumination to make his way back to the landing.

All the way back he wondered what it would take for a man to throw out his own son, and nagging at the back of his mind he thought he knew. The image of Tommy sitting next to the lantern came back to him, The difference between Tommy's late teens and his own age seemed much greater than it truly was but Tommy looked so young with his wavy unruly dark hair and boyish face. And Tommy's lean body, almost skinny, as opposed to his own muscular build added to the contrast.

Curtis felt some empathy toward Tommy. There was some connection he felt toward Tommy, some sense that he could have been in the same predicament. But he had toughened up. Or that is what he called it.

It took nearly an hour to get to the landing where his truck was parked. It seemed like a long time easing along the river at night. But not nearly as long as it took Tommy to paddle that old canoe he had out each morning then back each evening. It must be mind numbing to be paddling that long when so much had to be swirling around in Tommy's head.

Curtis didn't know why he did it but he told Tommy he would meet him tomorrow afternoon and tow him back in. And he would bring some supplies for him. A decent light and some food would be a huge start. He had apologized for not being able to come back early in the morning but he had two repair jobs waiting for him first thing in the morning and to get them done on time he had to go in early.


No matter how many fans they put in the shop it was still hot. Curtis had one car repaired and parked back outside ready to pick up and the other one in his bay, hood up and a protective mat over the fender. He didn't know why he bothered. The car was beat up, front grille busted out, the paint shot and the passenger side had obviously side swiped something for every panel was damaged. But the owner couldn't afford another car so they poured what they could into it to keep it running.

This time it was the water pump and Curtis let one profanity or another fly every time he banged his knuckles, dropped a wrench or just realized he had to remove one more component to get to the 'goddamn thing'.  It took longer than anticipated but he finally got the pump removed. The replacement was some junkyard pull part and he knew it could last a long time or crap out tomorrow. He cleaned it up and went back to the car to install it.

"Curtis, you busy?"

"What does it look like" he sarcastically replied recognizing the voice.

"Looks like you're wasting time on something that should be in a crusher" Mike said as he came up to the passenger side fender.

"No shit" Curtis replied as he stood up and looked at his oldest friend. "What brings you here, shouldn't you be delivering boxes of dildos or something" he added referencing Mike's delivery job.

"I was wondering if you had time to do that engine rebuild next week?"

"You finally going to get that hot rod running?" referring to Mike's old Chevelle.

" got time?"

"Bring it in next Wednesday and I'll get started on it. Might take me awhile depending on how busy we are at the end of the week but it being near the end of the month we might be slow as usual."

"Okay, I'll tow it in first thing Wednesday morning" Mike replied. He started to leave then stopped. "Do you know the Jordan's up in Chester on the other side of the river?"

"The Jordans? I don't think so...should I?"

"The old man owns the Chevy dealership and that tractor supply place out on 421."

"Oh yeah, my uncle gets his trucks from him and I've gone up to get parts on occasion when Johnson's doesn't have it."

"Well that crazy ole bastard had run off one son and they say he threw the other one out a couple of weeks ago."

"Really" Curtis replied trying to suppress the desire to drill Mike for information. He wiped his hands on the old rag he carried hesitating a moment letting Mike think he just wasn't that interested. "Why would he throw his son out?

"It was the kid's birthday two weeks ago and after some big party for his eighteenth birthday the old man caught the kid messing around with this other guy...or at least that is what I heard."

"Damn" Curtis replied.

"Yeah; so the kid's gay but do you throw him out? Hey, I've got to go. See you this weekend?"

"I may have plans" Curtis lied.

"Well, I'll see ya next Wednesday" Mike replied as he headed out.


Curtis worked through lunch enabling him to leave early. He rushed home to clean up and change then headed by the grocery store on the way to the landing. The whole time he wondered what it was like to have your own father reject you, throw you out of the only home you had ever known. The reality of it escaped him but he knew one thing about it. The fear.

He remembered what it had been like when he had been taking the mechanics course and there was that one guy. The one who knew how to push his buttons, make him so angry at times but near the end he found himself hanging out with Ian. How many nights had they spent in that pool hall drinking and shooting eight ball he couldn't remember, but that last night he remembered all too well. Ian had led him back to his place, an old mobile home down on Bushy Creek where they had continued to drink. That is until he found himself in Ian's bed. As soon as he had shot in Ian's mouth he had jumped up knocking Ian to the floor. He had stumbled down the narrow hall trying to get his pants zipped up and fastened. He had been terrified at what he had done, terrified at how he wanted it. Terrified at how he wanted to do more.

That was over four years ago and since then he had dated a few of the local girls but none serious. He tried but each time he would find himself lying next to them wishing he hadn't done it. Wishing it was someone else he was lying in bed with but still afraid to admit to his desire. He hadn't told anyone, not even Mike. He just knew any admission would leave him ostracized. But at least he had his own place as he thought of Tommy living out in that old cabin.

It was a short drive to the landing and he saw Tommy waiting, sitting at a picnic table near the bank where he could keep an eye on his canoe.

"You made it already?" Curtis said as he climbed out of his truck.

"Yeah I got an early start knowing it takes about thirty minutes to paddle across the river and down to this landing. So you still going to tow me in?"

Curtis looked at Tommy and saw the blind faith Tommy was showing in him, this acceptance of his help. 'How desperate he must be for anyone to be on his side' Curtis thought as Tommy waited for his reply.

"No, I'm not going to tow you out to that cabin."


"I'll take you out there to get your stuff and then we'll come back and head to my place. I can't leave you out there again...I'm not."

Tommy stood staring at him, mouth agape, unable to say anything.

"Close your mouth or bugs will fly into it.  Now help me get my boat in the water."

On the boat ride out Tommy didn't say much. He just sat in the middle staring ahead. The small motor whined with full throttle as Curtis pushed it hard to get them to the cabin. He looked at Tommy, the lean form in front of him, the way his dark hair blew around in the wind and occasionally the t-shirt Tommy wore would blow up his back revealing the low slung jeans. He felt that old fear rise up, but this time it wasn't so great he couldn't push it back. Or give it consideration.

They wasted no time gathering up Tommy's few belongings. Within a few minutes they had everything pulled together and heading back out. Tommy showed how desperate he was to get out by the way he threw his things together.

"We got everything?"

"If not it can just stay here" Tommy replied as he headed back to the boat.

They were in the bayou nearly to the river when Tommy turned sideways bringing one leg over the seat that ran across the middle of the john boat.

"Why are you helping me?"

"You want me to stop?"


"Look I don't know really" Curtis replied, not entirely a lie, "I just know I can't stand the thought of you out in that shitty ass cabin another night...okay?"

"Okay" Tommy replied and he suddenly smiled for the first time, but quickly turned serious. "Curtis, do you know why my father threw me out?"

"He's an asshole?"

Tommy smiled weakly as a sadness came over him. "I don't like to think that but after what happened with my brother then..." Tommy stammered to a stop.

"What happened between your dad and your brother?"

"My brother started dating someone my father disapproved of."

"Seriously? What was wrong with them?"

"They were male."

"I see" Curtis replied knowing Tommy was testing him. "Your dad is still an asshole. So you want to tell me about your boyfriend?"

Tommy looked at Curtis realizing he already knew. "He really wasn't my boyfriend...just someone who was..."

Curtis saw how confused Tommy looked. "Just someone who was willing?"


"Well everyone has messed around a bit in high school...or at least us lucky ones" Curtis said.

Tommy nodded and turned around. "You still okay with me crashing at your place?" he called out over his shoulder.

"Why wouldn't I be? Stop worrying so much okay. You've had enough bullshit to deal with to last a while. Let's get back to the landing, get the boat and your canoe loaded up and get out of here. Right now I'm kind of sick of this river."


Curtis lived in a small wood frame house in town. One that was perfectly symmetrical with one window either side of the front door with a small porch. There were a few bushes around the perimeter but the rest of the yard was just grass.  The drive led down the left side to the rear where a carport sat in the back yard. Curtis pulled down beside the carport and parked. Sitting in the carport was small convertible.

"What kind of car is that?" Tommy asked.

"It's an MG.  Don't worry with the boat or canoe. Let's get inside and let you clean up. You have any clean clothes?"

"No...not really."

"Well we'll toss all your clothes in the washer."

They entered the back door which opened into the kitchen. It was a small kitchen, galley style with sink and counter on one side and refrigerator, range and a short counter on the other. Sitting on the other wall was a small pantry cabinet and a stack washer/dryer, the newest appliance in the room.

"Toss all your dirty clothes on the floor here and I'll load them up while you shower off."

Curtis led Tommy from the kitchen into the small dining room only furnished with a small desk at the window with a filing cabinet and small side table on the side walls.

"I eat in the living room...or out most of the time" Curtis stated as way of explanation.

Moving toward the front of the house they came into the small living room with a sofa and two chairs around a coffee table covered in repair manuals and car magazines. On the far wall was a large flat screen television which was a strong contrast with the old furniture in the rest of the room.

"This house belonged to a great aunt and I bought the place when she passed away, including the furniture" Curtis said as Tommy took it all in.

Through a doorway they came into a small square hall with three more doors.

"This is my bedroom here on the back, this is the guest room" Curtis said as he pointed into the front bedroom where a small bed, a night stand and a chest of drawers were the only furniture. "And this is the bathroom" Curtis added as he pushed open the door to a small bath with a wall mounted lavatory, toilet next to it and opposite was the tub and shower. "Go ahead and get a shower. Here's a towel" Curtis said as he held out a towel from a small linen closet next to the bathroom door. "Get out of those clothes and give them to me and I'll add them to the wash."

Tommy went into the bathroom closing the door behind him. Curtis waited till the door open part way and Tommy handed out his clothes.

"Thanks Curtis" Tommy said just before closing the door. Curtis stood there listening to the water come on then the shower. He heard the shower curtain rings slide along the rod then just the sound of the shower. He stood a long time just listening wondering about the person inside.

Curtis finally went back to the kitchen, loaded up the washer and went to the refrigerator pulling out everything he would need to make dinner.  Although he usually hated cooking this time there was something therapeutic about it, the process of preparing ingredients, getting it put together and on the range cooking. He stirred everything in the sauce pan then checked the boiler. At the refrigerator he pulled out two beers and hesitated setting them down on the countertop. Tommy wasn't of age but somehow he didn't think it mattered. But it mattered to him and he put both back into refrigerator then pulled out a pitcher of tea. He wanted everything to have a sense of stability, a home life feel to it.

Back at the range he stirred everything once again. He stared at the food cooking, watched it simmer in the sauce pan, the way everything blended together.

"Smells good" Tommy said startling Curtis. "Oh, I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay; I was just daydreaming or something" Curtis interrupted.

Curtis saw Tommy wore only a towel, it loosely wrapped around his waist. He looked at the lean body scanning over every part till his eyes fell to the towel and the bulge he saw there. He swallowed hard then pushed himself away from the range.

"Shit, sorry man, I didn't think to get you something to put on" Curtis said as he headed out of the kitchen with Tommy following. In his bedroom he pulled out a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt.

"Thanks Curtis" Tommy said as he took them and went back into the bathroom.

Curtis went back to the kitchen replaying Tommy's thanks, the way he said it each time; 'Thanks Curtis', addressing him in such a personal way. Tommy seemed so innocent he couldn't believe how Tommy had gotten kicked out by his own father.

They ate in the living room watching a movie. Curtis realized just the ability to see a movie on television was something Tommy hadn't been able to do out in that old cabin where he felt so cut off from everything that now he couldn't take his eyes off the screen. Curtis didn't say anything, just slowly ate and let his eyes go from the television screen to Tommy. He liked the way his clothes fit on Tommy, so loose, the shirt hanging from his shoulders, it made this sense of innocence become bodily manifest.  He remembered how the gym shorts would not stay up making Tommy constantly pull them up. Curtis thought how close to naked the guy was, so little keeping him clothed.

Tommy helped him clean up, washing the dishes and putting away everything. He saw Tommy yawn over and over and knew he had to be exhausted.

"Hey, let's turn in for the night. I'm beat and we need to get up early enough to get you to school and me to work."

Tommy hadn't argued and was soon settled in the guest room, the door left slightly ajar revealing the darkness within. Curtis stood outside the door just staring at the darkness through the gap. His mind was a confusion of thoughts, of emotions he struggled to control. This was too easy, letting Tommy crash in the guest.

Curtis went into the bathroom and showered. He was so use to being alone in his home, of just going naked from the bathroom to his bed that now it suddenly seemed improper. He looked at himself in the mirror, his shaggy hair in need of a cut, the slight beard growth that will need shaving by morning and his body, average build, muscular from work and he looked closer at the imperfections. The scar on his shoulder from a fall years ago, the moles that were in one location or another and burn mark on his stomach just to the side of his navel where he bumped into a hot piece of metal at the shop. Even so, he felt he was attractive. The women he crossed paths in town sure seemed to think so, but was it enough? Could he cross this threshold, step over into a different life? But Tommy was just a kid, still in high school; only eighteen. Six years difference and he remembered his own parents were seven years apart and it suddenly didn't seem such a difference.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and left the bathroom, crossing the small hall to his bedroom. He didn't bother with a light as he moved into the room, tossed the towel over a chair and climbed into bed. He lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. He thought of Tommy in the other room, considered getting up and going to him, but he couldn't move. He lay still, very aware of his nakedness, the feel of the old cotton sheet lying over him, soft against his skin. He felt his cock stir and he reached down letting his fingers move along the growing shaft then wrap around it. He felt his cock grow thicker in his grasp and he fought the urge to masturbate, to lie back and just do it, stroke his cock till he got some sort of relief, no matter how superficial and temporary it would feel.

Looking at the blinds he saw how the moonlight made them glow giving the room a faint illumination, everything appearing in tones of dark gray, except for the white sheets, which seemed to be glowing in the dark room.

He wondered if he should have made some attempt with Tommy earlier, maybe back in the cabin, or if now was the right time. He just didn't know and it seemed all so alien to him, these feelings toward another guy. He took a deep breath and looked back at the door. It squeaked slightly and he wondered if the air conditioning was drawing it closed. The door suddenly pushed open and Curtis held his breath, knowing it was Tommy. He lay still as the silhouette of Tommy came into view in the doorway.

"Curtis" Tommy whispered.

Curtis lay still, staring at Tommy's silhouette knowing his own face was in shadow. Tommy didn't move.

" awake?" Tommy asked again, louder than before.

"Yes" Curtis replied in a low voice.

Tommy took a step into the room and stopped. For a moment they just stared at the other's silhouette then Tommy took one more step.

"Curtis...can I sleep with you?"

There it was, what Curtis was wanting and had been trying to figure out to arrange it ever since they got back to his house. He took a depth breath and sat up slightly.

"Yeah, come on and get in" Curtis finally replied. He moved over and raised the sheet wondering if Tommy could see his nudity. He wondered if Tommy could see how aroused he was with the idea of him getting into his bed.

Tommy came to the bed and slipped off the loose t-shirt then turned his back to Curtis and slipped off the gym shorts. The whiteness of his ass cheeks seemed to glow in the dim moonlight and Curtis watched as Tommy eased down next to him. Curtis let the sheet fall over Tommy and turned to his side facing him. He could see Tommy on his back. He could see the whites of Tommy's eyes and how they were staring back at him. He reached out tentatively till he felt Tommy's stomach with his finger tips. Tommy inhaled deeply but didn't move. Curtis hesitated, his hand lifted up just above Tommy's skin.

"It's okay...I want you to touch me" Tommy whispered.

Curtis couldn't move at first but when Tommy took his hand and moved it over the bare skin he began to move his hand over Tommy's stomach, chest, over each nipple feeling the hard nub sticking out then back down till he felt the fan of pubic hair. He raked his fingers through it till he felt the base of Tommy's cock.

"I'll do anything you want...Curtis" Tommy whispered.

Curtis took Tommy, felt him grow erect in his hand. He stroked him slowly as he shifted his body closer. Tommy rotated onto his side, his back to Curtis and he scooted back till their bodies pressed together, Curtis' hardness lying along the cleft of Tommy's cheeks.

"Do you like me?" Tommy asked.

Curtis let his head move down next to Tommy's. He recognized the scent of the shampoo in Tommy's hair, felt the softness of it against his cheek. He moved his lips so close to Tommy's ear when he answered they brushed its outer edges.


Tommy moved up against Curtis tighter, worked his hips gently pumping his ass against Curtis. He made Curtis fully aware of every inch of his body pressing back against him, the soft warmth of it, the way it undulated against him.

" fill good" Curtis whispered as he began to kiss Tommy on the neck.

Tommy reached back and took Curtis, held him to his opening pushing back with his hips.

"Put it in me...please" Tommy pleaded as he felt the flared head of Curtis' cock against his opening.

"Have you done this before?" Curtis asked.


Curtis held Tommy tightly in his arms as he pushed forward. He felt the head of his cock squeeze through the tight opening, felt the way it breached it and eased inward, slowly, penetrating Tommy. The tight opening loosened gradually as inch by inch pushed through. Tommy was breathing hard as his whole body quivered in Curtis' arms.

"Oh...oh...fuck" Tommy exclaimed, his voice dying away as he cried out.

"You need me to stop?" Curtis asked.


Curtis felt his abdomen press tight to Tommy's ass and he knew he was buried all the way within him. Holding still, Curtis waited on Tommy to loosen to his penetration. He felt Tommy relax in his arms. Tommy began to move his ass, pulling away then pushing back working his tight hole on Curtis' cock.

Curtis held Tommy by the chin pulling his head back as he began to drive his hips back and forth. He began to fuck. Slowly at first but the feel of Tommy's tightness on his cock drove him to fuck faster, to drive inward hard making Tommy cry out, to beg him to fuck harder, faster.

Curtis shifted Tommy onto his stomach as he moved over him. He shifted up and began to hammer his cock in Tommy's hole, his abdomen smacking noisily off Tommy's ass. The bed began to squeak, to rock in rhythm with their fuck, banging in the wall every time Curtis shoved inward. Curtis saw Tommy grab the fitted sheet nearly pulling it loose tugging on it while pushing upward to meet his thrusts downward. Their bodies smacked together and Tommy moaned and cried out, pleading for Curtis to fuck harder.

Curtis felt like his body was on fire, the exertion of every muscle, the way he began to sweat, to breath hard as he kept up this brutal pace. He drove his hips down hard and swung them upward fast, over and over and over. He kept fucking till his whole body tightened up, till he could barely breathe as his cock swelled painfully thicker. He shoved inward and felt cum surge through it, felt the way the head of his cock, buried in Tommy suddenly released his load. He ejaculated wad after wad, pumping his hips with each release till he was too sensitive to continue, till he was spent and suddenly felt exhausted. He fell on top of Tommy and the contact made him acutely aware how hot his skin felt, the slick wet feel of it against Tommy where he could feel the rhythm of their labored breathing.

Curtis finally rolled over to Tommy's side pulling him over as he did. He reached for Tommy, wanted to do something for him, wanted to pleasure him as he was pleasured but his hand felt Tommy's flaccid wet cock, felt the way it was covered in Tommy's load.

"You made me cum" Tommy whispered.


"Yeah" Tommy replied.


The sun broke the horizon and filtered through the blinds of Curtis' bedroom as he eased into Tommy once again, slowly, both half asleep. Curtis pushed into Tommy till their bodies pressed together. He felt Tommy's hand on his thigh, felt the fingers move over his skin stroking his desire. He wrapped one arm around Tommy and held him tight as he began to work his hips, pulling back and pushing inward. Slipping his hand down Tommy's lean torso he felt the soft skin, the undulating stomach and the hard cock which he grasped stroking in rhythm with his own fuck. He pushed forward and Tommy's cock slid slickly through this fist. He pulled back till his cock nearly pulled free and Tommy's cock pulled back through his fist. Curtis felt his arousal, the desire for more stimulation and he pumped his hips faster, more urgently and Tommy's cock moved through his fist accordingly.

"Fuck...Curtis...fuck me" Tommy grunted as he felt Curtis' cock piston in his hole.

"I'm close...oh...FUCK" Curtis cried out and as he thrust inward all the way he came. He pumped his hips roughly with each ejaculation till the was spent. He stopped moving, his cock buried in Tommy and his hand holding Tommy's hard cock. Breathing hard, their bodies hot with their exertion, they lay still for a long time until Curtis finally pulled back and let Tommy ease over on his back. Curtis took Tommy, slid his hand up and down the hard shaft. Tommy bucked his hips upward, so aroused his cock flexed hard in Curtis' fist.

Curtis looked at Tommy's cock, the way the head was flared out, the slit open and drooling and he hesitantly leaned toward it letting his tongue snake out. He swiped at the wet head tasting Tommy, the odd sweet taste, and he wanted more. He moved to Tommy, let his lips slide over the head till he had it in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head then pushed downward letting Tommy push deep into his mouth. He only moved up and down the shaft a few times before his mouth was flooded with Tommy's load. He let it fill his mouth around Tommy's cock as he held his mouth over the ejaculating head.

"Oh...Curtis...take me" Tommy uttered as he pumped his hips with each ejaculation.

They had messed around too long and rushed to get showered and dressed.  Curtis loaded up Tommy's bike and dropped him off at school then he drove on to work. When school let out Tommy rode to the library to kill time then when he knew Curtis was about to get off from work he rode his bike to the shop. They rode back to Curtis' place, made dinner, watched television and fell into bed having sex till exhausted. They did this routine every day until Tommy's graduation.

It was about a week before graduation Tommy's mother showed up at the shop asking for Curtis. She was a timid woman, couldn't look Curtis in the eye as she tried to make excuses for her husband kicking Tommy out and worse, excuses on why she had not stopped by since Tommy had been staying with him. He fought the urge to reply, instead he just stared at her letting her talk till she finally fell silent guiltily looking away once again. When she finally looked back at Curtis she spoke so low he could barely hear.

"Do you think it' okay for me to come to Tommy's graduation...I mean...I'd like to see him."

Curtis wanted to ask her why she'd bother but he held back wondering what kind of person could let things get so messed up. What kind of person watches their son get kicked out and does nothing to stop it?

"If you want to come to the graduation you should talk to Tommy about it first, but..." Curtis hesitated, trying to find the right words, " can't expect..." he stammered then just fell silent.

She looked at Curtis, nodded her head and left without another word.

Tommy arrived right before closing as usual and soon Curtis and he were on their way. Curtis drove slower than usual, silent as he maneuvered through town and headed out to his place.

"What's the matter?" Tommy asked.

"Nothing...shit...Tommy, your mother came by today" Curtis admitted and told Tommy what she had asked. Tommy sat silent, listening to Curtis describe how his mother looked, her mannerisms and what she had said. When Curtis finished by asking him if he was going to contact her Tommy was looking out the side window. For a long time Tommy said nothing.

"I want to say fuck 'em. I want to find a way to move on and forget, but..."


"Maybe I'll just wait and see if she contacts me" Tommy finally replied then looking over at Curtis he smiled weakly, eyes wet with his conflicted emotions. "Fuck...I'll call her tomorrow after school when I know she'll be home alone."

Curtis gave Tommy a smile, a signal he understood and supported him.

Ten months later.

Tommy left calculus class, his final of the day, and rode his bike off campus back into town. He maneuvered along the narrow streets of the college town till he came to the outskirts on the east side, the major four lane highway that connected with the next town three miles away. About a mile out he coasted off the road and into the parking lot of Wayne's Auto Repair. He rode over to the familiar old truck and tossed his bike in the bed. He put his backpack into the cab and headed for the open bays at the back of the building.

It had been a struggle at first, getting into college then adjusting to the environment, being on his own. It took till winter to get Curtis to agree to come up. He remembered the bet they made; if Curtis couldn't find a job in three weeks he would return home. He found a job in three days. Tommy realized in some ways the move was harder for Curtis but after a couple of months everything began to fall into place.

Everything seemed so good now it was hard for him to believe what had happened a year ago. He still felt that dull ache in the pit of his stomach when he thought about it but Curtis had given him a new home; a new start on life. His mother had talked to him that day ten months ago, even said she would come to his graduation, but she didn't. He knew his father had stepped in and he didn't hear from her again till last Christmas. It wasn't much but he knew it was his mother's way of reaching out. Since then they have spoken every couple of weeks, sometimes for only a minute or so. It was a start.

Curtis was under a car up on a hydraulic lift, the coveralls he wore filthy along the sleeves and on the chest.

"Hey Tommy" Ricky called out from the adjacent bay.

"Hey Ricky."

"Hey, how was classes?" Curtis said as he turned when hearing Tommy and Ricky speak.

"Good; actually got an eighty-four on that calculus test. You going to be finished by six or will you need to work late?"

"I'll be finished."

"Then I'll wait on you."


It was a typical night, Tommy in the kitchen preparing dinner while Curtis cleaned up and settled in the living area. The ate in front of the television, cleaned up the kitchen and Curtis went back to the living area while Tommy went into their bedroom to do his assignments.

"I've got to finish a paper and have about an hour of calculus to do then I can stop for the night."

"Okay; just let me know if you need anything."

Curtis watched one program after the next, lost to the superficial stories just letting himself relax. It was nearly eleven when he heard the bedroom door open. The light was off in the bedroom so he didn't see Tommy till he rounded the corner and came into the living area. Tommy was naked grinning as he always did when he wanted sex.

"You into that show?" Tommy asked nodding toward the television.

"Hell no" Curtis replied as he sat up and turned the television off. He watched Tommy move toward him, come up between his legs dropping down on knees in front of him. He realized Tommy had gained weight in the last few months, 15 or more pounds, filling out a bit more, not so skinny anymore. Tommy leaned to him and began to undo his shirt, one button at a time.

"Your brother and his partner still coming to town after the semester?" Curtis asked, knowing how Tommy and his brother had reconnected back in the fall.

"Yes...should be here two weeks after finals."

"And your mother...does she know?"

"Not yet. Tyler is not ready to talk to her. It had been worse when he came out to our parents."


" going to keep talking all night?" Tommy responded as he slipped Curtis' shirt off.

"No" Curtis answered as he lifted Tommy up and sat him on the sofa next to him. He pushed Tommy back and lifted his left leg turning his whole body so he could slip between his legs. He moved down to Tommy cock, lifted it up and without hesitation slipped it in his mouth. Tommy groaned as he manipulated it, worked his mouth on it till it grew erect.

Curtis stood up and slipped his pants down stepping out of them. Tommy started to sit up but he pushed him back down as he straddled his waist. He held Tommy's cock up as he eased down letting his ass press against the head. When he let his weight drop down Tommy's cock breached his tight opening. He kept moving down till he was seated on top of Tommy, fully penetrated.

Within a few minutes Curtis was riding Tommy, moving his body up and down feeling the way Tommy bore into him then slipped nearly out. It fueled his own arousal, made his own cock hard and he stroked it in rhythm with their fuck.

"Oh...oh...Curtis" Tommy uttered as he felt Curtis' tight hole move on his cock. Felt the way it milked his cock with each move up and down.

Curtis moved faster, his legs flexing with his movements, his whole torso tight, every muscle visible and his hand moving faster and faster as he stroked himself while moving up and down on Tommy.

"Oh fuck...I'm going to cum" Tommy cried out shoving upward with his hips.

"Yeah...give it to me" Curtis uttered as he kept riding Tommy. His hand was a blur and suddenly he was shaking hard, his hand slamming down roughly on his shaft and Tommy felt it, the hot spatter of Curtis' load and he felt the way Curtis' ass milked his cock of all his load.

Curtis eased up and down on top of Tommy. They kissed slowly, gently till they had calmed down, their breathing normal.

"I should get dressed and make dinner" Tommy said.

"Just a few more minutes like this" Curtis replied.



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