Ryan paced back and forth in the room glancing on each pass at his cell phone lying on the table. It had been an hour since his last message and he was growing impatient. He looked across the room at the faded wallpaper, the worn carpet and the bedcovers frayed along one edge. The room smelled of disinfectant attempting to mask the moldy scent coming from the carpet, or the bathroom, or was it the whole room. Ryan wasn't sure.

He moved in front of the mirror seeing his reflection. His regular build, brown hair color and fair skin made him so average but yet he did attract the guys with his blue eyes and the dimples that formed whenever he smiled. He was so personable, so outgoing no one would ever suspect he would ever do what he was doing now. Meeting someone he'd not met, someone only known via text messages to his phone. How they got his number was troubling but in the end it was part of the allure, the temptation of the whole sordid affair.

He had come straight from work dressed in jeans, white dress shirt over a t-shirt and as he watched himself in the mirror he unbuttoned the dress shirt. Once it was open down the front he slipped it off and laid it on the dresser below the mirror and looked at his lean body, the way his t-shirt hung on his frame and he slipped it out of his jeans letting the tail hang free.

He started toward the window again when his cell phone beeped. He had a new message.

The coffee shop was busy, most tables at capacity, for it were Saturday afternoon and the winter weather finally had broken and it was the first warm day of the year. Ryan sat in an arm chair reading, glancing at his cell phone frequently watching the time pass. He was to meet some of his friends for an early dinner before going to a movie. He drank his coffee and looked around the room. It was a cross section of his neighborhood, mostly young and diverse, in character, in mode of dress and in sexuality. He saw a few guys he knew sitting at a table and they nodded in acknowledgment. Over in the corner he saw two guys he had not seen in months so he slipped out of the chair laying the book down in the seat and went over to say hello. After talking for a few minutes he went to the men's room before coming back to his seat realizing he needed to go to urgently to wait. When he came back into the sitting area he grabbed up his book and headed to his car.

He was four blocks away waiting on the traffic signal to change when he realized he did not have his cell phone. He turned right and quickly made his way back to the coffee shop. The chair was occupied and he asked the young woman sitting there if she happen to see a cell phone lying about.

He was panicked somewhat when he found out the chair was empty and he raced over to the counter and asked the guy at the register if someone had turned in a cell phone in the last few minutes.

"Oh yeah, we had someone bring one over just a few minutes ago. What did your phone look like?"

Ryan described it and the guy nodded reaching below and bringing out his phone.

"Oh thank god" Ryan exclaimed as he took it, thanking the guy. When he got to the parking lot heading to his car the phone beeped letting him know he had a message.

You really should be more careful.

He didn't recognize the number and his first response was to hit delete but it hit him. They had his number and he had no idea of their identity.

Who is this? he texted back. He got into his car and started to back out of the parking space when his phone beeped with a message. He slipped the phone out of his pocket.

An admirer.

He didn't have time for this shit and he deleted the message. By the time he got through dinner with his friends, sat through the movie and then headed out for drinks at one of the local bars he had forgotten the text messages, at least for the time being.

R U waiting for me?

It'd been thirty minutes since the last message and nothing since his reply.

Sitting on the foot of the bed he flipped through the channels of the television not really paying any attention to anything that was on. He tugged on his cock through his jeans feeling his aroused state, the anticipation, his anxiousness of meeting someone unknown to him. He looked at his cell phone again and saw only a few minutes had passed since he last looked. Looking around the room he saw the bottle of lube on the small table beside it. Its purpose so blatant, something desperate about it the way he was waiting so obediently not sure if this was just a game, someone messing with him or if it was all real, the set up, the arrangement for him to be here and the expectation he was to submit to this person. He thought about stripping off his clothes. Just take it all off and be naked, waiting, willing for anything, but the nagging feeling he could be wrong kept him from doing it.

Ryan went to the window and peeped through the curtain and saw how quiet it was outside. It was now nearly ten o'clock. He saw one couple moving through the parking lot heading to a room near the back. He watched them walk along, the guy's arms around the woman, the two of them staggering slightly. Headlights cut across the window and Ryan watched a large black sedan pull into the parking lot and back into a space just across the parking lot, its headlights blinding him and he let the curtains fall closed. He waited a minute and looked out again wondering if the sedan was his mystery man.

The sedan was shut off and dark. He couldn't tell if anyone was inside of it or if they had already gotten out and disappeared into one of the rooms.

R U here? he texted. He watched the screen impatiently. 'Come on...answer me ya asshole' he muttered to himself.

U really want my cock. Patience.

It was Wednesday before he got another message. He had just hung up the phone after a lengthy conference call, one that kept him on the defensive about the guys in his department the whole time. He knew the company was making changes and he was afraid the accountants and human resources department would gut his department since they didn't seem to have any idea of what his guys did for the company. He leaned back in his chair with the craving for a strong drink, something with bourbon or whiskey, something that would burn on the way down with the first sip. His cell phone beeped in his pocket.

Remember me?

What do you want? he texted back.

It didn't take long for a response.

I want what you want. To fuck that nice ass of yours. You want that too don't you?

Ryan stared at the message with his finger over the delete button then he sat the phone down and looked around the room. The day's frustrations keeping him wound up. He looked at the guys that worked for him and how they went about their tasks unaware of the events unfolding in their company. He grabbed up his cell phone and began typing.

Yes. Fuck me ya bastard.

He tossed the phone down on his desk and it slid underneath a document tray as he leaned back in his chair staring up at the ceiling. After a moment the phone beeped with a new message. He ran his hand over the desk and under the tray retrieving the phone.

Oh I will when the time is right.

Ryan didn't respond. He just sat there staring at the screen wondering what his anonymous caller was planning. He wondered if he should be worried.

When he came out of the bathroom he washed his hands, then his face letting the water drip down on his t-shirt as he stared in the mirror. 'This is crazy' he thought as he considered where he found himself. The motel was an hour outside of the city at an exit where everything seemed to be run down. Across the street was an old convenience store and next to that a truck stop with tractor-trailer rigs parked along one side and on occasion another would pull into the stop for fuel. The motel was old, but kept up as best the owners could manage and the parking lot was nearly full, mostly pickups with names of construction firms on their doors or the occasional automobile, usually ten years old or older. Ryan knew his little sports car stood out in stark contrast to everything else as if advertising why he was here.

And he was here because his anonymous caller had instructed him to be here, at this time, waiting. It'd been two days since he first heard back from the caller and it was yesterday before his anonymous caller told him where to meet. He had done a map search and was shocked to see how far the motel was outside the city and it was on the section of interstate traveled the least. A side of the city that once was the heart of its industry when the manufacturing plants on sprawling acreage along the interstate were cranking out products, most of which were now gone.

Ryan had left work and headed straight to the motel and surprised at how light traffic was on this stretch of interstate. He had arrived an hour early which made his wait worse, his anxiety of what he was doing giving the extra time to grow large within him and he found himself once again at the window looking out. He scanned the parking lot and saw no movement this time. No one stirred nor did any cars or trucks move about. He let the curtains fall back closed and went over to the bed. He fell back on it and stared at the ceiling. His heart was beating fast with his anxiousness.

His phone beeped with a new message.

Unlock door. Strip to your underwear. Wait on knees with back to the door. Any deviation and I leave.

Ryan realized he wouldn't see the man come in, wouldn't be able to see his face, discover his identity and he felt a fear and excitement he couldn't control, something he tried to tame but couldn't as he got up and went to the door. His hand hesitated at the lock realizing it was an old style of hardware, a set that allowed the door to remain unlocked. 'Was this the reason his caller chose this motel?' he wondered as he turned the lever in the knob. He stepped over to the table and slipped his jeans off tossing them over a chair. He was in his t-shirt and boxers and he felt his arousal, this sense he had lost control of the situation and someone else was controlling him.

He was on his knees when he heard the door open and the cold air rushed in around him making goose bumps rise up on his arms. The door closed and for a moment time seemed to stand still. Nothing happened as he stared ahead waiting, listening for any sound. Then the blindfold came around his head and he was in darkness.

Hands moved along his arms, rubbed over the skin warming it and he felt one hand rub around his neck along the edge of his hair, the fingers combing through it. His arms were pulled behind him and he felt the cold metal of the handcuffs as they clipped around each wrist locking them together. The hands pulled upward on his arms and he stood up. The room was so quiet, he could only the sound of the heat running until he finally heard the sound of a belt being pulled through loops of a pair of pants then the buckle made a light tinkling noise. Then he could only hear the sound of the heat running.

Fingers touched his neck, moved upward raking through his hair the hand closed into a fist grabbing him by the hair and pulled his head back making him cry out. A mouth closed over his own, their tongue working into his mouth, roughly, forcibly French kissing him as the man's other hand touched him on the chest, rubbed up and down a few times then slid downward over his stomach and to his cock. He was already half hard with his arousal and the hand groped him roughly, squeezed his cock and balls painfully and he pushed forward with his hips. Releasing his cock the hand moved to his ass squeezing one cheek and the man rose up off his mouth, their lips grazing each other.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No" Ryan whispered and the man laughed. Ryan realized the man was taller, much taller the way his head hovered over his own and the man moved in front of him. A hand grabbed the neck of his t-shirt and tugged on it rocking him back and forth then it jerked out and down violently, roughly ripping his t-shirt down the front. The man tugged on it again breaking the hem along the bottom letting the shirt fall open. A hand touched his bare chest, rubbed over his smooth skin and over each nipple. One nipple was taken between two fingers and Ryan inhaled deeply as pressure was applied till the pain mixed with pleasure and his cock strained at the front of his boxers. The hand traveled down his chest, over his undulating stomach and to his boxers where it groped his elongating cock, squeezed it to full hardness and manipulated it till Ryan could feel the head of his cock push upward and slip free of the waist band.

"You fucking whore" the man whispered and Ryan heard the quick metallic click sound and he knew it sounded like a knife blade locking in place. The man grabbed his boxers by the waistband and Ryan felt the initial tug, the way they were pulled outward then up and he heard the sound of the knife cutting through the fabric and waistband. The man finished removing the boxers by ripping them to shreds till he was naked from the waist down, only the ripped open t-shirt hanging from his shoulders remained.

A hand touched him in the middle of the back and he knew to move forward. The man led him to the bed and when his knees bumped against the mattress the man guided him up on it. He moved over the bed on his knees and felt the mattress shake as the man moved with him. A hand moved to his stomach with the other pushing on his shoulders and Ryan went over till his shoulders rested on the mattress. He felt the way his ass was open to the man, the cheeks spread apart revealing the entrance to his hole. Fingers touched him at the top of his ass and moved down between his spread cheeks rubbing along the smooth skin till they rubbed over his entrance, probed its tightness as they pressed against it. Ryan felt the way those fingers stroked him, inflamed his desire to be penetrated and he rocked back against the fingers at his entrance and he heard the man snigger.

One finger pressed against him and slipped through the tight ring of his hole penetrating him. It worked his hole loose, twisting and turning until the man inserted two fingers inside of his hole, and all too soon Ryan felt the third stretch him open more, twist in his hole touching him in ways that made his cock flex beneath him. He pushed his ass back on the fingers till they were all the way inside of him. When the fingers pulled from his hole he pushed his ass back and spread his legs some more, waiting, knowing the man was going to fuck him.

He felt the mattress shake as the man moved up to his ass and he felt the man's cock rub over his ass, up and down till he was moaning. He turned his head back toward the man.

"Put it in me....please..." he begged and he felt the head press against his hole and the man took the chain between the wrist cuffs and holding them tightly keeping Ryan in place he pushed into him. The man's cock was thick and it stretched him open painfully as it sank into his hole. The man held the handcuffs as he began to fuck, to drive his cock in Ryan's hole till he was thrusting easily through the loosened ring of its opening. He fucked with hard full thrusts, pulling nearly out and then driving back in all the way till his hips smacked up against Ryan's ass, over and over and over till Ryan was grunting and moaning, begging the man to fuck him, to fuck him harder.

Ryan felt the way his cock flopped back and forth, painfully hard, slapping against his stomach nearly every time as the man drove into him, fucking his ass. The bed squeaked with their fuck and he felt the man shift position slightly, move up over him and suddenly he had the man's hand around his neck holding him down. The man's pace increased, his fuck more powerful, driving down into Ryan's hole pushing inward hard and Ryan grunted with each penetrating thrust.

Ryan felt the man jab away at his hole, short hard thrusts with his hand still holding him down. Hips slapping down on his ass rocking him roughly and the man cried out.

"Fuck...take it...take me..." the man uttered as he pushed his cock into Ryan slowly a few more times till he was spent. Ryan felt the man pull his cock upward and push slowly back in, all the way. "Oh yeah, that feels good...my cock in that ass. Shit I'm still hard" the man exclaimed and Ryan felt him shift back down behind him and grab him by the waist and begin to hammer his cock with renewed enthusiasm, driving it into Ryan using his first load as lube.

Slickly the man's cock piston in Ryan's hole, pulling through the stretched ring of his opening and pushing back in, over and over and Ryan felt how his own cock, still so hard, flopped underneath him with the man's fuck. The man shifted behind him and one hand slipped around his waist and grasping his cock. The feel of it sliding along his shaft, slickly stroking him and rubbing over the sensitive head made Ryan work his ass on the man's cock, pushing against the inward thrusts.

"Damn you lube up" the man uttered as his hand worked Ryan's cock with his fuck, slamming his fist down the shaft as his cock drove inward. The man's cock was hitting Ryan's insides just right, banging against his insides till his own cock swelled up in the man's hand and he felt the cum surge through it. He came hard, rocking his hips with each ejaculation as he felt his ass spasm around the thrusting cock in his hole. The man kept stroking his cock till he couldn't take it and he cried out.

"Please...stop...stop..." Ryan begged and the man's hand slipped from his cock then both hands came down on his back pushing him down flat with the man moving up over him driving into his hole so hard he bounced their bodies up and down on the bed. The man cried out, his voice obscenely loud as he slammed his cock deep into Ryan's hole and came again.

The man fell over Ryan and he realized both of them were sweaty, their bodies hot against each other and they lay still for a long time waiting on their breathing to return to normal. The man eventually eased up and flipped the ripped t-shirt over Ryan's head and he ran his hands over the slick smooth skin of Ryan's back. It was like a massage the way the man's fingers dug into his flesh and muscle working down his back to his ass. Ryan felt the man's fingers trail down between his cheeks and rub over his hole and he felt the wet slickness of cum from where it had leaked out and the man rubbed it along his ass smearing it with his fingers. He let two or three fingers penetrate Ryan's slick hole and fingered him, twisting around in his hole. Then the fingers were gone and he felt the handcuffs being unlocked.

Ryan let his arms drop down by his sides as the man got off the bed. He lay there, blindfold still in place, the ripped t-shirt tossed over his head leaving him fully exposed as he listened to the man move around knowing he was getting dressed. It took only a couple of minutes and the door opened and Ryan didn't move, didn't try to cover up knowing he was visible to anyone who passed by the room. He just lay there, unmoving, not caring if someone saw him. When the door closed he relaxed, his body falling into a slow rhythm and he drifted off to sleep. As he slept his phone, lying on the table near the window beeped. He had a new message.



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