As he made his way to his home room, Jayden admired the architecture of the school. A old building, though stylist if there ever was one. Giant stone walls cemented the building with corridors for days. Making his way down one of these, he noticed a huge open courtyard full of students chatting among themselves.

Finally reaching his home room, Jayden was the last student to enter, interrupting his home teacher,

'Are you Miss. Colfax?', his Australian accent garnering immediate attention.

'I am. You must be.....' the woman said, turning her head to check the admin list, 'Jayden Star?', motioning to take a seat at the vacant desk in the front row.

Taking his seat, Jayden could hear the students behind chatting to one another, not knowing exactly what they were saying. As he lifted his satchel over his head to place it on the floor, he noticed out of the corner of his eye, a group of 6 gorgeous looking people, staring at him pointing while they whispered amongst themselves.

'Please excuse me class, try not to make too much noise wile im gone' Miss. Colfax requested as she exited the room.

A shrew of chatter arose as the teacher left the room. Jayden felt a presence to his left, slowly turning to see who was lingering. A beautiful blonde girl stood in front of him, the very blonde girl that only seconds ago was pointing at and whispering about him.

'Hi, I'm Rachel' a soft voice spoke.

'Jayden' extending his hand.

'I know who you are, meet me at lunch with the list, ok?' she said with a smile, turning to return to her seat.

'What list?' Jayden questioned to himself as he watched the girl return to her seat.

As the girl sat down, Jayden noticed an even more beautiful figure seated behind her, it was the cutie. Jayden stared for a while, watching as the cutie smiled and turned to talk to his friend sitting next to him, his lips parting ways, though Jayden couldn't make out what he was saying. Lost in the cuties soft smile, Jayden noticed his eyebrows and what great shape they had. He noticed his masculine features, including his jawline and cheek bones, with his blue eyes, almost grey, sparkling as he spoke. He also noticed the cuties great upper body shape. His arms were big, but not too big, and if he looked close enough, was able to make out the cuties pecs, and what great pecs they were.

Drifting off in fantasy, Jayden felt a pull on his shorts, looking down. His dick had drifted off into fantasy also, trying its best to break free of its tight fitting restraint. Jayden snapped back an turned to face the front of the class, trying to think of non-arousing things. Controlling his beast, Jayden smiled to himself and turned around once more to look at the cutie. This time, the cutie was looking at him as well. Jayden gave him a quick grim and turned back around.

After a few boring classes, it was finally time for lunch. Jayden searched for his locker, finally finding it in a secluded part of the school, hardly anyone goes to. Jayden thought to himself 'what kind of loser gets stuck all the way down here' as he unlocked his locker. Just then, a small peice of paper fell out, cascading to the floor. A list.

'What the fuck?' Jayden spoke aloud, echoing threw the corridor, remembering what Rachel had said in home room.

Heading for the lunch area, Jayden caught a crowd of students under some trees. His curiosity drawing him in, he made his way over. All the students were focusing on a computer screen, which one guy had on the picnic table, on some website. A video popped up and before everyones eyes was footage of some blonde chick giving some guy head in a classroom. Giggles and light cheers arose as Jayden turned and asked,

'What is this?'

'Dude, its number 4!' an annoyed voice let be known.

Slowly putting two and two together, Jayden pulled out the list that had fallen from his locker and unfolded it. there in black and white were 12 listed deeds. Confused, he turned away from the group and went looking for Rachel, finding her in the bleachers watching the guys playing football.

'Rachel, what is this?' Jayden demanded to know.

'Its a list, duh!' she said as she turned to face him.

'Are you going to explain?' he said, almost angrily.

'Sure' she said with a giggle, 'But everything you need to know is on the paper'.

Unfolding the piece of paper once again, Jayden read on,

'The following list should only be attempted by those students in their senior year. The deeds are as follows:

1) Drink alcohol on the school grounds.

2) Indulge in an illegal drug on school grounds.

3) Download porn onto a teachers computer.

4) Perform a sex act in a classroom.

5) Perform a sex act with a teacher.

6) Steal the golden peach in the head masters office.

7) Sell the golden peach.

8) Commit an act of arson on school grounds.

9) Cause a riot on school grounds.

10) Flatten all the tyres of the teachers in the teachers parking lot.

11) Sing the school anthem from the top of the auditorium.

12) Do a naked lap of the school track.

All deeds you complete will need to be recorded and uploaded to

Be warned, some of these deeds are dangerous, some will even land you in prison, though you will receive recognition beyond your wildest imagination.

Good luck you crazy deed-doers'.

He smiled and laughed as he finished reading the list, Rachel now staring at him,

'So, do you accept?'.

'What's the prize?' Jayden asked.

'Popularity, you'll go down in history, its just a little fun, what's the harm?'.

'Who else is doing it?'

'Almost the whole senior body, excluding the virgins, the frigid and the losers, you're not either of those, are you Jayden?'.

'Pah-leaze, ill not only do these deeds, but ill complete these deeds, every single one of them!' he fired back.

'Good luck soldier' she said coyly, before standing up to leave.

'Wait!' Jayden announced, 'Do you have a video phone?'

'Ah-huh, why?'.

'Capture this!' Jayden said, sportingly jumping from his seat and racing down the bleachers.

Jumping down onto the field/track, Jayden was overcome by a rush of adrenaline. Looking up at Rachel he yelled,

'Ready?' as she flipped out her phone to record what was about to happen, motioning a thumps up.

Taking his cue to go, Jayden pulled off his blue and white polo shirt in one swift motion, exposing his naturally built swimmers body. His sun-kissed skin glistened in the sun, as his abs caught the light perfectly. Kicking his red Vans off while unbuttoning his shorts, Jayden was smiling from ear to ear. The field-goers took notice of him as her started unzipping his zipper, knowing full well what he was attempting. The football began clapping and cheering from the middle of the field and Jayden managed to pull his shorts and briefs down in one single motion.

As soon as his shorts hit the ground, he was off! Not even trying to hide anything, Jayden ran at a nice pace, his strong legs pounding the ground o fthe track, one leg stomping down as the other lifted to take stride. At this point, the football team had their phones out too, capturing deed 12 from many different angles. Fully nude, Jayden took pride in his appearance, slapping his bubble butt as he turned the first bend.

With almost 400 yards left still to go, Jayden slowed his pace to breathe more, still taking good strides. Rachel, still standing in the bleachers recording this smiled and cheered from there. As he extends his arms up to cheer himself on, Jayden almost trips but recovers quickly, laughing in the process. His 5'8 swimmers body galloping around the track, Jayden noticed that his balls were starting to sweat. They bounced off of one thigh to the other, bouncing off of that one and back to the other one, continuously. His 8 inch dick swayed in the breeze as the zoomed passed the 200 yards, coming to the home stretch.

Sweat now developing from his forehead and the back of his neck, his jet black, straightened jagged hair became damp, showing off his natural wave. Sweat also started creeping down the ridge of his back, seeping into his butt crack. He slowed his pace to catch his breath before picking up speed as he passed the 100 yards. Rachel had made her way down from the bleachers and waited by Jayden's clothes, still capturing every moment on her video phone.

Jayden smiled as he passed the football team, taking note of the god in number 8. Even in his hazed naked lap, he still managed to notice the cutie he had seen on the sidewalk, and in home room. His dick seemed to notice, too, again. It began to stiffen, subtly of course. Jayden took things into hand, knocking his dick with his right hand, as to tell it to 'stop'.

Nearing the last 15 yards, Jayden smiled and shook his hair out of his face as he turned it to take another glance at number 8. Slowing his pace, Jayden mustered up one last burst of energy as he sprinted across the finish line, where he had started. Cheered on by the football team and Rachel, Jayden laughed as he collapsed down on his back, pulling his arms over his head.

'WOO! Congrats you crazy S.O.B!' Rachel exclaimed, still recording.

'You gotta do what you gotta do' Jayden replied cheekily.

'Nice package by the way!' she laughed, zooming in, 'Really nice!'.

The football team made their way over and Jayden stood up at attention, gathering his briefs and returning them to his body. Pulling them up just in time, Jayden was soon surrounded by the group of guys who cheered and reached for hi-5's.

'Dude, you're crazy, aren't you new?' number 2 expressed and asked.

'that was hilarious man, and youre a really good runner' number 18 said politely.

'Yeah man, that was awesome' a deep and generous voice explained, 'you've got balls'.

The football teams laughed out loud as they quickly got the innuendo. Thats when Jayden realised who said it. Number 8 had spoken, the cutie with the deep but happy voice.

'Thanks man' Jayden said, trying to stay cool, '1 down, 11 to go!'.



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