After the department Supervisor, Mr.Joseph Cuchioni, had died of a massive coronary, I was called upon to take the temporary position of Supervisor, I had been working in the leadman position in my department for some years now, but I was not sure that I wanted to be in the supervisor role. But I did the best I could under the circumstances, finally they got another supervisor from another department to head up and take over the supervisor position, I stayed on as foreman under him.

Well this whole thing of being a leader in my department was nothing new to me since I have been there since I graduated College, almost eleven years.

I was now thirty two, I had stayed in good physical shape by jogging and working out several times a week in a local spa and health club.

Well this young man, fresh out of college hired in and was put under my supervision to teach him the way we did things and all about our product line etc.

William was a very nice looking, well built guy, husky looking, thick arms, nice chest and nice shapely waist, friendly as he could be, that southern charm and a smile that could melt the hardest heart, gorgeous eyes and he had this little dark sorta goatee kind of thing on his chin, cute as a button, I felt an immediate sexual attraction for William.

The more I worked with him the more feelings I was having for him, I really wanted to tell him the truth, how I wanted him to spend the night with him, and ravish his manly, hairy body, but I kept it to myself at least for the time.

William was a very good quick, understudy and learned very fast and very well, I was proud, he just responded to my bragging on him that it was my teaching which I knew was bullshit but I appreciated his niceness.

Well Mr. McMahan, (Head Boss and part owner of the company) called Williamand me into his office one afternoon and ask us if we would like to represent the company in Orlando, Florida at a nationwide trade show. Well as you might expect we both jumped at the chance, 'I know your both qualified, and I have kept up on both your work in the company and I personlly think you would both be top notch representatives for us. There will also be a $1000.oo bonus of course, above your salaries, and all expenses are paid, too, including car rental, hotel or motel expenses and meals plus any other immenities needed.

We both jumped at the opportunity to do this.

I was both embarrassed and humored at Williams response to Mr. McMahan's request to go to Orlando, Fla. 'Fuck yeah, Jesus man, that would be so fricken Awesome!' William said like an over excited schoolboy..

Mr. McMahans mouth dropped open and he smiled, then William, young and anxious, and Red faced, just slapped his hand over his mouth, 'Oh sir, I'm very sorry for that outburst,' he said.

Mr. McMahan looked at William and started laughing and said, Hey son, we all slip up at the most improper times, it's not a problem.'

We left the office both about to burst with excitement, we were to get the itenary and packet for the trip from the bosses secretary, which we did, we were to leave from the airport that Sunday afternoon, giving us time to get there and settled in and ready for the trade show.

Well the flight to Orlando and the wait at the airport gave me the chance to get to know William on a personal level, he was unmarried (to my personal liking,) Never been fucked by girl or guy, for all intents and purposed he was still a virgin, never had a good blowjob from either sex.

William did disclose one thing to me that was of a personal nature, since we were both opening up and sharing our inner secrets, he had stolen a dildo, one of those ones made from the mold of a porn star, I think he said it was Peter North, well anyway he loved using it on himself, he had seen a video one time of a girl using a strapon on a guy, and for some reason thought it was hot,and had wondered what it might feel like.

So he stole this dildo and began using it on himself when he Masturbated, He said he loved how it felt with it up his asshole when he jerked of and busted a nut, said made his cuming so much more intense.

He had always wanted to try it with a guy and feel a real cock up his ass but never had the balls to ask anyone, fearing rejection because they might think he was a 'flaming fag' or something.

Boy did he have a fantastic surprise waiting for him when we got into the Motel.

We finally landed and got our rental car and headed for a fast food joint to get something to eat, had supper or late lunch, whatever, then headed for the motel, we had reservations for a two room suite.

Well we decided we might as well share a room and downsized to a single with a king sized bed, and save the company money.

It was a very nice room jacuzzi and all, We had use of a swimming pool on the complex, everything you could want, a room several doors down with snack machines ect., it was very nice.

We drove by a movie house and saw what was playin and decided to go to the movie that night.

About half way thru the movie, I just looked at William and said, 'William your really one hot, sexy looking guy, what would you say to me, if I told you I am wanting to suck your cock for you?'

'I watched him turn his face toward me and smile, your kidding right?' He said.

I Leaned over and kissed him there in the theatre, no one noticed a thing since we were setting in the back.

He acted stunned, 'Wanna go back to the Motel?' I said. 'Oh hell yeah man,' He responded, we left and went back.

As we drove back I asked William if he knew what a blow job felt like, he said 'no, I never had one before.'

'You do know that no woman can give head like a man does,' I asked

WE got back to the room and when we got back into the room I had him set down on the bed, I began to undress him as he smiled, watching me in anticipation, god I was turned on to his youth and handsomeness.

I took his shirt, shoes and socks off and then undid his trousers as he leaned back resting upright on his elbows. I had him raise up and slid his trousers off and beheld an already stiff, like a steel pipe, cock.

Now his body was a thing beauty, at least to me, thick husky beauty and he had a little roll of fat around his midsection, not enough to make him look fat but nice, meaty man.

His black hairy chest and stomach and that pubic bush was awesome, I always loved a man with hair, natures finest, he was gorgeous.

My fucking heart was hammering like a triphammer in my chest from being so excited an turned, I was about to break in a virgin stud, and I was loving it.

I knelt in front of William and pushed his lovely hairy legs apart and began to rub my hands on the insides of his thighs, up to and feeling his nuts the were like a bulls only pulled up tight against his cock base, his cock was thicker than mine, maybe about 5.5 to 6 inches in circumference,not porn star long, but long enough for us both to enjoy, it as cut, with that dark skinned scar around the shaft, and a beautiful flarred out pinkish head with just that awesome dropplet of pre-cum glistening at the end of the tip, it was a meal for a king, and he was ready for the takeing.

I began to slide my hand upward across his stomach and chest,untill I took his nipples into my fingers and began to gently roll them back and fort, then I let my hot wet mouth slide over the head of his cock and my lips pressed the shaft about four inches down the length of his cock shaft andI felt his cock flex out tight as my tongue began to circle the swollen glans of his cock, he moaned, and I thought he would fly off the bed.

William let out a loud gasp as I began a nonstop blowjob of epic porportions, I wanted this to be a monumental blowjob for William, being it was his first.

Williams body went backwards on the bed and he started huffing and panting, 'God man, I would never in a million years have thought it would be this awesome.'

I was deep throating his awesome cock and that taste of the pre-cum was setting me onfire.

I slowly grazed his cock with the tightness of my wet lips taking his cock to the balls and massaging both his balls with my right hand, Then after about five minutes of his thrashing and Jerking and and having a blast with getting his cock sucked for the first time, said, 'OH FUCK Ken, Im going to shoot, Im gonna cum,' I just stopped long enough to say, 'Hey William, I certainly hope so, I ain't doing this for nothing, ya know.' then went back to work sucking his cock.

I thought William was gonna take my head off when he started almost gasping for air and I felt his hands grab my head and pull it onto his cock and that cock start jerking in my mouth and filling it with his cum, Fuck man, What a rush for me. I loved it.

I sucked his cock dry for him that day.

I didn't think that he was gonna stop thanking me for the most wonderful experience of his life.

We layed together and he kissed me like I was his lover or something, to which I didn't mind at all.

We went out a little later and got some burgers and fries and sodas, and talked about a lot of different things.

But Mostly William couldn't get over the sex thing with another guy.

We went back to bed that night sleeping in the same bed, but William wanted to sleep with my arms around him, cuddling and loving on my, Truth was I hadn't gotten my nut yet that day.

I began to to make sexual advances and kisses and the rubbing etc.

I reached over and ask William if I could fuck him, and let him know what the real thing felt like, he smiled, 'I thought you'd never ask.' He said with a giggle.

I got some lube from my bag, (I always go prepared for any occasion) and I began by fingering his hole after about ten minutes of eating his asshole like a 'filet mignon' but to a man like me, it tastes better than a 'filet Mignon.'

After feeling like I had loosened him up and making him ready I lubed up his hole and then my seven incher, and I planted my root of love in William's garden of delight.

As my hard, throbbing cock sunk to the depths of his hot wet manhole I felt like I had died and gone to heaven and William let out a sound that could only be the sound of pure exstacy, we both began to fuck each other wildly and I was loving this action, he was fucking me like a wild person, and I was doing no less to him. All he could seem to say was 'Oh Yeah man, thats it fuck that ass.'

We were rutting like two wild boars in heat, and man was the climax building up, I needed to shoot my load so bad if someone would have interrupted me I would have shot them, his ass was so hot and tight, and I felt my cock head rubbing his prostate, he was feeling that too and before long I heard him let out a grunt and moan, and I felt his cock jerking between us he had shot his cum all over us both, I just let it happen and about a minute of constant hammering a jamming I Felt like a thousand jolts of electricity ran thru my body starting at the head of my cock and I unloaded a torrent of cum into his intestines like no body's business, I was one worn out, spent, happy camper by the time we both finished.

We were both gasping and huffing like we had run a 26 mile marathon.

We both layed back exhausted, and I looked over and he just smiled, kissed me on the lips and patted my face and said, 'I couldn't have ask for a better teacher Ken. Thanks for everything.'

For some reason the trade show went like a charm, without a hitch, we couldn't have ask for a better response to our company's product line, and I couldn't have asked for a better student to teach, the business to, or the sex.

Well that was two years ago, and altho we don't live together now, William and I have a non stop sexual relationship that is fantastic.



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