Where Nobody Knows My Name. In Theory.

Part Three

Jack was staring at Barney's ass, a jar of Noxzema in his hand. "Who the fuck told you to put baby oil on your butt?"

"You're partially to blame, between working out with the Bulls or Jeff, I've hung a little muscle on me so you gave me that sling shot of a bathing suit left me with a tan line.Look around, no one here has tan lines so....I asked someone and they said, no problem, just slather some baby oil on my ass and crotch, give it a couple of hours each side tan line."

Jack looked at him as one might a child whose just eaten all the Oreos and is trying to cover up that he did it. Shame that, as with a blistered ass, the Oreo crumbs are a dead give away. Just to be cruel he popped him one on his tail. Barney immediately folded into an advanced foetal position, not realizing it still left his tail, red as it was, in perfect view.

"Why'd you do that? Jesus, Jack, this hurts."

"That's why I did it, don't take information from the guys, they know what they did and have been without tan lines since the battle of Pea Ridge. Hold still, this is going to feel cold but may take some of the pain away. Before you sleep, let me know and I'll slap some lidocaine lotion on it, make it more comfortable. As to your tan line, or lack of one, when you stop peeling, you can see what's left."

He was right, the crème did sting from feeling cold but shortly cut into the overall discomfort and allowed him to just lie there and feel the professional stroking of Jack's hand all around and into his nicely rounded bottom. Jack, who was an aficionado of men's bottoms, hadn't realized what a prime one Barney had until one night in a hotel room, the night he was first fired by the magazine he worked for, got fried on a minibar and ended up nude in a bath tub. That's when Jack noticed his ass. And that he was straight. Not all that straight, at least since the day he'd had ordered up a group blow job on him which sort of loosened him up to things men could-and did-do with other men not to mention some of it felt very good; He was particularly fond of the two finger prostate massage....

As Jack massaged-taking longer and going further than was strictly necessary-he wondered aloud if the sufferer under his fingers had looked over some of the applications to be models in their videos.

"You mean like this one?" Barney pulled a Manila folder from a stack."Hardy Trade." He paused and played hand ball with the name."Where the fuck do they come up with these? I saw one, maybe last week, 'Boyd Wonder' well, he won a point, I wondered and then I looked at the picture. The wonder was the animal protection people didn't have him in the slammer and up on charges....."

Jack, too, remembered that one but had to point something out....."The dog was fucking, not the other way around.In theory, the kid might have had a righteous case against the dog for force-able rape...." A concept that suddenly struck him as hilarious, so much so that he fell on the bed next to his parti-coloured head screen writer.

These were moments that made him a bit sad, almost from the first time he'd seen wasn't so much a case of wanting him but wanting to have him around, sleep with him, go out to dinner with him, work with him on projects around the studio. He also swore to himself that if anyone, anyone at all, tried to take him by force, bad things would happen to them. Sure, Barney allowed, seemed to enjoy, a certain amount of casual man on man sex but it never got beyond a certain point; That point being where he was sufficiently aroused to forget that he'd never done what he was now about to do and did it. Jack wasn't alone, the Bull Twins and Jeff, one of their older "stars", kept an eye on him but, more importantly, kept a lot of eyes on guys about whom it was known didn't give a shit and might try and jump him. To that end he'd moved him not only into his home, but into his very big bed. The three of them, Jack, Barney and Al, Barney's German Shepard that had come with Barney from New York.Al, it was known, liked to give blow jobs, a couple of which were on film, which did nothing to make him unwelcome at the studio where, mainly, half the guys were naked and had sausages just hanging out for the taking. Originally a police dog, he took "To Protect And To Serve" very seriously and wasn't sucking cock a service? Try and persuade Al otherwise.

Al had once had a promising career as a K-9 unit. His trainers all said it, few dogs they'd ever worked with had his zeal, his real interest in learning what to do. Some dogs can only work with one partner, Al could work with anyone, any time, any sex, any reason. Just hand whoever his leash, open the back door to the squad car and another successful day was about to start. Moreover, he was friendly. Say there was a corner take down of a minor hand to hand deal, Al would woof a few time, basically chase them down and, so no harm was done, sit on the jerk until whoever he was working with that day caught up and cuffed the guy. At that point he reverted to being a puppy, tail wagging, looking for a kid, or a group of them, to go play with. At first the children ran but, it was the goodness of Al, they'd carefully approach at which point he'd roll over and the game, whatever it was, was on. Getting Al back in the squad car was often more difficult than getting the felon stuffed in another car. Al was having a good time, the children, the smaller ones, were enjoying doggy back rides and were devastated when Al was dragged away, whining, scratching the ground, hoping for just another hour, or two, of play time. Needless to say, when a dog was required to go into a school as either a demonstration dog or, as some schools were really rough, to break up whatever was going on, it was Al that was always selected.

Finally he got a permanent partner, a great Puerto Rican called David who must have been the largest male to ever come North from San Juan. No one knows, but it's probably safe to assume that David first discovered Al's taste for cock but didn't mention it for a lot of reasons, some work related and some....not work related.Besides, where was the harm? He'd heard about guys who played a little nookie with their dogs and what Al did felt good. End of story.

Almost. David and Al were on patrol in an area that, for a big city, was amazingly like a jungle. Several ravines, overgrown, a perfect hiding place as many officers found it difficult to impossible to scale down, make the collar and then wonder how the fuck to get their prisoner back up. Al, when on patrol, of course, would have jumped off a two hundred foot vertical cliff into burning oil to do his duty so it was nothing for him to see the bushes, the ravine and joyfully barking, go after their target which he caught based on the sounds from below. Protocol said he could not go down by himself unless there was a certainty of grave injury, fire rescue ...that sort of thing. So, while David sat in his cruiser he was confident Al had their prisoner under control. Twenty minutes later a pair of officers-it was assumed this would take three men-appeared and they started down to find Al, his prisoner and get everyone topside.

It was strangely silent, even when David called Al, no response. Never occurred to the officer that any harm had come to Al but it was standard procedure for K-9 unit to answer not only to verify he was alright but as a directional signal if that were needed.

They found him; He'd ripped the pants off the guy, was slurping on his dick, all four paws were on him and he'd squatted down enough to let the guy, if he knew what was good for him, lick his very prominent nuts. Pictures were taken, protocol to verify the collar, and there was a pause while Al finished off his target who kept screaming, "My nuts, man, the fuckin' mutt is gonna to eat my nuts...." Which wouldn't have happened but, under the circumstances, it wasn't a bad call.

That was the end of Al's career in police work as so, quietly, a buyer was found for him although certain of his habits were considered "Police Business" and not revealed. Sam bought Al and brought him home to the micro apartment he shared with Barney then promptly forgot about him leaving Barney as his care giver, food giver, walker, the side of the bed he slept on and his best friend.Once in California Barney got sentimental after he was fired so Jack arranged to buy Barney and bring him out to reunite with his buddy.

Jack laid a towel beside his singed friend and told him to roll over on his back on the towel. If a burned butt was bad, a cauterized cock was....about as painful as it got. Not bothering to just take a few fingers of the healing stuff, he took a glob of it and in one movement encased his dick in it, a move that caused Barney to scream and buck. That only left his nuts and the part of his crotch as an area that wasn't somewhat protected by fur. Tears were pouring from Barney and Jack really felt for him-and also wished he could have felt him more-but the deed was done. Nothing to do now but give him something to knock him out, put something over him to keep him warm and hope that the days until that scalded feeling went away were few. As he left the room he noticed Al was about to take a taste of Noxzema which, he knew, would be a one time deal; He hoped he could get to the edge of the bed before he threw up.

From the day that Barney and Jeff had made what they almost considered a gag reel but Jack had seen as having great potential a new form of porn for Harde One Studios began. Jack had been proved right. The immediacy of the "straight to you"business meant that, although they reshot it, using some of Barney's wisecracking dialogue, it was available for sale or rental within two days. Three days after that, it became the best selling video they'd ever produced and the reason was clearly a bit of professional writing and an honest to God effort to stray from the standard fuck and suck, although that's what happened, but rather to set the stage, and start the viewer, for what inevitably would happen. Jeff had actually worked in sales so he had the inside track on how "outside sales" worked. They'd replaced the original client with someone who could actually register three emotions, shock, confusion and deep pleasure, in the same film. (Whatever one said about F and S, while there certainly was some sort of emotion it was limited to seeming to enjoy the proceedings and need only register that, in modest ways, on their face.)

As well as that had done, in the limited access it had to the various media platforms, it was the next one that, while slow to find an audience, when it did, they were snowed with orders, offers to put in on their online porn distribution outlet, requests from porn magazines to interview some of those involved....almost more publicity than they could have conjured up in a year. And all positive.

On the face of it, underneath it, above and beyond it, the idea was.....improbable. As he explained it to Jack, all he wanted to do was make a porn version of a "roadrunner" cartoon but with men and situations. Jack blinked trying to understand.Barney went back and dissected a typical "roadrunner" piece and then how he'd redo it. At base, it was nothing longer than an eight minute, although for his purposes he'd string several instances together and come up with something closer forty of chase with the coyote ever in hot pursuit and then having the snares he set to catch his prey backfire on him. They'd find someone in their stable who could be the roadrunner and another one to be the coyote. Because these were associated with the great out of doors, the location people found a place in the California desert that offered certain vistas as well as certain privacy. Jack still wasn't convinced. No porn flick was funny or even mildly amusing. But then he remembered their recent release which was somewhat funny and genuinely amusing.The one problem with this was the budget: $75,000.00. That caused Jack to shudder, to that moment the most money they'd ever spent, excluding what was paid the "talent" had seldom gone beyond ten grand and this was seven times that and, he thought he heard Barney say, that they'd try and "contain it at that". Beyond that, and part of the budget, was a lot of construction of devices to be used by the coyote to catch the roadrunner. As a compromise, Barney said he'd make one section of it, show it to Jack and, if he didn't like it, or even if he did but thought the market for it was nonexistent, he'd pull the plug.

Barney picked Jeff to direct-he said it would be odd to wear clothes around a camera-and the two of them locked themselves in a hotel room to work it out. Which drove Jack crazy as they neglected to tell him where they were, even Al was mute as he'd gone with them.One day passed then days two through five at which point they returned whereupon Jack declared an emergency executive session. At his home. In his bed. The usual crowd, Barney, Jeff, Jerry the camera man, the Bulls and, of course Al. (By now it had become routine when just being around Al and not needing to be undressed, something covering the package was a must, and that something had to be sufficient so that a determined animal couldn't open it. Or, plan B, Al was sent to the pool with some of the younger "stars" where they could make their own discoveries about inter-species relationships.

Barney and Jeff tried to look as innocent as Spring but rolled over when Jack read a few pages and began to laugh himself.Simply put the coyote put a rock in a narrow part of a canyon preventing passage on the road. RR is heard, followed by a huge eighteen wheeler which dislodges it, the RR following but, in the rocks absence, a group of guys is revealed who were using it for their own form of camouflaged camping out. They immediately knew who was to blame and seized on the coyote whilst they dragged him toward the proverbial "fate worse then death". The last shot was of the coyote spreadeagled, face down, on the ground as guys took their turn fucking him. True to the spirit of the original, the coyote held up a little sign that said, "Help".

Jack looked at the two in something of amazement.""

Ten days of shooting and, true to his word, Barney kept it under budget, and it was ready for release. The only thing lacking was a title. Clearly words such as "coyote" and "Roadrunner"could not be used. No one ever thought that Warner Brothers would be amused although they'd stayed within the laws of legal parody but to use the name of a principal character in the title took them into ground that was legally actionable. While it was true Warner's themselves had made their own parody ("The Villain" with Schwarzenegger as the Roadrunner, Kirk Douglas as the coyote and Ann Margret as a coming attraction) they were legally able to to it as they owned the rights.

There was a pause. Jeff and Jerry were involved in some good natured fucking, Jack was wishing he could be involved in some good natured fucking, Jerry was trying to see Jeff and Jack as they might look in a video and Barney absentmindedly brushing Al who, for once, was enjoying something that didn't involve the flesh of another. It was Jeff who, now on top, said, "Ya, know, when I think of that, I always think of the words after the roadrunner has disappeared, you know ' Zip Tang' and there was the title.

Against his will and every credo of porn flicks, he ran an advertising campaign that consisted of little more than a hand holding up the name of the piece and, in the back ground, several studs who might or might not have been performing some sexual act;This was, after all, for out door advertising and not only did they have to be careful about what it showed but where the signs when up;Some places in the cities were more likely than others to be responsive and not take after them with legal action.

The orders didn't wait for a slow start, they poured in.By day two the post office was delivering them in bags and the online requests were quadruple that. And so, one Saturday evening, they dropped the master into the machine and, presto, a hundred thousand men who'd payed money were seeing what they'd paid for. Two days after that there were reviews in some porn publications and while they all said this was different, everyone thought it was terrific.The settings, the direction even...the acting. Order processing couldn't keep up with requests and the disc cutters were running two days behind schedule. In modest parlance, it was a hit. Accounting whispered in Jack's ear that even after costs and advertising there was easily more than a million dollars profit probably more if it proved to have legs. Applications to be fuckers inundated their HR site and, courtesy the mail, a certain number of studs were applying and sending a portfolio which, as Jack looked at it, covered about every sexual coupling possible; In a couple of cases Jack looked at Al suspiciously.

Five days after that, when Barney's butt was finally healing even if it looked sort of odd where the peeling was, Jack summoned his "team" to his bed (Barney thought...only in the porn industry could you have a business conference with most of the attendees nude and this was considered normal. Somehow he didn't think it was done that way at Paramount or Disney but Harde One was neither of those studios and in no way competitive with them.) Jack and Barney were propped up against the head board, each holding stacks of papers showing how well the piece had done. "Guys, I should go down on each of you and then offer my ass for whatever you want. But particularly our Angel who fell from a bathtub and his partner in crime who had the balls to make this."

Applause all around. Everyone in the room realized this was the turning point, IF Barney could stay and continue what he was doing, even few of them were this size success, there was every chance they could approach the majors.....

"I know we're all waiting to hear, what's the next thing we're doing?"

"Well, we're going to clean out the bay that has what may be water in it, sanitize it and, if necessary, call Sparklets Water to refill it. I'm going to need guys who look great while nude but wearing rebreathers not to mention the crew of the exploration ship. It's out on that water so minimal suits are worn and, below deck, everyone is buoying up their hope of success by fucking in pairs, three somes, gang bangs, a little BDSM when two of them are bound and held out over the water and mildly punished for revealing the secrets the crew was trying to protect. Now, as to the refilled bays, they'll be the scene of one of the climactic moments when we get to the title of the piece, 'Freed Willie' only in our version Willie isn't a fish."

Jerry chimed in, "Once that bay is cleaned out, there's a lot to be done with it, it just has to be kept clean."

There were immediately several persons who offered to be the interviewer for the position of "pool boy" and couldn't that be a fuck and suck film all it's own?

Clearly no further business was going to get done so he sent the crowd out to the pool, the television room, guest bedroom, the sauna, wherever they wanted just not in his bed with Barney and himself.

"You've done a lot for us, me, the studio and you've never asked for a were pretty well paid in New York..."

"The difference is that there I had a base salary and negotiated what each piece cost over that. All cut and dried.Here....I don't know, I'm actually having fun and, as of now, don't have any expenses, room and board seems to be covered. I don't have a lot of wants or needs...." He laughed. "My wardrobe expenses, which were a big deal in New York are sort of nonexistent here, hell you even feed Al. But sure, I know I'm owed money I just don't know how much. If 'Zip Tang' performs as well as it seems to be then I'm owed quite a bit of money but....we don't know that yet. 'Sides, I'm happy with the way things are...."

"Are you?"

"Yeah, Jack, I am. What makes me unhappy is that I know what you want and that it's not available. Must be hard to sleep next to see some one you want, shower with them, have them around, but it all stays pretty platonic. Making out with you is great but it's more like securing a relationship. We've found that on occasion I like to have my prostate massaged and as to the getting blown....ever man likes that particularly when it's done by a friend but that's all around the main issue; I know you'd like to take it all the way, fuck me, be some sort of partner, your lover...." He was silent.

"Yep, that's what I want. To take you places, be proud of you as a person and as my talented partner. Dress you up, go where the elite of Hollywood gaydom hangs out and make them wonder....who's that with Jack? Never seen him before. And because they can be bitches, make it their business to find out every fact about you that there was to know. And the joke is...they'd have a helluva time, there's nothing about you out here to find. They don't even know your name and they're not going to so pick a name and I'll have it tattooed on my bicep....then when we got home, take you, gently at first but at last you'd know you'd been well and truly fucked."

There was a long pause while Barney thought about what his potential fate might be. "All that's great, if you're you, one ever asks me what I might like." And stopped. For Barney that was a speech tinged with anger but you had to know him to realize that. Jack was suddenly in hell for he knew what Barney said was nothing more than the truth. From day one he'd been like a very clever thing to whom anything could be done without his complaining.Jack looked at the haircut, not the one he had now but the one he'd almost forced him into having...along with dozens of other things.They had, without meaning to, cost him his job stranding him in a place he did not know. That it had worked out was only if you saw from Jack's viewpoint. Barney had never said a thing about going back to New York, or anywhere, but that didn't mean he thought of what he was doing as his dream job, one he'd like to keep forever.

"What do you want?"

Barney leaned onto one well muscled shoulder and closed his eyes. "I don't know, maybe for now I've got what I want.Beautiful home, beautiful man who takes oh so very good care of me, work I find....uhm....interesting and different, maybe a freedom I never expected to have." Having said that, he rolled Jack on his back, smiled into his eyes and said, "How about I return a favour?"With which he leaned over and started to lick Jack's cock. Well, that's what he did with one hand, with the other he had a handful of Al's hair and was making it clear that his services would notbe needed.

Ten days later "Zip Tag" had only seen a drop off in sales of about thirty five percent but was still selling fast. The accountants, not accustomed to working with big numbers, told him that, as of that moment, they'd cleared a profit of close to three million dollars and there was no way of knowing how fast it would keel over. Most porn films didn't even start they way this one had much less bring in monies at this rate. It was agreed that there was a point at which it would crash but, whenever that was, was of no importance as the profit was already so high. To fill in the gap between the "next big one" and to keep all the hands busy, Barney, and sometimes Jeff, had thought up riffs on very tried and true porn topics only with their own twist. It was for one of those that Barney asked Jack if he could have the Bulls and a closed set for two days. Only part of that was confusing-the part about the closed set; In porn the object of a closed set was non-existent, you couldn't see more than everything so why bother? At that point, Jack would have happily given him anything he wanted but did question the closed set...he'd do it of course but wondered why he was. In a very few words Barney answered his question, put his arms around him and gave him a kiss. Simple, he and Jeff were going to teach the Bulls to act.

"Act? Act what? They don't act, they're muscle, nice guys, not a thing they wouldn't do for you but, Barney, my favourite person to wake up next to, The Can't Act. What the fuck are you two going to make? A dirty version of "Romeo and Juliet" with one of them as Romeo?......I've never done drag and, frankly, except as comedy relief, the Bulls can't do it."

"...and I say they can. I wrote a script that, if they follow what we tell them to do, it will look very much like acting and that's all acting is, playing make believe and what they're going to ask you, and the audience, is easy, they just have to do what we tell them to. Oh, and who do we use for extensive body shaves? I need one."

"For you?"

He looked askance. "Me? Hell no, I need for the Bulls to look trimmed."

There was, of course, a little more than that involved but compared to "Zip Tang" it could all be done in the garage-as Barney thought of the "studio" and would actually cost less than about half the other films they continued to grind out. Given Barney's presence, these were somewhat better than before as Jerry or one of his newly hired directors, could go to him and get a suggestion, a line of dialogue, whatever was needed to, slightly, raise the quality. No one ever knew what Jeff and Barney said to the Bulls about their coming soloists debuts but their reaction was genuine and immediate; One of them tried to give Jeff a pythonesque squeeze of appreciation and in the process, dislocated his clavicle;Principal filming for a week while Jeff was in a collar and told to do nothing. (Bob Schwartz, physician to the sexually bent, had been the attending and almost fell over with laughter when he was told how this happened. Even more so when Barney told him the story line-he was a doctor and was ethically bound to silence. All he asked was that he have a CD of the finished product.)

In the week that was suddenly available, Barney hopped on several projects he had in mind that would, he felt, raise the quality of all their products. For example, the first set he'd seen, the sleazy bed with a lava lamp beside it, was torn down and a more realistic bedroom was put in. Not one that might have been in someone's home but could easily have been in an upscale motel or hotel. Two bays down from that, the water, or it was alleged to have been water, was pumped out of the recess and the cleaning started.For one day everyone was banned from even being in the building so caustic was the cleanser they were using. In the end, and with a lot of chemical additions, there was one blue pool of water, as attractive as might be in any suburban back yard. In fact, one end of this was made to look like a swimming pool, surrounded by tile, the cement that had been there well cleaned, some real plants put in, while it wasn't perfect, you could see how much better, and safer, it looked. Supposed, this was to be part of a Barney and Jeff Special called "Freed Willie" although no one had read the script and, apart from the light salacious title, knew much about it. Jack gagged when he found the bill for that little adventure in set decorating ran to more than one hundred thousand dollars; In his mind he referred to it as the "Zip Tang" spa for porn players and also remembered that all this could be written off his corporate taxes.

In conjunction with Jerry and some of the other technical people, better lights, cameras, reflectors, sound equipment were decided upon and then ordered. Even when they showed up Jack was prepared for them as, one night in bed as he and Barney were having a friendly make out session, Barney had mentioned they needed some new equipment, much of what they had could have been used when they still made silent films. Just at that moment, Jack found himself rolled on his back while Barney worked over his face and lips, Al gave him a blow job. That was when this was, briefly mentioned. Briefly.

What Jack did not know-how could he?- was that when the technical people wanted replacements, they wanted the best and, with Barney approving everything they wanted, they got the Cadillac, no, the Rolls Royce of whatever they'd ordered. When the final tally came in, the price for all these cinematic goodies came to just over a quarter of a million, a number that staggered him. Further, he was to find that when his buddy wanted something, the wanted the best or most appropriate of what was available. This could pay dividends, in the long run, but up close and right now, it was a huge hit in petty cash. That night, when he'd quit shuddering, he brought up the cost factoring with Barney who was, per usual, sitting up, his back supported by pillows, his tortoise shell half glasses on his nose, writing.

To try and break the topic gently he said, "I hope what you're writing sells better than 'Zip Tang'...." and paused.

"I'm writing a letter to my Mom, she's cool with email but, you know, something in my own hand convinces her that I'm not being held for ransom."

"Could you tell the old cunt that her son just spent almost half a million dollars without bothering to tell me? Tell her that and see if it gets her attention."

It got Barney's attention. He collected his pad, pen and Al, rolled out of bed, out the door and moved into a guest room.Didn't even slam the door, just locked it. There was a period of silence. One got red with embarrassment and the other remembered that he was naked and, unless he ripped down the curtains and made a Fundoshi from them, he was going to have to do the old trick of wrapping himself in a sheet. Of course that wasn't going to happen until the next morning or whenever he chose to emerge. At least he wouldn't die of hydration, this room had an en suite lavatory.

Ideas come from strange circumstances. In this case, how to get a nude male from a third story window and off the property. As was his wont, he built a story line and, half way through it, smiled;All he needed after all, was one, or two, co-conspirators, and he was up, out and down the freeway. He picked up his cell phone and made a call.

Jack had thoughtfully acquired an apartment for the Bulls about five minutes from his home. They were the only ones who had access, or knew where to get it, and were a kind of oddball protection. When their phone rang, and they saw who it was, they both hit Defcon 5; Barney never called, never had emergencies so if he was calling....they dressed as they answered.

Interestingly, both of them had mothers about whom they were sentimental even though one was doing a stretch for Grand Larceny and the other was just out on very strict parole. When they heard the word Jack had used to describe someone's mother, and particularly this someone's mother, they completely understood. As Bob, or maybe it was Mike, said, "That ain't no fittin' thing to call the old bat." And then they did exactly what they'd been told to do.

Thirty minutes later a naked Barney was climbing out a third floor window with the intention of getting to a second floor dormer and then, with the help of the Bulls, to the ground and away.All went well save for Al jumping from the second floor and, in one heroic leap, reached the swimming pool. No one would have to go in after him although a lot of breath was held to see if the splash got any attention. Three minutes after that they were in the Bull's SUV and headed....somewhere. It's not always warm in California and particularly at night. He mentioned this and, without missing a beat, on of them reached in the back and grabbed a hand full of clothing, most of which were clothes of varying costumes none of which covered much. Nothing the Bulls had would fit but, as with most of the employees, what they wore, casually, could expand from too small for a Ken Doll, with or without being sexually complete-up to something one of the Bulls could easily pull on; While that constituted coverage, it did not add up to warmth.

The brothers were aware that their buddy was hurting and right then, what he needed was to be warm and feel comforted. Finally a pair of long pants was dug out of the pile as well as a long sleeve t shirt, a sleeveless hoodie and a pair of warm socks. They could feel him relax-a little-so Mike, or Bob, the one not driving, pulled him to him and did the best he could to make him feel needed, wanted, with friends. It wasn't a task the Bulls were born to but their very innocence of doing it made it meaningful. Barney sobbed out all the things that were wrong, none of which were serious, but stacked up, and added to being new in strange business with people he didn't know it all added up to something major in his mind.

As these things will, once he'd verbally vomited, he collapsed and went to sleep. The Bulls looked at each other and nodded. The only way they weren't twins was in birth but after that, they were as twins as twins can be. Also they really cared for their passenger; Hadn't Jack given them specific instructions to protect him, stick close to him, help him and that's what they were doing.Jack had probably never thought his instructions would be used against him but he'd set this firecracker off and now he'd have to figure out how to clean up the litter it left. One mouthed to the other, "The Beach" and the other agreed.

Once again Barney came to in a strange bed with only Al.Where he was, how he got there, why he was there went beyond him. His last cogent memory was falling from a roof into the arms of a Bull, being in a car, being naked in a car and then....nothing. Also, he was again naked but after being in bed, at least recently, waking up in that condition had come to seem normal. It was just that part about where he was.

Back in Los Angeles Jack was alternately blaming himself and shredding the Bulls. In their stolid way they'd admitted that he'd called them and they'd taken him away but just where.....he'd asked them not to tell and they wouldn't. Oh, and Al with him so everything was alright.

Okay, where he was wasn't going to fly but, maybe, why he was there would. The Bulls were not power houses when it came to logic and thinking but their loyalty went far beyond that; They could find no reason not to tell Jack why and what had caused this adding only that they thought everyone had taken advantage of him and he finally resented it. Also, one of them popped him with his fist adding that you never, ever call someone's mother a cunt even if she is one. Jack got most of the picture and, sadly, had to agree. They had used him, manipulated him, tried to force him into to a life style that wasn't his, hadn't appreciated what he'd done and was doing.....but was stuck as to what to do now. Once again, he pleaded with them to tell him where he was but, again, that wasn't happening.

Having got the message to Garcia they excused themselves in favour of acting lesson with Jeff. That was something else Jack wanted to know about, the closed set, the acting lessons, the odd set, what he'd seen of it....but here again whatever they knew stayed with them. As they left they told him to call them if they needed which Jack screamed back "Barney" and then fell on his bed to cry, something he hadn't done since he broke his leg.

It was Saturday and the traffic as they approached the beach increased but in more time than it usually takes, they rolled up to their "shack" at the beach. Truth to tell, it was a very nice, if small, bungalow in the upscale suburb of La Jolla. Half a block from the beach, a block from a shopping plaza and a couple of miles from Black's beach, the local hangout for those who felt encumbered by clothing. It was also a prime location for surfers as they'd formed a coalition with the slightly clad to keep anyone else off the beach. In general this worked, once in a while some tourist from Atlanta took exception to what they thought was their exclusion and called the cops but, on their off time, many of the cops both, off duty, were nude and surfing, the complaints received short shrift. In a professional sort of way they took a report, apologized for this inconvenience, suggested that something would be done and, as mollified as possible, saw them on their way. Whereupon they threw out their notes, found their wet suits, or whatever, and hit the beach. To live that close made you a vague member of the club and, if you were tanned, seemed to have no problem with nudity, so much the better. In many ways, Barney fit right in, even to his age, lack of tan line and California haircut. (Jeff had taken him to a place that wasn't quite so stylish but could cut young mens hair. Looking at the many lengths it was a challenge but they finally came up with something called a "bald faded Caesar" which, the guy cutting it said, would grow out in a month and he'd have the tousled look of your average movie star who wanted to look as if they had no interest in fashion.

Later that afternoon, the Bulls called to check on him, found him in a very improved mood even wondered if they were coming down. As happens, when they called, they were two blocks away.

Their first sight of him was as reassuring as it was going to get. As they rounded the corner of the house, there was Barney, wearing a canvas hoodie, mostly unbuttoned, some shreds of fabric that passed for shorts and that was it. Al saw them first and made a dash that almost knocked on of them down followed by Barney who tried to embrace them, fouled only by their shoulder width which made getting two of them at once impossible. Failing that they picked him up, kissed him, and carried him back in the house.

"Ya look great, Barn, Ya look like you'd lived here all your life. Like the place?"

"Sure...where am I"

"La Jolla, just North of San Diego, nice place, real ritzy. Jack forgets he owns this for years at a time so we took it over. Keep it cleaned up, lawn mowed, whatever needs doing."

"Yes, Jack."

"Aw go let him soak, he needs to and when he comes around to knowing what he's gotta do, we'll produce you. What you need is a night out, have a couple of blasts, catch a guys only strip show...."

"Guys, I don't have any clothes for going out."

They smiled at each other and handed him a large sack.Inside were some casual slacks, long sleeve T shirt, windbreaker and some deck shoes.

"That'll make you as La Jolla as, is it a date?"

Barney looked really embarrassed. "Guys, it sounds great but.. I don't have any money. There was some food there so...that's what I ate."

The Bulls looked at each other. "Shit, I knew we forgot somethin' when we go out we'll hit the Safeway and stock you up. Don't know how long you might be here. As for money, for our best buddy, don't worry about it. And he didn't.

It was sneaky, and he knew it, but the next time the Bulls came South, he had them bring someone with them: Jeff. Where better to continue acting lessons than in a secluded cottage near the sea. Well, secluded if one factored out that it was the season for the ocean and thousands of people mobbed the La Jolla shores. Was this a problem? This was not a problem. Up the strand to Black's beach where they had connections and were made more than welcome.Especially when all four peeled to the skin; Depending on your wants and preferences there was a good selection of bodies, all of them in great shape and, seemingly, none of them resistant to whatever someone had in mind. It became a full time job for first one and finally both Bulls to not just protect Barney but Jeff and themselves as well. Rehearsal was summarily stopped as they gathered up their bits and pieces of clothing and retreated to the cottage where one could be both naked and rehearse.

Nights were a bit of a problem as Jack had never got round to refitting the place for men meaning that there were four twin beds, two bedrooms on the smallish side, one bathroom, one-small-shower and every thing else similarly downsized. As far a sleeping arrangements, the Bulls were used to sleeping with one another, just not in two beds while Jeff was hardly unhappy to bunk in with Barney but, as with the Bulls, not in twin beds. After beds were shoved together sheets didn't fit but...who cared. The Bulls did whatever they usually did and Barney and Jeff lolled about and talked.

They had a topic: The unmade film on which they'd bet quite a lot and then bagged Jack with it not bothering to tell him one fucking thing other than it would star the Bulls and he'd see the results when it was finished. Then tossed in a closed set and that was before, after and during Barney spent upwards of half a million dollars on equipment, upgrading the facility....with no guarantee that he could ever pull another financial rabbit out of a hat such as"Zip Tang". What the two of them did know was that the small projects, the bread and butter of minor porn studios, were doing better if only because better titles were thought up, some attention to story lines, such as they were, existed, more careful casting, dialogue had some relevance to the vague story and, another thing that had blown Jack's mind, Barney had found a place where you could get custom made mens underthings and, in addition to the minimal suits or shirts or whatever their "stars" wore, he was contemplating a line of T shirts, shorts and, as he called them,"shrink to fit" underwear that was barely legal for most public places.

What Barney was not to know was that when the Bulls got back to Los Angeles, they'd found Jack at home, unhappy, missing Barney-hell, he even missed the dog-and sad because somewhere in his porn makers heart, he knew a fact about Barney in addition to wanting him back. What he got from the two guys, wasn't exactly words of consolation, words that suggested that this would all blow over, words that said Barney was as unhappy as he, none of that.First one and then the other slapped him hard across his face, punched in his six pack and then fucked him, hard, twice. That done, they then tied him into a chair and gave him a speech about how to handle rare and precious objects. That's not how they said it but that was the point of the lecture.

"You dick head, ever really hurt something you love?Well, shit for brains, you just did. We didn't come from much of anything, ain't got no fine background an' why we ain't in the jug.....but Barney is too good a kid to do anything but accept us, all of us as he finds us. Think about it, one day he's got a good job and two or three days later, he's naked and drunk 'cause he just got canned. And what did you do, maybe because you thought it was funny, let him get good and fried, could a killed him and to end it all, after he makes more money for you than you know how to make, calls his mother a 'cunt'. You call my mother that, and I know she's in prison, and I'd beat the shit out of you, mutherfucker. And now you want him back." He stopped and stared at Jack. "Think about it.Those are only slip knots so it's shouldn't take you more 'n hour to get free. And then fucking think about everything."

Just to add one further, modest, humiliation, they gagged him and stuck a butt plug up his ass.

Getting Jeff to go along was a snap, they just picked him up and threw him in the back seat wondering, as they did, why so few of their business colleagues ever seemed to wear clothing? Look at them; Matching string bikinis and each had on a T shirt that had been cropped at about their navel, they were ready to go anywhere.

Monday, simply because he had to, he went to the studio noticing, to his relief, there were no trucks delivering things, all seemed calm....well if you discounted the painters working on the exterior, two of whom were holding what was the design to be painted once the building had been scraped and wholly painted. As badly as he wanted to look he feared what he might see. Inside things were cleaner than usual-another demand of Barney's saying that if you're going to walk around barefoot and then make pictures where your feet showed, it was a lot better if they were clean. Apart from the usual things, and the gleam from the mini swimming pool, there wasn't much action save for the "closed set" that was being patrolled by two uniformed guards. When he tried to gain entry, he was politely but firmly refused entry, even when he shouted that he owned the fucking place, no dice. Snarling, he went off to his office and varied between pouting and missing Barney, the latter being the winner.

At day's end, Jeff dropped by to ask if he'd like to see the set; he almost dragged him by his Speedo to where he'd been repulsed that morning. But...there wasn't much to see. It was a fairly standard locker room set, the only difference being from what the space had originally been was on one side was a workable shower with six nozzles. Rack of towels, long wooden bench in front of a line of lockers that went beyond what the camera would see. In short, it looked exactly like a locker room, down to the flooring which was of the no slip variety. He looked around and deduced exactly nothing.Jeff wandered off saying only that he'd wanted to see the set and now he had. They'd start early and finish tomorrow. Just no Barney, no Bulls, no Jerry, fuck even Al was nowhere to be seen. The drive home was longer than usual.

Sometimes your own home can be the last place you want to be while at the same time being the only place to go. Jack sat in his car in the garage and, finally, put the door down and wandered up the steps to his own back hall. All was quiet, wandering around, the views from the windows, the furniture was the same, the pool looked inviting....just not to him. He thought of a sunburned ass and smiled to himself. Two tours through downstairs left him with nothing to do and so he climbed the circular staircase to the third floor and the dead silence. All the doors to all the rooms were closed, silence, even his door, now a barrier to him seemed to have as an escutcheon the word "Reproach" on it. Nothing to do but open it, not look at the bed, head for the can....

It was dark in the room, dark and furry and moist, just like a dog, Al for instance, took him down and tried to rip his pants off.

"Want me to have him stop?"

Trying to see past first an ear and then two paws was Barney, presumably naked, in bed with his usual pad and pencil, the only difference being he was holding his half glasses and looking, with amusement, at the melee on the floor.

"Looks like he's glad to see you....hope that wasn't an expensive shirt."

Clearly Barney was going to sit there and enjoy the spectacle of his dog stripping his friend. He proved that by producing a camera and taking pictures.

"That's for our memory book. AL! Stop. Come here."

From the newly created selection of rags on his carpet he stumbled up to see a dog sitting on his bed next to Barney. As usual, Barney was calm, observant of the situation, waiting to see what might happen next. Having done it once, Al was now bored and so more or less fell on the bed waiting for someone to pet and/or scratch him.

"Your dog just mugged me in my own bedroom."

"Shows how you see things differently. See, to me, our dog welcomed home one of his masters in their bedroom...."

Jack was goggled eyed.

"You mean.....?"

"It means we have a lot to talk about but look a mess. Go take a shower, shave, get really cleaned up. Matter of fact, I'll join you, we can shave each other."

Jack wondered how big his smile was?

The night was a long one filled with talk and discussion-the two are not the same-and, in the end, Jack wasn't quite sure what they'd decided. Words such as "love" and "desire"were not mentioned although friendship and intimacy were. What he finally deduced was that if he wanted him to stay with him, sleep in his bed, go places with him, let people think what they might, okay with him. At some point he snuggled down, pulled Jack to him, started at his nipples and, alternately worked up and down ending when both of them squirmed into a 69 and laid there for some little time. Both slept very well.

Morning was just like every other morning, the two of them arrived at the studio, Al was in the back seat, looking just like every other morning. No fooling around, no outward signs of deep affection but...there was something about them....the young stars said their gaydar was on and they were seeing a couple. That turned off when they had a cold, but definitive, exchange at the closed set which, in the end, stayed closed and Jack stamped off to "look some other things over". One of the new technical people tried to grab him but just missed as while looking at the roof increasing hung with very expensive lighting, he backed into the newly created swimming pool. His only acknowledgment was to turn slightly, give the closed set, and those within it, the finger, strip out of his wet clothes then went to his office. Whether he put on dry things or no nobody knew as the door was slammed shut and locked.

Some hours later Jerry knocked at his door saying he had some papers that needed his approval. Jack shot back to take to his closed set and get Barney to sign it, he seemed to be running the show. Jerry persisted until Jack finally snatched open the door to find that the "papers" consisted of one business envelope in which there was but one sheet of paper. On it was written in Barney's semi-legible hand, " I forgot, last night, to mention I love you."There was a further instruction, request. "If you concur, sign below and consider yourself partnered."

Through his tears Jack muttered, "the little shit head. Where's a pen, I need to sign this and I'm going to take it to him personally."

"Uh, Jack that's a closed set, you can't get in, even now when they're doing second unit work. But Jack, that's a mighty important document you got there. If I weren't up I'd get up off my ass and go find some sort of gift for him....I happen to know he has one for you and, well, you'd best go find something. Not too much but something that will make you both happy. I once gave a guy some clothes with the idea that I could talk him out of them.....worked, too. Congratulations, Partner. You got yourself a mighty fine piece of stud meat, pure prime AAA so don't fuck it up. There's plenty of miles left in both of you to ride, just remember to never put each other up wet, cold or alone."

Jack looked at this kind man who really did have both interests at heart.
"I hear the bearer of good news usually gets a kiss, or somethin'...."

"How about a raise?"

"Nah, that's been taken care of, Barney gave me one two weeks back. Guess that leaves just the kissin' part don't it.Personally, I'd kinda like that..."

Five minutes later, when sweat was beginning to flow, they untangled themselves and Jerry left to tell the other boss man that his offer had been accepted. Barney smiled. Reached over to Al ans said, "I guess we better get you your own bed." If dogs could smile, he did.

For once it was Barney who was very late getting home.Even the bulls, usually chirping with happiness, were fading as they dropped him off. He told them, as best he could based on how tired he was, how great they'd been and how pleased he hoped they were with their work and, standing on the drive way, forgot what else he'd planned to say so he just waved his hand and went in the house. It was just as well that it was a short ride to the third floor or he might have drifted off to sleep standing up but he made that and the door to the bedroom.

Jack was all smiles, already in bed with it turned down for Barney to crawl in. At least part of that was apropos, he felt like crawling and, seeing his partner swaying, badly, to starboard, hopped out of bed, hard dicked, and guided him to the edge, sat him down, got his clothes off him, laid him down and tried to put an arm under him to let him see his tears of happiness. Too late, Barney was down for the third time and not likely to rise for some little while.Jack sat there, happy but disappointed. Noticing he still had a hard on, he jerked off, cleaned it up then headed for the showers, a place he'd hoped to take Barney. Oh well, thought Jack, at at least I have it in writing, how many other men can say that?

Around three in the morning Jack felt something lick his nose; Without even thinking, he put up a hand and batted away what he was certain was Al having an overly friendly moment. However, the surprize was that it was Barney, wide awake, smiling in his face as he headed for a kiss. Al was elsewhere. Jack was rolled on his back and thereafter was treated to a tongue licking even Al couldn't duplicate finishing with a voice saying, "I have a present for you, want it now?"

Almost too enthusiastically he took Barney and looked at him, wondering, was this real or just a gesture to accommodate whatever one else knew. "Your cherry? That's for me?"

"I've only got one and it's dedicated to you and for you. All you have to do is...take it. Seals the deal. I get fucked royally and you get the partner you want....for a long time."


"Because at the beach the Bulls and I had several long talks. Okay, they're not strong in logic or philosophy but they are a mated pair, like they want us to be. They know you're unhappy and, lately, a lot of that has been my fault but they also see that you love me enough to let me do what I want. And I thought about that. I thought about being here in bed with you, rubbing up against you, finding two fingers up my ass and enjoying it, knowing it had to go one step further or it had to end and since I didn't want it to end, time to put the seal on it with your cum marking my tail. Or we can go on, sort of, the way we are but....I don't think that makes either of us happy. So that's your why plus one more thing, I realized I physically desired you, would stick a finger up my ass in the shower and wonder what it would be like if it was you have to show me, I'm giving you the present of my virginity, can't ever take it back but I'll always know I gave it away to the man I wanted to have it. Now, I'm good at dialogue and can probably go on for several hours but I'd prefer it if you put a hand over my mouth and your cock where it wants to go and where I want it."

Jack was shedding tears as he worked on his stalk, no way he wasn't going to, just wanted to postpone the moment just for the memory. The two of them, the dim light, his already lubed ass, waiting.....a smile on his face. Jack leaned forward and put his cock head at the opening to the end of his virginity.

"Oh, Jesus, Jack, I've waited for you....just slide on in and make me scream with pain and then pleasure. Hard, fast, now....."

What Barney wanted was part rape and part sex with a partner so desperate for him the entry was more a storming of the gates. He thrust, Barney made a noise of pain and then pushed back, demanding what was now his, his man's cock deep in him, setting up for the long pumping, strokes that felt better with each movement. He became a hydraulic for sex and Barney found how to match him push for push, creating pleasure in his own body, in Jacks body. He felt Jack lose control, his abdomen spasm, his cock widen, then the warm river of his life flowed in.

"Feed me."

Barney forced him out and grabbed the still spouting stiff cock with his mouth, slurping at it, eating him as if he were the most desirable food in the world. His hands grabbed his balls and tried to squeeze more out...and there was some.

"Fuck me again, sleep in me, hold me. You've got a man who loves you.....will love you when we wake up, through the day, tomorrow night when you fuck me again."

Jack looked at his wide open brown eyes and knew he meant what he said. "I'll fluff you myself...."

In the morning they rolled around in their own sweat and semen, that which they hadn't eaten. Looked in each others faces and smiled.

"Come on, stallion, you've got a studio to run and I've got a picture to finish and then later, when we come home, I'll have learned some things.....promise."

Oddly, when they got there, the set was open, not in use and no one connected with it was around. Barney mumbled something about "second unit" and ambled off to attend to something. Jack looked at him and tried to remember the man at the door all those months ago. Where had he gone? Today in some very short shorts and a T back muscle shirt, he looked more like talent waiting to be sent to one set or another, not the writer who'd just written a screenplay that, while fading in sales, had made millions. There was a casualness about him, an assurance that said I am a man, a fucked man and one who can fuck. Don't cross me, I'll beat the shit out of you.Me and my man will. Jack felt a slight sense of electricity go up his spine. He was his man. And turned toward his office to see what fresh hell had accumulated for him to throw out.

In the bay door, that was open, he leaned against the edge and thought about what he'd done and how soon he'd do it again.He also needed to ask Jerry a very personal favour which, he thought, he'd be happy to do. The next night they'd show some of the people from the studio the rough cut of what happened behind the white screens; He had taken a chance but to continue to enhance the reputation, this was what he had to do. The porn industry, among themselves, all were saying that Harde One produced a fluke, could not follow it and, indeed, in terms of subject, story and sex, it was to be different; No one could say they'd just made a sequel and prayed it would be "good enough"

Up in his office, after having jacked off, he set himself to thinking of a gift for his partner. The art of good gift giving is to give someone something you'd like them to have. Problem was, he wanted Barney to have him and that was already attended to.At the one moment he could have used someone to bounce ideas from, or just try and help him think of an idea, there was no one. Well, there were a couple of sets busy doing the old routine but he knew those guys, to them an original idea was getting a glass of water. But what?

It was a quiet evening. Even Al seemed disinclined to do more than flop on "his" side of the bed and only occasionally scratch a nonexistent flea. The now "Partners" had paper work, books, things that seemed to need attention but, in reality, Jack was scared about the next day and the big reveal. He'd been told this was a rough cut so not to expect to much, the problem was....he was having trouble expecting anything.

"Wanna neck?"

"Good lord, I haven't heard that I don't know how long."

"Doesn't change the question."

"Deal? Lets get all finished up, hit the shower and then come back and 'neck' for a little while, just no more I've got a helluva day tomorrow." Jack leaned over and kissed him. "Deal.Let me know when you're ready to get wet."

Their lives were taking on the aspect of routine. Shower together, sleep together, made love together or, more simply,"necked". Only an idiot believes that just because you have a partner with whom you sleep every night that of necessity you fuck every night or do anything much more than a very friendly good night kiss and, maybe, a good night squeeze below the Mason Dixon line.Often Jack would wake up, look at Barney and think how happy and lucky he was. It was at those moments that he was tempted to run his fingers over a body to which a lot of muscle and structure had been added since that first long ago? Didn't matter.

Suddenly it was tomorrow, the grand unveiling. On the way in, without being asked, Barney said he was having a case of the"nerves", not because he had no faith in the piece was audience appeal that worried him. Something you can never predict and can surprize you, both to the good and the bad. All he asked was that he be left alone to his own thoughts and demons. Then, around three, he found some to give him a ride to go see a preview with most of the technical detail added. Not all, but most.

Jack had, at first, thought of handling this as a big Hollywood style premiere but thought better of it if for no other reason than he didn't even know the title. So, at eight, everyone connected to the studio was gathered at the studio to watch it on a ninety inch screen. There wert cocktail and snacks in advance, just to the moment that the lights dimmed and Barney came out stark naked.

"Guys, I'll never be more naked than right now and it's only fair that you see me this way 'cuz without you, what you'll see never happens. Up front, I need to thank my partner, Jack, for putting up with all this not to mention putting up the money. So, now I'd suggest you slip into something or someone comfortable, grab a box of Kleenex-you can share-and...let's watch a porn flick."

The former truck repair place made an excellent place to show movies, it was wide, long and tall. Someone had put in a great sound system for the evening and it was show time.

An empty screen, then a single dangling lamp followed by a shower faucet dripping very slowly. The drips from that became a stream, a piece of paper was put under it and when wetted, the titled, "I'll Show You Mine" emerged. More sheets of paper, more credits and then back to the single light and the dripping faucet.With the click of a light switch, a locker room was revealed as were two business men carry brief cases as well as the sort of thing men grab to use as a "gym bag". There was a gasp as it was the Bulls but never like this, never like two tired businessmen dropping by for a shower and general clean up before they went home. Seventeen minutes later they'd done the nasty and a couple of other things in the shower, dressed and turned out the lights leaving only the single bulb and the dripping shower head. Another flick, this time it's clearly the team locker room and it's the Bulls as two tired, older pro players at the end of the game. Same ending but the next flick on brought, again, the Bulls, but this time they were fathers who'd just watched their sons lose a game. And so forth. The last and most stunning was the Bulls with most of their hair cut off, bodies shaved, emulating (very adult) teenagers who start an affair. This time, the showers go crazy, almost like those in front of hotels in Vegas, lights come up, the Bulls are shown in a sex crazed series of sexual acts that end with their leaving, the lights turned out but this time first the faucet stops dripping and then the light goes out.

There is a silence and then cheering. Barney stood up, this time wearing a T shirt that says, "I'll Show You Mine" and on the back, "If You'll Show Me Yours".

"That's not quite all, there's some technical work to make it complete, the Bulls get to grow their hair back and Jack is going to take me home, put me to bed then fuck me until.....well.....he'll just fuck me." People were all over him, the Bulls, Jeff, Jerry-all of who were wearing the same T shirt.Well, at least, thought Barney, they liked it.

Driving home in the car he leaned against Jack who put his arm around him. "I suppose I have to ask......"

"No, no you don't. As it is, it's just about as great as I've seen. I thought 'Zip Tang' was over the top but this goes far beyond that. I lost track but....were there many sex acts you missed, I mean ones that didn't involve blood, animals or dead bodies?"

Barney smiled. "I kept looking at Al far is too far? If I use him, then the title becomes, 'I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours if He'll Show Us His' . Too big for a marquee. But now the more pressing question does it play in Peoria?"

"No way of knowing. When will it be finished so we can start sending it out?"

"If you mean to my standards, probably never but in terms of reality, I'd hold it until Friday, might as well go against all the big openings. Step up the ads a bit, show very limited clips in the trailer...what else can we do?"

"Well, one thing would be to go home and crawl onto a table and let Butch give you one of his famous massages, how does that sound?" He smiled at Jack. "I know you have a motive in this, just what, I can't figure out, but there is one. Why are you having Butch soften me up?

Jack just smiled and turned into their driveway.

Friday morning and with it came an overnight from Fedex.Same sender as last time, dick head editor in New York. He knew he'd signed what was fast becoming what might have been his best author away but he hadn't signed off on his licensed image. In this case it was one of Barney and Jack doing something so gross, so repugnant it gave fetishism a bad name. He wasn't stupid enough to want all of what had been made, just most of it. Of course, as he wisely said, they'd have to see how the grosses looked.

Thinking about it, Barney removed his clothes and slid into the swimming pool at the studio.

"Somebody throw me a float so I can relax and stick two fingers up my own ass."




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