The walk of shame back to my house left me with mixed emotions. I've been watching this new guy for a month since he moved in. He runs with this guy that lives a couple of blocks over. His friend has a woman and kids, so I don't think they have a thing going on. My phone rang. "Dillon."

"Hey big D..."

"What's going on Bri?"

"I'm fuckin off at work... it's a half day and the old man is out. What are you doin?"

"Walking home... I just fucked that dude that lives a couple doors down."

"OOOHOOHOOO! How was he?"

"Fuck man... he is better than I ever dreamed. His smell and taste makes me so fuckin hard. I'm totally fucked though... I don't think I can control him."

"You can't, why not?"

"He doesn't fear me."

"That's bad mijo."

"It is but god he is so perfect... I'm gonna have to think this through some more."

"Yea... good luck mijo. Hey... if I send Sara to pick you up, could you give me a hand? I have to put some new shingles around the chimney."

"Yea I can help." I said. "I'll be here. I hate that I have a car but can't drive it... all I can do for the next three years and ten months is wash and wax it."

"Yea that is a sweet ride, it would kill me if all I could do with it is look at it." He moved the phone away and said something to his wife. "Thanks mijo... I owe you."

"Yea I'll get you out here to help replace my fence."


When I went to Brian and Sara's house that afternoon the first words out of Brian's mouth, "Damn bitch, you stink like sex... I need to toss your funky ass in the pool." he teased, wrapping me into a bear hug.

I chuckled, "Whatever pendejo I showered before I left the house... let's get this done." I stayed until the early evening working with Brian to get the shingles replaced, after we finished and cleaned up Sara fed us before taking me back home. Once I was home again I was back in the silence with my thoughts. I knew trackin this new guy would scare up old demons... but I didn't think it would be this bad, I keep seeing Jimmy's face and all that blood. I sighed... tonight would have to be a meeting night for me. These demons make me want to drink and I can't let that happen again, not after being sober for so long. I dragged my sorry ass to the shower and melted in the hot spray. I don't know how long I was in the shower but I knew I had to get out when the hot water began to run cold. I dried off, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and made a sandwich before I called a taxi.

This AA meeting was like all the rest. I usually don't share much but that night I did. How finding my dead boyfriend in the bathtub with both wrists slashed... how meeting this new guy was hashing up all those old memories.


Another Monday morning and I was on the early shift at the hospital all week. I kept myself really busy at work... I wasn't the sort to sit at the nurse's station and gossip. I kept replaying yesterday morning in my head and I fought to keep my cock under control. The look on his face when I confronted him yesterday morning sealed it for me... he's mine... I feel it in my bones. When he asked if he should be afraid of me plus his body language made me hard as hell! When I flexed my pecs at him I saw the flush bloom on his face then when his god damned Adam's apple bobbed I thought I'd shoot right there in the driveway. Walking into his house was a total rush and having him by the throat made me feel like superman, and the look in his eyes... FUCK! He was afraid, but not terrified... I knew because he still fought me... and the defiance I saw in his eyes was like a challenge to me... I knew I had to take him decisively. I loved the fact that he was afraid and still had the courage to be defiant. Thinking about this guy named Andy Wright has made my day go much faster, it's almost quitting time and I'm beat physically and emotionally.

The bus ride home was the same as usual... usual driver, usual passengers, and I think it's even the same bus because I recognize the stain in the seat beside me. I sat there watching the people in their cars going... where? Home most likely. With my earbuds firmly anchored my iPod playlist steadily worked down the queue. Twenty minutes later I was walking up to my front door. I unlocked the door dropped my backpack on the drier and stepped out of my sneakers then I pushed off my scrubs and dumped them in the washer, I didn't start the wash, that would be tomorrow maybe. I walked to the bathroom in my boxers and socks, I reached into the shower and turned on the water. My water bill was always more than most everyone else's since I usually take more than one shower a day and always take my time... call it my one guilty pleasure. The shower was the best part after work, well any time really. My mind was leaping ahead to tomorrow when I would take Andy again, my cock started to swell but I ignored it... Waiting for Tuesday to fuck my little slut's ass was worth it to spend Monday night with a semi and an ache in my balls. I finished up and dressed in a loose pair of sleep pants before going into the kitchen to make dinner. I pulled out two plain baked chicken breasts and heated them up with a bag of frozen broccoli. I ate in the living room with the ball game on. I watched the Cardinals tromp the Rangers and was only marginally interested. At 9:30 I hauled my ass to bed so I could do today all over again...


Andy spent the rest of Sunday in a sexually restless fog and couldn't concentrate on anything besides the tenderness of his hole. Monday morning arrived and Andy still couldn't get that man out of his mind. He was totally distracted on his morning run with Jack... and Jack noticed.

"Dude where are you this morning? I've never seen you so distracted." Jack asked.

"Sorry... Yea I'm a bit distracted. Yesterday morning after our run I met the neighbor with that super sweet Olds 442. After he taunted me I took off... I'd gone in the back and out the front to check the mail, forgot to put the garage door down. When I came back in he was there in my house. He manhandled me and fucked me against the kitchen counter."

Jack stopped running and grabbed my arm to stop me, he looked at me with disbelief. "Wait... He did what?"

"Yea for all intents he raped me. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet...The dude seriously had balls to walk into my house and fuck me stupid. Even though he did it in a forceful manor, it wasn't violent. It was like I was his submissive to dominate and frankly it excited the hell out of me like none other." I said

"Did you call the police?"

"Hell no... and I'm not going to."

"Really? So you liked it?" Jack asked incredulously.

"Fuckin-A I did, and now I can't stop thinking about him."

"Have you done a background search? Do you know anything about him?" he paused and a big grin slowly spread across his face. He pointed at my face. "I gotta meet the guy that can make my best friend go all goo-goo like that!" Andy punched his friend in the arm playfully.

During the department meeting that afternoon Andy really messed up. His mind was wondering back to 'Alpha'. He laughed to himself and thought yea that was a fitting name for the man. The guy was sex on a stick. Lean and hard, tattoos and just enough hair on his chest... and oh my god that cock! He thought as he wiggled in the seat to feel the twinge of his still tender hole. His coworker nudged his side bringing him back to the meeting only to be put on the spot. His boss had just asked for the marketing report for the latest ad campaign. "Oh yes ma'am... I have that report." He offered the thumb drive to the admin who was managing the projector. Once his slide was on the screen he launched into the explanation but not before his coworker noticed the tent in his trousers. "Must have been one hell of a day dream." The man said just over a whisper with a snicker. After the meeting his coworker playfully teased him for the remainder of the afternoon. On Andy's break he started his research of the man called Alpha starting with the address of the house he followed the bread crumbs until he got to Alpha's arrest record. Even though the photo was several years old, fewer tattoos it still looked like him and he was still hot as fuck. He was looking at the photo which showed the man's face and tatted upper chest when his heckling coworker walked up behind him undetected.

"Look at that bed hair! So that's your daydream?"

"Shit Sam you scared me."

"So that's him?"

"Yea, he is my neighbor."

"You know I don't swing that way but he is hot in a white-trash-fantasy kinda way." Sam smirked

"Yea you keep telling me that... are you sure you don't swing even a little way in my direction?"

"Why? Are you looking for a date? Tell me you swallow on the first date and I might reconsider it." He chuckled. "But if you have this guy sniffin around your yard, I don't need him rippin my balls off."

"You're right Sam I wouldn't want you to lose your balls, even though you and I could make some very pretty babies..."

"Dude, you do know that jelly babies don't live?" they shared a laugh, Andy really loved his friend's easy manor and humor. He shook his head, he'd often asked himself why he always fell in love with straight guys.

Andy's laugh losing the humor of the situation. "Even though the sex was seriously hot and satisfying I don't see this guy being around long... he doesn't strike me as someone that stays too long in one spot or with the same person."

"That's a shame I like that goofy smile that he put on your face." Sam lamented

He smiled at his friend, "Me too Sam... We'll see what happens when I get to see him tomorrow." Sam smiled and squeezed his shoulder before going back to his desk and Andy returned to his research. Five o'clock arrived so he packed up his stuff and went home. Andy spent a restless evening pacing. He nearly walked out of his house several times to come to me. He tried to eat dinner but found that he didn't have an appetite. Andy tried to wear himself out on his elliptical and eventually, nearly two hours later he finally succumbed to his fatigue.


This morning I watched from my kitchen window as Andy dragged himself out for his run with Jack... Shit, he looked as lost as I felt. I wondered briefly if it was because I'd forced myself on him, I hoped that wasn't it.

Finished with his run and after I'd left for work Andy walked to my house and dropped an envelope into my mail box, then hauled himself to work and dredged through his day. Andy didn't have any meetings that day, and for that he was eternally thankful. Even Sam's upbeat humor failed to raise Andy's mood when he joined him for lunch. Regardless, Andy appreciated Sam for being such a supportive friend. At some point that afternoon Andy began to get excited because the time was ticking down and he would be seeing his alpha that night. That thought settled at his core and made him even more anxious. He couldn't wait for the end of the day, and once the clock struck five he was out like a flash.

I finished my shift at four. I knew that Andy would get home around 5:40, and I would get home in roughly thirty minutes as long as I didn't miss my bus. Today the fates were kind and I arrived just in time for my bus and got home twenty minutes later. I grabbed the mail on my way inside and found an odd letter. It had no address it just said 'Alpha' on the front. Inside was a short note, "Sir since I'm your slut, you shouldn't be made to wait at the door for me to let you in. You really shouldn't have to knock at all." And included in the envelope was a key. I sank to the porch and tried to wrap my brain around this. Andy it seemed was as into me as I was into him, a smile spread across my face.

I took the shortest shower I'd taken in several years, I finished, dried off, and wrapped the towel around my waist. I stood at the sink to brush my teeth and I froze, my toothbrush in my mouth stopped in mid stroke when I realized that I haven't felt this alive in years and I was honestly excited to see Andy again. I smiled around my toothbrush feeling giddy of all things.

I finished up and dressed in my black track pants and a plain white deep-V collar t-shirt that hugged my chest and stepped into my favorite ratty sneakers and stepped out the back door. I tried to hold myself back and not look too excited about seeing him tonight, but my pulse was up and my cock was already half hard in anticipation. I held the key he'd given me, it felt hot and heavy in my hand. I unlocked the door and let myself in, I walked through the house and stopped at the refrigerator and poured a glass of iced tea from the pitcher I found. I sat on the sofa in the living room used a coaster for my glass. I sat there looking around his living room thinking that it felt very warm and inviting, it was certainly comfortable. As I surveyed the space a curious drawer in the coffee table drew my interest... thinking it was cool and handy, I opened it and found a nice big bottle of lube and smiled thinking how convenient that was. I turned on the radio and sat waiting for my slut to get home. I lay my head back on the sofa and absently squeezed my cock through my track pants. I could tell that I was leaking already in anticipation.

I had been there about ten minutes when I heard the garage door open and a car pull in. My heart rate spiked in excitement, I killed the radio. The car door slammed and I heard the key in the door. It opened and closed quickly and I heard him drop something on the kitchen table. He walked around the corner and startled when he saw me sitting on the sofa, I held up the key. "Naked... right there, right now. Leave your clothes on the floor, do it now faggot." I ordered.

" yes sir." He scrambled out of his clothes and stood there naked and nervous, his arms at his side, his hands fisting and relaxing several times, his cock rising fast. I let him stand there several minutes allowing the anticipation to grow.

"Stand front and center with your back to me." He took three long strides and did as I told him. "Bend over slut." He bent over and put his palms on the coffee table. I rubbed his beautiful creamy white ass and smacked it hard, he gasped. I slapped him again on the other side and he sucked a breath but didn't move. I smiled and admired my handy work as my red hand prints glowed on his white globes. "Spread your cheeks." He did and I growled at the beautiful sight. I buried my face in his ass and ate him like I was a starving man. I held his hips then pushed my tongue in his hole, he moaned in a deep throaty way. I was already so addicted to his smells, tastes, and the sounds he made.

"Face me on your knees between my feet." He jumped fast and took the position that I'd instructed. "Take off my shoes, pull my pants off." He complied. "Arms behind your back and hold them there. I'm going to fuck your throat and you will swallow my entire load or I will blister your ass like I did Sunday, remember keep your eyes on me and don't puke on my cock. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Now open your throat slut and take my cock." He leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth as I brought both of my hands to the back of his neck, he was now trapped until I released him. I pulled him onto my cock and drove it slowly but insistently into his throat he gagged violently. I couldn't take the slow agonizing pace so I gave up trying to, I fucked his throat with abandon and soon I could feel the coil tighten already in my gut and my cum start to boil, I didn't care. Usually I can go for a long while, but seeing my slut choke on my cock I knew it would be soon and it would be huge. He was fighting with himself to keep his hands behind his back even when his body was screaming for the air I'd cut off. I had my cock balls deep in his throat and I held him firmly and counted to ten. His body convulsed twice, I pulled out only to shove it back in. I was extremely proud of him and I was going to lose myself in him again tonight. The muscles in my gut seized and I shoved my cock deep into his throat and held myself firmly and deeply, he gagged and choked again as I pumped my massive load down his throat. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and his body convulsed again. I was getting off gagging him as a reminder of who his alpha was, I held him on my cock squeezing out the last drop as his body thrashed uncontrollably but his arms still hadn't moved. He held his breath well, except for the bit his body used to try to dislodge the obstruction in his airway. Still holding him by a handful of his hair I pulled him off my cock, his lungs gasping greedily and tears were flowing freely and surprisingly, his hands were still behind his back. With his hair firmly in my fist I pulled him toward me, "Straddle my lap faggot. You can let your arms lose now." He did and I continued to pull him up face to face and I kissed him deeply. I took his wrists and saw one was red, almost bruised from how hard he was holding it with his other hand. I pulled him to my chest holding him tightly and rubbing his back. "You are such a good boy. I know how much you want my cock in you... so take me to your bed slut. My cock is still hard and I need to fuck you." I said, gently whipping the tears from his face.

"Sir, I don't just want your cock..." he rasped, his voice proving how raw his throat was from being fucked. "I want... no I need all of you. The sex is a bonus that you can take as often as you want." Andy said with a level of conviction that was shocking. He lifted his hand to mine and squeezed it ever so slightly. "Please sir make me yours again."

I was completely awed with this man. "Come on Andy stand up." I pushed him lightly.

A flash of surprise flashed across his face at my use of his given name he smiled slightly. "Yes sir... I want to get to know you." He stood facing me and waited for me.

"Why? You are my slut and I'm your Alpha that's all you need to know." I knew that was a lie even as it flowed out of my mouth.

"I googled you today at work."

That angered me... not that he searched me, but that he had the balls to challenge me. "So did you find all the dirt on me that you needed?" my hand shot out and wrapped around his throat. "Do you tell me this to gloat or to tell me that you are going to send me back to prison for trespassing, assault, and rape?" I was furious. It took me a few ticks to realize that his hands were at his side submitting to me... not fighting, and seeing his hard cock dripping on the floor I had the thought that he liked my hand on his throat.

"No sir." He rasped.

His answer threw me off guard. "What do you want then?"

"I know you went to prison for vehicular manslaughter. You are an AA member and you've been sober for almost twelve years." My hand loosened on his neck. "What I don't know is what you meant when you said you 'chose well this time'. Sir, you don't scare me but you do thrill the hell out of me. Everyone makes mistakes and I don't judge you for yours." I let my hand drop as his words rolled around in my head. My eyes were drawn to his neck red with my hand imprint.

"So what else do you want to know?" I asked bitterly if not with a little resignation.

"The only other thing I really need to know is will you fuck me again?" I looked at him with disbelief. "I think you are a good man, I trust you. I think you care for me, otherwise you would be cruel and there wouldn't be any tenderness in between the domination. I completely accept you as my alpha and leaving you the key to my house today was the only thing I could think of that would allow me make you believe me beyond any doubt."

"Why are you doing this?" I demanded.

"Because, you fulfilled a fantasy I have always had. You are my wet dream and I want the opportunity to know you in between the Tuesday, Thursday and two Saturday's a month that you take me. Sir!" he added with a smile.

I smiled at my good fortune. I slowly and gently threaded my fingers into his hair and pulled him closer to kiss him and breathe his scent before I led him to the bedroom. "On the bed, on your chest, ass in the air."

He scrambled onto the bed in the desired position. God what a beautiful site... his ass was perfect. I climbed in behind him and ate his ass again, loving the way he responded and moaned. Before he had gotten home I'd found the lube in the nightstand when I was looking around his house. When I'd had my fill of his ass, which was so not true by the way, I got the lube from the drawer and began to get him ready for my cock. He was cooing so mindlessly and I found it extremely erotic. When I had him ready I pushed into him slow and steady as I watched his body language. He held his body still but his arms shot out and nearly shredded the linens as I slowly filled him up and slowly withdrew. I continued this pace to drive him mad, and it was working. It didn't take too long before he was trying to meet my thrusts, which earned him a hard slap on his ass and a harsh command to stop. He whimpered and begged me over and over to fuck him... I declined. Admittedly this rhythm on top of his responsiveness was really doing it for me, I was beginning to fight my release. God I was lost in this boy I thought as I reached the point where I couldn't hold off any longer. My body shifted uncontrollably to something more feral and I couldn't stop it. I slammed into my slut's ass several times with abandon and the change in my technique shocked him. My release rocked me to the core and I filled his channel to capacity. Exhausted I pulled out and collapsed onto my back beside him. It took a moment to come down and my boy never moved a muscle, except for an occasional quiver coming from his legs. He rolled his head over to face me and blew me away... he reached his hand to caress my face. "On your knees, aim your cock at my face and stroke off, warn me when you cum." I told him.

His eyebrows shot to his hairline. "Yes sir." He skittered up into position cock in hand and stroked furiously. Less than a minute passed when he exclaimed his release "I'm cumming... I'm cumming..." I rolled onto my side and took his cock in my mouth, surprise registered on his face moments before his body seized up and began pumping his seed in my mouth. My lips closed over his cock and my eyes closed slowly as I moaned, God he was delicious. He collapsed beside me spent and I pulled him against me, we both sighed.

"Oh fuck sir... I am so hooked on you." he exclaimed, "Can you stay with me tonight?"

I tucked his head under my chin and smiled. "I could, but you would more than likely get fucked a few times in the middle of the night and again in the morning."

"Sir, I don't care if you fucked me on the hour all night." He said as he snuggled into my chest. He fell asleep almost immediately. I held him close and soon I too fell asleep.


As promised I fucked him two more times in the middle of the night. But instead of fucking him in the morning I told him to suck me off and jack off on my cock then lick up all the cum. Hot doesn't even describe it. "Work the head with your tongue and get ready to swallow my load and do not waste even a drop or you will get a beating, do you understand?" he nodded slightly and put his all into licking around the head and under my foreskin. I felt my cock seize as the head became hyper sensitive and my legs quivered. I held onto on his shoulders and unloaded a thick load in his mouth; he had been stroking his cock too and came shortly after I did. As instructed, he licked up the mess. He is a good boy...

We both were hooked it would seem, because I cannot remember being this happy or satisfied. Andy got dressed and went for his run and I went to work and floated all day.


Again I used the key he'd given me, but instead of coming into an empty house I found him naked on his knees, face on the floor and his delicious ass sticking high in the air. I was speechless. I growled my approval then simply ripped off my clothes and knelt behind him. I found his hole ready and pre-lubed for me which I found hot as fuck. I took him with a bit more force than I had planned, but he didn't seem to mind at all. It should be pointed out that neither of us had spoken a word besides the muted 'oh god's, 'fucks' and random moans, groans, and growls. My final thrust nearly flattened him to the floor. I gripped his hips way too tightly and the bruises were sure to come up quickly. I roared out my release. He had a warm wet towel handy and cleaned me off first before he cleaned himself. "god damn slut, that was fucking hot. Now suck my cock faggot. Remember the rules, swallow my load and do not waste even a drop or you will get a beating."

He looked at me with a worried look in his eyes and nodded quickly before he went to sucking my cock. "You are such a good cock sucker... I love making you choke on it." To emphasize my remark I dug both hands into his hair and forced my cock down his throat and counted to twenty. His body heaved with several spasms as it tried to eject the blockage. I freed him from my grip and he recovered quickly. "Yea slut, you really are a great cock sucker." I was getting ready to bust another nut, I decided to let him take it the way he wanted, "here you go slut, eat my nut." I didn't hold back I just let it fly. I could feel him fight to swallow my huge load and I smiled when I saw a little dribble of cum on his chin. "Stand up." He stood and faced me. I swiped his chin with my finger to scoop up my wasted cum and showed it to him and tsked him. "Now turn around and lay your chest on the dining table." He complied quickly enough. "Unfortunately you lost some of my load on your chin, prepare for your punishment... and do not cry out or you will get double, do you understand?" he whimpered and shook his head quickly. I spanked his ass hard with ten hard slaps on each side, trying to get him to cry out... to his credit he only whimpered softly. His ass was angry and red with welts in the shape of my hand covering his beautiful smooth ass. I finished delivering the last slap and he just laid there, hands on his head and fingers laced white knuckled together whimpering softly. I was so proud of my slut. I leaned over and whispered into his ear. "I'm so pleased with you my little slut... you made me so proud, now you get your reward." I knelt behind him and noticed the pool of precum on the floor and smiled. I kissed each side of his beautiful ass softly. I spread his red hot cheeks and lost myself as I ate his hole. His moaning and whimpering turned me on so much, I loved how extremely responsive he was to me. "Come with me." I led him to his bedroom and pushed him lightly to the bed. He hit the bed then turned around to face me again. "Suck me hard again faggot."

"Yes sir."

I moaned. "You are such a good cock sucker." He was so good, and in no time his hot mouth got me hard enough for what I wanted to do next. I gently pushed his head aside and crawled on the bed on my back. "Ride me like the little slut you are." He looked at me with a certain pleasure on his face. He straddled my hips and aligned my cock to his hole and impaled himself in one quick motion. The look on his face nearly made me nut for a third time. As I watched him ride my cock the bliss on his face became so addictive to me... I found that it made my chest ache. I reached for him and pulled him to me for a kiss. God I loved his kisses, I should be careful or he might get the idea that I wasn't the tough guy I claimed to be. I gave a quick jab deep in his channel and he broke the kiss with a throaty groan. I moved around a bit and trapped his nipple between my teeth and worked it hard. He moaned and cried out when bit too hard. I didn't let him go and switched to the other bud. He was trapped and had to take the abuse that I gave his nipples as I thrust into him with shallow strokes. I noticed that I had gotten a little carried away when I tasted blood. I stopped his torture and took his hard cock in my hand and started to stroke his cock. I looked into his eyes and said, "cum on my cock slut... spray me with your faggot spunk." there was a flash of surprise and gratitude on his face.

"Can you cum again sir?"

I chuckled, "You are a little cum-hungry slut aren't you?"

"Only for you sir, no one else has ever cum inside me before..."

"You are serious aren't you?" he nodded and I stroked his chest with my free hand. "I might be able to give you another load, Kiss me again."

He lowered his chest to mine and devoured my mouth as I slammed his ass from the bottom. He really is a hot little slut! Soon I began to feel the tell-tail signs and I smiled knowing that my slut was going to get what he wanted. My cock was getting sore but I could still feel my guts tighten in preparation for another injection of cum into my slut. My little slut began to get really vocal, he leaned back with both hands on my thighs as I continued to stroke him, he shouted out his release as I continued to pump his ass. My third orgasm was less intense and tinged with a little pain but still very enjoyable. I pulled him to my chest and held him tightly. I'm not sure what it is about this man that makes me all mushy after I nut in him. It kind of scared me a little because it is a bit reminiscent of when I was fucking Jimmy. The difference between Jimmy and Andy is the passion just explodes in Andy, it takes him completely... he loves being dominated, I'm not sure that he even knew it before. He settled against my chest and let out a contented sigh. "Fuck Andy what is it about you?"

He lifted his head and met my gaze smiling, I could see his brain churning. "What are we doing sir? Is this a game? God I hope not... I have never felt more alive, you fuck me stupid and cum in me... I NEVER let that happen. You dominate me but you care about me, you kiss me like you mean it so please don't let this be a game, please sir don't toy with me."

"I'm not toying with you... Maybe Sunday on the driveway it was a game to be played. Something happened that I didn't plan on. There is a connection that I hadn't expected. Your scent and your taste drives me insane... I've never recovered as quickly as I do with you. You know all of my dirt and it doesn't seem to matter to you. You trust me enough to give me a key to your house after knowing me for less than a week. That makes me feel things I didn't believe that I could, you are breaking down my barriers." He winced when my cock slid out of his ass. I'm going home now, be at my house Saturday morning after your run. Do not shower before you get here."

"Yes sir, it's going to be the fastest five miles I've ever run... Jack is going to hate me."

"Who is Jack?" I asked even though I already knew.

"He's my friend I've known since I was a kid. He and his family live a few blocks over. We run every morning along the greenbelt."


Saturday is the rare morning that I can sleep in and I was sleeping hard when the doorbell rang. I crawled out of bed with a muzzy head, I walked through the house and opened the front door without looking to see who it was. Of course it was Andy. I stood propped on the door naked as the day I was born and squinted at the bright morning.

"Wow you are fucking hot... good morning sir, it looks like I'm in time to take care of you this morning." Andy said with a smile looking at my morning erection salivating.

I groaned and reached for him. I pulled him into an embrace and buried my face in his neck just below the ear, he just melted against me. His hair was damp with sweat and his shirt clung to his chest in places, I inhaled his musk and nearly nutted right there. I growled. "Come on back to bed." I pulled him farther into the house and closed the door.

"Sir, I did as you said. I hope I'm not too gross... sweaty and all."

"No Andy you are perfect." I crawled into bed first. "Call me Dillon... Strip and lay down with me." I grabbed his hand and pulled him to me again and I wrapped around him. I loosened my hold on him. "Hand me the lube."

"Yes sir." Andy handed the tube over his shoulder.

I lubed up and found his pucker. I pushed into him as I always do, Andy moaned and his body shivered a bit. I had already decided that this morning would be gentile and loving, the slow gentile thrusts just felt right. I shifted around twisting his torso in the motion. I pulled his shoulder under me and lost myself in his kisses. God does he know how to kiss! I stroked his cock with my free hand, I needed him to shatter under me just like this. I didn't have long to wait before he started getting vocal around our kissing. He shouted out his release and his hole clamped down around me, his first shot hit us on our mouths and we lapped it up together. Andy's sudden flavor there tipped me over the edge as my orgasm seized my body. I slammed into him as deeply as I could and filled my boy.

We were frozen together, foreheads touching and lungs heaving. When I could think again, I met his eye, "Good morning Andy."

"Good morning Dillon." He said with a smile and I'm not sure but his eyes may have been a little misty.

I lifted my hand, "Your spunk is on my hand." I said.

He grinned widely and clasped my wrist before bringing it to his tongue. I closed the distance between us and my tongue went to battle his for the prize, my hand was cleaned in no time... I lay back down and burrowed into the bed some pulling the comforter over us. "Let's take a little nap." My cock still hard and rooted in him certainly pleased us both. Andy woke first and even though I wasn't fully hard I was still in my boy... so what would you do? Hell yes... my boy started moving his hips and fucked me awake. What a wonderful thing it was to have my face in his hair breathing Andy's scent and waking up to have him working himself on my cock. I smiled... god I really was hooked. "Oh yea... you can't get enough of my cock, can you slut?"

"No sir... I can't get enough of you."

Again, I heard the subtle message he was sending. I smiled, "Ok then you're gonna get some more!" I fucked him like an animal and he met my thrusts. I could tell he was stroking his cock and he was getting close... and so was I. I felt my balls begin to boil over, I fucked him straight through my orgasm which pushed him over too... god even after taking my cock he was still tight and squeezed my shaft hard when he lost his nut.

"Fuck sir, I will never get tired of you. It gets better and better each time." he shifted and pushed back against me. "Sir, I still don't know what we are doing. Do we have any possibility of a future or is this just sex?"

That came out of left field. I pulled out of his thoroughly used hole and rolled him over to face me. "Do you want there to be a future for us?" I asked.

"Yes sir, I'd jump at the chance to have a regular relationship with you." He said as he toyed with my nipple.

"A regular relationship? Don't you like being dominated?"

"Yes I do, but I like other things too like this," he said as he stroked my chest and then my cheek. "I loved you sucking my cock. I want to cook you dinner, I want to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. I still want to be your slut... only yours and I want only you to be my Alpha... mine." He said with emphasis.

"You are serious?"

"Never more serious." Andy stated

"Even when I've killed someone, still on probation, and a recovering alcoholic."

"Yes... even in the face of all of that. It doesn't define you." He pressed his palm to my chest over my heart, "This is what defines you and I think it has done a wonderful job."

I was speechless. "No one has ever said that to me before... I don't know how to respond."

"Say thank you and then kiss me."

I smiled, "Gladly." I cupped his cheek, "Thank you." and I gave him the most heartfelt kiss I could muster. "I need coffee... want some or water?"

"Both actually thank you."

"Come on, I'll make us some breakfast." I walked to the kitchen and stopped off at my desk and got my latest STI report. "I know you've had to trust me on faith, hopefully this will solidify your trust in me."

"What is it sir?"

"My latest STI report, it's clear. I wanted you to see the proof." I stopped and I took stock of what I was saying and doing. "Wow, this has been really weird."

"Which part?" Andy asked

"Well, us... it has been only a week and I'm totally hooked on you." I said.

"Dillon, I'm totally hooked on you too. All that stuff I told you I want... if we have a chance I want it all and more with you. I want to walk in the park holding your hand, I want to shop for groceries with you, I want to argue with you and then have makeup sex... and..." Andy fell silent and suddenly got coy, god he was so cute.

I looked at him wondering what more he wanted. "and what?"

His eyes dropped to the floor. "Well, maybe someday... I dunno... maybe you'd let me make love to you."

My face fell. "You want to top me?" I asked.

"In a perfect world yes I want to. You may not ever trust anyone like that... I understand. I may never have the chance, but I do want you to know its there."

"I haven't let anyone do that since..."

Andy waited "since?"

"Come on let's make breakfast." Changing the subject and seeing the look of disappointment in Andy's eyes gave me a hollow feeling in my chest. Why didn't I just tell him? It's not like I don't tell that story at the AA meetings, telling Andy about jimmy shouldn't be that hard. I got the bacon in the pan and got it going... while lost in thought. I put a pot of water to boil for poached eggs. I made toast, buttered two pieces and placed them on plates. The bacon was crispy and the eggs were done. I laid two eggs on the buttered toast upside down, added a couple drops of hot sauce on the top of the eggs and laid three rashers of bacon beside the toast and placed the plate in front of him. "You've heard of 'Shit on a Shingle'? This is 'Boobs on a Board'."

He looked down at his plate... I swear he saw it immediately and I laughed. "Thank you." He said.

"Eat up." I prompted. Several moments passed I'd gathered my courage before launching into my story. "Seventeen years ago I had a friend named Jimmy. I was twenty and he was eighteen. One day he came into the diner where I was working. We hit it off pretty well... he was being coy. He was fresh as the morning dew. I took him on a date and he seemed accepting of my intentions... I chose him and took him. Jimmy bloomed like a lotus flower under my lead and I loved him. He made me feel things that until you came along I had thought lost." I paused and tried to reign in my emotions. "His parents saw us and figured out the rest... they gave him holy hell, verbal and physical abuse. The next day I came home from my shift at the diner and found him in my apartment in the bathtub with both wrists cut. The coroner's report said that he'd been in the water for over four hours." I stopped and heaved a deep sigh. "I was destroyed. I got drunk and got into my car and drove for hours with a bottle of JD in my lap. My little joy ride came to an abrupt end when I ran a red light and broadsided another car. That accident involved three cars and a city bus. There were five injuries and two dead, a sixteen year old girl driving her eight year old brother home after an evening at the ice rink." A shutter went through me.

"Thank you for trusting me." Andy picked up my hand and squeezed it. "Let's finish this wonderful breakfast then you can take me back to bed... "

I smiled. "You need more of my cock my little slut?"

Andy chuckled, "Actually I want as much as you will give me... I can't get enough." He gave me a quirky grin, "And I'm sure you are nowhere near being done with me yet."

I looked at Andy and cursed at the emo shit going through my head before giving in. I met his smile. "No, I'm not anywhere near being done with you my little slut."




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