"Dad, this summer, can I take the summer off and relax before I start college?" I asked, knowing exactly what his answer would be.

"Mark, I'm sorry, but your grandfather is getting up in age and really needs your help. You will understand in time why you have been working there."

Every summer since junior high, I spent it working on my grandfather's ranch. It was a huge spread outside Taylorville. The ranch had been in the family for five generations. My great-great-grandfather settled the property and established the town naming it after himself. His name was Jonas Taylor.

Over the years, I had come to learn every phase of running the ranch. In college I was planning on majoring in business management. Although I dearly loved the ranch, I wanted top try my hand in the white collar working world.

My dad and grandfather were both at my graduation and my grandfather told me to take a week and have fun with my friends before going to the ranch. I thanked him and spent the week with my buds, finding girls willing to get fucked by three or four horny boys. Seeing my buds nude, and fucking the girls was a turn-on for me. I would compare my cock size to theirs.

When my week was up, I packed my bags and made the five hour drive to the ranch, arriving just before dinner. All the hands had worked for my grandfather for many years. He hated being called 'Mr. Taylor" and had all the hands call him Joe. I called him Pops.

One of my jobs was taking care of the ranch's financial affairs. Pops personal account, including his checking, savings and stocks, was in the upper seven figures. The ranch and all the crops and livestock was worth a fortune.

My first full day there I visited with the hands and gave my 'hello's'. Bear was Pops foreman and had worked there for eight years. He was thirty years old and stood six foot four, and was built like a bear, hence his name. He was extremely muscular, huge chest and arms and slim waist, and covered in hair on his chest arms and shoulders. His chiseled features were covered with a short to medium neatly trimmed beard.

He had watched me grow up over the years and we had become good friends. When he saw me walking toward him, a huge grin spread across his face . As I reached him he opened his arms and hugged me saying, "How's my little brother?" He had called me his 'little brother' since we met.

We caught up on what had been going on since the previous summer and as a graduation gift he gave me a beautiful leather belt he had made.

"I've got to go into town for a few things. Why don't you let Joe know you're going with me."

I told Pops that I was going into town with Bear. Bear and I could talk about anything and he was my confidant. As we drove into town he asked what I had been up to before I left home. I told him about me and my buds and about taking turns watching each other mount the girls we picked up.

I knew I could tell him anything and it would be kept just between us. I mentioned to him that for some reason when me and my buds were all naked and fucking a girl, I would find myself checking out the other guys cocks. I asked if he thought something was wrong with me.

"Hell no, bro. It's not unusual for one guy to look at another guys cock when he gets a chance. Hell, I do it."

"You do?"

"Sure. I see nothing wrong with it."

I felt better and glanced over at Bear's crotch and noticed that it appeared that he had an erection. I looked out the window , yet wondered how big it was.

For a couple of weeks, things went along as normal, when Bear came in and told Pops and I that wolves had been attacking some of the cattle in the back forty.

"Joe, if it's okay with you, I'll go out there and camp out and see what I can do. I'll take my rifle and maybe if I can kill a few, that will run them off."

"Good idea," Pops said. "You just be careful."

"Pops, why don't I go with Bear. We can cover each other's back."

I looked at Bear and saw him smile slightly. Pops was hesitant when Bear spoke up and said, "Mark does have a pretty good idea."

"I agree, but you two be careful."

The next morning we headed out with two mules carrying supplies. At mid-afternoon, we reached the area and unloaded the supplies into the small cabin. Bear started the generator so we would have power. Later that evening, after eating, Bear tossed me a beer. Even though I was under the legal age to drink, I did it on occasion when at the ranch, usually when I was with Bear.

Just before sunset, Bear said he was going to get a bath. The only place for that was in the stream that ran by the cabin. Without hesitation, he began stripping down and after removing he boots and socks, he removed his shirt then his jeans. I found that he was commando.

"Damn, you go commando?"

"Always. I don't even own any underwear."

I got a clear view of his cock as he faced me and found that his was the largest I had ever seen, not only in length but in girth. As he slowly entered the water, I decided to join him. I quickly stripped and as I entered the water he turned and looked at me and said, "Man you have muscled up a lot since last summer."

"It's from working out daily and playing football," I replied.

We washed the dust off and began to wrestle around. While doing so, our hands would brush against each others cocks and before long we were both rock hard.

With his cock hard as stone, Bear said he was going to the bank. As he exited the water, he made no attempt to hide his boner. I followed, leaving my cock fully exposed.

As we sat on the grass by the stream, Bear looked at me and said, "Mark, you know how we keep things just between us, right?"

"Yea, why?"

"Well, I'm not bashful around you and I'm horny as hell. You have any objections if I jerk out a load?"

"Nope," I replied then as an after thought, I said, "I just might join you."

"Be my guest," he said as he began stroking his huge cock.

I was seated on his left facing him and I immediately began stroking my hard cock. as we both stroked, Bear looked at me and smiled and said, "You look like a pro doing that. How often you rub one out?"

"Just about every day," I replied. "What about you?"

"Same, sometimes twice a day."

It didn't take long before Bear said, "Fuck man, I almost there."

"Me too," I said.

Seconds later, Bear groaned and huge ropes of thick white cum shot out of his cock. A total of six ropes erupted before they became smaller burst. I immediately began firing my load out and to my shocked surprise, I heard Bear say softly, "Fucking beautiful!"

We returned to the stream for a moment to clean up. When we returned to the cabin, Bear turned to me and said, "Why don't we just stay nude while here?"

"I'm game," I replied.

I knew that the cabin only had one double bed and knew that we would have to share. I wondered how that would work out.

Before heading to bed, we brought the herd closer to the cabin, incase the wolves attacked.

Both naked, we slipped into bed and as he lay side by side and our bodies touching, Bear said, "Can I ask you a question?"


"When you were younger, did you ever jerk off with your buds and jerk each other off?"

"Yea, but I haven't done it in several years. Did you?"

"Oh yea. I thought it was wild to have another guys hand on my cock and his cock in my hand."

"I know what you mean," I replied.

"Fuck man," he said, "why don't we do it for old times sake?'

"Sure, why not," I said nervously.

I felt his arm move and an instant later his hand was closing around my cock. I slowly reached over for his and found it already boned, We each began stroking the other and eventually brought each other to a wild climax, shooting out loads out onto our chest.

Before Bear got up to get us a rag to wipe up with he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. For some reason,. I found that I liked it.

TO BE CONTINUED......................



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