One of the most memorable events of our relationship with each other was that horrible stormy rainy night that I came back to our room I had been at the library doing some research for a paper that was due that week , it was in our third year.

I'll never forget the pain I saw in Tates eyes as I, soaking wet from walking uncovered from the library, opened the door to our dorm room and Tate was setting up on his bed, he had been crying and had his knees pulled up under his chin, with his pillow resting on his knees and his head buried in the pillow.

I looked at him and he looked straight at me and I walked over to him and as he sobbed staring into my eyes, I asked him, 'Tate what the world is wrong?'

'She's gone, I don't believe it, she's gone, I just spoke to her yesterday on the phone and now she's gone.' he said.

'Gone!, What are you talking about?' I asked.

'My Mother, she was killed this afternoon in a car wreck going home from shopping, a heavly loaded tractor trailor truck ran a red light and hit her car on the passenger door, she and Jarod, our Chauffer, were both killed instantly.' He said, as He sobbed.

'Oh Tate, I'm so sorry,' I said as I got up on the bed beside him and held him in my arms.

'I remember how it felt when My father was killed on the job when I was young, my whole world changed, but I can't imagine the pain of loosing your mother.' I said.

'Just HOld Me,' he said, as I wrapped my arms around him.

Tate needed my love, and for some reason it led to him wanting sex. Emotions are a strange thing.

As I hugged and petted on Tate, he leaned into my face and began kissing me, 'Ken, I need your love right now, O.k.' he said.

I really didn't expect it to mean sex, but the first thing he did was began kissing me, I was getting turned on like big time, but I wasn't expecting this.

'I had not until this day ever fucked Tate, it was always him doing me, which was fine with me.

Tate, began takeing off his sweat pants and began almost violently rubbing my body, I was getting hotter than a stove poker.

I felt his hands go down into the front of my sweat pants and he began to rub my hardening cock with fervency of a starving dog after a hunk of steak.

Before I could get a word out, he had my cock out and had it to the balls into his mouth and throat, I won't deny it was feeling fantastic, but was he o.k? I just began to go with his flow.

I felt his cock in his sweats and I realized he was not kidding, it was harder than I had ever felt it.

I slid his sweats off and he lay on his back and said, 'Ken I want you to fuck me, please Fuck me hard, I need it now.'

I got out some lube and I got him ready, and I went down on his ass and began eating it out, he got almost violent as I felt him tearing at the covers with his free hands and pulling at his pillow and biting and chewing on it as he groaned.

I was fully ready to fuck at this time, I reached down pulled off my sweat pants and raised his legs upward, and took my uncut cock, slid back the foreskin, took that awesome flowing clear, sticky and slick pre-cum and slathered it on my cock and put its head on the hot opening of his asshole,the heat of the hole was unblievable,'Yeah that's it Ken, plant it deep inside me, fuck me hard and furious, make love to me man, I want the full extent of your love for me.' he said.

'Awe Fuck' was his first explative, it knew his tight hot virgin asshole was in a pain,being stretched out like it was, Im fairly thick, but he never wavered as I finally buried it to the hilt I could feel his ass cheeks rubbing my balls as I shoved it to the hilt.

'AWH! SHIT, thats it, thats what I want Ken, Fuck me, forget about my moaning and groaning, and fuck me hard.' he said.

I began pounding his ass like he was a two dollar whore. Before I knew it he was fucking back up at me like there was no tomorrow, Damn he was likeing the feeling.

I looked down into his eyes, they were like they were on fire, glazed over and now he was feeling no pain, he took his long legs and wrapped them around me, and pulled me balls deep into his asshole.

'Oh God Ken, I love you, Oh shit man, I'm gonna cum, don't stop, Awh yeah, OH GOD DAMN!!!!!!' and he began to convulse as my own cock exploded with a load of cum that would have choked a horse. As Tate shot his cum all over his stomach and up to his chin, I felt every movement inside his rectum, each felx of his cock as it expelled his cum, I just leaned over and began kissing his handsome sweet face.

'Thank you Baby, I needed that, I will always need your sweet loving,' he said.

I stayed in his bed that night, holding Tate tightly, feeling him wake up on several occasions crying in his sleep. I would just hold him tighter, totally loving him in every way. Tate was my man.

The next day Tate had called his Father and told him that I would be bringing him home for the funeral, I was a little apprehensive about meeting his father, Tate did not get along that well with his father.

'If your father finds out your having sex and in love with a guy, will he dis-inherit you?' I asked.

Tate started laughing, 'He might try, but it would be futile, you see the company and my money is solidly mine, My mother was the sole owner of the corportation and enterprises that my father is CEO of, me, I am not really his son, hes a step father, I never knew my real father, so Mom made sure my future was secure, she truthfully owned everything.

The Business and all the property was my Grandfathers, on my mothers side,' all financial interests, oil, textiles, manufacturing companies etc, and the money, all mine now, my father works for me, thats set in stone, Mom made sure of it. So if he don't like my choices in life 'Tough shit,' he said. 'Sorry Ken, your in for the long haul , I wouldn't have it any other way, and by the way, while we are out, lets get you a different car, this little puddle jumper is the pits.' He said with a big smile.

I needed to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming, 'Hey Tate, I just want you to know, I'm not with you for your money, I do honestly love you,' I said.

'I know Ken, you didn't know I had any money except what you thought my father was allowing me to have, but I know you love me for being me. Thats why I love you too. Its a love thing not a money thing.' he said with a sweet smile as he squeezed my hand. 'And besides my Mom would have adored you and accepted you right from the start.

'I love you baby doll,' he said.

We had driven almost a hundred fifty miles and I could stand it no longer, I pulled off the side of the road and drove down this lonely deserted road, and reached over and removed Tates awesome cock from his sweat pants, it was only about half hard when I leaned down and took it into my mouth and began sucking his thick hot cock, before I knew it he had slipped his sweats off, and I was massaging his gorgeous thick nuts feeling his thick dark pubic bush, god he was gorgeous, and I took his thick bone hard cock as far into my mouth as it would go, but in the possition I was in I could only take about half or so, but Tate was loving it.

I knew by the way his balls had ridden up on either side of his thick cock that I was about to fullfill my greatest pleasure, drinking Tate's cum, and sure to the pattern I felt his cock begin that slight jerking movement as his cum filled my mouth, and his body slightly jerked as he grunted, and for some reason it was sweeter, more delicious and I made sure I took every little drip of his awesome seed, I looked up and he was leaning back with his head on the headrest just like he had died, he had the most pleasant look on his face.

'That was fucking amazing Ken, no one could possible do it any better.'

Tate wanted to do something different as we flew down the hiway he reached over and took my cock out, played with it till it was like a rock, and then as I drove down the road, he leaned over and began blowing me, it was fantastic. I had never gotten head in a car before but it was friggen awesome.

Tate took it all, I told him I was gonna cum but he never stopped one second, I was reacting to the buildup of the climax, and I had the gas peddle to the floor, going at 95 miles per hour,and I filled his mouth with my cum, and with it still in his mouth he shared it with me in a kiss as we haulled ass down the hiway.

The rest of our trip to his home was awesome, God did his Parents home seem opulant, I could tell Tate was a pampered little dude as he grew up.

I got a great surprise, a young woman about twenty came running out and greated him and hugged him and kissed him, I was sorta taken back.

Tate looked over and said, 'Ken, I would like you to meet my Sister, Amanda, her and I are step sibling's, my step father is her Dad, and I will see to it she is taken care of.'

Amanda and Tate were just alike, she was so sweet and loving, Tate said she was like their Mom, that same sweet kind personality, and she didn't get along with their dad either.

She was totally accepting of me.

Well we took care of the funeral and it was very sad for Tate and Amanda, but the father was like it was another day in the life, he showed no emotions at all, one would wonder if he even cared for Tate's Mom at all, which really pissed Amanda and Tate off, but time would come for them to do their thing.

We went out to dinner and Their father left for Denver where the main headquarters were, never even said goodby to the kids.

We had a great visit after the funeral and Amanda was now a part of my life too, which was alright.

We sat at dinner that night and Tate told her that He and I were lovers and had exchanged rings and were life partners, to which she just smiled at me raised a glass o wine and said, 'well Ken, Welcome to the family.' and kissed me on the cheek.

She will be staying at the mansion and continue living there, and we are expected back to share the Holidays with her. Life is better than I could have possibly imagined now. But I would have loved Tate with out a cent in his pocket, that awesome cock is worth a fortune in itself lol,but not just that huge cock, Tate himself is awesome, and our sex life couldn't be any better.



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