I awoke with a start. I was naked on my bed with the worst headache of my life. Everything was blurry and the morning sun almost seared my eyes right out of my skull. After adjusting, I stumbled out of my bed and closed the blinds. I approached the bed, messaging my head when I noticed the naked man standing by the door to my room looking at me with his intense eyes. With a cold, sickly numbness, I started to remember what had happened. The man was . . . me? Well who I was supposed to be. The Mark I always pictured myself as. The suit I wore last night was torn to shreds in my attempts to prove to a killer robot that I wasn't who I claimed to be; while defending myself from a vicious lizard-man who was wearing the skin of a sexy soccer player I was hoping to just have a normal one night stand with. Needless to say . . . I was speechless.

He just stood by my door, just staring, as if waiting for a reaction from me. He had a expressionless face . . . with my . . . face.

"What are you doing?" I said finally. "What are you? What the hell was that lizard thing? And what the hell are you doing wearing my suit?" I stood panting. Just knowing what he really was under my skin suit was just . . . scary/infuriating.

The blinked then answered. "I am waiting for you to give me information about the synthetic suit you were wearing, the Argavian that attacked you last night is carnivorous alien life form from the planet Gravitz, and I am wearing this suit because I needed to conceal my robotic appearance to keep my being here a secret from both humans and other Argavians. This suits dimensions were closer to my own than the Argavian spotters.

"Argavian Spotter?" I said nervously. "What did you mean by . . . other Argavians?"

"Argavian Spotters are the small but much faster than Argavian warriors or elites. The species have many different characteristics much like humans due. There are a number of Argavians here on planet Earth to harvest male testosterone. Because of there physical characteristics the males and females take on the male human form. Spotters are generally male. Warriors are typically also male. The females, although few, are usually the elites. Reproduction and ruling is what they are known for doing in Argavian culture. Intelligence suggests that the queen is actually on earth."

I looked at him blankly. I walked closer examining him. He was so sexy. I guess I am so sexy. I looked closely and noticed that his skin was very smooth . . . and tight. I poked his abs. Hard as steel. The skin didn't even move much. "You are a lot bigger than me . . . how did you fit in my skin? It was supposed to be fitted to me." I said smugly.

"The suit is able to expand to different body sizes. My frame is larger than it can take, but the skin is able to adjust even so. I would however like to get my own suit from my base." He said just as smugly.

"Wait, there are more of you?"

"No, I am the only one. The warehouse is just the place that I arrived at" He said.

"Arrived at?" I almost cried.

"I come from the future to . . . "

"Forget it! I don't care. Your terminator-ass can go where ever you want, but you leave and leave the suit . . . my suit here." I said impatiently. My headache suddenly got worse.

"I can't do that. You are in danger. Your scent is all over the gym, and they have already been there, I'm sure of it. It's only a matter of time before they track you here. I need to recharge before I can destroy them, I killed many before I followed the Argavian who attacked you last night. My energy levels are nearly depleted. If my fuel cell dies, you die." He said so matter-of-factly. A thought I saw a slight smile crack across his tight smooth face.

"You have got to be kidding me. I have to leave this house? I can't just leave this house, I need my suit. (I felt so weird, I have been out without it, but I . . . just couldn't go back out in the world as . . . me. Even with everything that is going on.)

"I recovered the Argavians suit from the scene last night. If is cleaned and sitting on the chair." He said as he pointed towards the bedroom chair.

Sure enough, "Jasons" suit was draped over the chair. The empty eyes stared at me ominously. I noticed the torn socks and feet and the opening down the front of the suit. The face was split down from the lower jaw down to the waist.

"It's ruined" I complained. I backed up next to . . . "me" as if the suit will come alive at any minute.

"It will reseal in the shower, much like your suit. The feet won't be able to mend due to most of the pieces being left behind. But It's only temporary. I will return this suit to you when I recover my own at the warehouse. Will you come with me now? Would you also tell me where you got the suit to begin with?" He said lightly. The intense stoic look on his face made me kinda hard.

I looked at Jasons skin defeated. I guess if I don't want to look like this . . . I have to wear it. It was kind of cute. Smooth, toned, sexy but way too small for me. "That thing is way to small for me." I said.

"It is very similar to your suit, in that it adjusts to different sized bodies."

I walked over and picked up the ruined suit. It's empty eyes stared up at me, the nick skin wrinkled as the face flopped back. I looked back at the robot . . . "What should I call you?" I asked.

"You can call me Derek." He said with a smile.

I rolled my eyes before shoving my large flat feet down the soft smooth legs of the suit. My ugly pasty feet emerged where the lizards feet burst out of the suit. I continued to pull the skin over my own body. The tear was visible from the waist, up my chest and neck to the bottom of the jaw. I kind of slipped the face over my own like a hood. The handsome features kind of hugged my eyes and head like a latex glove. I sighed and jumped in the shower. The warm water ran down my suit. Immediately the skin mended itself. The skin was tight when I started the shower but loosened up and became more natural feeling the longer I was in the shower. Before long I was fully erect, my real penis size matched the suits penis skin. I liked my original skin better. I won't feel like Mark until I wear the suit Derek is wearing now. I came out of the shower and dried off. I looked in the mirror. My body was smooth and tan. My muscles looked defined but still slightly stretched and tight than it looked on the alien. I looked down my sculpted legs until my eyes fell upon my pasty ugly feet. I sighed and grabbed a pair of my own white knee high socks. I pulled them over my large feet and covered the tear in my suit. I looked back at the mirror and posed. I look pretty good. There was just something creepy about looking at the mirror and seeing the "man" who ripped his skin off revealing that he was a lizard alien before trying to eat me.

I shook my head at the mirror and laughed before getting some underwear. Just as I pulled it over my tight ass the doorbell rang. Derek jerked his head towards the sound. My heart stopped.

"We need to leave now." He said calmly.

He didn't have to tell me twice. I grabbed some shorts and a tank top and ran down the steps after Derek. He was pulling on some jeans, not even bothering with a shirt. He grabbed some black knee high boots from the closet then started making his way towards the back door. I followed closely, ignoring the door bell.

Suddenly the door blasted apart and a large muscular man with a suit walked in.

I ran behind Derek watching fearfully. Derek approached the man. The man hissed viciously, sticking a lizard tongue out. His eyes changed to a bright inhuman yellow. He squatted down, hunching his back. There was a deep growl and his face wrinkled in an inhuman scowl. His leather dress shoes wrinkled and curled before popping open revealing large dinosaur like feet. At the same time there was a tear behind his ass and a thick tail emerged. With a screech he launched his large frame at Derek with his large human hands stretched apart. In midair the skin from his hands tore apart to reveal large sharp claws and green skin beneath before sinking into Dereks neck causing them both to crash from the ground. The lizard jumped off of the robot agilely and landed on his feet in a crouching position, sliding into the cabinets next to me. He looked at me and roared. The mans face stretched as his jaw unnaturally pulled and elongated the skin on his face. He reached up and dug his claws into the side of his strong face and peeled the skin away in one fluid motion. With a snap he tossed aside his face revealing his slightly elongated, no nosed face. He bared his teeth and approached me. The lizards inhuman head, hands and feet sharply contrasted his human suit and bits of skin.

With surprising speed Derek plowed into the side of the alien. With an impassive face he grabbed the lizards jaws and pulled. The lizards screeched and clawed at Dereks chest and shoulders, bits of skin fell to the floor revealing the metal underneath with a blue glow. Unfazed he continued to pull until the jaw cracked apart with a sickening pop. Green blood sprayed everywhere as the lizard fell limp to the floor.

Derek looked at me. His neck was clawed to pieces. He looked to the floor and started to gather bits of what I assumed was his skin suit. He placed them on the exposed metal parts of his body and splashed water on himself. The skin slowly began to melt together. After a few minutes he looked normal again, with the exception of the green blood all over his body.

"I guess a clean-up is in order before we go," I said still sitting on the floor. I realized how unfazed I was by the attack. With everything that has happened since I got the damn package with my suit, I wasn't the least bit surprised that a business man, who was really a lizard, kicked down my door to kill me . . . two attempts at my life . . . it seems I'm getting used to it. As I got up examining the lizard, Derek began wiping the blood off of himself. His smooth body glistened in the sunlight. The solid muscles under his tight skin, which I knew were nothing more than plates of steel, were strongly attractive to me. The look on his face was still impassive and serious.

"So, this guy must have been a warrior right?" I asked looking at Dereks ass.

"No. This was a spotter like the last one. Taller yes, but not as big as a warrior . . . or as vicious, which is another reason why we need to go back to the warehouse. At this rate, I would be unable to defend you from a warrior.

The realization that the large lizard man before me wasn't even the worst of it really disturbed me. I got up with new vigor. "Say no more. I'll drive, but we are leaving now."

------ ---------------

We sat silent in the car. He scanned everything we passed, causing his eyes to glow blue. "So who made you?" I asked cautiously. Without a reaction he said, "Google Corporation, which in the future, is known as G-Corp." I sighed, "Should have figured."

"G-Corp becomes the United Nations defense contractor. They make all weapons and provide all research for the UN. Since the Argavian invasion in 3003, the UN has created a covert organization to undermine and destroy the alien threat. I am one of 59 models created to combat the alien forces. However, that is a vastly insignificant number compared to the 159,000 Argavians. So the organization invested in a covert research project known as ChronosX. The project was a success, and we were able to send inorganic objects back in time."

"So they sent you." I said catching on. "Affirmative," he replied. I really didn't want to know too much more. "So why do you want to know who gave me the suit you are wearing so bad? How will that help you find these aliens?"

"As I said before, the aliens use the same synthetic skin as you and me. We actually stole the technology from them." He suddenly looked at me. "We also believe that whoever originally created the skin was not human. The aliens infiltrated earth before even this time."

"Marty is not an alien." I said. I caught my breath and looked at him worried. He had a bland stare on his handsome face.

"Marty Devons, head researcher for the BISMT organization, a private contractor for the united states government. He is human. But who he is working for may not be. That's who I am searching for. If you want to protect you and your friend Marty, I need to find him." He said.

"Ok, well I can take you to his house after we get you to . . . oooo he's hot!!!" I said as I pulled up to a red light. There was a sexy shirtless construction worker sitting next to his jackhammer looking at me with a keen interest.

"Go" Derek said firmly. He unbuckled readying himself for something . . . probably another attack of some kind.

"Wha? Why?" I said looking around. Just then the man sat up and began to approach the car looking serious. "Oh Shi!!!"

I peeled out into the intersection praying someone wasn't in the way. The man grabbed his jackhammer with one hand. Everyone freaked out yelling at him. He chucked it at my car. The hammer pierced my trunk with such force the front end of the car jumped up from the impact. The huge shirtless man started running with unnatural speed. I floored it.

"Go to east main take a right, then a left on Billmount. Go down the Billmount until it dead ends into an empty warehouse lot. He looked up and kicked out my sunroof. He then looked around the car for stuff to throw. He pulled up the center council and stood up on the seat. The shirtless man ran right at us. Someone walked in his way and he shoulder barged the man. The man flew into a building with such force blood spurt from his mouth. Then when he crossed the road a car almost hit him, except with an inhuman bound he jumped over the car and onto another one smashing the top before continuing on. The man was in hot pursuit, actually keeping up with my car! The man was shirtless wearing jean and tan work boots. I sped up more, the town was becoming less populated, building became smaller, we were reaching the rural areas. Without stopping for the light, I turn left on Billmount, flooring it. The man began to bound on all fours, I noticed his hand were green and scaly, the skin was gone. His boots also tore apart and his large lizard feet seemed to grip the ground as I started gaining on us.

Derek chucked the council at the aliens head. It smashed into his face with a squeal of pain. The right side of the mans face sloughed off, revealing his scaly face. With a roar it bounded towards the car faster. I saw the warehouse at the end of the road. Without a second thought I smashed the car through the fence and slammed on the brakes. The alien was heading right for us growling. Without thinking I threw the car in reverse and slammed on the gas with a scream of terror. The car peeled out towards the alien. With a sickening thud the car bounced in the air and the alien roar abruptly stopped. Just to make sure it was dead or hurt, I put the car in drive and ran over the buff man again still screaming. Then the car stalled out and I sat there in silence. Derek silently got out of the car. He began to approach the aliens limp body. I could see a buff shirtless man laying on his side. The side of his human face was facing us, although I could see green blood leaking from his head. His hands and feet were lizard-like and tire tracks could be seen imprinted on his arms and chest, his lower abs were scraped away to reveal the shiny green ones beneath. I was terrified, but felt much better now that it wasn't moving.

Suddenly with a low growl, the alien man began to get up. His muscles twitched as he stumbled to a squat position eyeing Derek carefully. With another roar he reared his head up. His human half of his face was distorted in a sadistic smile of pain. His muscles tensed up and he began to arch his back with an animalistic grunt. With a meaty sound the human skin on his body began to rip apart. His pants and the skin beneath gave way to shiny green muscles beneath. It grabbed the smiling human half of his face and pulled it away with a snapping noise. The already large man became an even larger lizard man.

It roared before limping towards Derek. Derek walked up emotionless blocking a strike from the creatures' tail before grabbing it by the throat with one hand, pulling it into a choke hold. Even though the creature was a half a foot taller than Derek, who was large enough himself, it looked small in comparison. He squeezed as the lizard tried to push Derek off. With a loud pop and a twist of his arms, Derek broke the aliens neck before letting it go, allowing it to fall limp to the ground.

"I thought you said you couldn't take anymore." I said quietly.

"If it wasn't for you hitting the alien with your car a few times, I may not have." He said before walking towards the entrance to the warehouse. "I'm sure the police will be here soon. We must hurry."

We walked into the warehouse, Derek locked the door behind us, hopefully to keep them out. The warehouse was completely empty except for what looked like a tanning bed, mirror and some sort of futuristic computerized pod in the center of the space. Derek approached the pod casually before turning towards me and staring at me with his handsome face.

"This is my image processor unit. I need a few minutes to charge myself and get my new skin." With that he started to undress. I felt the heat rising in my suit. The skin felt thick and tight on my body, my penis began to swell. He stood in front of me naked. He looked at me with a serious look on his face.

"You want to have sexual relations with me don't you?" he said blatantly. I was so put off by the random . . . truth I almost choked on myself. "No . . . um, of course not . . . you're not even human . .. " I said. Besides, that's my suit . . . and this one is so tight. Hurry up and take that thing off and get your . . . other . . . very hot suit." I said looking at him . . . wanting him. He smiled and approached him. He bent over . . . I shuddered and closed my eyes expecting a kiss. But none came. He reached behind me for a chord. He looked at me with a stoic look.

"If you want I can have sex with you after I charge, I am at 1% energy level now."

I blushed and backed away. He smiled and reached up to the back of his head and dug his finger nails into his scalp . . . my scalp. My suit was unbearably tight and hot. I wiggled my sweaty toes in my tennis shoes. I noticed one of my knee high socks fell down, showing the torn skin at my ankles revealing my naturally pasty skin. I watched as Dereks face slackened, his eyes dimmed and fell back away from his face. My handsome face wrinkled down as he pulled the skin away from his robotic skull. He continued to pull the skin apart and away from his metal frame. The skin split down his back and the android maneuvered its shoulders out of the skin. With a slapping noise, he let the skin fall to the floor, his metal frame wiggled out of his . . . my toned muscular legs turning the skin inside out. The android stood in front of me truly naked for the first time. He took the cord and opened a hatch in his chest plugging himself into some power supply from the weird machine in the room.

With that the android just stood there, its human looking eyes opened up to reveal a robotic blue set beneath. He stood silent and still, the blue spaces between his metal plates dimmed before going out along with those eyes. I felt alone for the first time since I woke up this morning.

"Great!" I said shaking my head. I have no idea how long this was going to take. I looked at my skin on the floor and smiled. Finally, my real self. I picked up my skin and walked up to the shiny pod next to Derek. I looked at myself in the shiny surface. My skin was smooth and young looking. It looked tight, and wrinkled awkwardly in parts of my jawline and neck. "I'll finally get out of this thing."

As I reached up to my face and began to pull at my cheeks there was a knock at the warehouse door. Oh you have got to be kidding. I let go of my face and smoothed it back in place. I walked to the rusted metal door and peered outside. There was a very attractive police officer at the door. He looked at the door confused, then at the wreckage behind him. He was a police biker. He had brown slicked-back hair and wore a black uniform with knee high biker boots. He wore big sunglasses, but at my angle I could see his eyes. He left his helmet on the bike seat next to the wreckage. Something was oddly normal about this man. Something about the very human look of concern and confusion on his face.

The police officer mumbled something about forgetting his radio on his bike and began to turn around eyeing the area suspiciously. As he passed the car he noticed the alien body on the other side of the vehicle, it's human skin torn to shreds, revealing the alien lizard underneath. He gasped and cautiously approached the alien examining it.

"Finally, an actual human." I mumbled before noticing a jogger running straight for the gate of the warehouse. This man had a very serious inhuman look on his face, and the speed was incredible for his large muscular frame. He had on a backwards hat and gym shorts with white running shoes.

The officer looked up from the corpse with his hand on his gun and noticed the stranger approaching. He began to walk towards the entrance waving for the runner to stop and not to enter. The man ignored the officer and leaped over the pieces of fence before entering the yard.

"Oh shit" I said. I slung open the door and ran towards the officer. He turned around with his gun drawn and pointed in my direction worriedly. "Wait!" I said as I skidded to a halt. I forgot about my sock being pulled down revealing the break in my tight skin suit. "That man isn't a man! He's going to kill us!"

"Sir I need you to put your hands up and get on the ground" he said in a deep shaking voice. The large runner behind him smirked as he continued his approach behind the officer. Before he could even react the runner grabbed him by the cuff of his shirt and threw him into my car with a crash before rolling off onto the ground. Some of the runners' medium length brown hair fell out from under his hat in the process.

My body felt cold. Not this again. I looked around and saw a lead pipe. I ran for it as the man began to approach me. There was a deep growl from deep within his throat and his sharp intense eyes turned bright yellow. He walked towards me casually, even when I grabbed the lead pipe. I was alone. No robot and now no cop. A smile stretched awkwardly across the mans face before approaching the officers bike. With a grunt he lifted the bike up above his head. Every muscle in the mans body shifted and pulsed. His shoes creaked and tightened, I could tell his claws were tempted to burst out and grip the ground. With a ruff hiss he chucked the bike at me, causing his hat to fall off and his hair to fall in his strong smooth face.

The bike hurdled in the air towards me. I ducked and rolled before the bike smashed into the warehouse wall. When I rolled I grabbed a handful of dust and whipped it in the runners eyes. The alien screeched and stumbled back. I gripped the pole and swung with all my might at the mans head. With a dull thud I smashed his temple, scraping the skin away from his ear to the back of the head causing it to hang awkwardly down behind his head. Then with another swing I hit his knee cap with a crack, although the shock from the impact vibrated into my hands and arms causing me to drop the pipe. I stumbled back and fell on my ass.

The alien regained his balance and eyed me like a lion does a calf. His face was contorted in a vicious snarl, and not just from the pipe to the face. Pure malice and hatred oozed from his body. With a wild roar he crouched down on the ground. His massive muscular back began to shift and bulge. The hair fell in front of his crazed tight face and his massive legs and arms began to pulse and bulge. His tennis shoes bunched up before ripping open to reveal his long scaly clawed feet. His large strong hands awkwardly spread out before giving way to long black nails. A tail exploded from his toned ass shredding his shorts in the process and whipped dangerously behind him. His chest and abs wrinkled and stretched tight across his body as his back bulged and finally tore open to reveal a massive green display of scaled muscle. He reached up to his now worn pale tight face and dug his nails into his slightly sunken cheeks before pulling the face apart in shreds revealing the lizards true face beneath. The aliens large green frame emerged from the runners' skin with his tongue flicking out, his eyes filled with rage and excitement about what he will do to me next.

I put my hands up expecting the worse before I heard a volley of gun shots in the distance. Wet goo fell over me like rain before I looked up. The alien stood in front of me, his face had a look of shock displayed across it, dotted with holes and a missing eye. Its large frame fell forward and landed on top of me with a thud. The air was pushed out of me before everything went black.

---- -----------

I awoke with a start, the cool fresh air flowed into my lungs raggedly. This crap is getting old. I looked up and saw the handsome police man above me with a concerned look on his surprisingly handsome face. The dust was still floating about in the air, telling me that I must have been out for only a few moments. The officer smiled, "Oh thanks god" he said as he got up. "Do you mind telling me what the hell that thing was and why those things are trying to kill you?" he said as he holstered his gun surveying the wreckage, keeping a mindful eye on the alien.

I slowly got up, I looked down on my body as he turned away to see if there was any damage on my suit. I pulled up my sweaty dirt-covered sock covering the torn skin of my feet. "I don't really know, I mean these alien dudes and trying to kill me because this robot guy killed one of there friends and . . . "

The officer was holding up the runners human face with a branch when he looked at me fiercely. "Wait, a robot? Aliens? I mean, I guess the aliens are kind of apparent. Why all this as my first job. My boss is gonna kill me." He stood up and looked behind me. "Oh . . . nooooo", he ran over to the wall behind me at the wreckage of his bike. His shoulders slumped. "Fuck."

I got up and stood next to him looking at the hole in the wall. I could see some of the area where Derek was charging up, skinless. I thought about my skin sitting on the floor. I can't let him see this. I looked over at him and saw that he was looking in the warehouse too.

"Well I guess we should call for back-up and get the hell out of here huh", I said urgently half turning around to see if he would follow. He mumbled something about his radio being broken before crawling into the hole in the side of the building. "Shit." I said as I followed.

He stumbled into the warehouse right towards where the robot was sitting, still as a statue. "So this is the robot you were talking about." He said as if in a dream state. He didn't seem to notice my skin sitting on the floor. He put his hands up to his head and began to laugh before sitting down on the floor looking at the robot and all of it's . . . machine stuff. He wiggled his toes within his leather boots deep in thought. I crouched down next to him, making sure my socks didn't fall down.

"Listen, I know this is all weird, but this robot is a good guy . . . good robot. He is the only thing that can really protect us from this seemingly never ending onslaught of lizard space-men." I moved in front of him to hopefully block his view so he didn't notice the skin on the floor. "I need you to get some help and do whatever this metal man asks when he wakes up, because there are some bad-ass aliens here trying to steal our testosterone and I assume kill of the human race in the process."

He broke off his gaze from what was behind me when I mentioned killing off the human race and stared deep into my eyes. His jaw clenched as I assume he was processing everything I just told him.

"So you guys are like some incredible duo saving the world from aliens?" He finally said with a smirk.

"I guess if you want to loo . . . ", before I could finish he grabbed my face and kissed me, sticking his soft tongue down into my mouth. Our faces pressed together in a passionate kiss. Before I could process what just happened he pulled me into his massive body and flipped me down on the ground laying on top of me still kissing me. He broke our kiss with a groan and ripped off his black shirt revealing his surprisingly large toned frame. He pressed his hips against mine while caressing my head with his large smooth arms. He looked into my eyes and smiled before giggling.

"Oh nothing, I just felt like I've done something like this before." He said cryptically, obviously trying to be funny. With another mischievous smile he unbuttoned his pants revealing a large thick cock. Then he practically ripped my shorts and underwear away with one hand. He was about to pull my socks off my massive feet before I stopped him. He almost had a look of recognition as to why I didn't want him to. He began to gyrate against me while kissing me again. With a snort he thrust his cock into my ass. It felt so cool and . . . amazing. He pumped as I groaned. My skin was so tight and worn. He grabbed my hair and pulled. The skin around my eyes almost misaligned. He didn't seem to notice.

He went from looks of serious animalistic pleasure to fits of laughing oddly enough. It was so strange, but with everything he had witnessed I was sure he was in shock . . . and it was so good. My toes curled as I almost came. His body contracted showing me every muscle sliding beneath his skin. With one swift movement he flipped position pulling me on top of him. He reached down and tore his tight black pants apart to reveal his smooth ass. I jammed my cock, which slipped out of the skin I was wearing, and I started fucking him hard. As our bodies slid across each other and I came closer and closer to peaking, I heard a tear and felt cool air around my nose and cheek area, the tension in my mask lessened. My skin tore. I looked down worried, and he was looking right at me. He just smiled and whispered, "I've seen weirder things today, keep going." I groaned and continued with a renewed vigor.

He practically roared and wrapped his thick legs around me pulling me in closer. He reached up to the sides of my face with a hungry look on his face and pulled my cheeks away from my face. I let my mask slide away from my body and it tore easily off in one fluid motion. With screams of pleasure he tore bits of my disguise off like a child unwraps a present. As he tore the last remnants of my upper body away and flung it above his head and screamed clutching me tighter with his legs. The veins showed in his neck, his muscled tightened. His black boots began to twist and wiggle. I could hear the leather groan and stretch. Then just as I'm assuming we both came, the leather tore apart revealing green lizard feet and his cock, like the Jason alien before, burst open revealing a green cock and spewed cum all over my chest.

I screamed and pulled out cuming on the floor. I slid back away from him screaming until my back hit one of Dereks machines. "Really? Not again!" I screamed at the laughing police alien. He was rolling. The lines on his face deepened as he heaved with laughter. He slowly stood up, kicking away the remnants of boot and skin showing his full reptilian foot.

"Oh this is so delicious, it's gotta be fattening," he said playfully. "I figured you two would have been dead by now, or at least separated." He giggled again before panting. "I can't believe you caused the queen this much trouble, it's all fate!" He approached the robot, sitting statue still, and knocked on his head with his fist. "This F-series model is nothing we expected, but still, to take out two warriors, well one, I killed the last one; and a scout while protecting a human by himself is . . . impressive." Eyeing it wonderingly.

"What is with you fuckers! Why the hell do you want me dead so much! Oh and your count is off, we killed two scouts." I said with a knot in my stomach.

"Oh we aren't after you so much as the robot here . . . of course we would have searched you out and killed you too for killing one of us. To answer your second question . . . " He smiled and approached me again. "You thought you killed the first one didn't you? Well Jason is still very much alive." He smiled evilly. "Which is why the irony in our meeting is so funny to me." The smile stretched even wider, his eyes glowed bright yellow, his long pupils sharpened. "I can see you aren't recognizing me, I said before, you were the first human I have been with that ever made me ruin my human suit." He said in an inhuman voice, wiggling his clawed toes in the process.

My fears were confirmed. This was it for me. He began to laugh maniacally; his elongated toothy smile dominated his crazed human face. His perfect white teeth crumbled to reveal sharp inhuman teeth, which gave way to an inhuman snake-like tongue. His hands rose up to his slightly wrinkled face, he paused and winked before digging his now black nails into his handsome face. The skin bundled up in his grip as he pulled the skin apart and allowed his scaly head to emerge from the flesh. With a sickened wet sound he pulled the skin down and off throwing it over his head. He scraped the skin from his toned abs and chest in quick fluid motions. He stood before me with his tail holding a part of his human skin completely revealed. Scars littered his scaly green body. He laughed again.

"Thissss is it for you human. Soon the queen will be here to collect the robot, her prize, and we will be free to harvest what we need from you meat sacs." Just as he jumped towards me with his teeth bared and claws displayed out to kill, his chest exploded, and from it emerged a shiny fist with bright blue light showing from between the integrate metal plates of the armor. The lizard looked down in complete shock. "Ok, now you killed two scouts . . . , " he said before falling limp, hanging on the robots arm.

I fell to my knees emotionless. My body felt drained; my mind numb. How did I get myself into this mess. I didn't even react when the dead alien fell to the floor and it's blood splattered on my face. The robot walked over to me to help me up. I let him. I noticed that his body was brighter now, the light seemed to penetrate the metal plates. His eyes were almost blinding when I looked up.

"Are you ok?" he asked in a very robotic voice.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank god you finished recovering when you did." I stood up looking at all of the bits of skin and fabric. I stepped on my old Jason face. I was so glad I wasn't wearing anything anymore. I looked down at the suit that Derek was wearing; my original suit. I didn't even care to wear it anymore. I just didn't want to be someone else anymore. There was enough out in this world that doesn't seem like what it is . . . I was so sick of it. I noticed that the robot still had it's smooth cool arm around my shoulder.

"Thank you so much Derek for saving me multiple times these 2 days. Lets get you to Marty's building to meet this queen." I said finally.

"Negative, she is coming here. We should get you to safety." He began to walk towards the door with my hand in his. His metal frame clanked against the floor.

"Wait, you can't go outside looking all robot . . y" I said pulling him back. He looked at me then nodded. He walked towards the tanning bed-like thing and opened it up. He glanced at me then laid inside of it shutting it around him like a coffin. There was a blue glow and about 5 minutes later the coffin opened. Steam came pouring out before Dereks human form emerged from the coffin, sexy as ever and completely naked.

He was perfect. His now human looking eyes looked at me as a smile spread across his face.

"Do you like this form?" he said in his mechanical voice.

"Ye . . . y . . . yes." I stammered, trying to hide my erect penis.

"Good," he said in his human voice. He picked up the jeans he was wearing before and began to make his way towards the door. I put on my gym shorts and tennis shoes and followed him to the door. Just as Derek put his hands on the door handle, the door blew open launching both of us back into the room landing in some old boxes. The air still flew out of me upon impact and my head throbbed.

When the dust settled I saw 3 men enter the room in suits and sunglasses. One had short brown hair, one long brown hair, and the last one was a large bald black man. All three were wearing dark sunglasses.

The three just stopped and stared at us with stoic faces before moving aside for a large man talking on a cell phone. He was absolutely gorgeous and had a scary intense look on his face.

"I want those papers on my desk by the end of the week. I'll be in tomorrow to see that it's finished." He casually said before hanging up his phone. He looked at us biting his lip, then smiled.

"So . . . you're the bot that's been causing me soo much trouble?" The three men walked further into the room and surrounded us, standing with their arms crossed in front of their chests and their jaws clenched. They looked just as calm as the man on the phone, just waiting for a signal from who I was assuming was in charge. "And you must be Marty's friend . . . man you ARE ugly." He said with fake shocked tone. "Maybe I should not have gotten so mad at Marty for giving you the suit after all . . . ", the men surrounding us snickered. My heart jumped when I heard Marty's name. "You look more alien than us without these suits." He said with a laugh.

"You said you got mad at Marty. What did you do to him?" I said in a shaking voice, worried about what the reply may be.

"Huh, I figured him not contacting you since he sent the package would have given you that answer." His eyes looked far away for a sec, smiling. "I ate him for lunch that afternoon."

My heart dropped as I slumped to the floor. No, not Marty. I got him killed for . . . me trying to hide . . . who I am? I looked down at my own pale hands sadly. The boss was looking at the short haired man, brushing the side of his face with his hand like a mother would a child.

Derek stepped forward with his arms crossed around his broad, toned chest, surveying the three men surrounding us. "It's time to end this. Your plans have failed, I must terminate you." I realized that this man must be the queen Derek and Jason mentioned. But he looks like a . . . well he?

The large handsome boss-man shrugged and began circling the three men surrounding us. "I think not bot. You are just something to do at lunch. Not quit the challenge you think you are to me. You might have gotten lucky with a few spotters and some warriors, but these gentlemen are my babies." He walked up to the one with long hair and kissed him passionately allowing his forked tongue to flick out and his eyes to glow savagely towards me as he did.

"You must be so confused human. You see, I am the queen . . . I swear. Your women are just a bit smaller than our anatomy can . . . fit." He smiled messaging the shoulders of the black guy. "Granit, your males aren't much bigger, but I have to make due. After all, your males will make me a mother soon! You should be congratulating me, not trying to kill me." He said with a playful hurt face.

"In our defense, you were trying to kill us first." I blurted out.

"Well you started it when you went on your little date with Jason." He shot back. "I hear you are quit the lay." He said before winking. "You can't expect me to allow you to live when you pretty much made him reveal himself to you. And then you kill him? Who's the real bad guy here . . . " His phone vibrated and he pulled it out frowning. "Ok, well it's been nice chatting with you two, but mommas gotta go. Boy's . . . kill them." He said as he began texting while walking towards the doorway. "Oh, save me the humans heart, that's my favorite part." He said with one last wink at me.

With a sudden movement Derek raised his hands and pointed right at the back of the boss; his arm skin exploded into shreds as this bright hot blue light erupted from his palms, his human eyes gave way to a bright blue glow. The man turned around dropping his phone and rose up his hands defensively before the large black guy bounded into the line of fire. With a loud screech and in an explosion of light, brown bits of human skin, fabric and green blood, he exploded. The handsome queen flew off to the side and fell into some wooden crates with a roar; his cell phone broke on the ground.

With an angry hiss the other two men jumped at him. The long haired man pushed me aside before grabbing one of Dereks arms and pulling it behind him. Derek back handed the one with short hair. He flew a few feet into the wall. When he got up, the mans' handsome face was wrinkled awkwardly out of place. Bits of green scales showed around his eyes. The one with long hair bared his sharp teeth as he began to grown in size. His ass tore apart as a long tail wrapped around Dereks neck. His suit jacket ripped apart at the seams as his dress shirt tightened around his muscular body. His black leather shoes gave way to huge lizard feet. His belt snapped apart and his shirt and dress pants began ripping. The pale skin beneath stretched and bulged awkwardly before giving way to the usual green body beneath. While the lizard was still growing, Derek grabbed the long haired man's bulging face and pulled at the skin while circling around him. His once handsome face stretched awkwardly to the side as the skin covered his eyes. The enraged lizard swung its giant fists blindly. His faces' outline could be seen under the side of his human mask, one side of his head had long human hair as the other had a human face stretched beyond recognition. The robot jumped behind him and mule kicked him into the other handsome short haired man who began approaching the brawl. They fell into each other with a hiss.

The handsome boss got out of the pile of boxes and brushed off his suit with an intense look of anger on his chiseled face. He casually walked to where the commotion was and crossed his arms watching the fight. He glanced at me at one point, glaring which eerily turned into a smirk before shifting his yellow slit eyes back on the fight.

Dereks eyes glowed as he jumped on top of the now larger lizards back. His tan skin seemed to glisten as he punched the lizard in the back of the head. The lizard roared and threw him off. Derek landed on his bare feet with a thud. The lizard got off the handsome short haired man, who's face looked calm with the exception of his fierce eyes. The lizard started swinging back at Derek with powerful haymakers, between them there were sharp whips from it's tail.

The short haired man stood up and took off his suit jacket. He crouched down in an animalistic pose with a now crazed angry look on his otherwise handsome face. His large muscular frame started pulsing and growing, tightening his clothes. His ass puckered before the pants split and a long thin green tail emerged. Instead of his body growing and bursting from the skin, the handsome man ripped his shirt off exposing his bulging muscles. His dress shoes curled and wrinkled before his sharp black claws emerged from the stretched leather. His fingers popped open to reveal the long nails before he dug his fingertips into the skin of his abs. His jaw clenched up and he revealed a wide smile as he pulled the skin of his stomach apart with the familiar wet meaty sound. He peeled the skin off his arms and torso in long wet strips until finally he reached up to his handsome slightly slackened face. With two large now green hands, he messaged his high cheeks until they wrinkled and moved the rest of his face before pulling them away. His face split apart, and slid away in one fluid motion. This lizards was thinner than the other, but seemed more dangerous.

I looked at Derek. Bits and pieces of his handsome skin was torn away, showing the bright silver metal beneath, and sometimes the blue areas between the metal plates. His face was still mostly intact except for a clawed gash across his neck. He lifted the much larger lizard man into the air and flung him aside with his blue eyes blazing. The lizards screeched as it hit the wall hard. With a blur, the newly naked agile lizard ran behind Derek and slashed his back. My eyes couldn't even follow the thing. All I saw was a green blur and bits and pieces of Dereks skin falling on the ground, with the occasional spark. Derek stumbled to his knees before the alien stopped and stood next to him with his arms crossed. He still had the tight suit pants on, but everything else was as alien as the other one. The other bigger one got up and stood to the other side of Derek.

The handsome queen approached Derek as the two lizards grabbed one of Dereks arms. They began to pull. The handsome man stood in front of Derek and laughed.

"I admit, you are a better model than I expected, but I'm rather underwhelmed by your attempt to kill me. Maybe you didn't charge all the way?" he said as he poked at a gash in Dereks head. He kind of held up the skin so that it covered the silver metal beneath before letting it fall back down the side of his head.

He gave the two lizards a quick nod and they began to pull. Derek strained as sparks began to fly out of his armpits. The skin kind of thinned and melted away as the blue light faded, revealing sparks and machinery, breaking and twisting. His face was still, but flinched with every spark.

The queen crouched down right in front of Dereks far away stare. "I'm going to give birth to an entire nation or Argavians, and we . . . will . . . destroy mankind in one massive attack." He said with such vile authority, some spit came out of his mouth and hit Derek on his right cheek. There was a sizzling noise as his tan check bubbles and fell away from his metal skull.

Suddenly, Dereks eyes glowed bright blue again as he made fists with his hands. His arms pulled in despite the lizards effort to pull the arms free from the torso. Derek opened his metal hands again and his mouth, and from them emerged a massive blue energy beam. The two lizards were hit square in the chest, as the one aimed right at the queens surprised human face missed and struck his/her shoulder instead; as the two lizard children released their hold on Derek causing the movement. The two lizards that were hit screeched before exploding into pieces like the first one did. The queen was blasted back with an inhuman squeal into another pallet of empty crates.

Dereks body fell to the ground and the blue faded. His eyes looked dead as smoke came billowing from his mouth. The many breaks in his skin suit showed me that all of the crevices between his metal plates weren't glowing anymore. He was shut down or broken.

There was a very loud deep growl behind me. The queen emerged from the wreckage. Her human handsome face twisted in fury. The man approached me and Derek with shaky steps. There was a green gash in his shoulder, and his suit looked singed and wrinkled from the fight.

"I am so FUCKING sick of you two it not even funny. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a suit like this for a guy my size." He said in obvious fury. His handsome features quivered with rage. His fists tightened with each step. His dress boots tightened and wrinkled a bit too. "The worst thing about this is that you actually got away with blowing up my babies!!!" He snarled as he stopped before us breathing heavily. The slits in his eyes became thinner and the muscles beneath his face shifted as he clenched his angular jaw. "I am going to tear you limb from limb myself before eating your little boyfriend here for dinner." He said through gritted now sharp inhuman teeth.

With inhuman speed that I haven't witnessed with the other aliens, he ran up to Derek shoving me aside. I flew into the boxes again, knocking the wind from my lungs. He lifted Derek up by the neck with one arm. He reached up to Dereks handsome motionless . . . lifeless face and peeled the skin away, revealing the metal skull beneath. He then grabbed Dereks arm and pulled it effortlessly from his body in one fluid movement. Sparks flew and Derek flinched.

Then his eyes turned on, glowing bright blue again. The cracks in his body glowed brightly beneath what little human skin he had left on his body. The android threw out his human looking feet and kicked the queen square in the chest blasting him back onto the cement floor. He then ran at the stunned man and began punching him in the stomach causing the floor to shake with each strike. Each impact made sparks fly from his metal knuckles. When the queen recovered from the surprise attack he punched him back in the metal stomach causing him to fly back onto the ground with a metallic thud.

The mans suits and dress shirt were singed away revealing his still human looking abs beneath. "I can't believe you actually hurt me you little prick! . . . . you are actually going to make me . . . . . lose . . . . my . . . " He ripped his suit and shirt off revealing his bulging muscular frame. His entire body looked tight and straining. "Temper!!!!" He said, before he began laughing inhumanly. "Oh I think I've been confined in this skin long . . . enough," he said as his face tightened and his shoulders bunched up.

There was a rumble/growl deep within his body followed by a cracking noise as he crouched down in the familiar animalistic pose. His dress boots widened and wrinkled like socks. His body began to elongate and bubble, the muscles under his human skin shifted and rolled. With a violent rip a giant tail erupted from his human ass splitting the pants away. His dress boots split apart as wide huge scaly dinosaur-like feet emerged from the black smooth leather. His legs bulged and rolled before ripping open to reveal large muscular huge legs beneath. His legs, feet and tail looked awkwardly larger than any of the other aliens combined. He . . . she was going to be a big one. His spine furrowed out, pushing against the skin of his back, the muscles shifted and popped up until with a sickening wet sound, the human skin wrinkled away allowing for an abnormally large back to emerge. The shoulders and chest slid down and off the large green frame. His once handsome face elongated, his jaw widened as the face stretched to an unnaturally wide grin before splitting open and sliding away revealing the aliens dinosaur face.

This creature was massive. I can't believe it all fit in that human disguise. I just sat and stared at the massive beast shaking the remnants of his . . . her human form away. She approached Derek and slammed her large scaly fist down on his chest. There was a metal squeal as his chest caved in and sparks flew out of his neck. The lights dimmed for a second. Then she lifted him up and held his head to her level.

"Like I ssssssssaid. I'm tooo much for you bot." She hissed. Without hesitation she tossed him on the ground and reached down with her large hand, and like a child picking a berry, she pulled Dereks head from his body effortlessly. Sparks flew and the lights from the robots body dimmed. He was dead. She threw her head back and tossed Dereks head into her mouth and swallowed it like someone taking an aspirin for a headache.

My heart sank. Derek was gone and I was alone and about to be lunch. I didn't even try to get away. Her massive frame shook the ground as she approached me. She stopped and seemingly smiled before reaching down at me. Her hand was right above my head when I closed my eyes. Suddenly I heard a scream and felt some hot air whip across my face. The inhuman deep scream ended suddenly as warm liquid rained down on me. When I opened my eyes, I saw her large lower body still standing in front of me. As I looked up, her motionless body ended at her neck. Her ugly head was gone, severed at the singed neck. Green blood was everywhere. Dereks metal head was lying next to me, a slight haze of smoke emanated from his bright blue flickering eyes.

"Your alive . . . er working?" I said breathlessly.

"I have multiple power cells. My body can still be functional as long as you put my pieces in the micro-repair initialization machine." He said in a flinching robotic tone. My eyes watered as relief washed over me.

----- ------ ------

"Hey babe, could you move this couch for me while I vacuumed under it?" I said lightly as Derek walked inside after taking out the trash. His handsome tan sexy body filled out my clothes nicely. He nodded and lifted the couch by himself with inhuman strength and speed. He smiled as I cleaned the carpet. He put the couch down then walked up to me with an intense kind look on his smooth perfect face and kissed me. "I hope I make you happy dear," he said in a sexy human sounding voice.

It has been almost two years since we stopped the alien invasion. There have been a few other attempts on our lives from the remaining Argavians here on earth, but we both took care of them. Now we are happily married, and I never again had to hide behind a suit. I was happy with Derek and the "man" he has emulated to be. All I can say with everything that has happened is . . . Thank you Marty.



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