We were on our way to Texas, having left St. Louis on Sunday morning, we had spent most of that day driving down through Missouri, and across the state line into Oklahoma, heading for Tulsa, where we would spend the night in a motel.

We were going to my Mom's parent's Ranch/Farm down near Austin, he was a cattle rancher and had a big spread out of Austin, Texas about forty miles.

I was just eighteen when my introduction to gay sex happened. Being big and mature for my age I was the one that started my own life sexually, a decision that to this day I have never regretted and it was no one's business but mine.

We had stopped at a Truck stop and mom got out some sandwich material and chips and the cooler of soda and began making us a lunch so we could save money on the trip, by not stopping and buying food, and it was nice.

This stop gave us a break, and we planned to just stretch and rest for an hour or so.

I started to having this urge to take a leak, and told Dad I was heading to the bathrooms and doing my business. I had just gotten up to the door and I noticed this really nice looking truck driver stepping down out of his rig and heading for the toilet.

I really didn't pay any attention to this, since it was a truck stop/rest area, with the picnic tables of course.

I walked up to the urinal and pulled my shorts down and hooked the elastic under my balls and started taking a leak, when this trucker, who by the way was really good looking, maybe about twenty four or twenty five, six one or two tall, and he walked up next to me and just smiled and looked down at my dick as I began to piss.

I was watching as incognito as I could as he unzipped his Levi's and whipped out one awesome thick, long cock, I was shocked and stunned at it's size, I had seen a few other guys in the locker room at school, but nothing like this dude's cock, I guess it was what you would call a 'Schlong' that's about twice the size of a cock.

I couldn't take my eyes off it as he milked back that awesome foreskin and just sorta showed it off, I looked up at his face and he was smiling at me and watching me as I looked at his very big cock.

We were alone in the toilet urinal area and he just smiled and said, 'You ever see one like that Kid.'

'Wow No, I haven't,' I said as I watched him just gently stroking it back and forth and I watched it swell even bigger as he stood there and just jerked his cock off beside me, I was in a state of awe, I just kept watching and feeling these funny feeling's in my stomach, I wanted to reach out and touch it so bad when he just said, as if he knew what I wanted, 'Go ahead reach over here and feel it,' He said. 'It loves to be touched and rubbed.'

I looked around to see that no one was watching or in there and I reached over with my right hand and my young hand wouldn't reach around it at all, god it was so thick and so hard it was like concrete, He leaned his head back and just moaned this deep gutteral moan and reached out and grabbed the flush handle of the urinal and leaned back as I began to stroke that awesome cock of his.

I was totally enjoying it. He stopped me and said, 'lets go back into the cubicle and finish this.'

We went back into the cubicle that was for wheel chair access and he dropped his pants and I was mesmerized by this man's huge nuts, they looked like one of grandpa's bulls, hanging low and big and oval in his ball bag.

I reached over and felt them, damn they were big.

While I was feeling around on this dude he began to rub my cock thru my shorts and I was boned up like a breading horse, my fairly thick six and a half inches were like flint rock, he yanked my shorts down and picked me up, I was fairly good sized young man, this man picked me up under my arms held me in the air, and took my cook right into his mouth and began to suck my young cock, it took me about three minutes to feel like all heaven took over and I began to sorta shake and blow his mouth full of cum, it was the most awesome feeling I had ever felt.

I unloaded like a breading horse myself and then I was let down and I tried to suck his cock for him, but he was so big my mouth almost wouldn't go over his thick cock head, but I did get to see him shoot a load of cum like a bull. I wouldn't have been able to take it in my mouth like he did mine.

Well that was the first time I ever felt anything like this.

But I did try to find this kind of action at almost every truck stop we stopped at, or rest area, on the way to Grandpa's.

It was late Monday afternoon when we arrived at the Farm and I was really glad to be there, I loved visiting Grandpa's Farm there was always so much to do. He had this lake where we went skinny dipping, and fishing, Cliffs where we went cave exploring and hiking, but I was being left there for a couple weeks to a month to help on the farm and enjoy a visit, Dad and Mom would be going on to San Antonio to visit My Mom's sisters and stay and visit with them for a couple weeks, and then they would pick me up on their way home.

Well Mom and Dad stayed a couple day's and left for San Antonio, and I of course stayed.

Well Mom's baby brother, Uncle Ed whom I had always had a special feeling for, was just four years older than me, he was almost twenty-five, built like a stud horse and handsome and country as they come, he had one of those awesome outgoing personalities that everyone loved and admired.

My personal opinion was that Uncle Ed was the most handsome guy on planet earth, I of course almost worshipped him, as I had always done.

I wanted to be around him, be near him and do things with him, but most of all I wanted to be just like him.

Grandpa told me that I could sleep with Uncle Ed in his room, which made me really happy. I was in heaven now.

That first night we played poker on his bed until almost eleven o'clock and then we got ready for bed, I came out of the bathroom, having brushed my teeth and I watched as Uncle Ed was pulling on a clean pair of white briefs. I stopped and just stared and glared at his bare ass as he pulled his briefs up, it was like WOW! He was awesome looking in white briefs, I felt those funny feeling's again, and my mind went back to that trucker in the rest stop.

My cock was like a brick again as Uncle Ed just plopped down on the bed and set cross-legged in front of me with just white briefs on.

Hey sport you can just wear your underwear to bed, it's alright with me, that's all I wear.

I stripped to my briefs only mine were those Hanes colored briefs with the black band around the top.

'Wow Stud don't you look sexy tonight?' He said, and giggled.

We cut the lights and just plopped back on the bed laying there laughing and chatting and then finally we went quiet.

I guess Uncle Ed thought I had gone to sleep, I had rolled away from him and laid there thinking about his gorgeous body in those white briefs and that bulging cock of his.

I had laid there for about half an hour motionless when I felt the bed begin to move in a slow steady motion, and I realized Uncle Ed was jerking off. I could hear his heavy breathing as he pumped that awesome cock, that thing I wanted to see so bad and knowing that he was beating it off right next to me was almost more than I could stand, my cock was harder that it had ever been and I gently and quietly slipped my hand down into my briefs, not wanting to arouse Uncle Ed's suspicion, and began just to play with the head of my cock and move my fingers around the head of my cock and just about two inches down on the shaft, my dick felt like it was on fire, I knew I would be filling my briefs soon if I didn't stop, but how could I, knowing Uncle Ed was pleasuring himself, I felt his hot hair covered leg brushing against mine as he pumped away with his right hand and by the way he was sounding, and the increase of his speed. I knew he was about to blow, and that made it all the more hot for me. I felt him stiffen out and heard a stifled moan and I realized he was shooting his cum all over his chest and stomach. I was rubbing my cockhead as fast as I could too, and then I cut loose and filled my colored briefs with this big thick wad of young man cream, God it was intense. I really wanted to be on the receiving end of Uncle Ed's cum, I quickly rolled over and pretending like I was still asleep I flopped my hand over across his crotch and I could feel his naked wet cock under my hand as it slightly moved with each heartbeat, and I realized that I had plopped my hand down in a pool of his cum, but the shocker was he never tried to move my hand away.

Finally he just took one hand and picked up my hand up and gently placed it beside my body, and slid out of the bed, grabbed his briefs and took off to the bathroom to clean up.

Well I was self satisfied for the moment that I had gotten to touch his cock, but I knew that somehow, someway, I wanted to do more than just causally touch it.

It was two days later Grandpa had some guys doing hay for him and bringing the loads to the big barn. Uncle Ed and I were picked to do the unloading the Hay onto the loading table conveyer belt, and it would carry the bales of hay to the upper loft of the barn, and we would stack them properly up in the loft. Then they would take the wagon back, and in about another hour or so, another load would come in to unload.

Uncle Ed and I were able to take a break for an hour or so, waiting there, we were alone in the barn loft.

Well the wagon had just left to get another load of hay when we sat down on a couple bales of hay, stretched our legs out and lay there leaning our heads back on the other bales that had been stacked up against the wall.

Uncle Ed looked so friggen hot, his sleeves shirt was standing open exposing his gorgeous lightly hairy chest, his muscles though dust covered and lightly covered in hay pieces were awesome, his stomach muscles were like a washboard, almost like those on those guys in a men's magazine, he was a sight to behold.

I was laying there beside him with my legs stretched out just like Uncle Ed, I looked over at his gorgeous tanned body and was in a state of total lust, and before I realized it, I had blurted out, 'Man, Uncle Ed, you really have a hot body, damn your built really great.'

'I know, that's what I have been told, I use to work out with weights when I was in school, but just hard working here on this Farm has kept it in good shape since then.'

I reached over and began to rub his hair covered chest, just touching his body was getting me so turned on I was aching, it was like jolts of static electricity was shooting thru my body as I touched Uncle Ed.

I was really surprised, Uncle Ed never asked me what I thought I was doing, he just let me have at his upper body, I was swallowing hard as I rubbed his muscular stomach and was lightly feeling his chest, 'Wow Uncle Ed, your awesome looking.'

He smiled at me and said, 'You like touching a man's body don't you?'

'Oh yeah I love to feel your muscles, and this hair is awesome,' I looked down and noticed a very hefty bulge appearing in the Levi's running down his leg, just below his zipper fly, it was bulgy, and thick and so hot looking, and I realized he was getting turned on, my own cock was bone hard and aching as I continued to rub his stomach and chest, I noticed that every time I touched and rubbed his nipples he would make a light moaning sound.

I looked up at his face and he was just smiling with his nice white teeth showing and a straw sticking out of the side of his mouth, his cowboy hat was pushed back on the back part of his head and he had his hands behind his head, just laying there enjoying what I was doing, that's when he said, 'Damn Ken, that feels so fucking hot, you're really turning me on.'

I smiled and then slid my hand down to that bulge and he closed his eyes and moaned a light little moan as i began to rub his cock thru his Levi's.

I reached up and undid his big eagle western belt buckle and then undid his belt, unbuttoned his Levi's, and then looked up to see if Uncle Ed was gonna stop me, He never moved, He just have 'Hey man, I hope your enjoying this as much as I am, I saw that bulge flex up tight in his Levi's and I undid the rest of his Levi's and unzipped them pulling them apart, there were his white briefs, and I began to pull at his belt line and felt his hips raise up to allow me to pull his Levi's down, I had gotten them to his ankles and I smiled at him as I saw that thick uncut monster about to split out his brief's, I pressed on his cock thru his white brief's and almost fainted it was awesome feeling, like a rock, I had felt it in the dark but not as yet seen it.

I reached down as he smiled at me, with that go ahead and enjoy yourself look in his handsome eyes.

I pulled the elastic band out of his briefs and slid them to his ankles, Uncle Ed's cock, his balls, his pubic bush were Picture perfect, he had this thick bulging heavy cock that was veiny. I noticed his thick cock head pushing out the foreskin that covered about two thirds of his cocks head and crown and the end of his cock was sticking out thru the opening foreskin about three quarters of an inch, it had a little drop of pre-cum, clear and glistening in the sunlight there in the loft, and his balls were fantastic.

I looked up at Uncle Ed's face and he just smiled, 'See something you like?' he said.

'Oh Fuck yeah!' I said, 'Well have yourself a ball,' Uncle Ed said with a big smile.

I turned around and began to rub his balls as they began to rise up against his cock at the base, I could feel these little jerking motions in Uncle Ed's body as I gently played with the foreskin covered head on his very hefty cock, and by the time I got ready to suck it for him, he was whimpering with his head laid back and his eyes were closed and he was leaking pre-cum like someone had left a faucet on or something.

I finished pulling that foreskin back, I wanted to taste that awesome shiny cock head, it was awesome and I got a whiff of his man scent coming from his pubic area and it was like a drug to my olfactory senses, I was lost to all reality as I began to suck Uncle Ed's awesome cock, and It was as natural for me as eating a hamburger, I was taking his cock deep into my throat, and hearing Uncles Ed's vocal sound of pleasure and enjoyment was making me crazy with desire as I took all of Uncle Ed that I could get.

It took me about thirty minutes to finish Uncle Ed

and bring him to a fantastic Climax, I heard his grunt and moan as I felt that awesome cock tighten up in my mouth and I felt that fantastic feeling of it jerking lightly in my mouth, swelling out and flaring at the crown and then to taste that manly, musty, salty sweet tasting cum as it flooded my taste bud covered tongue and filled my mouth. I swallowed all of Uncle Ed's cum that day, and even stripped out the last little tidbits of his white pearly cum from the under tube of his cock just in time for the wagon to get back as we were zipping up and they pulled up to the barn again.

Well needless to say I was enthralled with Uncle Ed I would have sucked his cock every time they left to get another load that afternoon, but that would have been overkill.

That night after dusk Uncle Ed and I went to the lake and went skinny dipping to rinse the dust and hay off, and had a blast and that's when Uncle Ed, smiled at me and said, 'Ken, I owe you something, and he laid me down on the grassy slope beside the lake and started sucking my cock for me and brought me to a mind shattering cum under the moonlit sky that evening.

That was the beginning for me and that whole time I was there on the Farm, Uncle Ed and I kept each other's cocks almost raw, enjoying each other's body's and having one hell of a good time.

Well before I left I felt his manhood in my asshole, another beginning for me, and I felt like I was in love with Uncle Ed, like I had never felt for him before.

We are still very close in every way, I'm now thirty and He's still just as awesome as he was back then when it first started. I guess it's funny but no one has ever questioned just why I love Uncle Ed So, and am so close to him, if they only knew the truth.



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