My best friend Jack Dobbs and I paced each other as we jogged our daily five miles along the oak and juniper lined cement path along the green belt. I could see the end of our run just up ahead at the public picnic area and we slowed our pace and began to cool down. Jack turned to the left to go back to his home that he shared with Karen his wife of fifteen years and his two children, Sam is twelve and Amy is nine... My godchildren. He waved good bye to me, "Good run as usual, see you later Andy." Jack was my oldest friend, we were in grade school together, we shared our high school years and cried awkwardly upon each other's shoulders when shit got tough, then he followed me to college where I had an embarrassing drunk moment where I first told him that I loved him followed by me kissing him. The next day I tried to avoid him, but I just couldn't find a deep enough hole to hide in before he found me and wrapped himself around me. Seems that he loved me too, but as luck would have it, apparently not in the same way I did. He did say that the kiss was 'not bad for a drunk guy', we both laughed and that became our private joke and catch phrase over the years and that is how I came out to my best friend.

My name is Andy Wright and after my failed six year relationship with my ex, I found this little house when I was visiting Jack and Karen. It was the perfect house for me and it had recently been renovated, it had the added bonus to be near Jack and his family which I adored. The next day I called the realtor and made an offer, and just like that I became a home owner.

I was walking from the greenbelt back home to shower and relax a bit before going shopping when a man's voice pulled me out of my solitary musings. "Are you that faggot that moved in over there?" He pointed toward my house as he asked without any detectable maliciousness.

I stopped in my tracks, my sweat towel frozen in place covering half of my face. I couldn't believe the audacity of some people, I lowered my arms and rested them on my hips. "Yes, I am." I said defiantly. "Do I need to be afraid of you?" Even though this guy had me by four inches, about thirty pounds, and built like an MMA fighter, I couldn't explain it but I clearly wasn't afraid of him. He was an average looking man with a reddish-blonde/brown scruffy beard and fair complexion. He was finishing washing his car, so his clothing was appropriate for the task... being loose gym shorts and ratty sneakers. His broad chest and narrow waist belayed his age by about ten years which I'd guess late thirties. His light reddish-brown hair was medium length and looked like he would be cursed with eternal bed-head, He had a light sprinkle of dark blonde hair on his upper chest and a darker brown patch that I'm sure began as a thick treasure trail as a youth but now had spread out across his tight belly. What little I could see of his thick legs were very hairy in a shade lighter than on his head and scruffy beard...more red than brown. As the total package as I saw it was the kind of man I dreamed of having all to myself, although I'm not sure I liked his attitude. There is something alluring about rough trade for a trick, but you certainly didn't want to bring him home to the family's thanksgiving dinner.

"No, but you probably should be." And the left side of his mouth tugged up ever so slightly in a really-not-there smile. The man had arrogance surrounding him like the Peanuts character, Pig-Pen's dust cloud. He had it in spades and when he flexed his bare chest at me, his pecs lifting together almost of their own accord, my body betrayed me and I swallowed hard. He saw my prominent adam's-apple bob and this time both sides of his mouth tugged up in that same really-not-there smile. "You like what you see faggot?" he asked tauntingly.

My face heated. "Nice to meet you, I have to run errands. Good bye." I listened to his amused laughter as I moved swiftly home to that nice hot shower that I desperately needed. I tried to get the man out of my mind, thankfully as I walked up to my door my phone went off and I got distracted. I unlocked the garage door and walked through the house but got sidetracked and instead of the shower I went out the front to check the mail, all while I chatted with my co-worker. I was still talking to her as I returned to the front door with the mail in hand, "Listen Jeannie, I just got back from a run and I need a shower. Can we pick this up again on Monday?... Ok have a good weekend, bye Jeannie."

I terminated the call and opened the front door. When I walked around the corner into the kitchen for some water I looked up startled as a huge calloused hand shot up and wrapped around my throat. If my bladder had been full I'd have pissed myself. I let out a squeak of surprise and tried to free myself but his hand tightened just enough to halt my more vigorous resistance. Both of my hands were on his forearm trying to pull him off of me but his arm was like corded steel, impressive really. His thumb rested over my carotid artery, he smiled as he felt my pulse race. He twisted his wrist to tilt my head to the side. He brought his nose down to just under my left ear and inhaled deeply and damn-it if he didn't growl... I got hard immediately. "God you smell good!" Then he stuck out his tongue and licked a huge swath up the side of my neck and I moaned. "FUCK you taste even better." With his free hand he dug into my running shorts and squeezed my ass, "Fuckin A, I love a boy in a jock strap!" Still holding me by the neck he pushed me back to the kitchen counter pushing my running shorts down.

"Oh hell no!! You are not going to do what I think you are going to do! Fuck you, I don't even know your name!"

"Alpha... to you, my name is Alpha and you will call me sir." He saw the lust flare instantaneously in my eyes, he smiled... he actually smiled a real smile this time.

I was stunned into submission by his cocky declaration and his smile which transformed him into something like crack to a crack-head and I became addicted in spite of myself. His hand relaxed on my throat as he spun me around pushing my chest onto the kitchen counter and effortlessly held me firmly. For a few ticks nothing happened... until. He used his free hand and spanked my ass hard. Both sides were white hot in moments and my breath hitched and locked up. I was of two minds, one, I wanted this with all my soul and the other hated the humiliation of being played by this total stranger. He stopped the rapid fire spanking and started to rub my inflamed globes. I felt something cold and wet hit the center of my hip below the straps of my jock and run down my crack followed by one of his thick fingers that felt bigger than some of the cocks I've had. He probed my hole with confidence if without gentleness. He added a second finger and the burn was just like getting fucked... but when he introduced a third finger I jumped and tried to sit up. "Stay down boy, you aren't getting up until I shoot you full of my spunk."

That woke me up. "You are not fucking me bare and you certainly are not cumming in my ass."

"Yes boy I will fuck you bare... Yes I will fill your ass with my thick cum and you will beg me for more. You don't have to worry boy I have an STI panel done quarterly for work, it's clear. You may as well lay there and enjoy it, because in a few minutes you will be stuffed full of my cock and then eventually you will have my seed running down your leg. You can fight me if you want, that kind of excites me. But you will be thoroughly fucked and bred when I'm done."

I could tell that he was smiling like a predator... soon is massive fingers were gone and replaced with the blunt tip of his cock. He pressed in with steady pressure, not a forceful thrust, but rather something slow enough that would normally give me a chance to deal with if he wasn't so fucking big. I instinctively pushed back against him and his glans popped past my ring. "Oh fucking god you are huge. Can you slow it a bit... please?"

"You can handle it boy... just deal with it." He said as he continued to slowly invade my core. "Fuck, for a little faggot boy you are tight as shit." He continued pushing into me for what seemed an eternity before he bottomed out. I thought my eyes would bug out, I'd lost my hardon too. He gave me precious little time to get used to his intrusion which felt like he was as large as a baseball bat. I was having trouble breathing and I couldn't speak. He began long, deep strokes which he soon quickened his pace. I was skewered on his pole and couldn't move. He was hammering my ass hard, his grunts and balls slapping against my ass were all I could hear, my world narrowed down to just his enormous cock stretching me wider than I have ever been stretched before. He upped the ante and began a series of shallow thrusts to my prostrate and I howled in response. He followed those short jabs with hard and deep thrusts which bordered upon painful. My cock started getting hard again, it banged painfully against the drawer pull on each thrust. He was getting more vocal calling me 'little faggot', 'bitch', and then he said "when I cum in your ass you will be 'MY' slut" like I would never be free of him again. He slammed into me hard going deeper, as if it was possible, he drove me painfully into the cabinet and held there frozen in time. His body shook and he roared when his orgasm claimed him, I felt the convulsions of his massive cock. I counted, one, two, three, four, five, six, a brief pause... seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. Holy fuck! He must have pumped a gallon of cum inside me... I was totally fucked!

My assailant slowly pulled out, he jerked with obvious sensitivity as his long cock dragged its way out of my channel. Once I was free of his monster cock he flipped me over onto my back and pulled my legs around his waist and shoved his cock back in me in one thrust. I gasped. He grabbed my t-shirt in his paws and ripped it off then looked at my body. My cock had been leaking fiercely and there was a puddle on the floor as proof, "Oh man look at all of that cock-snot. You have a great body my little slut... I picked well this time. Wrap your arms around my neck." I wasn't fast enough and I got another hard and painful slap on my ass, I cried out and my hole tightened on his shaft, he grunted... He must have liked that because gave me another dozen swats split between both sides generating the same responses from me. I quickly complied and held onto his neck, he lifted me off of the counter top and held onto my hips, my legs were around his waist and his cock was firmly lodged deeply in my ass. He started bouncing me on his cock as he buried his face in the crook of my neck breathing in my scent, he growled again, "Delicious!" the way he said it sounded like he had finally found something he'd spent his whole life looking for. He turned and began walking through my house all while bouncing me on his cock. He found my bedroom and laid me gently on my bed, He pulled my hands away and leaned back to watch his cock piston in and out of my abused hole. Then he did the most surprising thing, he bent over and kissed me... I mean a no-lie passion filled lover's kiss. My arms instinctively went back around his neck and I kissed him back with the same passion. The friction on my cock was reaching explosive results, I pulled back. "I'm close." I said.

He sat back and glared at me. "You will not cum until I tell you!" he wrapped his meaty paw around my balls and squeezed hard and I howled at the pain. He just smiled and continued his thrusts without skipping a beat. Well that did it, I wasn't cumming for a while. He leaned back down and devoured my mouth again. This man had surprising stamina and was dripping with sweat. He pulled away from my mouth and straightened some presenting one of his nipples to me. "Suck it slut."

I was sore and needed to cum, but his nipples were perfect and I latched onto it like a starving baby. His salty musky sweat was ambrosia. I nipped the sensitive bud with my teeth and he moaned a 'yeah'. That declaration of pleasure gave me the freedom to torture it more, I bit it. Not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to set him off on a series of harder and deeper thrusts. "Jack your cock slut. Cum with me... cum on my cock." I fisted my shaft quickly as he roared and threw his head back. His neck corded, his nipples puckered, and his skin flushed as he injected another enormous load into me. My cock was ready but I needed a bit more. I used my free hand and pinched my nipple hard and my spunk flew, the first shot hit him on the side of his nose. He looked down at me with an expression that I couldn't place, at first I thought I was going to get a beating, but a smile crept upon him and he lifted a hand to his face. With one finger he swiped the dollop of my cum and licked it. My flavor burst onto his tongue, his eyelids fell and he moaned. I shivered with relief that I would not be getting a beating. He rested his weight on my chest he kissed me again and then rolled us over. With me laying on him now he tucked my head under his chin and massaged my scalp while the other hand stroked my back and ass.

"Yes boy, I chose well this time." He inhaled my scent again. "You're not going to give me any trouble when I come to breed you again are you?"

I inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. "No sir. I won't give you any trouble."

"Mmmmm good boy. Every Tuesday and Thursday nights and the first and third Saturday mornings you will prepare yourself for me."

"Yes sir, I will be ready for you." I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth, I couldn't stop it... and to be honest I didn't want to.

"Good boy."

We lay like that for nearly twenty minutes. My legs were cramping and my hole was aching but I couldn't seem to motivate myself to move from the overwhelming feelings I had right then. I felt his massive cock slide out, when it did he gently rolled me off and that is when I got the first real look at the man that had just fucked me senseless, I just smiled and a little voice in my head said "mine".

"Thank you sir." I said.

He looked at me questioningly before a full smile spread over his face. I could see that he was as pleased as I was and when he pulled me closer into a hug. I knew then that I would never want to be free of him again.



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