Thank you so much Marty. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude to you for creating this for me. I grasp the large box tightly against my chest, the adrenaline coursing through my body as my body trembled with excitement. For years now Marty and I have been friends, my only friend. And after so many years of helping him and being there for him through his tough times, he had given me the ultimate present . . . a new look. They always say, "you have to be comfortable in your own skin". Not me, I hated the skin I was in. How could god curse me with such bad looks. I've always been picked on, the boys and girls never liked me. I became angry as I got older. I worked out, but that just made me intimidating. I still couldn't get the men I've wanted. They still looked at me in disgust; and I couldn't blame them . . . I look at myself the same way.

I'm six feet tall, with a large undefined muscular frame. That sounds all great until you see my face. On online dating sites, I only post pictures of my pale muscular body . . . which was average at best; but never of my face. When they finally did see me they got quiet and I never even got the chance to kiss them. I knew. They didn't have to say anything . . . because I knew. It's simple really, I was born without a nose. My skull-like features force fear into the minds of any man. My mouth is my worst feature . . . my thin constantly dry peeling lips would creep anyone out. I was just . . . hideous. I tried, I got the fancy haircuts that always looked bad on me. I had to constantly wax my uni-brow every week if If I wanted to make any friends and chap stick was a must . . . although it just made my lips look more filmy than moist. I was not created for receiving affection, just scaring people off. But that finally changes now.

Marty works for a government sponsored research ward, and he admitted to me one night that he helps create disguises for the CIA and FBI! He actually works in a top secret division of the normal security and intelligence agencies. He told me about the technologies and how unbelievable they are and I just had to ask him to make me a new man. I wanted to be someone else! And he agreed, and it has now finally arrived at my doorstep!

I set the box on the table and tore it open like an animal. And there folded neatly was the empty skin of a what seemed to me very handsome brown haired man. The empty eyes of the wrinkled face looked up at me. I grabbed the face and lifted the suit out of the box. The skin was soft and thick. It didn't feel unnaturally rubbery, but rather like real skin, except for the inside! It had been created to fit my body perfectly! The skin actually shrinks and adjusts itself around every crevice of my body, or so he said. I pushed my fingers against the back of the skin, the skin stretched awkwardly into the chest from the back, becoming lighter in complexion. I could tell it was handsome. The brown hair was medium height and clean, the smooth face was strong and symmetric . .. . the body was smooth and even toned and I could tell had definition! I was completely aroused now . . . although I was small . . . 4 inches at best, but not this skin . . . . It looked to be 7 inches with room to grow!!! It was perfect. I bunched up the skin in my hands and sniffed it and hugged it. It even smelled good! That would help my naturally bad smelling body odor. I couldn't wait to shower before putting it on. I had to try it on now.

I stripped from my clothes hastily throwing them on the kitchen counter. I opened the back of the smooth suit and jammed my feet into it. My foot slid easily down the body but got caught when sliding it slowly down the chiseled lean leg, my foot stretched the skin awkwardly when trying to wiggle it through the tight ankle area and wiggled my toes into the suits toe area. One of my toes slipped into the wrong toe-skin, the skin bunched up and looked fat as the other one looked empty and skinny. I worked my other leg into the suit, and slid my pasty ass into the smooth ass of the suit. Once I got my entire lower body into the skin suit like footie pajamas, I sat on the chair and wiggled and pulled at the skin around my feet until my toes were free and into the individual toes of the suit. I wiggled my toes and smiled. It feels so soft and natural. I could even sense the cool floor beneath.

I laughed and jumped up. My dick was hard already, so I slipped it into the cock and it fit perfectly. It looked as strange to see a much larger penis look so natural and real around my own. I then slowly began to pull the skin up over my chest and shoulders, beginning to slide my arms into the suit carefully. I ran up to my room to see the skin on me in the mirror. Although wrinkly and awkwardly stretched on my body now, I could see my smooth strong toned sexy legs, abs and chest and my big thick cock fully erect. I eagerly pulled the face up against mine and smiled.

"This will be the last time I have to see you in a long time" I said to myself. Just seeing my disgusting corpse-like face next to my handsome one sent chills of happiness down my spine. I then grabbed the face and began to stretch it over my own. I pulled on the cheeks of the face tight against my own; then pulled on the neck and back of the head to force the handsome face over my own. I opened my eyes, they were slightly miss-aligned, but I could see the strong butt shaped jaw and the slightly sunken cheeks. The perfect lips were misaligned into a smirk and the eye slightly skewed to the left. The neck was a little wrinkled as I pulled on my handsome smooth jawline. I was so happy. This new me . . . was so handsome. I pulled on my long light brown hair to adjust the wrinkles on my forehead; and pushed a prodded my handsome face until I was satisfied with the results.

At last I was standing naked and truly beautiful for the first time in my life. I was so hard, I could orgasm in the suit with nothing touching me except for the smooth handsome skin now shrinking around me. There was only one problem . . . how do I close the back? I ran downstairs and looked into the box. There was an extra skin, just in case this one gets ruined. I took it out of the box with admiration, a large smile stretched across my face . . . my new face. Then at the bottom there was a booklet. After sitting the kitchen reading the entire book twice, I fully understood how to apply and take off the skin. The skin seals its self in the shower! It also shrinks and molds itself to my own skin in the shower. So I immediately ran upstairs to the shower; quickly glancing into the mirror seductively eyeing my intense eyes and handsome features . . . and my perfect nose . . . which I squeezed and touched before going into the shower.

After messaging my new body in the shower, I tried jacking off, and it was great! I didn't feel anything in the penis extension part of the suit, but towards the base of my penis the feeling was intense; and of course Marty created a stimulation device for the tip carried through the end of my prosthetic head. There was even a hole in the end to expel all of my . . . pleasure. I realized it was way after 4pm now! I had spent the whole day wearing the suit! I looked in the mirror and smiled. It was time to put it to the test.

I jumped on my computer still naked and immediately pulled up my dating site. I searched for a guy I've been trying to get with for months now, one that has only seen my body pictures, but has wanted to video chat with me for a while. As I starting to type the instant message to him, since he was online, a message came up.

"What's up?" it said.

The guy was even hotter than the one I wanted to message! I responded immediately closing the message to the original guy. "Nothing much, just seeing who's on" I responded. I was throbbing.

"Me too" he said. "You look like you work out . . . like a big guy."

"Oh I am, but the pics I have up are from back when I wasn't in shape, wanna see me on video chat now?" I responded eagerly.

"Hell ya, I have practice soon tho for soccer, so it will have to be fast ok?" he responded.

"Sure." I said and I clicked on the camera key after checking myself in the mirror really quick.

Our cameras clicked on and I saw him. He had brown hair and a really cute face! His boyish handsome features were angular and small, but went well with his toned athletic frame. He had on a sexy soccer uniform. He looked at me hungrily before smiling.

"You are so ssexy!" he said with what I assumed was a mannish lisp.

I couldn't wait! I smiled back and kind of posed and flexed for him. He told me to meet him by the campus soccer field at 3 am. It was a very late practice because of a championship match coming up. I eagerly accepted before he signed out to leave for his soccer practice. I couldn't believe it! 5 hours after getting my new identity and I already have a date! I may actually kiss a man! Someone! I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror, seductively touching my body, curiously pulling at my skin to see how well it fit. I also flexed and moved in all different ways to test it's elasticity and ability to retain its natural shape without over wrinkling or becoming awkward. It was perfect, and I didn't plan on taking it off any time soon!

---- ------ ------

It was now 2:50 am and no-one was to be seen around the soccer field. I was so excited to meet this guy, but it looks like even with this skin, I still don't have luck. The lights shut off with a loud click and I was left standing in the middle of the field. I looked towards the indoor gym and didn't see any lights on in there. He wasn't coming.

I looked down at my strong smooth looking arms and hands. Even with this perfect suit I can't get anyone to give me a chance. I began to walk back to the parking lot when I heard what I though was a growl. I carefully scanned the outside of the field with my intense dark eyes. The glow from campus cast shadows over the darkest part of the field. Then I noticed the silhouette of a man walking towards me from the direction of the indoor gym. It was him!

I smiled and began to approach him. He began to jog towards me. His hair looked dry and perfect as I assume it always did. His dark green soccer uniform looked wet but his white knee high socks looked clean . . . strange I thought for an athlete to be so . . . not dirty after a practice. Maybe he cleaned up before he met me?

"Hey!" he says as he stopped before me. He had such a handsome playful look on his face. He was kind-of panting. He hunched over putting his hands on his knees to catch his breath. His back was muscular and shifted while he caught his breath. I thought I saw his spine shift awkwardly under his shirt but I'm sure I was mistaken. He rose up, and looked up at me with a big cute smile spread across his handsome face.

"Hi" he says finally after a moment passed between us.

I shifted closer to him and looked deeply in his bright green eyes. "I thought you weren't going to make it" I said with what I hoped was a deductive tone. My penis hardened as I got closer to him. I could just . . . sense his muscular frame nearing mine.

"Never" he said smoothly as his cleats dug into the soil as he came up on his tipple toes, for I was a good head taller than he was, to kiss me. I was shocked and relieved. I'm not sure what came over me, but I practically swallowed him. My face pressed up against him and my tongue slid smoothly into his mouth. My mask felt thin enough around my lips so I could feel everything! I grabbed his body as he grabbed mine and we kissed passionately in each other's embrace. We kissed for a while. I messaged his body with my hands, feeling his toned hard muscles shift as he did the same. I felt my suit wrinkle and slide across my real body somewhat adding to my pleasure. I slapped his perfectly toned ass and squeezed, I hope he wasn't too rough with me tho. Without a mirror I was uneasy with how hard he was kissing me.

Before I needed break the embrace, he let go with a smack of our lips. He backed up and smiled at me biting his lower lip.

"Shall we go to the gym?" he said playfully. "It's technically closed . . . buuuut I have the keys!" he said as he help up a pair of small silver keys with a wink. I smoothed out my shirt (making sure my abs were still in place) and smiled back at him.

"That sounds like it would be . . . fun", I said with an equally mischievous smile. He grabbed my much larger hand and pulled me towards the large dark building.

"So it looks like practice has been done for awhile, what were you doing?" I asked.

"Oh, practice just ended a bit ago, we were having practice in the gym, basic exercises and stuff. They left through the front door on the other side . . . I snuck back here to see you. Sorry I was late by the way." He said so matter-of-factly with a smile. I watched as his perfect ass shifted under the shorts. His muscular calves moved under his long white socks. The leather shoes he wore looked worn and thin; proving that he uses them . . . a lot. He used the key on the door looking around carefully then led me inside. He flipped on a small light in the weight room office but kept the lights in the rest of the large gym off. He walked out of the office area into the middle of the weight room and turned to look at me with a smile.

"Here we are. What do you think?" he said eyeing me seductively. I was totally aroused. He was so hot. I caught a glimpse of myself in the dark window behind him. I was so hot as well.

"It's perfect!" I said as a pretty much attacked him. Our faces again smashed together kissing passionately. I pressed my hard, now 7 inch, cock against his body, which I now realized was kind of cold. He grasped my ass and kissed back. Again I thought I heard a low growl but I didn't care. I ran my hands through his short brown spiked hair and down his back. I could feel his muscles move under his thin green shirt.

I broke the kiss and began to undo my pants. Between my clothes and my skin suit, I was so hot. I could tell I was sweating under my skin suit. The skin felt like it was absorbing my sweat and allowing it to escape, which looked like I was naturally sweating!

I looked up an noticed that he was doing the same. "By the way, what is your name? I know on your profile it said sexy snake", I said with a giggle, "which I know isn't your real name . . . " He looked at me and laughed as well with an amused expression more than anything.

"My name is Jason", he said finally. He looked at me intensely and continued to pull his shorts down. He was wearing black underwear with a white band across the top with writing that said Tim . . . something I didn't care to read. As he bent over a whistle fell out of his shirt. He kicked off his shoes showing his white knee high socks with stripes on the top of each sock. After tossing his shorts aside he pulled off his green jersey. I watched as his abs shifted as he pulled the shirt over his head again tossing it to the floor. He was perfect! His tight abs and tan athletic body. He had muscular legs and large perfect feet, even if his tight knee high white socks were coving half of his legs. His thick neck complimented his sharp handsome features. He stood in front of me waiting.

I shook my head and continued stripping. My skin was so soft now I was afraid of awkward wrinkles, so it took me more time than I planned. I got completely naked. With a smile he pulled off his tight underwear showing his large 7inch penis fully erect. With one swift movement he ran up to me and kissed me. Pulling my face down to his before our lips connected. I felt my mask for a second come off my face, but not too much. I pulled him close and kissed back. His naked body still felt so cold against my own. He looked as tho he enjoyed the heat I was giving off. He was so cute. I pushed him down on a nearby mat and mounted him. He placed his sock covered feet over my shoulders and pulled me close for another kiss. I kissed him again before plunging my cock into his tight ass. It was actually cooler than I thought it would be, but it felt so good. I bit his lower lip and pulled a bit. There was a low growl from deep within his chest. I was so turned on. I looked deep into his seemingly glowing green eyes. He had a serious expression on his face now, his jaw clenched with a sort of hunger. I began to pump as I wrapped my now smooth toned arms around his shoulders. His feet curled as he reared his head back in pleasure.

It was such an amazing feeling. I couldn't stop. I pumped harder than I thought was bearable for him. He didn't seem to mind. He grabbed my back and squeezed the skin . . my suit. I didn't' care, just kept going. I ran my hands down his chest and gripped his muscles. It felt strange, like a thick rubbery table cloth sliding across a hard soft surface. I pumped harder. He threw his head back and tensed up his ass. I could see the veins under the skin of his thick neck pulse. I pumped harder with an animalistic vigor. Just as I came he looked at me and made an inhuman screech! His eyes were an inhuman bright yellow and his face had a twisted smile across it that made him look even more inhuman. His penis pulsed and it split open at the tip just as a scaly green shaft popped out spewing cum across his chest. At the same time his toes curled in the socks then spread out, his arches elongated and with a cracking/ripping noise his wet socks tore open to reveal giant lizard-like feet!!!

I was both having an orgasm and screaming in terror at the same time. Words cannot express how strange that moment was. After I came, I immediately pulled out and threw his legs off me and crawled away from him. He rolled over laughing gathering himself up in a squat position, staring at me playfully with those inhuman yellow eyes, his lizard feet bore holes into the matt among torn shreds of wet sock and skin. He looked down at his body and wiped the cum off his chest with his hand and flung it to the floor next to him still laughing like this was some big gag. Yes, that was it, this was some big sick joke. A make-up artist of course. Maybe it was Marty? I backed up to the bench, breathing hard and stared in confusion.

"I'm sssso ssssorry about that!" he said so matter-of-factly. "That was unusually good for a human, I've never ruined a skin while having sex with your kind . . . you are truly a remarkable specimen!" he said in some deep croaky inhuman voice. He stood up still wiping what cum he could find off of his still sexy body. It's just his eyes and feet that ruined the look. His green penis retracted in the human like skin again, only showing with certain movements he made towards me. He stopped and stood before me eyeing me seductively. A thin smile broke across his now thin worn face. A snake tongue flicked out in an instant as he cocked his head to the side. He looked at me like dinner now. "Well it's a shame, I hate to eat and run but . . . "

With that he reached up to his handsome smooth face and grabbed his perfect lips with both hands stretching the sexy lips wide. He then slowly pulled his mouth open and wide while keeping his teeth clenched. I noticed as the skin peeled back the human teeth looked like dentures over another set of teeth as the skin was pulled past the gum-line. His handsome face twisted and bunched up as he stretched the mouth wider. Soon green skin showed and his inhuman yellow eyes came into view after the skin was stretched over the nose he really didn't have. His human face, now unrecognizable, stretched over his scaly bald head now like a hoodie before splitting apart. His continued to pull the splitting skin down his body, shifting his scaly muscular shoulders out of the skin like you would a tight coat. The smooth toned human skin split apart and fell down to the sides of his body like an unzipped human wetsuit around his waist. The lizard allowed the skin to hang around his waist like a skirt as he shook his head and wiped the green sweat off his head and upper body.

"Finally free" he said as he pulled the skin down like a pair of pants as a tail whipped out from under the skin of his ass before stepping out of what was once Jason.

I shook in utter terror, but my hand came upon a 25 pound weight which I grasped like it was my life. The lizard man kicked the skin aside and began to approach me, flicking his tongue hungrily. With an inhuman lunge he jumped on me and his now much wider mouth opened popping the human teeth out in the process before biting down on my now raised arm. The creature sunk his teeth into my skin suit and pulled back tearing it off my real body. The smooth colored skin shredded away from my body revealing my pale wet skin beneath. A look of confusion emerged on the beasts face. I took that opportunity to slam the weight right into his temple with a screech.

"You are not the only one with a secret ass hole!" I screamed as he flew off of me. I got up and ran for the door. I couldn't believe this was happening. The cool air felt good on my real skin, so refreshing. I realized I had been wearing this thing all day. I quickly picked up my pants before scrambling for the door. Before I could reach for the handle I was knocked to the side with it's whip-like green tail. I slammed against the lockers with a groan.

"I see you have a little fight in you!" he snarled as he crawled towards me on all fours flicking his tongue out playfully. "So a human in a human suit huh . . . how strange."

His muscular form stood up human like and slid his tail around me forcing me to my feet. He dug his fingers into my chest and grabbed it while releasing his tail from around me. He held me up to his scaly green face by the skin on my chest which I could feel tear slightly from all of my weight. The skin around my abs and hips tightened from the pressure.

"What do you really look like human." He said before licking the side of my face slowly. I shuddered and with one final defiant movement I jammed my knee into his stomach . . . which actually hurt me more than him. He hissed before starting to laugh. He slammed me against the locker again before reaching up to my face. Not that I cared at this point, but still I didn't want my new skin to be ruined! I screamed before he dug his fingertips into the top of my face and began pulling my handsome face down, starting a tear from the top left of my face down towards the lower right.

As I shook and clawed at him there was a loud explosion next to me. Large chunks of wall came bouncing off of the lizards face causing him to release my face with a snap while squealing in pain. The force knocked me into the office as well. Through the new hole in the wall emerged a tall very attractive half-naked man. I pulled myself up on the counted and tried to limp towards the door before collapsing again. I could feel my face sagging on the left side where the tear was. What the hell is going on I thought. The half-naked man walked stoically into the room throwing some sort of gun aside. The man had short brown and blond hair. He was wearing nothing but some tight jeans. His face sexy perfectly proportioned face housed two glowing blue eyes that seemed to focus on the alien that seemed to be recovering by the weight rack. The man was extremely muscular and tall, his skin flawless, tan and smooth. He was unreal. He walked with a purpose towards the lizard-man.

The alien hissed with what seemed to be both fear and recognition of the man. He launched his body at the handsome half-naked man. The lizards athletic frame smashed into the mans upper body then flipped over the mans large frame causing him to stumble back. The man with no emotion grabbed the lizard by the throat effortlessly and with one arm tossed the hissing lizard at the weight wrack again with a loud crash. The man continued his approach. Each step was deliberate. Each muscle in his leg seemed to move mechanically, his large naked feet seemed to sink into the floor mats unnaturally. The lizard crawled from the wreckage and with supernatural speed began to throw the heaviest weights at the approaching man. The man swatted a few of the massive plates aside, sparks flew and the skin on his right hand sloughed off, metal showed beneath the skin. Just as those weights crashed into the wall on either side of him, one came awfully close to hitting me but instead was imbedded into the wall next to me, another set of weights cam at the man. One smashed into the mans stomach while the second hit him right in the forehead. There were two loud clanks and sparks flew as the man stumbled back into the broken wall behind him falling into the rubble.

All I could see was the mans two large feet. One leg twitched and the toes wiggled a bit like he was convulsing. The lizard approached the man cautiously on all fours. In one motion the man sat straight up revealing his once handsome face. The weight stripped the skin from his abs revealing an armored set of abs beneath with a blue glow between every revealed ab. His face was shocking. The skin on his once handsome face was kind of torn/stretched awkwardly up from his eyebrow to above his hairline. There were sparks flying from the tear revealing a broken metal dome, but his entire face looked tight and pulled up towards the impact point. The eyes were misaligned and the top of his mouth revealed silver above his gum-line.

The lizard hissed as the robot man started to get up. He was twitching slightly, as he stumbled over the rubble. Bits of skin fell away from the damaged areas of his stomach and face. It looked as tho he was having trouble seeing so he reached up to the awkwardly stretched face and pulled it away from a silver skull with bright blue eyes. The handsome face stretched and tore away with a snap as the robot threw the face to the floor and began focusing on the lizards with renewed vigor. It was weird to see a half-naked mans sexy body with a robotic head and abs.

"Fuck this" I muttered as I attempted to limp towards the door again. There was a loud hiss/roar and the lizard backed up as the robot approached him. There was then a gurgling noise and the lizard began spewing acid over the robot man. It rose it's arms to shield itself. All of the smooth tan skin that was left on the robots body began to melt away in a smoky haze. The bits of flesh fell off of it's shiny metal frame in clumps slapping to the floor. The lizard seemed to run out and was breathing hard. With an impossible speed the robot launched it's massive frame at the lizard grabbing it's throat and slamming it to the ground. It began to repeatedly lifting and slam the lizards against the ground breaking the concrete beneath. The lizard let out a gurgling hiss with each impact before green blood started spewing from it's mouth all over the robot. It was finally dead.

The robot looked up at me and began to approach.

"No no no, look I'm not who I claim to be" I said and began pulling the skin suit off of me starting with the already existing tear on my face. The rubbery skin easily tore off my body allowing me to breath a bit easier. The cool air offering relief to my clammy damp pale skin. As I pulled my handsome face away with a sucking sound the robot stopped.

"Target error, resuming mission control, investigation initiated" it said in a robotic voice to itself. It then approached me with more of a human movement and helped me up. It's blue empty eyes glowed at me with a somewhat human understanding of my situation.

"You need help! Do you have a home I can bring you back to?" It said in a human voice. "I will require an energy source and time to reestablish a link with headquarters to get a new disguise."

I was shocked . . . it's nice? It held my heavy frame up with ease but seemed to wait for me to respond.

"I guess" I said simply. "I don't know what's going on, but I want to go home, you can use my place, but then you need to leave." The metal blue glowing man just nodded and helped me towards the door. We gathered our things, I gave him my shirt and we found a towel to help hide his head. All of the metal with glowing blue crevices on his torso, head and arms were bare. Under his slightly torn jeans and feet he still had flesh on them, so between the shirt and large towel I hope it hide enough so we wouldn't draw attention. He helped me outside and we walked towards my house.

We walked silently at first. The pain in my head and leg was intense. Without this robot guy I would not have been able to walk. I could see the glow of his eyes and arms, but other than that I couldn't tell he was a big cyborg.

"So why are you hear?" I asked casually.

The robot immediately responded in a normal slightly glitch male voice. "I am here from the future to eradicate the alien menace known as the Argavians."

"Why did you look like you were going to attack me then?" I said in an annoyed tone when I stepped in a pot hole.

"You were wearing the same synthetic compound used by the aliens." He said simply. "To help me better with my search for these violent aliens, could you tell me where you got the suit?" He asked as he looked at me with those blue glowing eyes.

I gulped. Fear crept into my mind. Will he go after Marty? Should I trust him enough to tell him? The pain was unbearable. I slumped against him and then . . . . everything started to fade . . . then it went black. Marty, please tell me this is all a dream . . .



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