I guess you might say I have been lucky in most ways, I got a lot to be thankful and proud of.

I have always tried to be a good person and do 'the right thing,' and that includes being a father to my son, and yes, you might say a mother too.

I had done quite well for myself, getting a college degree, tho It was a struggle, raising a little guy by myself, Oh yeah, I guess at this point I might just as well tell you.

I had this girlfriend during the high school years, named Jeannie Hartford,, she and I evidently had been, as everyone else always told us, made for each other.

Now Jeannie was from a well to do family, Me I was from the other side of the tracks so to speak.

I had to work and save very hard for everything I had gotten, where as she had it all handed to her on a platter.

Well Prom night was as was expected, I took Jeannie and then we went out in my Ford F-100 pickup afterward, and like most seniors, we went to what was known as lovers lane, which really was nothing more than a secluded place to take your girl and fuck her brains out, making out and you know, the whole nine yards. and we did, 'PROBLEM'... no protection means baby booties and yep, you guessed it, vuoila,, a very beautiful, good looking little guy we named Dylan.

I was about to burst the buttons off my shirt, but Jeannie seemed bothered by it all, Being from a very religeous home she didn't believe in abortion, and Im glad too.

Dylan became a thorn in her side and at nineteen, even tho I wanted to marry her and 'Do the right thing,' which we did get married, it was like a downhill train, running out of control, from day one, it was hell on earth and finally she just told me, I was better with Dylan than she was and besides she didn't want a baby to have to hold her down from doing the things she wanted, she got a divorce.

I was broken hearted and devastated when she told me she was leaving and going her own way. We went to the courthouse and had the papers drawn up and I got total custody of my son, I couldn't believe it when I heard her say she didn't even want visitation rights, I was speachless.

It was hard for several years, I worked part time at the grocery store and lived with my parents who were wonderfull with Me and Dylan, but I provided every thing he needed and was able to put my self thru community college and get my degree.

Dylan was a little doll, so sweet, every time I looked at him I saw his mother in him, he was like her in so many ways, even tho he had not been around her hardly at all.

Yet he was his own little man.

I did quite well, I got a nice, good paying Job after graduation and settled into makeing a nice paycheck, and finally saved enough to buy my own three bedroom home in the burbs.

Dylan was an awesome child, very good grades in school, as he progressed toward his high school years I was so proud, haveing been there for him all his life and he was so loving, nothing felt better than to have him come up behind me and wrap his arms around my neck and tell me he loved me. sometimes it would bring tears to my eyes.

I was so proud of him, He played ball, did sports in school, there was only one thing that I didn't particularly like, his practicing the drums, I finally had a sound proof room built in our basement for his drums and music.

I especially enjoyed meeting Dylan's little friends, then one day, that one special day, when his longtime friend Alex, came over to spend the night with Dylan, which happened a lot, I had no problem with Dylan doing the sleepover thing.

And Dylan had spent many nights with Alex at his home, and vica-versa.

It was a Friday night and Alex was spending the night with Dylan, I was watching the t.v, actully the eleven o'clock news, and was preparing for bed afterwards, the boys had gone to Dylan's bedroom and he of course, had his own television.

I shut of the t.v. and went on to my bedroom, as most single men do when they need to get a little personal realief, I was planning on popping in a porn and haveing myself a little one on one private love making, which had been my mainstay of sex since Dylan was born.

Well I was laying in bed, hands down inside my white briefs rubbing on ole Johnson,and I heard one of the boys go to the bathroom, then return to the bedroom, then the other went.

I layed there and gently stroked my cock, and I needed it bad, been several days since my last jerkoff session.

I felt like I had to take a leak, I guess it was about twelve, I got up and quietly went down the hall and I noticed a light still on in Dylans room, I figured they were watching a late movie or something.

I quietly walked up to Dylan's room and and the door wasn't quite closed enough, and I pushed it open to say goodnight and I got the surprise of my life.

There on the bed was my handsome son laying with his legs pulled back almost touching his shoulders and on top of his body was Alex, and I could see a very shiny, wet, fairly thick, hard cock almost balls deep in my son's asshole, and they were haveing one hell of a good time, Dylan saw me and Alex saw me and I just smiled, felt my cock give a little jerk, and inside my feelings were feeling of jealousy, I never realized I was had any gay tendencies.

They both just layed there Alex's cock was buried balls deep in Dylan's ass, and Dylan was stroking his own good sized cock, I hadn't realized Dylan had a cock as big as it was, there we were, I was staring at the boys, as they engaged in anal sex, and they layed there motionless still coupled together, staring back at me, now talk about being caught with your hand in the cookie jar, Wow.

I smiled realizing I might do the same thing if given the chance, all I could say was,'Hey boys, don't let me keep you from enjoying yourself, looks like fun.' and I left the room and went back to my bedroom.

As I crawled into the bed I realized my cock was so friggen hard from what I had just seen, it felt like the skin would rupture.

I slid my briefs down and began to work my cock over.

I was almost to the point of blowing a big load when The bedroom door opened, and In walked Dylan and Alex, in their underwear, Dylan, looked very serious, 'Dad can we talk to you about what you saw?' he said.

'Sure' I said.

Dylan and Alex both came in and lifted the covers and Dylan saw my briefs down to my knees and just smiled. They got on each side of me.

'Well Dad, your not mad about me being gay are you?' he said.

'Mad, why should I be mad, I love you son, and if your happy then I'm happy.'

Dylan smiled...'Truth is son, I messed around when I was your age with a couple buddies I went to school with too, Hell I fucked one of them almost every week for a year, shit! my best friend Dave kept my cock drained almost all the time untill I started dating your mother.'

'NO SHIT! Dad you never told me you had done it with guys before.' Dylan said.

After I said that I felt Alex's hand reach down and rap around my cock and I almost passed out, it felt so friggen awesome to have someone elst touch my cock, Alex was gently stroking my cock sliding my foreskin back and forth, making me crazy with lust, My son raised up and began telling me how much he loved me and how he and Alex wanted to make me feel loved and needed.

I was stunned and shocked and so fucking turned on I couldn't react to this action, Dylan was sucking on my nipples and Alex leaned down and for the first time in years I felt a hot, wet, skilled mouth on my sensitive cock, I was in dreamland at this point, and tho It was my young son, both were 18 by the way, and his best friend, I needed to get off in the worst way.

I hadn't realized what a man my son had become, his cock was bigger than mine, yet he was so small in stature, he took after his moms side of the family I guess, truth is, Im not that small in the dick department myself.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, I found myself stroking Dylan's cock, and the next thing I knew I was feeling it at my lips, which I parted and I took Dylan's cock into my mouth, never in a million years would I have every dreamed that I would ever be endulging in sex with my son.

I had taken all most alo of his thick cock and I was enjoying it size, it's flavor its feeling and I was taken back to my younger years yet it wasn't all that long ago, I am only 36 years, Dylan was born when I had just turned 18 myself.

I felt Alex's body shift and I felt him lift my legs up and begin to eat my asshole out, god what a feeling. I was fit to be tied.

Then after about ten minutes of having my asshole eaten out, I felt Alex change position and I felt his cock head against my anal opening, it felt awesome, it had been years since any man or boy had penetrated my asshole, but I was wanting it.

Alex gently worked my asshole and I felt it slip into the hole, stun a little but it was awesome, the next thing I knew I had Alex's seven plus inches balls deep in my cock and I felt like being riden like a bronco, I was getting into this big time, and I knew I would be getting a big reward from it soon, I felt Dylans body acting funny and doing strange things and I heard his sweet loving voice as he grabbed my head, ' Awh Shit..... Daddy, I love you so much,' his cock started blasting sweet young cum into my mouth. I would have drank his body dry for him, I felt such love for my son and about three minutes later it felt like a machine started piledriving a log up my asshole and I felt Alexs body doing that climax jerk and he layed foward and tightened up against my body and I felt his cock jerking inside my asshole as he shot his load deep inside me. Wow what a rush.

As Alex kept his cock deep inside me, my son watched as he saw his best friend jerk his Fathers thick uncut cock off and his watched as his Dad blowed a load of creamy thick cum, over his head and splattering on the wall, 'Holy Fuck Dad, that was fucking awesome,' Dylan said.

We all wiped ourself clean and we slept together in my bed that night, I loved it, and I had a talk with my son about my past and what I had done as a younger man, I realized like father like son, And as the old saying goes, 'The Apple Don't Fall Very far from the Tree.



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