Before he opened his eyes Brice knew. He knew he was not in his own bed, knew he was hung over like he had not been in a very long time. He knew he was naked. He knew he was with someone. Their warm body snuggled up to him, spooning him from behind. He could tell it was morning by the light shining through his eye lids. He laid there, eyes closed, head pounding, trying to remember.

He remembered going out with some of the guys to watch a game at Isaac's the sports bar over on 32nd and Brevard and how they had been drinking too much, clowning around as they watched the game. He remembered Zach telling them he got a new tattoo but he couldn't show it to them. But Brice had pestered Zach to show him till he gave in; told Brice to follow him to the Men's room. He remembered how Zach seemed a little embarrassed about where he got it, then unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his boxers down. The tattoo was a primitive pattern that arced over his dick and up this toward his stomach, but not high enough to be seen with pants on. At first Brice had been focused on the tattoo, then he noticed Zach kept his pubic hair shaved off and he was uncut, something he had rarely seen in gyms when he was changing with other guys. Zach's dick had hung down rather long, arcing over his balls with an abundance of skin hanging loose over the head. He remembered how for a moment, just for a moment he had wanted to reach out and touch it, to see how it would feel with the skin intact. Zach evidently noticed Brice's change in the way he was looking at him and quickly pulled up his boxers and jeans. Brice jerked back up and tried to act as if nothing had happened, making a comment on how the tattoo must have hurt getting it done.

Brice remembered vaguely the rest of the night at the sports bar, how the conversation died down and eventually the guys departed one after another until there was only three, or was it four, of them left at the table. He remembered Zach catching him looking over at him and frowning. He remembered getting frustrated with himself, with having thoughts of Zach's dick, and thinking it wasn't the first time he had had those thoughts. Finally he remembered getting up and without saying much leaving the bar and walking down the street, in the wrong direction.

Brice could not remember what happened next, where he had ended up, what he had done to end up in some stranger's bed. He slid over and onto his back and stretched, feeling the ache of his muscles, the pounding of his brain and the dry bad taste in his mouth. He ran his hands down over his chest and felt something that was dried on his skin flake off. When he opened his eyes he first saw the ceiling, then he turned and saw the face of a guy lying next to him. He sucked in a lung full of air and held it, in shock he was in bed with a guy. The guy snuggled up to him putting his arm over his chest.

"Don't get up yet, we've only been asleep for a little while."

Brice was frozen in place, racking his brain trying to remember how in the hell he had ended up in a guy's bed. He wanted to jump up and run. He looked around the room for his clothes, but they were nowhere to be seen. He didn't even see the other guy's clothes anywhere. The guy ran his hand down Brice's chest over his stomach and to his dick, where he rubbed it, took it in his hand and gave it a slight squeeze. Despite his distress, his anxiety, he was getting an erection.

"I can't believe you can get it up again after last night" the guy whispered to Brice.

Fuck he thought what had he done last night. Bits and pieces of the night came to him, images of him walking down a sidewalk, being in a bar, and standing with several guys, none of them he knew, but it was all jumbled together. After a few minutes he finally got past his initial panic. He turned to look at the guy again, to see if he could piece together a name, how they met, or what had happened. The dark stubble of his beard was showing beneath his high cheek bones, with skin dark olive in tone and jet black hair cut stylishly short on the sides and a little long on top. He looked Spanish or Native American. A silver hoop was in the ear he could see. Brice's stomach was in knots as he lay there looking at this guy finally admitting he really did find him attractive. His cock was fully erect as the guy kept up a slow manipulation with his hand.

"Brice, you want to fuck me again?" The guy asked as he finally opened his eyes. As soon as he looked at Brice he noticed the look of shock on Brice's face. He stopped playing with his cock and propped himself up on one arm looking at him.

"You're not sure how you got here last night are you?" he asked cautiously.

"Uh...well...honestly, no I don't remember much about last night."

"I see...and do you remember..." and the guy hesitated. "What is my name?"

"Oh shit...I don't remember."

The guy busted out laughing and rolled on his back. "Oh shit, not again."


"Oh, don't pretend you don't know how some of us boys over do the cocktails and end up in strange beds. " Then he looked at Brice and realized this was different somehow. "Is this the first time you've done something like this?"

"You could say that. I'm sorry, but could you...tell me your name?"

The guy sniggered and shook his head before answering. "I'm Julian."

"Julian" Brice said it as if he was looking for some hidden meaning in it, some code or secret message.

"Hey man, you seem a little...I don't know...freaked out? Have you ever...I mean...well, have you been with a guy before?"

Brice laid there quiet for a while staring up at the ceiling, part of him wanting to get up find his clothes and get out of there, run, run as hard as he can back to his place. Then there was a part of him that wanted to stay, in this warm bed, and just relax in it with Julian. Julian he thought; it's a nice name.

"No" he whispered, still staring up at the ceiling.

"Oh shit...I see...well..." and Julian was now at a loss for words, afraid of freaking Brice out, afraid he could get upset, do something stupid, like all those horror stories gay guys tell of straight guys doing something sexual with them and then bashing them for it afterwards.



Brice took a deep breath and turned to face Julian. "Can I stay for a while?"

Julian smiled at him, seeing how he looked suddenly innocent, naïve. "Yes, that would be ok. What do you remember about last night?"

"Not a damn thing. I can't remember anything. Will you tell me what happened?"

Julian began to tell him how the events of last night unfolded. He had been at Tonic, a small bar over on 22nd near Cedar Street, with several of his friends, just hanging out. They had planned to go out to one of the night clubs but ended up hanging out at the bar most of the night. Sometime around one am Brice came in, and he looked like he had been having a rough night. Brice went to the bar, then with beer in hand turned around, leaned against the bar and surveyed the room. He just stood there for a long time before he even took a drink of his beer.

It was Stephen, one of his friends, who spoke to Brice first, asking him his name and why he was alone. Brice's answers were short and vague, but he ended up joining their little group at the end of the bar. The guys flirted with him relentlessly, and he seemed to take it in stride, but after a while it was obvious he wasn't really looking to hook up, they began to leave him alone. The bar called last call and everyone began to talk of leaving. Julian leaned over and asked Brice if he was ok to get home.

"I think so, but can you tell me where I'm see I left my car over near Isaac's."

Julian then realized Brice was actually intoxicated and was just able to not show it very much. "Isaac's? I don't know that bar?"

"It's the sports bar over on 32nd."

"Oh, I'm afraid I don't do sports bars, but I can give you a ride over there. My car is just around the corner on the street."

So that is how they had ended up together; Julian was just going to be a good Samaritan, but when they were approaching his car, Brice had grabbed him by the arm, spun him around and kissed him. He was forceful with the way he pushed up against Julian, holding him tight as he kissed him on the mouth. Julian was surprised but quickly relaxed into it. He had found Brice attractive, very masculine in his white t-shirt and jeans, and the frayed old ball cap that let his wavy brown hair curl out from underneath.

"Can we go to your place?" Brice asked Julian as he held him in his arms.

"Yeah, sure....lets go."

They were at Julian's apartment in only a few minutes and inside the door Brice pushed Julian against the wall, kissing him passionately, on the mouth, on the neck, ear, along his hair line. He pulled up his shirt, pushed it roughly to his arm pits as he mouthed his nipples, lightly biting them. He pushed his hand down the front of Julian's jeans, groping for his cock, feeling it, squeezing it as Julian began to get an erection.

Brice was reckless, almost wild, as he man handled Julian against the wall. He dropped to his knees and pulled open Julian's jeans, tugging them down along with his briefs. Julian's cock was half hard. Brice took it, kissed it, licked the head, and began to suck, to work his mouth over it, pushing down the shaft as far as he could. Julian was soon fully erect, hard with Brice's ministrations, his wet hot mouth working it over. Julian had to push him back to keep from coming too soon. He pulled his shirt off and bent over to get his legs out of the tangle of jeans and briefs. Brice stood up and began to strip, throwing his shirt in one direction, his jeans and boxers in another. Julian looked at his toned body; he looked at his cock, which was standing up straight, the head wet. Julian dropped to his knees and pulled Brice to him. He took Brice's cock and sucked the pre-cum off the head, enjoying the taste and the feel of him filling his mouth. Brice grabbed him by the hair and pushed his cock into his mouth, then pulled back, pushed back in, working up his pace, fucking Julian's mouth, letting him feel his cock slide over his tongue and push at his throat.

Julian pulled off and stood, taking Brice by the hand, leading him to his bedroom. Brice was still the more aggressive one, pushing Julian down on the bed and falling on top of him, mouth on mouth, cock grinding on cock, he man handled Julian. He held Julian's hands down as he nibbled his ear, kissed and tongued his neck, kissed him roughly on the mouth. He pushed one knee between Julian's legs kicking them apart as he moved between them. He pushed his cock into Julian's mashing them together.

"I want to fuck you" Brice stated with desperation.

Julian spread his legs more, wanting it, feeling Brice's need, his desire. He pushed up to him, arms wrapped around his neck. "Fuck me Brice, go ahead, put it in me." He'd not been with someone so forceful, so boisterous in a long time. Brice sat up on his knees, stroking his hard cock, the head wet, pre-cum literally drooling down. He looked down on Julian's stretched out body, his lean dark skin, the thin line of dark hair leading from navel to cock, hard and arced up over his stomach. Brice took Julian in his hand, stroked it, feeling its girth, its firmness. Suddenly he surprised Julian by moving forward, over his hips. He wasn't going to fuck Julian; he was going to let Julian fuck him. He held up Julian's cock and lowered down to it. He felt it nudge him, push against him. He moved his hips back and forth feeling Julian's cock rub along his ass, sending shivers up his spine. Brice pushed down, feeling the head penetrate him, push in through his tightness. He didn't feel it as he should have and he lowered himself down hard, taking all of Julian quickly. He sat down all the way, squirmed his ass, feeling the fullness of it, the burn of pain of his stretched opening. He rose up and back down, over and over until he was working his hole over Julian's cock, relishing the feel of it sliding through him. When he finally began to get tired, Julian sat up and pushed him over on his back. Soon he was between his legs, pushing cock into him, all the way he worked it into Brice, feeling the inner heat and the tight grip of his opening on his cock. He pulled out, then in again, working up his pace. Soon he was in rhythm, fucking hard into Brice, slamming his hips into him. The pace, the zealousness of Brice had infected Julian and he was as aggressive. Hammering away at Brice, feeling his cock slam through his tight opening, Julian kept up his pace. Brice began to stroke his cock, hammering his fist down as he worked his own cock. Julian began to sweat, his rhythm getting ragged, his thrusts making him close. Then he felt it; Brice's opening squeezing him, flexing around his cock and he knew without looking. Brice was cumming, shooting his load over his chest and stomach. Brice's hand kept stroking his wet cock, smearing the last of his load over the shaft. Julian couldn't hold back any longer and he came. Thrusting each shot deep into Brice, pushing his cock deep in him as he pumped himself empty. When he was spent he fell over Brice, trying to catch his breath. He lay for a while on top of Brice feeling their breathing return to normal. He rolled off and leaned up to say something to Brice about how good it was when he saw Brice was still hard, stroking his cock slowly, looking at Julian with a crazed lust. He moved up on his knees as he roughly flipped Julian onto his stomach. Julian got up on his knees, his ass opened up, ready for what Brice wanted. He felt Brice get between his legs, push them apart further, nudge up to him, rubbing his cock along the cleft of his ass. Over and over he felt that hard cock rub him there, up and down and over his opening, teasing it, making him want it.

"Please Brice, put it in me" he begged.

Brice pushed at him, pushed against him till he opened up and let him in. He felt Brice slid into him, slowly, working all the way in, until he felt his body push up against his ass. He didn't wait long and he was pulling back and then pushing in, working himself through Julian's insides, fucking long strokes, his pace more methodically and it drove Julian nuts. The slowness of the fuck, the completely different rhythm than before made him want it more. He pushed back when Brice drove inward, pushing to get all of him. Brice grabbed him by the hair, pulling his head up.

"You like my dick in your ass?" he grunted as he slammed inward again.

"Yeah....fuck my ass...fuck....harder..." Julian grunted as he kept pushing back to meet Brice's push inward. Brice fucked him a long time, his stamina almost frightening as he hammered away at his ass. Julian could feel the sweat drops land on his back from Brice sweating profusely, his skin slick with it. Brice put a hand on Julian's back, pushed him down till his shoulders were on the bed, only his ass held up in the air, more open, more accessible to his thrusts. When Brice pulled out and jerked his legs out, dropping him flat on the bed, he arced his ass up, waiting, ready. He reached back and spread his cheeks, exposing his opening. Brice moved up and slammed his cock into him, thrusting in all the way. He dropped down over him, raised up on his hands and feet and began to pile drive his cock into Julian, slamming his hips down on his ass, punishingly, he fucked him. His thrusts became short, ragged and Julian knew he was there. He felt Brice slam down hard and hold still a brief moment, then Brice laid flat on Julian's back, and slowly ground his cock through Julian's inside, dumping his load into him. Julian felt the hot wet slickness of his body cover him, and he felt the way he worked his cock inside him and he humped his cock into the sheet in short constricted thrusts until he came again. Julian and Brice were exhausted. Brice slid off his back and to this side. They lay for a while waiting for their breathing to return to normal. After a few minutes Julian opened his eyes, leaned up to tell Brice how great it had been and saw Brice was asleep. He snuggled up next to him, feeling the heat of his body and the cum on his chest as it dried. He'd tell him in the morning how great it had been.



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