As he reached over to grab the lube, he knocked over a tall glass of water, which didn't seem to faze him at all, his eyes being fixated on the two delicious men that shared the monitor of his computer screen, in his favourite video, on his favourite gay porn site, He took hold of his 8 inch, uncut cock with his right hand and tugged on it a few times while he wrestled with the bottle of lube, trying to get it open. After winning the battle and unscrewing the cap successfully with one hand, he began to squeeze the strawberry flavoured liquid onto his meat.

Massaging his balls lightly with his left hand, he began to jerk more and more intensely his cock in his right. With his eyes still glued to the prime specimens on display on screen, sucking each other off in a 69 position. His breath began sharp and erratic as he whacked away at his rather good looking cock, with a slight, tiny fuzz at its base. He was naturally blonde, so his pubic hair reflected this, however, he had died it jet black to distinguish himself from his older brother.

Still entranced by the simple act of simultaneous oral pleasure, their moans and groans echoing through his headphones and into his ears, he began to quicken the pace, his hand jerking rigorously, as his cock throbbed in his hand. Each up and down motion nearing him to an awesome climax, he brought his left hand up to unbutton his black shirt, for fear of staining it. Once all the buttons were undone, he brought his fingers to his nipple, pinching at it while he jerked off. His eyes now starting to blur, he realised that he was close, so he tugged at his junk even more, tightening his grip.

Up and down, up and down, up and down, without a millisecond separating them, he felt his ample ball sacks tingling as his hand squashed into them with each pulse. Sticky pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock head behind his loose skin as he drew nearer and nearer to the point of no return, yanking and pulling at his cock, eyes still watching as the guys on screen exploded all over each others' faces. After seeing this, he knew that it was time.

Reaching out to grab a few tissues with his free left hand, he stroked his dick, up and down, and up and down harder, and up and down even harder than that. He tightened his grip to tight this time, his cock head looked like it was about to burst, though he continued to yank down on his cock. As he felt his body relax into his computer chair, his ass sweating and sticking to the leather, his head flopped back as he braced himself for ecstasy. Pulling his foreskin down one last time as he jerked his meat, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, his body quivering and sweaty. His balls began to itch and itch and itch and just as he was about to blow his top.....

'Knock knock?' a sweet voice echoed outside of his bedroom door.

'FUCK!' he mumbled under his breath as his heart seemed to jump out of his chest, absent-mindedly motioning his hand towards the mouse and clicking exit in the top right hand corner, all within a frame of about half a second.

Luckily for him, he was able to lock the door from the inside, letting him gather himself, breath in and exhale, and to get away with the act of sin he had just indulged in.

'Yo?' he groaned back, relieved and praising the invention of locks.

'You ready yet? You don't want to be late for your first day of school!' the sweet voice exclaimed.

'FUCK!' he mumbled under his breath once again, this time pushing back on the computer chair to release himself and get up.

'Yeah, almost!'.

'Ill be waiting in the car!' the sweet voice let be known.

'FUCK!' he mumbled under his breath yet again, looking down at his Calvin's sitting around his ankles, covered in a thick, white substance. 'Cool, won't be long!'

Kicking off his Calvin's, he bent to pick them up when he noticed a pool of thick cum sitting on the ground directly under his desk. That's when he realised he had busted his nut all over the bottom of his desk top, the back of his desk, all down his legs and of course, on his briefs.

Giggling to himself as he reached for the box of tissues to clean himself, and his desk off, his nerves began to set in. Making his way over to his dresser, he pulled out his favourite pair of briefs. They were tight fitting, 2 sizes too tight to be exact, he liked the way it hugged his firm bubble butt. They were blue in colour, with small red stars all over them, stars were his thing. Pulling them up legs and around his butt, they got stuck under his balls before they flopped out and under, only to get stuck under his cock.

As he reached down to tuck his dick into the briefs, he noticed that he still had some cum left on his cock head, behind the skin. Pulling it back to expose a thick layer of gooeyness, he brought his thumb up and wiped it clean off of the head, naturally bringing his thumb up to his mouth and licked it off. Salty and thick, just the way he liked it, then sniffing his hand, the smell of sweat and cum engorging his nostrils as he grinned and looked himself in the mirror above his dresser.

Stripping off his black shirt, he bundled it up and shot it across the room into an awaiting laundry basket. Applying his roll-on deodorant, he dug through the dresser to find his blue and white striped polo shirt. Throwing on a pair white shorts that showed off his trimmed-back hairy legs, he scooted over to find his red Vans.

Looking over at the mirror once again, his outfit showed everyone that he was most definitely new to town. Looking at his hazel green eyes, his chiselled jaw line made him look years older than he was. He had just turned 18 four days earlier, but hadn't celebrated yet, due to tense arguments between his mother and father.

He had lived in the states for 2 years now, arriving from Sydney, Australia a few weeks before his 16th birthday. Now 18, and being the end of summer, he was about to go back to school for senior year, at a new school nonetheless. His mother had remarried a few years ago, relocating from Australia to the US, living in New York City, where he attended high school. However, his tep-father had taken a job in California, relocating once again, meaning a new town, and a new school.

He smiled as he gave his short and jagged, Chace Crawford-style black hair a shake, his piercing green eyes peeking through. With a natural wave in his hair, he spent a good half an hour straightening it this morning, before his little jerk session. Approving of what he had on, he threw on his bracelet, a leather strap with a few beads on it that a friend had given him for his birthday, and lightly sprayed himself with his favourite fragrance, Code by Armani. Snatching up his iPhone, wallet and satchel, he hurried out of his room and b-lined for the car outside.

'Sorry ma, had to make sure i had everything' he half-ass explained.

As they drove off, he couldn't help but notice the handsome young fella walking on the sidewalk a few blocks from his house. As he did the neck snap back to get a glance of the cutie outside, his mother turned and asked,

'So, are you excited?'

'HAH!' he exclaimed, 'Yeah right, a new town, a new school, for what? Maybe 6 months, tops?'

'I know hun, but they'll love you, who doesn't?' she replied with a grin and a giggle in her voice.

'Well, that's true!' he said back slyly, poking his tongue out and scrunching his nose.

'Ahh, and so humble' she sarcastically proclaimed, giving him a coy little head shake, 'Anyway, just have fun, and just be yourself'.

'Like id want to be anyone else, look at me, i look hot!' he said, even more slyly, though he wasn't lying.

'Ok we're here, get out!' she said as she looked at her son with a smile.

'Wait, i need to tell you something' the son announced.

'Oh?' she said cautiously.

'Well it's a question actually'.

'Shoot' she said eagerly.

'I was talking to Xavier the other day and i just wanted to know if it was ok if he could come and stay for a few days, he's coming to town'.

'That's fine with me, ill run it past Joey but i don't see why that should be a problem' she said.

'Thanks mum, you're the best!' he said ecstatically, giving her a kiss and a hug, before remembering that he was sitting in a car right in front of his new school.

'Hey, i haven't had one of those in a while, i missed it' the mother said sweetly with a smile, 'Now get out, you'll be late!'

'Yupyup, ok, but seriously, thanks mum!'

'No problem son, i love you, see you after school'.

'Love you too, peace!' he said as he bounced out of the car.

With that, he stood there absently as he saw the huge school that stood before him, that seemed to be looking straight into his soul. He let in a small gulp down his throat and took a few steps forward. There in capital letters,


'FUCK!' he groaned, at normal tone this time, as the sweet voice of mother echoed, still waiting behind him,

'Hey Jayden!' she yelled as he spun his head around. 'You do look great, you'll kill 'em, don't worry!'.

He smiled with embarrassment, checking to see if anyone had seen or heard. As she drove off, his heart relaxed a little and he turned around once again, and took another look at his new school. Just as the bell began to ring, he preceded forward, one step at a time, making sure to look down at the ground, making sure that both feet were firmly planted on the ground before taking its next stride.

Suddenly he felt a vibration against his left butt cheek that tingled down through his leg. The vibration continued for a while, then was preceded by an ominous beat. It was his phone of course, set to the tune of 'Teeth' by Lady Gaga, which meant only one thing, a new message from Xavier! Fetching his phone from his back pocket, he clicked through his inbox, finding the message,

'Hey Jay, miss u! Good luck 2day, u will b fine & i will c u nxt wEk. All my luv, X'.

He smiled from ear to ear as he slipped his phone back in his back pocket. Just then, as the rest of the students rushed into the building, cutie from the sidewalk made his way up the foot path. He watched as the handsome young fella he had passed in the car on the way to school was actually walking passed him, going to the same school!

He watched as the wind blew by the side of the cuties face, his short hair not moving at all, most probably from att the product that he had in it, still, it looked good on him. Jayden caught himself gazing at the cutie, who, intern, also caught him gazing. Awkwardness began to cloud over him, so he looked away quickly, but the cutie didn't seem to feel awkward at all, managing a smile as he walked passed, followed by a slight nod as to say 'hello' as he carried on walking.

Shivers ran down his spine as he was now watching the cutie from behind, a much better point of view in his opinion. As he stood there dumb-founded, he quickly realised that he was standing there dumb-founded! He stepped forward and followed the rest of the students, rustling by one another as they made their way into the building.

'You can do this Jayden, charm them with your personality, and your bright red shoes!' he remarked to himself, psyching himself up, 'Day one at Peachtree West Avenue High School, FUCK!'



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