I am a student in College and I am in my second year, I am an art major and I am very good at Oils, Acrylics, water colors, and several other mediums too.

At the end of last years class some of the top students enterd an Art Contest and Mrs. Galloway, our teacher said that over the summer break, the artwork entered, would be scrutinized and judged.

It was late August and I had just returned to the College and was getting my dorm room set up and met my roommate, We had to shared our rooms with a roommate, He was nice enough, but not someone I would be interested in.

Well When we got to our first art class the headmaster (The Dean) walked to the head of the class and said that Mrs. Galloway would not be teaching this year, She had been in a bad car accident and had hurt her back and was recouperating from that, and maybe she'd be back the following year.

About twenty minutes later the door opens and In walks a young adonis, straight out of the magazine GQ, and my jaw dropped opened and I swear to God I started drooling, His name was Jeffery David, and He was absolutely gorgeous and when he talked I swooned, My fucking nuts ached and my cock was about to split my trousers open, I looked down and saw a wet spot appearin on my trousers, Damn I didn't know teachers looked like that. I knew I had a mission, to find out if he would like a blow Job from a guy or not, I would probably get the shit beat out of me, but I at least had to try.

Mr. David was so kind and nice to everyone, and I was always trying to butter up to him and I think he was noticing.

About a week later, He came into the classroom and stated that the results were in from the Past summers contest, He said some of us did quite well and announced the First place winner, and second place winner was from our school, he Called my name and told me I won first place, and Robbie Walters won second, and that Sean Devonshire won runner up position and that all three of us were to go to the Art Symposium in Kansas City, Mo. for the Awards, which consisted of #1st place $5000. and #2nd place $2000. I was in a state of shock and then he said He would taking us since he was the sponsor and Chaperone for our school.

Well we loaded everything into his new SUV when the day came to leave and took off.

We reached K.C. about four thirty in the afternoon and got our rooms, which we had to share,, so Sean and Robbie decided to share one room and Mr. David said I guess that leaves You and me, I just smiled and said,'sounds good to me'. Well we all went up to the rooms and Mr. David threw his bags on one bed and I took the other. He then said I'm gonna change into something a little nicer to go eat and go to the Symposium and he suggested I do the same, I was just a little apprehensive about gettin naked in front of Mr. David, He kicked his shoes off and took off his polo shirt and then he started taking off his levi's and I saw a beautiful ass in a pair of Calvin Klein white breifs with a black elastic band, My fucking dick jumped up stiff as a peice of iron and I was standing in my FTL white briefs. I would not turn around, because Mr. David would see my stiff cock, He was standing there and said, Is anything wrong Mark? I replied not really, I just got a boner thats all and Mr. David laughed and turned me around and said now there, nothing to be embarrassed about and he looked down and said Hey guy that's a beaut, I blushed and there is nothing wrong with popping a boner, see, and I looked down and His was about to burst the seems of his Calvin Kleins and he winked at me. Go ahead and get dressed, We did and went and me the two other guys and went to dinner and then went to the Symposium Pavillion. Mr. David pointed out many thing of interest and then he showed me my painting that had been in the contest had a place of honor, We waited and received our awards at the award ceremony and then since It was about 10:15 pm we decided it was time to head back to the Hotel and hit the sack.

We got back to the room, I told Mr. David to use the restroom first and He did, teeth brushing ect, and then he came out in just his unders and said It's all yours. and I did my business and come out and He was already under the covers, and I said you want me to pull the curtains, he said not really were on the fifth floor and if anyone wants climb up to look in its fine with me, and he sorta chuckled, I started for my bed, and he said come over here, and he threw back the light covers and said lay here with me for a little while, we'll talk, He told me he was a karate buff, He wasn't married, he was a confirmed bachlor, He loved gymnastics,I figured with the Karate, and the gymnastics thats why hes was built so well, and He loved art. He then told me that I could sleep here in his bed if I wanted too, It's not a thing with me he said.

I noticed he was looking like he was going to sleep and lightly breathing like someone does when asleep, I waited for a few minutes and rolled over to face him and reached over with my right hand and lifted up the covers over his crotch and gently and slowly started laying my hand ontop of his dick, Muther Fucker, Mr. David was stark naked and I felt a hugely thick cock, hard as cast iron, throbbing under my had and I felt it kinda jerk upward in response to my touch, I felt like I was on fire, damn, It was like he wanted me to do this or something and I was having no problem with this at all.

I wrapped my hand around it and My fingers wouldn't touch each other it was that thick, and I noticed he still had his foreskin, It felt so velvety, smooth and soft and I could feel the head flare up under the skin fuck I was in total lust I started stroking on his cock and my heart was racing and I could hear my heartbeating in my chest clean up in my ears, I was getting to do what I had wanted to do since I met Mr. David in that classroom, Mr. David started breathing more rapidly and then he spoke and said Mark, I'm not asleep, but please don't stop that It feels fucking wonderful, I was hoping maybe you would like to do something like this, I said I'm sorry Mr. David but I've had a crush on you since you came into that room the first time. He said I kinds felt like you did, and I have noticed you too. But I'm a teacher and I had to let you make the first move. I said well I have now,so whats next? He said let me take it from here, he set up reached over and pulled my briefs down and leaned and started sucking my nutsack and took them both into his mouth, I fucking like to lost it, then he started lightly stroking my cock which felt like a little bit of heaven, I was wimpering and jerking and moaning, I have never felt like this before. then he started raising up on his hips and leaned over and took my whole seven inch thick cock into his mouth all the way to the hilt I could feel the lips on my pubic bush and he started a slow sucking and swirling of his tongue on my cock. I said roll over and let me try that on you and I did, and he started really sucking my cock and could feel his hot,hot cock head as it came out from under the foreskin on my tongue and I thought it was like heaven, cock tasted wonderful, Mr. DAvid smelled like fresh deodorant soap and light aftershave, and man could this guy pleasure a guys cock, I was wittness to that, Mr. David raised me up in his hands and spread my ass cheeks and started sucking and licking my ass hole, muther was that a trip I liked to bucked him off the bed, and he laughed and then he started pressing with his forefinger and slid a finger into my poop shute and I jerked a little and let out a startled yelp, but it felt wonderful, and soon he had three fingers up my anal canal, He found what he call the spot, fuck man I didn't know a guy could feel that from the asshole and he kept rubbing that spot then he notice I was about to blow and he leaned over while plowing my rectum with his fingers and took my cock all the way back to his throat, and I started shooting a load of man juice into his throat and I thought he might get mad for me doing that, but he just kept on slurpping and took every drop. I noticed he was about there too and I thought I wanted to see what It tasted like He said Oh Fuck, Oh Crap, Muther Fucker Mark, I gonna Cuuuuu and He unloaded at least, a quart it seemed like, of salty, sweet musty wonderful tasting cum into my mouth and throat.I took it all and I loved it, I had just done what I had wanted to do, Make it with Mr. David. We layed there for a few minutes and He said we need some rest, But tomorrow night I have something else for you to enjoy.

The next day was just wonderful at the Symposium and we had a wonderful day but I couldn't wait to get to bed and have some more of his beautiful cock. We went up to our rooms and He said lets take a shower and we did together, He had barely gotten naked and I noticed he already had a cock that was saluting the ceiling, In the shower he was all over me, Kissing, sucking licking my nipples doing all sorts of wonderful things.

Things got really hot in the shower but He wanted me on the bed. Well we got dry and He reached into his bad and pulled out a tube of something I had never seen before and reached over and spread it on my cock and then he started putting it in his asshole, and then he said Mark Fuck me take it slowly at first and gently and let me get accustomed to your thickness, cause your pretty thick, I did what he said, I got up close an started pressing his asshole with the head of my cock and finally after about three trys he loosened up and I punched thru and he kinda grunted and said easy, but stay there and slowly push into it a little at a time, Well after about 5 minutes I had it to the hilt and he said Now Fuck me like the stud I know you are, and I did, I leaned over and buried it to the balls and he started fucking me back up against my body, It was hot inside his body and I was not gonna last long, He said Man Mark you can fuck, I feel you hitting the spot with your cock head and he started grunting and wimpering and gasping for breathe and said Im gonna shoot any minute now.

Then I raised up on my toes stiff legged and he raised his ass up to me and I buried my cock and slapped my balls onto his ass cheeks he started saying, Oh fucking Mother Maccreedy, and He shot a load of cum clean upon the headboard of the bed, on his face in his hair all over his chest, It looked like someone had taken a quart of cum and poured it on him, I saw that and I lost my load I started shooting up inside his intestines and I groaned like someone had cut my nuts off and jerked and grunted, It was the most awesome climax of my life, I didn't think I was gonna stop shooting my load of cum, I was totally exhausted and so was Mr. David. He then spoke and Said Mark, Don't call me Mr. David anymore Im Jeff I'm only five years older than you. and I think I have found my soul mate.

We slept like babies, and had a wonderful time with each other at the Art Symposium and later when we got back to school, Jeff ask me to move in with him into his appartment off campus, which I gladly did, and we have been together ever since.

He still teaches at the college, and I'm now the owner of my own commercial art studio. Jeff and I are forever Lovers and Had had a wonderful life together and I finally about a month after we moved in together had Jeff break in my asshole to the joys of anal sex too, It's fucking awesome. I am so glad I won that contest and went the that Art Symposium with My new Art Teacher.



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