It was June 4th prom night, I was a senior in High School, graduated with honors, voted most likly to succeed, huh! Succeed at what, a question for the ages.

I was a good looking, or at least I had been told by everyone from my parents, to my friends and buddies at High School, even some of my best buds had told me they were jealous of my looks I am dark haired, it is wavy, I have brown eyes, nicely built jock type body, I am well built from all those years of sports, workouts, swimming and just alround hard work.

I had worked at this feed store loading every thing from one hundred pound sacks of feed to bales of hay, and fifty pound blocks of minerals, and salt for cattle.

I had done my share of heavey lifting as well as working out with weights at the health club Dad was a member of.

That Health club, thats where I got my first shot at a grown man with a hardon, it was in the steam room one afternoon when Dad and I had gone in to do his cardio, as the Doctor had prescribed. I was just in the pool, and sauna, I had gotten to see my share of well built guys, and as the years went by I started getting these funny feelings in the pit of my stomach when I would see a particular guy naked or actually several different guys.

I would spring a boner and have to try to hide my embarassment.

As I got older I became aware of sexual desire, but not for girls, oh I had the usual dates, with the petting in the back seat of the car, but It wasn't something that really didn't do anything for me except give me chapped lips from all the sliva covered lips I had kissed.

I began to feel that I was a dead man, hearing all these guys on the football team, and baseball teams talking about how it felt scoring with chicks the weekend before.

I began to withdraw, feeling like there was something wrong we me , but It just kept getting worse.

I had this one guy that was really, I would guess, my best friend, Chase Caldwell. Chase was so damned good looking, he later became a model for a major clothing chain and was featured a few times on photo shoots in GQ. but thats later.

Chase and I were about the same size except for our cocks which I had compared about a gazillion times in the locker room during our gym classes, I had seen Chase naked on many many occasions during these classes and I never failed to observe his gorgeous looking body, paying special attention to his privates, they were just awesome, Chase was uncut, where I was cut, but I still admired its length, and wow, such a thick hunk of cock hanging there, he truly was a manly looking stud.

I had noticed how much of a ladies man he was, always haveing girls hanging around him and laughing and enjoying himself, looking totally self satisfied.

It was the night of the Prom, when I was home getting my self ready to attend, I was nominated for Prom King. I didn't want it, but what the hell, it was only for one night anyway and I could play the part.

The phone rang and It was Chase, 'Hey man, I guess I'm not going to the prom, my date called and canceled, she's got a bad case of the flu and is really sick.'

'Hey Chase, don't say that, you can go drag, you don't need a date, I'll be your date,(Chuckle,Chuckle)'

'Hey I wanted to get layed after the prom,' Chase laughed, 'Hey I'll lay you, buddy, I'll fuck your ears off.'

'Now were talking,' and Chase laughed and said,'I'll be there at six-fortyfive.

'Hey man, see you then.'

I hung up and got finished getting ready to go.

At six-fortyfive, the door bell rang and it was Chase, He smiled at my mom and said, 'Is my date ready?'

'Your date?' I was coming down the steps as I heard those words.

'Yeah Mom, Im his date, we both started laughing really loudly.'

'Oh you Silly boys,' Mom said, and then she laughed.

'Have a great time boys, stay out of trouble.'

Well the Prom was awesome, we had one hell of a good time, someone had slipped some vodka in the punch bowl and everyone was getting really happy, even some of the Teachers and Chaperones.

Every one was really enjoying themselves.

Finally at eleven things started to break up and everyone paired off and left.

Chase said,'Hey man, got any plans?'

'Not really, maybe go home and jerk off by myself,'

'Hey why not come to my place.'

We went to Chase's house and went out on the back patio, It was dark in the house.

Chase said his Parents left to go to Orlando,Florida that evening. He was alone for a week, but he had been alone before, they trusted him explicitly. I think that is the word they used.

We went out and stood by the swimming pool.

Chase looked at me and said, 'Was you kidding and joking about us having sex, cause I wasn't?'

I couldn't believe my ears,'What did you just say?' I asked.

Chase walked over to me and stood in front of my face, we were both standing there in our dress clothes, we were wearing blazers with light slacks, dress shirts, ties, and I had a white dress shirt,and he had a light blue one. My blazer was a chocolate brown and his was navy blue.

Chase just walked up to me nervously and said, Carlton, I have wanted to do something with you since we were young, I was afraid to say something but Tonight I just decided if you want to hate me go ahead, but I think your one of the hottest guys I have ever seen, and he reached over with his hand and started feeling for my cock thru my slacks.

Well it didn't take long for him to find it, it was already hard as a rock, sticking out like a diving board. I just stared into his eyes like a zombie, not even believing this was takeing place.

I leaned my head back and let the sensations I was feeling go thru my body like electicity.

I was in heaven, Chase the guy I had the hots for all these years during High School, number one High School Stud, wow, I couldn't believe it.

I felt his hand grab my hand and he pulled it over to his croth and he layed my hand against his hardon, damn it was thick and long.

My breathing had taken a laboured turn as my body got hotter and more excited by the minute.

Finally I leaned over and went for the gold.

I started kissing on Chases lips and the olympics had started it took us about five minutes and we were standing in the dark, in Chases back yard, totally naked beside his pool.

I felt like I had gone to heaven, I was wanting, aching, longing for this moment, and had no idea it would ever come to pass, but here it was.

Finally as we stood there looking into each others eyes, Chase knelt down took my cock into his mouth, and I almost fell backward, I got so weak.

Chase was working my hard juicy cock over like a master, he could have bitten it off and I swear I would have loved it.

I finally got Chase to lay down on this large Beach towel there beside the pool and we got into a sixtynine position, and I slipped his forskin back and began tasting that awesome taste of hard hot cock.

Chase let out a loud groan and started the pumping with his hips as I started sucking him like a Hoover vacuum.

I could feel his thighs jerking as I sucked and gave him those awesome sensations that only come from a good blowjob.

I was almost to the point of now return as I got my cock marvelously sucked by Chase that night, we both would finally get to have the most awesome sex of our lives that prom night.

'Oh,OH,OOOOOH ShIT Carton, awh Shit,' and I felt his cock shooting his love nectar into my mouth, it was so fantastic he was almost going wild as he filled my mouth.

It took about three more sucks on my cock and I filled Chases mouth with my love cream. He swallowed and just started laughing,

'we both got to have sex, well I told your mom you were my date.'

Well the night was still young, we layed there after having a dip to rinse off in the pool, and then I asked Chase if he had ever fucked a girl,

'Only once, it was a mess, didn't really enjoy it at all. All she did was bitch about how much too big my cock was like I was gonna jump off and wack a hunk of it off or something.'

'Shit man that sounds like a bummer.'

Well we layed there and kissed and made out like to summer lovers in total lust, and I guess we were.

I went to the bed room and called my Mom and told here I was staying over at Chases for the night.

We got up to bed and I said,'Chase, you want to try to fuck me, in the ass I mean?'

'You sure about that?

'Oh yeah man, I want to try it all,'

'Alright but I will take it easy just in case you want to stop or it hurts to much or something.'

Chase got some lube he had stashed away, I got up on the bed and Chase took that awesome uncut cock and leaned its head against my asshole. I felt that heat, then the sensation, mixed with great pain as he slid his cock into my anal opening, OMG!!!! did it ever hurt, it felt like someone had just stuck a redhot poker up my asshole -A very thick poker- but I had read in a gay magazine when taking a cock for the first time, just hold it in place, the pain will subside. I just held my breath and said,'Hold it there Chase, let me get used to it, It's in a place that has never had one of those before.'

after about five minutes It had calmed down and I had relatively adjusted to its size.

Chase started a slow, gentle thrusting and shoving it in and pulling it out, but what got me going, was that feeling like he was hitting this little knot or something up inside me. It was sending shivers and jolts of sensation thru my body like crazy, I had read about that too, but never experienced it before, Chase was quickly bringing me to the brink of climax, and I didn't really know how or why, I wasn't even touching my cock.

Chases blast was building up too, he started acting funny as he fucked me, I just said,'Come on Baby give my your cum,' and I started shooting my wad all over my stomach and my face, in my hair and god it felt awesome.

I had just finished unloading my wad and Chase just said in a very sensual voice, 'Awh Jesus man,' He hilted his cock in my intestines and I felt this awesome warm sensation taking place inside me as his manjuice began flooding my insides.

Chase all but collapsed and his sweating face was dripping water on me as he flopped his body over on top of mine and just layed on top of me.

He layed there for almost a half hour as we got our breath and strength back.

We got up walked naked again in the night air and back out to the patio, and dove into the pool to rinse off again.

That was the most memorable night of my life to that point.

Chase and I are still very intimate when the chance arises, he is away a lot doing his modeling and I am working in a local office as an Insurance salesman, makeing a good living at it too.

Chase is in town about two or three time a week between shoots, and we always get together.

I guess I would say Chase made me what I am today, happy, and self satisfied. And very happy to be what I am.



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