I was a very lucky young man, I guess, I was in my mid teens when I lost my virginity to another young man, actually I was just barely seventeen.

I had developed into manhood at a very early age, by the time I was twelve I was six feet tall, nicely built, very thick pubic hair, and a set of balls to rival any eighteen or nineteen year old, My cock was already seven inches long when I reached fourteen and I could jerk off and shoot a wad of cum like a grown man.

And altho I was a rather enigma to the other guys in school, especially when we had to dress out for gym class and take showers, I felt I had truly been blessed, I was talking about sexual things that other guys had not as yet at fifteen ever experienced.

We lived in a rather older side of town, in a modest two story, brick, older home, with this big porch on the front, and a large fenced in back yard, and a two car garage that was not attached to the house, it set in the back yard at the back edge, with it's entrance into the alley behind the garage.

Well I had seen Dylan as he walked up the alley going to the open playground about two blocks down the alley, beside Lincoln Elementary, and the school yard was opened for kids to play baseball, or there was a basketball court, and other areas for soccer and such.

Dylan was a nineteen year old guy, very good looking, and nicely built, sort of a Ashton Kutcher looking guy, but better looking, he had this swimmers build and always wore those tee shirts that had the sleeves cut out, and were chopped short enough they came to just below his chest muscles, his stomach muscles were what you would call washboard abs, and that little tuft of hair on the lower side of his navel with that dark hair trailing down to his private parts was awesome looking. Everytime I saw Dylan he was wearing a ball cap, turned backwards.

I had observed Dylan almost daily as he walked down to the school yard to play basketball, ball in arm, and I began to want to get to know him, to just say hi and be friendly.

I had made it a point to be out beside the fence when Dylan walked by almost every afternoon.

On afternoon, Dylan just smiled and said, 'Hey man, My name is Dylan, what's yours?'

I smiled at him, and said, 'Kent,'

'well there Kent, do you like to play basketball?'

'Sure, I love it.' I said.

'How about shooting some hoops with me, I'd love the company.'

I yelled back at My Mom and told her I was going to play basketball at the school yard with Dylan.

We went and began to build a friendship with our just enjoying each other's company, Dylan couldn't believe that I was only sixteen, he thought I was maybe nineteen or twenty.

This happened almost three or four times a week, we would go and play basketball, just having a great time, I had finally made a good friend, albeit he was almost four years older than me.

It was on a Saturday afternoon, Mom and Dad were gone for the afternoon, doing something, I can't remember what but they had said they wouldn't be back till later that night.

We went and played basketball at the school yard.

Then all of a sudden Dylan began to get frisky with me and we ended up in a scuffle, just playful jousting I guess, we had gotten on the ground wrestling around,when I felt his hand slide up inside my cutoffs, I felt his hand touch my balls and I almost fainted it felt so good, I didn't want to say anything to Dylan for the risk of being taken as a fag or something, but I really wanted him to do it some more.

Well it didn't take long for me to get my wish, I was in a kneeling and doggie style composure with my hands and my knees on the grass, when Dylan got beside me, and slid his hand up into my cutoffs and began to massage my privates, My cock hardened like a brick, and the sensations he was giving me was like nothing I had ever felt before, I just spread my legs and wimpered a little as he rubbed my balls and my hardon, Damn it felt so awesome.

Dylan leaned over and whispered into my ear, 'Well Kent, how does that feel?'

I just said, 'Jesus man, that feels so fantastic,'

'Do you want me to quit?' Dylan asked.

'Fuck no man, you can do that forever, I raised up on my knees and turned around and noticed the bulge about to rip Dylan's shorts open, I gently reached down and felt his cock thru the cutoffs,and almost swallowed my tongue, his cock was a good two inches longer and a lot more thick than mine. I looked into his eyes as I swallowed really hard, and wimpered.

Dylan just smiled and said, 'you got somewhere private we can go, and continue this?'

'Yeah man, we can go to our garage.' I said.

We stopped messing around and got our ball and headed back to my house, when we got into the garage, I was almost thrown against the wall of the garage as Dylan quickly started undressing me, I just lay back and let it happen.

He quickly had my shirt off and was kissing my nipples and stomach, god that felt so awesome, then he undid my cutoff shorts and let them fall to the floor of the garage, letting my white briefs just shine in the almost darkness of the garage. I was in limbo by now, I was biting my lower lip, breathing like I was oxygen starved.

Then Dylan pulled my briefs off and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it back and forth, god it felt like nothing I had ever felt before in my young life.

I had my eyes closed when I felt the most phenomenal feeling I ever felt.

Dylan took my cock to the balls in his mouth. I felt faint as he began to pleasure me with his hot, wet mouth.

He had me almost trying to climb that wall with the sensations I was having as he gently and methodically sucked and deep throated my cock and swirled his tongue around the sensitive head, and crown of my cock.

I was grabbing at anything I could grab, My body had gone rigid as his tongue worked that fantastic feeling that was coursing thru my body like strong jolts of electricity, I knew that the inevatible was about to happen, My cock could endure just so much of this awesome attention Dylan was bringing to bear on the head and shaft of my cock.

I let out about three grunts and almost growled like a bear, and I felt that awesome feeling of having your nuts being emptied into his mouth, Dylan just kept sucking and swallowing as he went.

I had heard of a white knuckle event but this was definately one.

I came to my senses, haveing floated into orbit, and came back down to reality, god almighty, this had really happened, Dylan was wiping the remnant of my cum load from his lips with a big smile.

He stood up and said, 'Are you ready for the next step?' I looked down and Dylan had pulled his cock from it's confines in his cutoffs, and I could see how red headed and angry it looked, almost if it had been rejected and was demanding equal time attention.

I just said, 'Man you lead, I'll follow.'

Dylan turned me around and told me to lean against the garage wall, then he took hold of my ass cheeks and began to rim me and eat my asshole out. I wanted to fly over the moon it felt so awesome, I was quickly getting another boner as he ate at the table of masculine delights.

He had rimmed me and ate my ass for quite a while and he stood up, slid a couple of well lubed fingers into my asshole, and then I felt his cocks head, and in a quick move, he slid about three fourth's of his eight incher into my man hole, I could not get my breath, he stopped and said, 'Kent, just wait for it, and the feeling of pain subsided in my ass, then he began to slide the rest of his cock deep inside my body, I was impaled on Dylan's hard throbbing cock, I could feel each movement of its awesome girth and length.

Dylan was slowly fucking me for the first time in my life, and before he finished his fuck of my virgin asshole, he had brought me to another balls shattering cum, I found out about that little walnut sized knot up inside a mans rectum that drives a guy wild when rubbed by another guy's cock or his fingers. I quickly learned to love this little action called fucking, and I knew that this was not going to be the last time Dylan and I did this either.

Dylan was groaning and panting like a overworked sled dog, by the time he shoved his cock to the hilt and I felt that hot liquid spill into my intestines.

I can honestly say that Dylan began my journey in the Art of Pleasuring a Man, and I still practice it on a weekly basis.

I have been on a learning quest on how to satisfy a man, and I have learned it very well, at least most of the guys I have serviced have told me I was very good at it.



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