Colin had been on the road for several hours, having left El Paso the day before and spending the night in a road side motel, one of those post war single story structures that sat in an arc, concave to the road, with all the units facing the old two lane highway. He was driving with the sun at his back finally as his rental car made its way over the undulating road, winding through the arid country side. He had been in Texas for ten days flying from one city to the next, not seeing anything but airports, freeways, commercial strips that looked like all other commercial strips and the city centers, where his meetings at one corporate office or the other were located. He had a return flight leaving Dallas in five days, a delay he had built into his schedule. He hadn't had a vacation in over a year and this was the perfect opportunity. He had never been in this part of the country before, and being from North Carolina, it was an alien terrain, with its stark vegetation, so stunted and twisted, the vast expanses of exposed ground in its hues of yellow, red and brown with rocky outcroppings and the low mountains seeming to line every horizon. So he had a car waiting in El Paso, and he was going to drive across the state, taking back roads as much as possible, stopping whenever the urge hit him.

Big Bend was unbelievable and now he was winding his way back across the state, on a narrow old road, its edges broken and fragmented, the lines long ago faded. The car rocked as if a boat on rough water at times for the road had settled unevenly and the all too frequent pot holes, if Colin didn't see them in time, would slam the suspension down hard, jerking the wheel in his hands. But he didn't let the road condition disturb him, for the terrain continued to capture his eye; the vastness of it, the large open sky with only a few birds floating on the currents or an occasional vapor trail of a plane flying over head.

Colin began to check his fuel gauge and his map for he had not been by a town or road side service station in quite some time, and he knew he needed to find a place soon, for the sun was low on the horizon and he was down to less than a quarter of tank of gas. He checked his map once more and realized he was on a different road than he thought, but looked like he would still come to a town before too long. He had just crested a rise and was dropping down, curving around some rock outcroppings when he felt the initial stutter of the engine. He wasn't even sure he felt it at first, but then the engine did it again. As the road leveled off in the flat plain, the engine began to cut out; then stalled. He coasted to the side of the road and let the car roll to a stop. "Shit" he thought as he sat in the quiet of the stalled car. He took a deep breath and opened the door to get out. The heat of the late daytime hit him hard, after being in the air conditioned car most of the day. He popped the hood and went to have a look, knowing it would be totally fruitless to do so, not having any idea what he would be looking for. When he raised the hood all he saw was plastic covers and a few places to check vital fluids. He shut the hood and went to the trunk. His cell phone was in his bag, since he hadn't wanted any calls from work to creep into his vacation time; those emergency calls that could very well have waited till he got back or worse yet, some issue someone else could easily handle. He pulled the bag he knew it was in and rummaged around the front compartments till he found it. He hit the power button and it came on. As he waited for it to go through its start up sequence he noticed the warning came up immediately that the battery was low.

"Shit, shit, shit" he uttered, hope against hope it wasn't run down all the way. When the sequence completed and the phone was ready to use he began to dial the emergency number for road side assistance. The number plugged in, he hit 'call' and watched as the numbers re-flashed on the screen, then he heard it ring just once. The phone had died; the battery too low to make a call.

"Oh fuck, what have you gotten yourself into now, dumbass" he said out loud to himself. He rummaged in his bag for the charger and when he pulled it out realized he didn't have the one for use in cars; thinking he wouldn't need it, he had left it behind. 'You're a double dumbass' he thought to himself. He tossed the phone into the trunk and closed it, walking back to the driver's seat. He sat in the car with the doors open on each side, trying to keep the interior from becoming an oven, lucky the sun was falling below the horizon. He sat for a long time, hoping for a passing motorist or a trucker to come by he could flag down.

He was sitting; his head leaned back on the headrest, half dozing, half awake, and listening for any sound of an approaching car when a dog suddenly appeared at his door. He jumped at the suddenness of the dog's appearance but quickly realized the dog was friendly, its tongue hanging out; his tail wagging furiously. He was some kind of bird dog, lean, tall with a mottled coat and a collar with two tags jangling from it. He looked quickly at the tags and saw one had a Austin address on it. 'Austin?' he wondered, trying to figure out what a dog from Austin was doing way out in the middle of nowhere. He petted the dog wondering if the owner was somewhere close by, camping, or staying in some cabin, when the dog suddenly turned as if he heard something, and started trotting off.

"Hey, wait up, will ya" Colin yelled out, jumping out of the car, rushing around it to slam the doors shut, and taking off to follow the dog. Colin followed the dog along the side of the road for about fifty yards when the dog turned off and started down a dirt lane. The lane was so narrow, winding in between the short twisted trees that grew in small groups; he knew he would not have seen it had he been driving by in the car. He had to jog to keep up with the dog since it was obviously heading to some destination. The dog would disappear around a bend or over a small rise from time to time, but Colin would keep jogging along, sweat rising up on him and quickly evaporating, and soon he would catch sight of it again. The dog was slowly putting more and more distance between it and Colin, and Colin knew he needed the dog to get to its owner soon.

Then he heard a voice call out, but he couldn't make out what it was saying, but thought it was probably the owner calling the dog. Up ahead the rough dirt lane rounded a large outcropping of rock, a formation that was forty to fifty feet high, jutting up out of the loose soil and small trees. As he followed the lane around the rock he saw the lights of a cabin come into view. It was tucked up against a small stand of trees, the rock formation arcing around it, giving it a natural protection on the north and west sides. As he got closer he could see the cabin had a full width porch along the front and it sat low to the ground. The windows had the curtains pulled but the light inside filtered through them giving a faint glow out the window. An old Chevrolet Suburban sat to the side; its paint faded, the body having a few dents, its white steel wheels with all terrain tires and raised suspension made it obvious it was a well used truck use to the harsh conditions of this place. Colin could picture the man inside who owned such a place. Probably late sixties, full beard and wearing traditional western clothes, worn and faded from frequent wear, and old cowboy boots, real cowboy boots in a tough plain leather, scuffed and worn soft from years of use. The guy would have a stocky body, thick around the chest and stomach; a big man, with leathery skin and he probably drank beer from a can and smoked cigars. He laughed to himself with the image he was bringing to mind of the person inside, realizing he was being so stereotypical, it should shame him.

As he stepped up onto the porch he heard the dog bark inside and as he went to the door he heard someone inside already approaching. He knocked twice and waited. A light came on under the porch; then the curtain moved a little to the side as part of a face came into view. Then the door opened. Colin held his breath, unable to believe what he was seeing. Everything he expected proved to be wrong, totally, completely wrong. Standing before him in just a pair of cargo pants holding a glass of wine in one hand was a man who looked to be early thirties, taller than Colin's five ten, his lean muscular torso with smooth lightly tanned skin and a simple definition to his body; not overly muscled up, but trim and lean. His cargo pants hung loosely from his narrow waist, riding so low, so seductively low, Colin wondered if he shaved his pubes off since no hair was visible along the waist band. Colin looked up at his face, his strong cheek bones and jaw line, and the start of a beard, dark along his jaw, all of which was broken by the white glow of his teeth as he smiled at Colin, making Colin realize he was staring at him in a very inappropriate manner for someone desperate for help.

"I take it you're either lost or broke down?" the guy asked in a pleasant friendly tone.

"Broke down" Colin replied, adding "and dumb enough to have let the batteries in my phone run down."

The guy laughed, then opened the door all the way and waved Colin to come in. The interior was much larger than it appeared from the outside, with its one large room for living, dining and kitchen, and along the back wall were four doors right of the main room and over them was a mezzanine running along the wall with four more doors on that level. The doors were close together so the rooms they accessed couldn't be very large. The guy turned to Colin and held out his free hand.

"I'm Josh and welcome to my little paradise."

"Colin... I'm Colin, and I can't thank you enough if you could let me use a phone to call the rental car company. I have no idea what is wrong with the car, but it just died on me."

"Well, you are probably going to have trouble getting someone out here, it'll take hours to get a tow truck. Why don't you let me finish eating, in fact why don't you join me, and then we'll go back and take a look?"

"I don't want to be a bother, but if you could help me... I mean, I can wait while you finish up..." Colin was stammering, feeling bad about interrupting Josh's dinner, when Josh cut in.

"Have you had dinner?"


"Well, the bathroom is the last door on the right, go freshen up and then come sit down. Go lay down Vince" Josh said to the dog and he led Colin to the old wooden table that was round and had five chairs around it, and odd number Colin thought. He began to look around at the way the interior was wood planks, barely sanded smooth and clear finished; the floor wide rough boards, and the ceiling was open trusses, with board roof structure exposed from below. The room was sparsely furnished with a sofa, three arm chairs, the table and a few side tables. On the walls were photographs of natural settings that were obviously the surrounding area, and portraits, but they all looked old, as if none had been added in a long time.

"I see you're trying to figure the place out; well it was my grandfather's. He built the place back in the 1979 with salvaged lumber from some barns he and his neighbors tore down so he could have a place to come and play poker with his friends. My grandmother had forbid them to play in the house, so he built this place where they would come and play poker, drink and watch sports. He came here for nearly thirty years, letting me come along when I was a teenager or home from college. I really enjoyed hanging out with those old guys. When my grandfather died and dad and my Aunts were going to sell the place, none of them caring for it, I bought it. I haven't changed a thing in the place."

"But you don't live here all the time do you?"

Josh laughed, shaking his head "No, No, I couldn't stand to live here year round. I live in Austin, working at the university. But whenever I need to decompress, I come here. Now let me get you something to eat, and do you drink?"

"Oh hell yes, after today, whatever you've got."

Josh brought Colin over a plate from the range; slices of brisket, thinly sliced, with potatoes and beans. He sat a glass of red wine down with it. They continued to talk, Colin telling Josh about being from North Carolina, being in Texas on business and how he was spending a few extra days seeing the state; then Josh telling Colin about his teaching history at the university and how he grew up outside San Antonio. Colin tried not to stare at Josh, but he kept looking at him in ways he knew he shouldn't, and at times it seemed Josh knew for he would smile at Colin, a rather mischievous smile as they continued to talk and eat.

Josh couldn't help but notice how Colin kept looking at him, and it didn't bother him, not at all, for he knew he wasn't a pretty boy, never had been, but especially now that he was thirty-three, but he was in good shape, working out all the time, playing racquetball, and swimming frequently and it felt good to be noticed. On campus he sometimes felt older than he was, the way the male students looked younger and younger each year. But Colin didn't look much older than some of his student. He figured out he had to be twenty-eight or twenty-nine but he had such a baby face, with fair skin, and the way he wore his light brown hair rather long, and casual only added to his youthful appearance. Whenever he caught Colin looking at him Colin would blush, his cheeks turning red. Josh wondered what Colin looked like naked, wondered if he was skinny as he looked or if his rather loose clothes concealed a more muscular frame, and he wondered if Colin liked to play around, have sex with men, like to fuck. The way Colin kept looking at him he thought he knew the answer.

After dinner Josh put on a shirt and told Colin they would go back up to the road and check on the car. On the way out Josh grabbed a large camp light and an old tool box from one of the rooms. As they approached the old Suburban Josh told Colin to hop in, it was unlocked. Colin climbed into the white truck, for it was more truck than SUV as they were built now. The interior had a vinyl bench seat in front, the dash a faded and cracked brown. The foot wells had sheet vinyl cut and put in place because the original flooring was removed. It was clean, but definitely well used. Josh cranked the motor, which started the first time, rumbling as it idled. Soon they were heading out toward the highway, bouncing over the rough lane, the old Suburban moving with determination.

"It was granddad's last vehicle and he drove the damn thing for eighteen years. It sat for a while after he passed away but when the family sold me the property they told me to just take it for it wasn't worth anything. I've been driving it here every since, about two or three times a year" Josh told Colin as he fought the steering wheel, rocking over a rough section of the lane.

Josh couldn't find the problem with the rental car, so they pulled it to the lane and parked it for the night. Colin grabbed his suitcase and threw it in the Suburban. Back at the cabin Josh told Colin to go ahead and call the rental company but tell them to come in the morning for there was no need to wait up half the night for them when he could just crash in one of the bedrooms and get some sleep. Colin agreed and after setting everything up joined Josh in the living area where he was watching TV.

"All set" Colin told Josh.

"Good; I'm sure you'll want to shower off for you have to feel like crap after today? I'll grab you a towel. That bathroom is nice but it small and has no storage in it."

Colin went to the bathroom remembering earlier when he used it how it was a narrow but long space with a wall hung lavatory, the water closet and down a few feet the open shower area which made up the entire end of the space. Ceramic tile covered all the walls of the room. He stripped down and laid his clothes on the seat of the water closet and got the shower running.

Josh was hoping, just hoping, Colin would be naked and in the shower when he carried him a towel, and when he entered the bathroom, he saw Colin was under the water, letting it hit him in the face. His body had more definition than he anticipated, but he was very lean. His fair skinned body practically glowed against the dark tiled walls, and Josh stood there admiring him as he was getting wet. Admired the way his cock hung over his balls, the way his ass curved out, the way his skin looked so smooth. He had a thin line of hair starting below his navel leading down to a sparse spread of hair over his cock. His legs had a light dusting of hair that was barely visible even wet. Josh just stood there holding the towel, taking him in as he lusted after him. Suddenly Josh realized Colin was no longer moving, noticed he was staring back at him, smiling.

"You going to stand there all night?" he asked with a smirking tone.

"Oh, sorry I was just..." Josh was stating when Colin interrupted him.

"Just wondering if I'd invite you to join me?"

Josh smiled at him, laying the towel down on top of Colin's clothes. "Why yes, I was wondering that very thing."

"Is this where I ask you to wash my back?" Colin laughed holding out the soap.

"Something like that" Josh replied as he began to undress. Colin watched intently, absently mindedly rubbing soap over his stomach and over his cock, as he watched Josh remove his clothes. The shirt tossed to the side revealing the upper body he had seen earlier, lean and well toned, then he watched as Josh lowered his pants and laid them to the side, revealing the white briefs underneath, and without hesitation, he lowered the them. When Josh stood back up Colin saw Josh's cock and how it was darker than the dark tone of his body and Colin saw how it hung over his balls, all hanging long and loose. Josh strode over to the open shower and took the soap from Colin.

"Let me" he said as he touched Colin on the shoulder, getting him to turn his back to him. Josh ran the soap and his hand over Colin's back and shoulders, rubbing the soap over the skin, massaging the muscle, feeling his form and the strength that lay under the skin. Josh ran his hand and soap over Colin's ass cheeks, soaping them thoroughly, then running one hand down the cleft of his ass, soaping him up, working his fingers along the concealed depths between his firm round cheeks. Josh probed him and pushed against his hole; soaped it up. Then he stood up straight and used one arm to wrap around Colin's neck, pulling his body up against his own as his other hand came around, soapy and slick, and began to rub over his chest and down his stomach. Josh pushed his face up to Colin's neck, ran his tongue and lips up along and around Colin's ear, then taking it in his mouth, tugging it, holding the lobe between his teeth, feeling Colin lean against him harder, head thrown back. Josh's hand made its way over Colin's stomach and down to his hardening cock, taking it in his soapy fingers, stroking it, squeezing its shaft, feeling it swell, flex, as he ran his hand over its length. Josh let Colin go and began to rub his back again, soaping it up, then ran his hands down, grabbing Colin's cheeks, pulling them apart as he dropped to his knees, the shower spray hitting him on his back, blocking the spray from what he was doing to Colin. He pushed his face into Colin's ass, pushed in with his tongue out and ran it up and down, through the remnants of soap sliding downward. He felt that special spot on his tongue as he moved down; then back up, centering on that spot. He pushed against it, probed it with the tip of his tongue. Colin was beginning to make grunting noises, to moan, as he leaned forward against the wall, opening himself up further, allowing Josh greater access. Colin felt Josh's tongue push in, to breach him, penetrate his opening, open him up. Josh worked him for a while, the steam from the hot shower heating up the room, and making Colin feel himself loosen up, his desire building, his need to be penetrated as great as it had ever been.

Josh pushed a finger into Colin, worked it all the way in, twisted it around, felt his velvety insides, then he slid two in, then three, stretching Colin open. Josh saw Colin push back, take his fingers and he knew, knew it was time. He stood up and took Colin by the neck in one hand and his own hard cock in the other, giving it a couple of strokes. He pushed Colin's head against the wall, had his body leaning over, his ass opened up. He pushed his cock into Colin's ass, ran the head up and down its length until he finally aimed the head of his cock at Colin's opening, pushing against it, feeling his cock bend from the resistance, until the head penetrated, slid in, slowly, griped tight by the ring of Colin's opening.

"Fuck you're still tight" Josh grunted through his teeth as he pushed more cock into Colin, spearing him with it. Colin felt the burn, the pain of the stretch, but he also the felt the pleasure of the penetration, the feel of cock sliding into him, and he pushed back, arcing his back, pushing his ass out and down Josh's cock.

"Goddamn...fuck me" Colin whispered, as if out of breath.

Josh pushed into Colin, worked his cock into his depths, pushing till he had all of his cock buried into Colin, feeling the soft heat of him. Josh pulled back as he held Colin against the wall, feeling the tight ring of Colin's opening squeeze his rescinding cock; then he pushed pack in, slowly, feeling his cock push through the loosening ring of Colin's ass; looking down to watch it disappear into Colin. Josh worked up his pace, working his hips in that intuitive motion, that arcing of the hips, that driving of his cock back and forth through Colin's opening, shoving himself deeply into him.

Josh reached around Colin and pulled him up, tight to his body, letting him feel his warmth, letting him feel his cock drive up in his hole in a new angle, letting Colin feel the sensation of cock hammering his insides and sending a shiver up his spine. Josh drove himself forcefully up into Colin, thrusting faster and faster. They lost their balance, and Colin fell against the wall with Josh shoved against him; shoved up in him. Colin grunted, felt the hard jab of Josh's cock, felt his own cock pinned between his body and the wall. Josh bit his earlobe, tongued his ear; ran his face through his hair as he held him tight to the wall, fucking his ass, slamming away at his hole in full deep thrusts.

Josh's mouth up against Colin's ear, he whispers "I'm going to cum in your ass." His rocking hips drove into Colin, making Colin's body mimic the movement, the rhythm, making him rub his cock against the wall, feel it slid against the cool slick tile as Josh fucked him, harder and harder. Josh got jerky with his movement, thrusting short stabbing movements as he went over the edge, as he pumped his white thick load into Colin, shoved his spurting cock into him all the way, felt his cock jerk and spasm deep inside him. He keep stroking his cock through Colin's opening, ran his cock through this own load, smeared it through Colin, making himself slick with it. When he couldn't take it any longer, his cock too sensitive to handle another stroke, Josh pulled out, still leaning on Colin's back, breathing hard. Colin turned between Josh and the wall and slide down till he was sitting on the floor, his eyes closed, his breathing slowing down. Josh looked down on him, saw him lean back, legs spread out and his hard cock lying to the side. Josh eased down onto his knees, leaned over, no longer blocking the spray, letting it wash over both of them, as he moved down and took Colin's cock in his mouth. He slid down its length, letting his warm wet mouth slick it up. He worked up and back down, over and over, until he felt Colin stir, felt him put his hands on his head, guide him, let him know it was good. He worked up to the head of Colin's cock grasping the shaft in one hand, squeezing it, stroking it, as his mouth worked the head. Colin felt his need build, lost in the sensation of Josh's hot wet mouth on his cock head, the tight grip of his hand, and he felt Josh's other hand snake up between his legs, searching out his hole. He pulled his feet back, raising up his knees, spreading his legs more, opening himself up more, letting Josh suck his cock and finger fuck his ass, feeling the wet slick cum drooling back out.

"Take me" Colin whispered as he held Josh's head over his cock, using his hips to fuck up into Josh's mouth, to drive his cock as far as Josh's fist on his shaft would allow. "Fuck" Colin cried out and he came, filling Josh's mouth, pushing his cock into the increasing load in Josh's mouth, pushing it to his throat. Josh swallowed as fast as he could, taking the thick white seed from Colin, savoring it, getting Colin's taste, feeling is slide down his throat.

When Colin was spent, he fell back, his legs falling flat and spread out. Josh turned and sat down along the back wall perpendicular to Colin his legs bridging over Colin's. They sat for a while, letting the hot water shower over them, as they settled back down. Josh looked over to Colin who was looking back and they smiled at each other.

When they got dried off, still naked they went out to the porch and sat down. The night air cooled down and it was eerily quiet. The sky was a glittering storm of stars, the likes of which Colin had never seen.

"I'm going to get a drink; a bourbon. You want one?" Josh asked as he got back up.

"Yeah, that sounds good."

They sat for a long time, talking casually about the night time sky, the quiet nature of the place, what the cities were like each lived in and the things to do. They talked about their colleges, their football records, and finally they talked about their lives as gay men. Their conversation rambled on, with sex surfacing in their talk more and more. Each began to tug on his cock, feel that urge build up, that desire to get hard, to feel their cock penetrate a mouth or an ass, to fuck, to cum, to feel that exhaustion afterward, that contentment. Josh got up, his cock sticking out hard, and he moved over to Colin, seeing his nakedness in the dim light filtering through the curtains of the window, barely illuminating his body. Josh's hand move up and down his hard cock, and he saw how Colin's was standing straight up and the head shiny already. Josh knew it was shiny from pre-cum smeared over it. He moved in front of Colin as Colin looked up at him, leaning back, removing his hand from his cock and sitting with his legs held together. He knew what Josh wanted, he knew without being able to see his face, without Josh saying. Josh straddled his legs, moved up over Colin; then he eased down, taking Colin's cock when he could reach it, and holding it up. Josh eased on down till Colin's cock touched him, touched him so close to his own opening, sending a shiver through him, knowing he was going to take it, take it all the way into himself, let Colin fill him. He rub Colin's cock back and forth, rubbing the wet slick head along his ass, around his opening, feeling its round head fit against it. He pushed down, slowly, head thrown back, his hole stretched open, Colin's cock breached him, pushed into him, penetrated his body. The warm night air, so dry, quickly evaporated the sweat that formed on Josh's body, but as he worked his ass up and down, taking more and more of Colin's cock, till he was sitting in Colin's lap with his cock buried all the way in him, the sweat formed faster and faster till it began to run down his sides, drip from his hair. He fucked his ass on Colin's cock, worked his body up and down, taking it faster and faster, feeling how his hole loosened up, the cock plunging up into his hot insides. Colin's hand came to Josh's sides and pushed up, indicating he was to get up. Josh got up, letting Colin's hard cock slide out and he stood watching as Colin stood, his cock flexing and bouncing in front of him. Colin came up to him, spun him around and his hand went to Josh's neck, pushing down. Nothing was said. Josh complied with Colin's physical demands and bent over with his back to Colin. He sensed Colin come up to him, felt him put his cock against his opening, felt it penetrate him all the way. Colin wasted no time in working up a fast hard pace. He slammed into Josh, his hips slapping against Josh's ass as he held him in place, in alignment for the cock he thrust into him. Colin reaches around and took Josh's cock and began to stroke it in rhythm with his fuck, the hard slamming motion of his hips shoving cock into Josh's hole mimicked by his hand as it slammed down the length of Josh's hard cock. Colin was working Josh hard, pummeling his hole, jacking his cock; he was a fucking machine, taking Josh, using him. He began to thrust his hips in jerky short motions, keeping his cock buried deeply in Josh; soon he was pumping his thick hot load into him, shoving it up Josh's insides, pumping his cock through it, feeling it slick it up. Josh was grunting underneath him as he hammered away at his hole, pumping his load into him, when he felt Josh's opening spasm around his thrusting cock, felt it squeeze his shaft and he felt Josh's cock flex in his hand he knew Josh was getting off. He kept stroking Josh's cock until his hand was slimy with his load. He pulled out of Josh's ass and let go of his cock standing up straight as Josh did the same. Colin brought his slimy hand up to his nose and he smelled the scent of Josh's cum; stuck out his tongue and tasted it, as he ran his tongue over his fingers. Josh came up and watched for a moment then leaned in and helped him clean off his hand with his tongue.

For a few more minutes they sat on the porch finishing another drink; then Josh led Colin inside, to his room, to his bed. Colin slid under the sheet as Josh followed him, and soon they were spooned together, Colin holding Josh from behind, each feeling the warmth of the other, settling down, until they were both asleep.



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