I had a great time working at my local Sports Arena during the late 70's and early 80's. I was in charge making sure that everyone using the facilities were happy during their stay. I look after huge Rock Stars, Pro Wrestlers, Trade Show Business Men, Hockey Players, Roller Derby Players and evan Religious Church Services. 

All these events I got a few great storied to tell. My fist sex with a man was when the Roller Derby was and town were the New York Team Captain had a huge crush on me. He alway went out of his way for me by letting me put some skates on and let me hit the bank track with him. Bill was a nice man well into his late thirties when he ask me if I was interested and going back to his hotel room with him. 

I was only 18 years old at the time and thought to myself it is about time to have sex with someone. I really was into more of the mature looking men rather then the pretty boys or the twink's. I had a huge crush on my 9 grade Math teacher Mr Arnold who was always dress to the tee through out the school year. 

It was just after 11 pm that myself and Bill made it back to his Hotel room over at the Holiday Inn just down the street from were I lived. Bill was the new team Captain that everyone love and treated with respect. He was the only player on the team to have his own room when they are on the road for their games. I remember he went over to the little Bar fridge that was in the corner of the room and got us both a few cans of beer out.

The time was getting late when he started to give me a nice massaged all over both of my tense shoulder. We finally strip down to our underwear and got on the bed and began kissing each other deeply. Bill stood around 5'11 and was a solid 170 plus and was very masculine looking along with the most beautiful greenish, blueish eyes to died for. I got very turn on by just watching him lay there wearing his light blue Jockey briefs underwear. This man could have made it on any back cover of any sports magazine for the way he looks in his underwear.

Bill was now moaning as I was working on his hard 7 inch dick before he started to pre cum in my mouth. We both decide to 69 one another as I got my first experience by having a man lips on my dick. Bill goatee mouth felt great as I felt his bristle tingle my shaft and hairy balls before I shot my load off all down his throat.  Wow Tom that was fucking hot he shouted before he walk over to the table to grab his beer to get rid of the after taste.

It never took much time at all for him to give me his large load of cum. His cum flew out of him like a bullet as it hit my lips and mouth good and hard. It took me a few seconds  to start swallowing it all down my throat. His cum had like a sweet salty piss taste to it before I wash it all down with my beer. I got home just after 2 am that night and went straight up to bed, Before I had to go back to the Arena to clean the 2 teams locker room up from last night Roller Derby game.

The following week I had a huge Auto Show to take care of. I love looking at all the newest cars and pick up trucks before I meet Colt. This man was a Cowboy who sold cars in Texas for well over 20 years plus. He stood well over 6'2 and weigh a good solid 220 with huge biceps and had a nice bulge wearing those tight Wrangler blue jeans. Colt was 100% laddies man until he got a few beers into him. We both  got together the next night for me to take him to the local Country Western Bar for evening out. The Bar Bitches were all over him as soon he walk through the door. I though it was all funny when he just push them all away and put his interest into me.

We lift the bar just after midnight before I drove him over to the Hilton Hotel. He invited me up to his room for a few drinks and some action. I was feeling a little drunk by now as I watch him undress himself. He then started to walk over to me and began to undress me now. We kiss for a short while until he wanted me to Make Love to him. I express to him deeply that he will be the first man ever to fuck my Virgin hole.

He had me in the missionary position as I felt his hard cock enter me. I began to scream of pain a bit before he handed me the bottle of poppers to relax a bit. The poppers felt great as his cock was fucking my ass good  and hard along with deep huge strokes. My hands were clinch tightly against his broad hairy blonde shoulders as he was fucking me like a pig. He was screaming and moaning fairly loudly now as the bed started to band against the wall. I stare at his blue eyes and watch them roll back into his head like a Great White Shark has he was very close in coming. 

He then shouted once again as his whole body started to shake and erupt with a huge explosion of his cum shooting through his shaft going as it made it way up my hole. He waited a good minute before he pull out of me fairly fast. I then notice there was still lots of cum let on his Cowboy dick before I reach down to grab the towel that was on the floor to wipe the rest off for him.

We both slept very good that rest of the night. The time was just after 8 am we both got up to grab a shower. I was the first one to get dress before I sat there watching him get already. The first thing he did was put on a fresh pair of white Jockey briefs, Then it was his sock,Cowboy shirt and a pair of Levis 501 blue jeans. The breakfast buffet was great before I head back home once again. It was a month later that I got a letter from Colt telling me that he is coming back to my area on another business trip 3 months from now. 

The End




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