From Part 2...

Before long we headed for bed and once laying down, Bear immediately cuddled up next to me and again had his arm over me. Soon he was sleeping soundly.

However, I lay awake, still intrigued by the taste of cum. After a while, I eased the sheet back and gently slipped out from under his arm. As I did, he turned onto his back.


Part 3.....

Because of the full moon that night, I could see clearly in the dim room. I slowly sat up and turned to ward him, reaching for his crotch. I gently lifted his cock and leaned toward it. I took a deep breath and slowly lowered my mouth over his flaccid cock. As I closed my mouth around it, my heart raced. IAs I began massaging it with my tongue it began to quickly stiffen. Within seconds, it was rock hard.

I realized that I loved the feeling of having his cock in my mouth. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would suck another guys cock much less enjoy it. I worked my head up and down and as I did, Bear moaned softly then realizing what was happening, jerked and said "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Shut up and relax and leave me alone," I said before quickly returning to sucking his cock. As Bear moaned in pleasure and told me that I was a natural at sucking cock, I was enjoying the delicious taste of his clear precum. Soon, his breathing grew heavier and faster and I knew that he was close.

"OH FUCK!" he cried out as his cock exploded sending rope after rope of thick creamy cum into my mouth. I collected it all and savored the taste before eventually swallowing it all.

Looking at me, Bear smiled and said, "Man that was awesome especially for your first time, but what the fuck made you do it?"

"Curiosity mainly but after you sucked me and we kissed and I tasted my cum in your mouth I wanted the whole load. I loved it."

"Do you think you will ever do it again?" he asked.

"Bear, I never ever thought of sex with another man but I now realize that it is the best sex I have ever had. No way will I go back to women," I said before leaning down and deep throat kissing him.

We never did see any sign of the wolves but for the next two days Bear and I spent much of our time kissing and sucking each other. The best part was the first time we had a sixty-nine and both climaxed at the same time.

We finally rode back to the main house and Bear reported to Joe. It was all I could do to keep my hands off Bear and he said he felt the same way. For the next few weeks, bear and I played it cautious and only had sex when we were sure we wouldn't get caught. We did a lot of talking and Bear gave me the names of the hands that he suspected might be into sex with men. I was shocked at some of the names he mentioned.

There was some fence work that needed to be done and I told Joe that I would do it and would take Bear with me. It was only an over night job so we used sleeping bags and that night I got my cock deep into Bear's ass for the first time. He lay on his back with his legs pulled up and I went in balls deep as I plowed his ass we kissed wildly. Soon, I planted my seed deep in his hole. as I pulled out, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me.

"Take my cherry, baby," I said.

He informed me of the pain I would experience with this being my first time but I told him I could take it. I got into position and before lubing my ass he pushed my legs back and buried his tongue deep in my hole. I went fucking wild at the sensation.

He then lubed us both up and started his insertion. As he did he said, "There is no one around to hear so if you want to scream go for it, but try to relax."

I nodded and suddenly the head of his beautiful cock popped in and scream I did. Slowly but steadily, he gently went in deeper as I did my best to relax. Soon he smiled and looked at me and said, "Boss, I'm in all the way."

He paused for a few moments to let me adjust before starting a steady rhythm of fucking my hole. before long he told me to get ready and as his cock exploded, he let out a loud scream. I knew that he was enjoying it.

He slowly pulled out and after he did, he held my legs back and again lowered his face to my hole. A second later I felt his lips and tongue on my opening and a slurping sound. I realized that he was sucking up the cum he had just shot in me.

After a couple of moments, he sat up and lowered my legs and kissed me. I suddenly felt the cum he had shot into my ass entering my mouth. He fed me half of it before pulling back. We looked into each others eyes as we both swallowed.

The entire summer Bear and I had sex every chance we could. The weekend before I left the ranch, he took me back to the cabin for a few days of nothing but sex. It was then that I learned that Bear totally enjoyed piss play and even drank it. That trip, every time I needed to piss he wanted it. Before we returned to the ranch I was drinking his.

Through out college, I worked the ranch during the summer. Graduation came and dad and Joe were there as was Bear. Joe came up to me and said, "Now I can relax." I wondered what he meant. A week later Joe died.

When the will was read, everything that Joe owned was left to me with the exception of a healthy trust fund for dad when he retired.

I was now the owner of the ranch. Joe was present at the reading of the will and Joe had left him and all the other hands a nice sum. Joe and I returned to the ranch and Joe made the announcement.

He turned the meeting over to me to say a few words. I knew what I wanted to say but wasn't sure how it would be taken.

"Gentlemen, as you know, Joe was kind of prudish. I'm just the opposite. We live in our own world out here and seldom have any visitors. I have to be honest with all of you. I hate clothes and love being nude. That's the way we enter this world. So just so you know, I will be nude nearly all the time and any of you that want to join me is welcome to. If anyone happens to have anything 'pop' up, don't worry about it. It happens to all of us at times."

I looked around and saw them looking at each other, some with smiles on their face. Then I continued.

"There is something else that I think all of you should know. I'm gay and do not see anything wrong with guys having sex together. If any of you are gay or even bi, feel free to have sex without any disciplinary action. If you can't accept these policies, let me know. I understand and will write you a excellent letter of recommendation. That's all I have to say."

I turned and went into the house as the others milled around, some heading for the bunk house. Once inside, I went to my room and stripped and decided to test the waters outside. Wearing just my boots, I headed out to the corrals.

About half way there, I saw Bear come out of his quarters also nude. Then, after a short while, others came out nude, even those that Bear said he figured were straight. To my surprise, no one came to me to quit.

After a week, I held another meeting.

"Men. if you are on your own time and out by the patio area and want to have sex with another guy, if he's willing, go for it. I want you all to be happy. If your not gay but enjoy getting off, great. Let someone suck you or if they want fuck them. You will probably see me engaging in sex at times."

"Me too," said Bear and everyone looked at him in surprise.

Unexpectedly, Bear came up to me with the others there and dropped to his knees and began sucking my cock. After a while a couple of other guys were sucking.

There were six guys that were straight and didn't suck cock but now, three months later, only two have not started sucking. Sex is open and they all know that it is only allowed on their off time. Bear is now my life partner and we couldn't be happier. Neither he nor I have any problem with the other having sex with the hands. Our love for each other is that strong.

One thing I did find out. My fucking ranch hands are hung like horses!!!

THE END...............................



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