I'm Sorry officer, I said as the Highway Patrolman handed my liscence back to me, I wasn't watching the speedometer, He said this time it's just a warning, next time there will be a ticket, I said, yes sir, and took my liscense back and drove off. I had noticed quite a good looking bulge in the Officers trousers as he was looking at my liscense, and I was getting turned on looking at it, Oh well, just that the problem was I hadn't had gotten off in about three weeks and hadn't stroked off either since I was getting ready for my thirty day leave, I'm going home.

My name is Marty Calverton, I live In a suburb of St. Louis, and I am in the U.S. Navy, I am stationed aboard a Flattop Carrier out of the Pensecola, Florida Navel Base, and Since she was a new Ship We have been out to sea for about six months straight, testing and putting her thru her paces, sort of getting the bugs out. Well I had left the base and got across the State line going into Georgia, and several miles into the state of Georgia I stopped at this truck stop and parked and needed to take a leak, Stretch, and get a bite to eat.

I walked into the mens room and pulled out my cock and was kinda looking down and realized that it had been that long for me not getting off and sort of felt a stirring, and thinking I don't really have time now for this, so I took the piss and stuffed a half hard cock back into my Levi's. I walked over to the little store and kinda walked around and looked at the local fare for sale there, and Got a sandwich, and coke, then headed back to my car, I noticed my cock was still inflated and tingling, and I kinda rearranged it in the crotch area to be a little more comfortable and got into the car and started on back down the highway.

I had driven about and hour into Georgia and it had started to rain lightly, I turned on my wipers and noticed up ahead an Army Soldier under an overpass setting on his duffelbag, He was kinda trying to get out of the rain and keep dry, I pulled over and opened up the back door and said Hey dude throw the bag in the back and get in, He smiled and said man ,It's getting nasty out here, I said yea man, I feel for you man. He got into my car and we pulled away, He held out his hand and said, Hi! I'm Donny Greyson, I shook his hand and said I'm Marty Calverton, I'm in the Nave and I'm on leave for thirty days, going home to see the parents. Donny Said Me too. I just left Fort Benning Georgia yesterday and this is as far as I got, I was taking a bus home on leave too, and I sorta had some bad Luck back at the last Bus station, I said Bad luck, What sort of bad luck, Donny said Man, I got off the first bus, and I had a layover untill the one I was to get on would come, almost a three hour layover, well I really tired, and I went into the mens room and went into a stall, and set my stuff down and set back and fell asleep, thinking that it would kill some of the time, When I awoke My bags were all gone but the large duffle bag with some of my clothes, Fuck man, My wallet, credit card, bank card, My bus ticket, and all my money, I had just enough change left to get a cup of coffee and that was it. I felt really fucked, if you catch my drift, I said, Dude that is awful, well Where you headed? Donny said My family lives right outside of St. Louis, I said Hey man today is your lucky day, My family lives in Bellridge, Mo. just a few miles outside of St. Louis, He said damn man, thats great.

We chatted and talked about our military lives, I told him I have been in the Navy about two years aboard my ship and we just got back off manuvers out at sea. Donny told me he had been in the Army for three years, was a Lance Corpral and just got back from Afghanistan, He said fuck man that was hairy, I said I'll bet, He said he saw a lot of his buddies loose their lives there, that was the hard part, and not knowing whether you'd be going home dead or alive, I said that had to be a really greuling experience. He said yea it was.

Well we drove a couple hours and I said Man I need some sleep, and maybe a shower, He said that sounds nice. I ask Donny, since you don't have any money or a credit card will you share a room with me, my treat, He said sure, yea great.

I pulled into this little motel six somewhere in upper Georgia and got out and rented a room, I said Hey Donny, I hope you don't mind, but I got a single It was all they had, He said man, Beggers can't be choosers. I smiled, Donny brought in his bag of clothes and I got my bags and come into the motel room. I said man theres a convience store across the way, do you like beer Donny said Hell yes man I love the stuff, I said great and we walked across the street and got a cold twelve pack, got back to the room and popped a can and set back pulled off our shoes and set there on the chairs provided by the table and started shooting the shit.

I said I'll bet you can't wait to get home to your girl friend, and have a peice of ass, Donny just looked up and said, I don't have a girlfriend, I said man, surely a handsome good looking stud Army man Has a peice of ass waiting, He said nope, I joined right out of high school and never had time to fall in love with a female, I said man Hows your sex life, He said probably like yours aboard ship, He said while in the Army in Afghanistan we got really free about beating off in the tent there, we wouldn't even hide it or anything, it almost became a circle jerk, seeing who would shoot off first, I said your kidding right, He said fuck no man, we realized we maybe wouldn't be going home alive and we decided to just have as good a time as we could. There was no pussy around and we just did what we had to do. What about you, I just looked at Donny and said Man, there was this one dude, aboard ship, that liked to give blowjobs to the other sailors there, privacy was a little hard, but when you got the chance to get a blowjob from 'vac', that's what we called him for short, nobody used his real name, but damn man could this dude suck a cock, Donny spoke up and said are you shitting me right? I said no way man, I loved getting head from ole VAC. Donny said fuck me dude, that would have been awesome, and He said I have never had a blowjob from either a girl or a dude, I said, man your missing one of the greatest feelings in the world. I glanced down and Donny's trousers had a huge lump in the shape of a nice thick cock standing up in the front of them, and I was licking my lips as I ogled his crotch, I said, Donny, how long has it been since you shot off a load, He said about three weeks, I said man me too, wanna play a game? He said what kind of game, I said man lets play, I said I'm in the fucking mood for a mans game. I said stand up and he said O.K. and he stood up, a I walked over to him and took off his hat, His hair was closley cropped and short military hair cut, and Donny was handsome damn he was good looking, and had a beautiful face, I started unbuttoning his shirt and then pulled off his olive green tee shirt, then since we had our shoes off already I set him on the bed and took off his socks and then I leaned him back and unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers off, I noticed His breathing was faster than normal, and his nipples were standing tall and hard on his perfectly muscled mildly hairy chest, just a beatiful blushing of dark hair, leading down into his boxer shorts. I slipped my hand down to his knee and was gently massaging his inner thigh and I noticed he had a boner sticking up out of the slit in his boxers and It was beautiful, nicely circumsized, with a perfectly shaped head, beautifully flared out and his cock was as hard as a rock, I slid my hand up under his boxers and he layed back and moaned when my hand touched his nuts, he said awe fuck man, that feels so friggen good, Oh Jesus man, I never had anyone touch my nuts before, I said just wait, man this is just the beginning I gently massaged his testicles for a few minutes, and I could feel his hardon throbbing against my hand, he was lightly moaning and saying man, oh fuck man, I removed my hand and reached up and took his boxers and slid them off and He looked up and smiled at me, and said Man you gonna do more? I said I'm not gonna stop untill we're finished, he said fucking awesome dude, I started by pinching his nipples just lightly, and he had closed his eyes and was kinda doing that wimpering thing and lightly moaning and saying man this feels out of sight, awe fuck man, and I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, and He grunted and leaned up on his elbows and said man you gonna suck it? I had my mouth full of about an eight inch, rather thick cock and tryed to say yes in response, and Donny started laughing and said It's impolite to talk with your mouth full, and I sort giggled with my mouth full and kinda bit down, not enough to hurt and he just layed back and said awe fuck man that feels awesome, fucking awesome, I started really getting into the sucking job and he was getting into the being sucked, I noticed he was saying man let me have your cock. I stopped sucking him an took off my Levi's and out sprung my boner and he said fuck man, your pretty big too, and smiled and I crawled back up on the bed and said to Donny with a smile, Let the Army Navy Game begin, and Donny said Hell yea man, Donny reached down and took my cock in his hand and started stroking it, his hand felt so hot and alive, he was stroking like a professional cock massager and I was enjoying his handwork and I was tasting that lovely pre-cum from his cock too. I was slurpping and sucking swirling my tongue around his cock head and I notice his hand had stopped stroking me, and he was starting that buildup action, just before coming, I knew the signal in a guys body and His balls had pulled up almost disappearing into his body just under his cock and he was breathing harder and grunting like a hog, moaning and saying yea Marty suck it man, suck it and I felt his body go rigid and he grabbed my head and shoved his cock to the hilt, Lucky for me I was used to going down on rather large cocks and I felt the head of his cock in my throat as it started that spasming and convusling and shooting a river of cum into my throat, He had truly saved a load for a while and I felt that hot, sweet, kinda salty sorta bleachy taste in my mouth and It was so fucking rewarding to me, Donny layed back and just breathed really heavy and finally after a few minutes he said man I have missed a lot, that was fucking awesome, I have never come like that before, I said glad I could be of help Donny, he just smiled and ask me can I kiss you, I said what you waiting for?

He kissed me and stuck his tongue into my mouth and we made out and he finally said I gotta get you off too, and he started stroking my cock and he was fucking great at it too, I was feeling the sensation, just having another guy stroke on it was totally wonderful, I could feel my balls tightening up and that buildup of sensation in my groin, I said I wont' be long Donny, and he started swirling that pre-cum all over the head of my cock and twisting his hand around and up and down and twisting an I felt like the head of my cock was gonna come off, it was the best hand job I remembered and then he leaned down and took my cock into his mouth, and that did it, the heat and the wetness of the mouth sent me over the edge and I raised my hips up off the bed and grunted Oh Fuuuuuuuuuuckkk! Man, and My cock started bolting that bolt of fire,shooting out of a flamethrower, shooting a load of cum like a bull into Donnys mouth, He started to gag, then repressed it, and started swallowing it, Just to know he was sort of a virgin,, and I broke him in was totally exciting, Donny seemed pleased with himself and was a happy little guy, we went to sleep and woke up the next morning refreshed, Donny said Marty? Did you ever get fucked? you know up the ass, I said yea man loads of times, He said can I do that? I always wanted to try it, I said hell yea man, I was hoping to do it with you before we left this morning. I got some lube out of my bag and walked over to he bed, and I said how do you want to do it, me on top or you? He said both ways I said sounds good to me, I lubed his cock up and stroked him untill he was good and hard and then lubed my asshole, he just kept saying wow man, this is awesome, I got up over his body and just directed his cock into my love channel and slowly set down on his cock, fuck he filled me up, and I started riding this little soldier like a bronco, He was grunting and saying fucking awesome man, oh shit! it feels so good, man I never thought a dudes ass would feel like this, and he was going wild with it, after about seven or eight minutes of me being on top, we rolled over with him on top and me on my back, and then he really started plowing my field, He was so redfaced,really sweating, and pumping, man was he fucking my ass, It felt so fucking good, I was about to bust a nut, He started breathing really heavy and grunting and making long complete pull outs, and deep reentry's and all the way to the pubic hair, I could feel his bush and his nuts on my ass and I could feel his cock as it thickened up and started to jerk and he made one last big shove and jammed that cock to the hilt In my intestines and I felt like a flood gate of cum had been released into me, it felt like a little bit of heaven and he loaded my intestines with his love nectar, fuck it felt so good, and I started stroking my cock and blasting out the end of my missle launcher, God it was awesome, he said fuck man, that was unbelievable, and he just fell over to my side. We both felt cleaned out, we got up and took a shower together, then we dressed and left.

We enjoyed each other all the way home, Which I might add took a few days longer than planned, since we needed a few more nights together in motels, You understand I'm sure.

We got home and since we lived just a few miles apart less than fifty, we started a friendship that has lasted a while, and when ever we can we get together and have a really good time with each other, Playing our Army Navy Game. I finally got around to telling Donny that I was that guy on board ship called 'Vac'.



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