Billy and I had grown up together, being next door neighbors and all, going to the same school and just about in all, we practically were like twins. We were both born in the same month, had the same colored hair, were rather built alike and we both got into gymnastics early on at aboutthe age of seven, and both went on to become state class gymnists. Oh yeah! my name is Steven Steadman.

Billy and I had also been sexually intimate with each other since we were about ten, doing those things little boys aren't suppose to do, well maybe just a little, but not suppose to tell others, especially grown ups about.

We had many sleepovers with each others and it always ended up the same way, I'll rub yours if you'll rub mine.

Well we weren't kids anymore we turned nineteen last month and we have progressed into a more mature expression of our sexuality, I must say Billy is a gorgeous young hunk, and he can suck a bowling ball thru a soda straw. He is a fenominal oral lover, and I'm not to shabby at it either.

About eight months ago my Mother met this guy named Ted.

Now Ted was a very good looking man of about thirty six maybe seven, a year younger than my mom and he loves the sports scene, and has really taken an interest in my Gymnastics.

I was really getting close to Ted and he couldn't have been more like a father to me, having lost my Dad to cancer at eleven.

Ted was a Self made Business owner, made awesome Money but Mom wanted to stay in our home since it was plenty nice enough and I would be getting it when or if something happened to her or she moved somewhere else. My Father had purchased it right after they were married.

I had come along a year later Mom was only seventeen when I was born.

Well Mom and Ted were a good looking couple in their mid to late thrities. Both made good money, Mom had gotten her beauty liscense with the money she got from Dads life insurance, she put some back for my education, and started her own Beauty Shop in the inner city, it really took off and grew and she now has twelve operators working for her and she has made a whopping bunch of money.

Well I knew that the Tri-State meet was coming up, Billy had out of the picture due to an appendecitis operation he had to have.

I told my mom that I would just ride the bus with the other guys and stay in the same motel with them, when Ted said, 'Hey Steve, why don't I go to the meet with you, I can drive the Lincoln, we can share a room if you don't mind.'

'Wow really, you really would take off work and go with me, It's in Denver, thats two states away you know?'

I was really excited as hell over Ted's comming with me. Truth was I had this thing for him ever since that morning I had seen him in the bathroom.

Mom had gone to work and I had just gotten out of bed, I had a piss hardon and I went into the bathroom in the hallway, the door was standing open and there stood Ted in just his tidy white briefs pulled down under his heavy thick nuts sack and taking a piss, I couldn't help staring at his cock, It was one hell of a good looking uncut, half hard hunk of man meat standing almost hard at about eight and a half very thick inches and I swallowed hard. I just said, 'excuse me Ted I didn't Mea---'

'hey man, don't let it bother you, were family now, come on in, I haven't got a thing Im sure you haven't seen one like before, when I was your age I use to go into the bathroom with my dad in there naked it was no big deal.'

I was mesmerized at his cock, he just smiled as I stared, standing in my boxer briefs with a little over seven piss hard inches, sticking straight upward, like a tent pole in my shorts. I watched as Ted just slowly stood there for a few seconds sliding that gorgeous foreskin back and forth exposing that awesome looking, thick, swollen head. It was all I could do to keep from dropping down, and start sucking that awesome cock of Ted's.

He finally stopped his showing off for me, at least that's what I was thinking it was, and he put his hardon back into his white briefs as I walked over and slid my boxer-briefs under my nuts and out popped my thobbing cock, hard as a peice of flintrock, I had to stand there and hold it down to keep from pissing on the ceiling, Ted just stood in front of the mirror and acted like he was looking at his teeth, but I noticed him checking out my manhood, and another thing, he mentioned to me about being circumcised and also that if I hadn't noticed, he wasn't. I sorta acted like I hadn't notice his uncut meat, and said,'Really, I hadn't noticed,' I was beginning to like this. And something else I noticed, his cock never did go down that morning either.

Well we went down to the kitchen and He made us breakfast.

Mom had already left for her Shop, It was Saturday and its their biggest day at the beauty shop.

We had just finished our breakfast when Ted asked me if I needed anything for the upcoming meet, I did need some newer clothes but I had thought mom and I would probably pick them up at the store Monday since that was her day off, Ted just said,'Hey I'm your Dad now, why can't we make this a guys day out, I'll take you and we can have a bonding day so to speak.'

'Wow man, that sounds awesome, lets hit it.'

We drove to a huge Mall and went shopping, I was fasinated with Ted, he was so knowledgeable about everything, and knew so many people.

He got me new Reboks, new levis, shirts and new underwear, and a couple new jockstraps He made me promise to model them when we got home, which I thought was strange, but I didn't have a problem with that at all.

That next day we started getting ready to head out Sunday Evening, we had a two and a half day ride ahead of us. I was surprised that mom had suggested Ted take me, and knowing I would be alone with my new step dad was just awesome to me.

We took in some sights on the way and decided to stay at a motel six somewhere in Kansas, being tired of driving.

Ted got a single room to save cash and I don't know if I was just glad to be with him or it was something else, but Ted was acting like a High School boy with his girlfriend, it didn't seem to me he could do enough to please me, Hey fuck man, I wasn't minding at all, I was really enjoying it.

It was hot that evening and Ted suggested we take a swim in the Motel pool about nine oclock, we started getting ready and I noticed Ted had brought his trunks and an extra pair for me, they were almost 'Bikini style and really didn't leave nothing to the imagination, I got dressed in them and Ted was standing in the motel room just ogling my lithe muscular, very ripped body, being a top notch gymnist It had to be, I was in contention for the Olympics, I was really quite proud of my body.

We got ourselves a towel and went to the pool, the sign read that the pool closed at eleven o'clock, and it was already about nine fifteen.

We dove into the water and it felt so friggen awesome against our bodies as we just layed back and relaxed in the pool, we were the only ones there and it was getting quite dark.

I was laying over against the side with my arms up along the edging of the pool and laying outward with my legs when Ted walked up to me and sorta splashed water on my face and giggled and we started a game of splash, then it went to grabbing each other and wrapping each other around the waist with our legs and getting each other in a sissors lock.

I had Ted in a sissor lock with my muscular legs when I felt his hand start to rub my chest, Ted looked into my eyes, got sorta quiet and very serious and said,'Steven do you know just how beautiful a guy you are, your so awesome looking, do you know that?'

He looked me straight into my eyes and for some reason I knew, I looked into his eyes and said, 'I know why my mother fell in love with you, your so gorgeous, I love your hairy chest and your really built well,' He smiled and said, 'Well son I'm so glad you like my looks, I really like yours too.'

I felt heat starting to rise when he said that, and I felt my cock start to rise too, as I just stayed with my legs around his body. Ted just kept looking into my eyes and then he said something that caught my ear really erotically.

'Steven your a gorgeous looking guy and I would like to know something Steven, have you ever done anything sexually with a man, or guy before?'

'Yeah, I have, does that present a problem for you, having to sleep with me and all?'

Our eyes stayed connected with each other.

'Believe me Steven, It will be my pleasure to sleep with you tonight and every night we are away from home.'

I had this awesome feeling go over my body and I felt such arousal and excitement in my body as we just stood there connected like that, I felt my cock as it hardened up and came out from under the waistband of my bikini trunks. I felt Teds hand slide down my chest and over my nipples and then he put his hands around my back and slid them down inside my swim briefs and began to massage my ass, it felt so hot, and so fenominal, I was wanting to please Ted so fucking much, and he was wanting to please me, God it was awesome.

As we were standing there in the water in the dark, I felt his hand finally found my man hole and sort pressed his finger into it, I was wilting with desire, my body was on fire from his touch. Ted was a master of sensuality and he was working his magic on my body.

I felt his hand take my chin and he looked into my eyes and leaned over and started kissing me like nothing I had ever felt before, God I wanted him so bad, he could have fucked my brains out till the cows come home and I wouldn't have resisted, I reached down and felt that most awesome of body parts, Hard, thick, throbbing inside his trunks and he just kept kissing me as I rubbed his cock in those trunks.

I was in total heat by this time, I was licking and kissing and slathering my mouth all over his stubbled unshaven face, god I needed his cock in me, any orafice would have been all right, I just needed him.

He smiled at me and said,'Let take this to the room? Alright, before we draw a crowd.'

I was putty in his hands. Ted had me where he wanted me, and I was completely happy there too.

We got to the motel room and I slid my bikini trunks off and there is stood still wet headed, water dripping and my cock standing straight upward, the thick pink head swollen about as wide as I have ever seen it, and then when Ted dropped his trunks and I saw that awesome package, I knew this is why He came, to keep me satisfied.

God his body was awesome, hairy chested muscular, thick heavy muscular pronounced leg muscles, and a set of nuts that looked like they come of a Brahama Bull, and a cock that was sticking out straight, thick and veiny, it was a piece of masterwork.

I quickly got close to him kissed him on his lips like my lover that he was for the night, and dropped to my knees and engulfed his gorgeous forskin covered cock to the pubes, I felt it slid down my throat and I started doing what I do best, I heard him say 'Oh Jesus, Steve, god damn, you weren't kidding when you said you've done this before,' I felt his hands on the back of my head as I started sucking that cock like it was the only one on earth. I began to rub his fastly tightening nutsack and feeling those nuts as the drew up tightly on each side of his hardon.

Teds Cock and Balls tasted fantastic, and that mans aroma that waifs against your nose as your that close to his precious parts, was astounding, I could get off from that alone.

Finally I reached around and drew his body up tight against my face as I took his cock to the hilt and just held him there and let my throat muscles massage his cockhead, and then back off enought to lick and swirl my tongue around the frenum and the bell of his cock head, Ted was grunting with each ingesting of his cock into my mouth.

I felt his body tightening as he drew closer to that final crescendo of pleasure and I took him over the top and his cum started filling my mouth.

Never had I felt so sensually satisfied in my life, Teds body was jerking as his cum ejaculated into my mouth and throat.

I was in my own heaven, his cum tasted awesome, that awesome musty, kinda bleachy, sweet, salty taste.

'Awh Fuck Steve, that was out of this world, Damn, I never had a better suck job in my life, and I have had quite a few.'

I stood up and kissed his face, letting him taste himself on my lips and tongue which he liked. 'I'm really glad you enjoyed it, theres nothing I like more that sucking a good hard, hot cock, maybe that feeling on up my ass.'

'That night was not over yet, we crawled on the bed and as he rested I just let him play with my cock which wasn't gonna take much more to explode, then just as I was about to say something, Ted's mouth went over the head of my cock and I almost flew off the bed, Ted had my cock to the hilt and then some, I could feel his teeth grinding against my pubes and he was definately deep throating my hardon with great gusto.

It took all of three minutes and my cock was unloading like a machine gun at a massacre.

I filled his mouth with cum and he gulped it all down like a champ.

Well we both slept like newborn babies that night, and woke up to a good morning repeat of the night before. He had great stamina for an older guy, but then thirty six isn't all that old is it?

We went on to the meet, I did just wonderful and won first place and took our team to the Olympic trials, I was just elated at the prospect of going to the Olympics but I was more elated with the prospect of getting it on with Ted again.

That last night there, I asked Ted to fuck me, its something I hadn't done much, but Ted was all in for taking care of me.

We stopped at a drug store and got some lube, and went to the motel, we swam and cooled down that night and then we went to bed.

I was laying there and I was playing with my hardon watching Ted stroke his gorgeous cock, I was amazed with that foresking and watched that head as it came out of that skin and slowly dissapeared again, it was fantastic.

I told Ten I wanted to feel it in my asshole, he got the lube raised me up on my back, with my ass in the air and my legs over my face, and started to rim my asshole, and damn was that ever and awesome feeling, never had that done before.

I felt like I was gonna cum from getting eaten out.

Ted Stopped rimming me and got the lube and said,'Hey when I push in Steve, you push back,O.K.'

'Yeah man, you got it.'

He slathered his cock with lube, and then stuck a couple fingers up my poop chute, and then placed his cock head against my anal opening and sunk about five inches into my ass, it hurt like a mother fucker, and I let out a grunt, I really hurt only a little while, and then the pleasure took over.

I was rocking and rolling as he bread my asshole like a bull fucking a cow.

Truth was I was loving it like crazy, I had found a new enjoyment with Ted.

Ted slow fucked me for almost an hour, making sure I was getting into the groove, and I man was in it. I could feel his cock hitting that spot inside and when I started feeling that, it didn't take long for me to unload my cum, and god Did it unload, I shot cum all the way up over my head onto the wall, on my face, in my mouth and on my chest.

Ted just laughed as he started moaning and grunting and I felt him pull me close as his cock flexed and filled me up and I mean filled me up.

That was a wonderful,fun,and sex filled week.

I was glad to get home and the First thing my Mom said to me was,'I hope you boys found some common ground to build a relationship on.'

Ted Looked at me and smiled and said, 'Wow did we ever,' I smiled and said,'Hey mom, you couldn't have married a better new Dad for me, We got along fantastically.'

'Well you to can have a lot of these times together then I will just have Ted take you to all your meets, if thats alright with Ted.'

'Ted just smiled and said, I wouldn't have it any other way.' Well it has been several years now and I have told no one about Ted's little Secret.



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