Gavin was driving along the old two lane highway through South Georgia just enjoying the act of driving. He played his favorite CDs, stopped at road side restaurants he normally wouldn't look twice at, and even walked through a downtown area of one small town browsing in antique shops, local craft shops and the general store, or was it called a feed and seed? This had not been his plan for vacation, but after 5 beautiful days in Miami, a small tropical storm literally washed out his plans. After sitting in his hotel room for a day watching it rain harder than he had ever seen it rain before, he decided to pack up and head out. He had planned to just drive straight back to Charlotte, North Carolina, taking interstates 95, 26 then 77, but remembering how utterly boring each stretch had been and how 95 along Florida's east coast was a nightmare at times, he decided to take secondary roads, to see what the area was really like. Ocala was amazing with its horse farms, and as he traveled north, past old, derelict tourist traps and northward he moved into the old South of pine forests and small farms. The skies had scattered clouds that broke the relentless sun but it was still brutally hot. Gavin had to keep the a/c cranking to stay cool.

As he drove along, he came to a fork in the road and on a whim took it. The old blacktop was narrow with the edges broken making him drive more toward the center for a smooth ride. The road had long stretches were it was straight, lying over the undulated hills for as far as the eye could see; then it would get into an area of curves winding over creeks, crossing over rail road tracks or just winding around an old farm place. He intended to cut back over to Columbus for the night and as he wound his way along wondered if he would get there before dark.

He broke over a hill and dropped down a steep descent crossing a bridge over a small stream and began to climb back up the other side when his car made a funny noise. Just one quick odd noise, then it sputtered a little. He took his foot off the gas a little and when he pushed back down a warning light on the dash lit up and the car died. He coasted to the side of the road. He sat for a moment realizing his little adventure may not have been such a good idea. He had not seen a house for a while. He got out and raised the hood, not knowing what he was looking for. There was nothing obvious to indicate the problem. He took out his cell phone to call someone and saw he had fucked up big time. It was dead. He had used it so much the last few days, calling guys he had met to hook up later, or to call friends back in Charlotte to tell them of his latest adventures, of how wild of a time he was having, and through it all he had not charged it. Well fuck me, he thought. He took off for the top of the hill to see if a house or anything was within sight that he could get help. At the top of the hill was just more pines, both sides of the road for as far as he could see.

"Shit" he uttered out loud.

He turned to go back to his car, deciding it may be better to wait and see if he could flag someone down. He sat for a long time, the sun dropping below the trees casting long dark shadows over him. It was so hot he sat with both front doors open capturing what breeze he could. He was hungry, sweaty and miserable. He even thought of jerking off just to pass the time then realized that would probably be when someone would show up, only for him to scare them off.

When it got dark, he noticed he could see so many stars in the sky it was amazing. Never in Charlotte, or in Chicago, where he was originally from, could you see anything like this in the night time sky. He got out to stretch his legs thinking he would have to bed down in the car overnight when headlights starting showing up over the crest of the hill. Finally, he thought as they vehicle came into view. Gavin stood at the side of the road waiting as the headlights came across the bridge and began to turn up toward him. He waved his arms to get their attention as they approached. The vehicle slowed down and eased up behind him. It was an old Chevy truck, some heavy duty model for it sat so much higher than his car. When the doors opened he saw two guys get out.

"What's seems to be the problem?" one asked Gavin.

"I have no idea. It just hesitated a little, a warning light came on and then it just died on me."

"Damn boy, you picked a shitty place to break down. There ain't nothing for another 8...9 miles down the road."

"Is there somewhere I can use a phone?"

"Well, we have one back at our place, but why don't ya pop the hood and let us take a look. Maybe we can fix it ourselves."

Gavin released the hood and the two guys came around and bent over the front end looking at the engine. He couldn't help but look them over. One was about his height, around five ten but the other one was much taller, easily six two or three. Both were lean and scruffy, with unshaved faces and hair that was a little long sticking out of the caps they wore. Neither looked much older than twenty-five or so. He let his eyes move down their bodies and the way the t-shirt hung loose around the waist of one and the other's shirt, half unbuttoned showed a smooth tanned chest. Bent over he could see their round asses in the tight jeans they wore. All he could think of was how he would love to fuck these farm boys.

"Well, all this plastic shit they shield the motor with makes it impossible to see anything" one of the guys said to the other.

"Well, what do ya think?" his partner replied back.

"Let's grab the tool box and take this shit off and then we can see if we can do anything to get this guy back on the road."

As the one taller guy made for the truck to get their tool box the other one turned to Gavin. "I'm Cody, and my partner there; that's Elijah, but don't call'em that. He hates it. Call'em Eli."

"Ok Cody, I'm Gavin, and I really appreciate you guys trying to help me."

"No problem. We was just heading back to the house from checking out a tractor a guy has for sale. The poor son of a bitch is loosing everything; wife left him ya see, so we thought we might as well...well...see if we could get a good deal on another tractor."

"I see, so you guys live close by?"

"Yeah, just a couple of miles on up the road. It's Eli's place. His folks got killed when he was a senior and he just started to run the place on his own. We meet at about a year later at an auction and I've been his...hired help ever since."

The way he hesitated in saying he was just Eli's hired help caught Gavin's attention. "Damn you guys must get lonely as shit out here; I mean what do you do for entertainment...for fun?"

"Oh, we can find things to do when we have free time, but the farm does keep us busy."

Eli came back with a large heavy tool box he could barely carry. The two of them set to work quickly and soon had the covers removed and the engine exposed. They checked wiring, looked at hoses, felt the belts but in the end couldn't tell what was wrong.

Eli stood up and caught Gavin looking at him intently. He smiled and wiped his hands on a rag.

"These new cars, especially these high dollar foreign jobs are too complicated. Ya need you an old car, something simple, something you can work on. See that truck. It's a 76 three quarter ton Chevy. A real tough fucker, and easy to work on. No, can't fix this but we can give you a lift to our place where you can call for a tow truck from up in the next town."

"We'll just throw all these panels in the trunk if you have room in there and you can lock it up" Cody added.

"Ok. I have my bag in the back seat so there is nothing in the trunk."

Gavin got in the driver's seat and popped the trunk. While Eli and Cody carried the panels around he secured the interior, reaching over to close the passenger door and then getting out he closed his door. Eli was shutting the trunk as Cody came for their tool box. Cody gave Gavin a funny smile as he walked past him.

"Come on Gavin, jump in and we'll go to the house and you can call for help" Eli said to him as he walked back to the truck.

Cody had made Gavin sit in the middle, where he had to sit with his legs turned toward Cody due to the shifter for the transmission took up so much space. The truck was rough riding, stiff and as they rode toward Eli's Gavin couldn't help but check them out, the way their tight worn jeans stretched over their legs and when he glanced up he could see how their cocks snaked down one leg. Fuck, they weren't wearing underwear he thought. As they rode along he told them he lived in Charlotte but was in Miami vacationing and when the tropical storm blew in he decided to road trip it back home.

They pulled up to the back of a clapboard sided house with a full width screen porch across the back. Behind them was a large barn and two smaller out buildings. Three dogs ran out to greet them, all some sort of hound.

"Don't mind the dogs, they don't bite. Come on in and you can make your call" Eli told him as Cody jumped down letting him out. Gavin followed Eli up the back steps and into the screen porch. Cody followed. They took their time, not in any rush, taking their shoes off on the porch then opening up the back door to go in. Gavin noticed they didn't have to unlock anything; everything was open.

"The phone is on the wall over there" Eli pointed to the far wall in the kitchen. As Gavin moved to use the phone Cody came up behind him and tackled him to the floor. Eli dropped down on his knees and helped Cody hold Gavin down. Gavin struggled to free himself.

"What the fuck...come on guys...don't..." was all he was able to say when Eli shoved one of his dirty socks in Gavin's mouth. Cody was tying his wrist together and then his ankles. When they had him bound and gagged they stood up and went about getting themselves a drink.

"What do you think?" Eli asked Cody.

"I think he's a real cute fucker, bet he takes it real good" Cody replied.

"Let's shower off and then we'll have us some fun."

They left the room and Gavin could hear the two of them talking and laughing as the shower came on and then he heard them; they were showering together. He couldn't help but be scared but also listening them in the shower, and the thought of those two farm boys, naked, together, made his cock start to get erect. It was a few minutes before they came back into the room and both were naked. Cocks half hard, hanging long over their nuts. They were hot. Cody, with the line of hair running up from his crotch to his navel and a few hairs in the middle of his chest, a chest that had more definition than he realized, showing a firm toned body only hard manual labor could provide. Then there was Eli; tall, lean and no body hair, hardly any under his arms. And he was lightly tanned except around his hips where he was really white, where his cock, fat and long hung noticeably. They stopped at the doorway and looked down on him laughing. Gavin shook his head no, and tried to get them to understand he wanted them to let him go. Cody came over and picked up something from the kitchen table and dropped in on the floor by Gavin's head. The sound of the magazines hitting the floor made Gavin jerk back but when he looked he saw they were his porno mags he had stashed in the trunk. Magazines showing guys tied up, getting hot waxed, in elaborate contraptions or wearing harnesses, cuffs, cock rings, sitting on dildos, and fucking.

Eli squatted down my Gavin's head, his big fat cock hanging only inches away, and pulled the sock out of his mouth.

"Please..." was all he could say at first as Cody and Eli were laughing at him. "Come on guys, let me loose...I mean I really think the two of you are hot, and I'd love to mess around with you...but...can't you let me loose?"

Eli roughly grabbed his head, turning it the angle he needed as he pushed his cock in Gavin's mouth.

"Let's see if this bitch can suck cock" as he pulled Gavin's head onto his cock then back down, fucking his mouth brutally, gagging him.

"Goddamn Eli, don't choke him to death."

Eli stopped, holding his cock firmly lodged in Gavin's throat. "Let's take 'em to the barn."

Gavin couldn't believe how easily Eli threw him over his shoulders. He weighed 180 and Eli wasn't bulked up, but he was evidently very strong. In the barn all Gavin could see was what was behind them. The first part of the barn was just a dirt floor with columns splitting it into three bays. A combine in one, two tractors in the other and a grain truck in the one they walked through. At the back, Eli stepped up and onto a wooden floor. As he swung Gavin around and down on the floor, Gavin saw it was a shop area with a work bench down two walls. But there was something else about the space. Metal rings mounted in middle of the floor, metal rings mounted on one open wall, an old bench about five feet long near the front with eye-hooks on its supporting legs, a stockade mounted to a vertical panel about 18" wide, chains hanging down and looped over to a wall where they were fastened, and over to one side hung a wooden platform, suspended by four large chains. There was something different about this, something a little scarier. Everything was hand crafted. It wasn't some dungeon play room like he had been to in Chicago or Miami, or someone's private playroom set up in a basement, but it was just a space inside a working barn, out in the middle of nowhere, but it felt more real than all of them.

Eli held him down as Cody tied his bound wrists to a ring in the floor. Once secured Eli took his shorts off, carefully folding them, placing them in a shopping bag and set them on a work bench.

"Don't want your shorts with all your stuff to get messed up."

Cody came over to him and flipped him over on his back, and sat on his chest. His hard cock was inches from his face.

"You want it don't ya?" as he stroked it slowly.

Cody scooted up and pushed his cock to Gavin lips. "Come on boy, suck it" and Gavin took the head in his mouth, sucking on it, tonguing it as Cody leaned up on his knees and began to moved it back and forth through his mouth.

"Goddamn whore, look at'em Eli, sucking like he's starved."

Cody let Gavin work his cock, take as much as he would give him, but after a short time he pulled out and got up on his knees. He reached down and grabbed Gavin's t-shirt by the neck and jerked it hard, downward, breaking the neck binding and ripping it almost all the way open. He stood up still holding part of the shirt and jerked it again, finishing the tearing and snatching it up, catching in Gavin's arm pits the untorn sleeves. Cody reached down and tore through each sleeve and then tossed the ripped remains in Gavin's face.

"I think ya should work his ass open some. We don't want to hurt him too bad, do we?" Eli said to Cody making them both laugh. Cody flipped Gavin onto his knees and elbows and ripped the seat of his briefs open exposing his ass. He ran his hands over the exposed flesh, feeling the firm globes of his cheeks, sliding his fingers into the cleft, probing into him, penetrating his hole, pushing a finger in all the way.

"Damn, son of bitch is tight. You'd think being in Miami playing around he'd be all loose."

"Well, we know how to fix that, don't we" Eli replied.

Gavin couldn't believe it and didn't know what to say. One part was scared but another part of him wanted it. The fear of it, the unplanned nature of it aroused him. He felt Cody push another finger in him, then another, and when he pulled them out, he soon felt Cody's cock pushing to get in. He penetrated him slowly, pushing in slowly.

"Goddamn that feels fine" Cody told Eli.

He soon began to fuck Gavin, working his cock through his insides. Pushing in till he slapped up to Gavin's ass, then pulling almost all the way out. A steady rhythm, feeling his cock slide inch by inch into Gavin and back out. Eli walked up and watched for a moment, then reached down and cut the waist band of Gavin's briefs.

"Get those fucking things off of 'em."

Cody tore them completely off and threw them to the side. Gavin could see them lying on the floor, torn to shreds. Suddenly he felt something hot drip down on his back. He rose up in shock and pain, crying out.

"Fuck, Eli, drip some more on 'em; he tightens up right nice when you dripped that hot wax on 'em."

Eli, holding a large candle began to not just drip the hot wax, but to pour it down Gavin's spine and over the cheeks of his ass. Cody kept slamming his cock through Gavin's hole enjoying how it tightened up with each clinching up Gavin did from the hot wax.

"You think we're going too far?" Eli asked Cody.

"Oh hell no, his cock is hard as a rock, come here and feel it."

Eli got down on his knees and reached under Gavin stroking his hard cock, then looked at Cody smiling. He scooted to Gavin's head, grabbed him by the hair forcing him to turn to face the cock Eli was holding toward him. Eli pushed forward and Gavin took it, worked his tongue over the head and along the shaft as Eli fed it to him. Eli began to pump his hips, working his cock in Gavin's hot slick mouth while Cody was fucking away at his ass. Gavin couldn't believe how hard he was, but scared too.

Without saying anything Cody and Eli withdrew from Gavin, leaving him panting on the floor. They started toward the front when Gavin called out.

"I need to piss."

"If you need to piss, just piss." Eli replied causing both of them to laugh. They left him as he was as they made their way out of the barn. Gavin lay on the floor for a long time, holding it as best he could, but not knowing when they would return, he let go. His piss ran over his thigh and leg, puddled on the floor around his legs. When he was finished, he shifted over out of the puddle and lay on his side, his wrist still bound tightly to the ring in the floor. How long he laid there he didn't know but eventually he heard the barn door slide open and Eli and Cody come back. Cody had a bowl in his hands, which he set on the floor near Gavin's head. Gavin immediately smelled the cooked hamburger in the bowl, his hunger pains getting more pronounced.

"We figured you haven't ate anything of quite a while, so we brought ya something. Don't piss us off and not clean out your bowl. They turned and walked out, talking amongst themselves. Gavin knew he had no choice so he got up on his knees and elbows and leaned over and ate as best he could. Like some kind of pet, some dog, he ate out of the bowl, getting the grease smeared on his face. As he was finishing, trying to lick up the last of the meat in the bottom of the bowl and it sliding away, he couldn't help but remember how a dog he had as a boy would do the same thing.

He lay there, feeling better with food on his stomach, but still apprehensive. He heard the barn door slide open again and soon Cody was walking up. He didn't say anything but went over to the stockade opening it up. Eli soon followed and began to untie Gavin from the floor ring.

"Get up" was all he said to Gavin. Gavin staggered to his feet, stiff, trying to stretch his muscles but Eli grabbed the rope hanging from his wrist bindings and pulled him toward the stockade. Cody helped push Gavin back into it while Eli untied the rope from his wrist.

"Don't try anything, ya hear. I'd hate to have to hurt ya." Gavin took Eli seriously, not knowing what to expect. He obediently backed against the panel and let them secure his neck and wrists in the stockade. Cody actually padlocked it in place. When Cody backed away, Gavin saw Eli was holding a flogger. A large leather one, with a nice thick handle he could keep a good grip on when he was using it. Eli didn't swing hard, but kept a steady pace. Across the chest and over the stomach, until it began to sting, turn his skin red. Then he swung low, harder, across his thighs. Gavin tried to turn away, a futile gesture, only able to twist his hips. The next blows were back over his stomach. Gavin heaved for breath as each stung worse than the one before. He struggled against the stockade, knowing his neck and wrists would be red from pushing against it. Cody was stroking his cock as he watched, the head now wet with pre-cum. Eli swung low again, this time across his cock and balls. Gavin automatically raised one leg in response, and Eli brought the flogger down across the thigh, hard, fast, straight down letting it wrap over and hit his cock again with the tips of the leather. Gavin cried out loudly.

"Is it too much for you? I'll give you a safe word and you say it if you want me to stop. Blue." Eli told Gavin just before he reared back to strike again.

"No...please..." Gavin replied, but no safe word. Eli smiled as he swung again. He hit hard again, this time across the chest, then the stomach, the chest, the stomach, then down over Gavin's hard leaking cock. Gavin was sweating, struggling to take it but then he cried out.

" more" his voice trailing off to a whisper. Eli walked away, going over to the work bench and Cody came up carrying rope. He stooped down and wrapped a section around each ankle several times then pulling his legs to each side of the panel where he tied them to an eye-hook behind Gavin. When he stood he rubbed over Gavin's red chest and stomach, feeling the warmth of his skin. He reached down and stroked Gavin's hard cock, smearing its wetness along its length. He brought his wet hand up to Gavin's mouth who knew what he was expected to do and he licked it clean. Cody leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth, pulling back with Gavin's lip caught between his teeth, giving it a tugged before he let go and moved to the side. He was doing something Gavin couldn't see but suddenly the whole panel and stockade tilted back horizontal. Gavin was on his back and his legs hung off each side. Eli came over with a butt plug, a large thick one. He began to push it at Gavin's hole, twisting and pushing until it began to enter Gavin, open him up. Eli, patient, persistent, kept up the pressure until he saw Gavin shake from the initial pain of his hole stretching open to accept the plug. Eli would stop, ease back and then push in again, going further each time. Cody came up and began to rub Gavin's chest, then he pinched his nipples, hard, pulling on them. Gavin pushed out as much as he could and in doing so he pushed down too, and Eli slid the plug in all the way. Gavin was breathing hard, skin glistening with sweat. Cody and Eli walked away for a moment only to return each holding large candles, burning within the cavity they had formed from previous use. Cody leaned over and kissed Gavin again as Eli began to drip the hot wax over his stomach. Cody captured Gavin's first cry of pain in his mouth. Cody stood up and whenever Eli stopped to let his candle melt some more wax, he would drip his candles. He loved to cover a man's nipples until you couldn't see them and Gavin received his wax on each one, painfully covering each until the wax on the skin cooled enough to turn white. Eli began again pouring low, between Gavin's navel and his cock, still hard lying back, pointing toward his navel, and when Eli got to its head, he poured the wax instead of dripping it all along Gavin's cock, covering it in hot wax. Gavin's legs kicked out against his restraints as he tried to bring his knees together.

"OH FUCK!" he cried out over and over until the wax cooled. Cody came over and held up Gavin's balls, massaged them in his hands, then tugged them tight making them red. He poured wax on them, letting the hot wax cover his hand as well. Gavin continued to struggle, but did not use the safe word. He cried out to stop, begging, but the safe word did not pass his trembling lips.

Cody and Eli moved away, setting the candles down on the work bench, they headed out of the barn again. Gavin heard Eli tell Cody it was time for a drink. When he heard them open the barn door the lights went out, leaving him in pitch black darkness. A darkness he had never been in before. No light from any direction could be seen. No dungeon had ever been like this. His sense of space was disoriented. Now he could hear the old barn occasionally creak, hear the wind blow outside, but nothing else.

He lay there feeling exhausted and at some point he actually feel asleep. He awoke with a start, trying to sit up, feeling the cracked peeling wax on his skin and the confinement of the stockade and his roped tied ankles and remembered where he was. He lay there for a long time thinking of all that had been happening and his cock got hard again. He felt it swell breaking the wax away. He lay there thinking he was ready for what was next.

Finally he heard the barn door slide open and the light come on. He heard them talking as they come through the barn. He couldn't lean up enough to see them approach but he heard them as they stepped up onto the wood floor. When Cody came into view he was still naked, cock half hard. Cody leaned under Gavin and soon the panel and stockade was being lifted back vertical. Gavin found he had trouble standing at first. Cody untied his ankles as Eli unlocked the stockade. When they had Gavin free they pushed him over to the hanging wood platform and pushed him over it, his chest and stomach lying flat. Cody pulled his arms up over his head and tied one to each corner. Eli took one ankle and then the other and pulled them out and tied them off to hooks in the floor. Gavin felt his helplessness as he couldn't get any since of balance, swinging slightly on the platform. Eli began to twist and pull on the butt plug, pulling while Gavin's hole fought against letting go, and he would push it back in all the way. Eli, patient as always, kept working it back and forth until it slid out. Gavin's hole stayed open for a few seconds, slowing closing as Eli watched with pleasure. There would be no preliminaries, not playing around anymore. No more toys. Eli stroked his fat long hard cock a few times, and then he moved up to Gavin, pushing against him, opening him up again. Eli pushed in, inch by inch, he slid his cock in, all the way, pushing his body up tight to Gavin's ass. Then Gavin felt his cock be engulfed into a warm wetness, sucking, tonguing his cock and he knew Cody was underneath. Eli began to fuck him, slow steady, he pulled back until his cock pulled free, then he pushed back in, enjoying the pleasure of Gavin's hole as it gripped his cock on each penetration. Then he sank all the way in and began to fuck him, hard thrusts, slapping sounds of body on body contact filled the barn. The platform swung back and forth as much as it could as Eli pumped himself into Gavin. He kept it up until sweat ran down his chest, strong, forceful thrusts from the hips, he kept at it, showing his stamina, his ability to fuck hard a long time. Gavin was grunting from the way Eli's big cock opened him up, filled him up. Soon he couldn't take it anymore and he came, filling Cody's mouth with his cum. He felt Cody suck harder, drawing his load out, taking it all. As he was cumming Eli's fucking became jagged, rough.

"Fuck, I'm cumming" was all he said as he pumped his load into Gavin, his cock shoved all the way in, putting it deep within Gavin's guts.

They untied Gavin and made him lie on his back up on the platform. Tied down, his head hung over one side and his ass at the other. They brought his legs up and tied them to the chains at each corner, spreading him open. Eli came to his head, his wet glistening cock still hard, and pushed it in Gavin's mouth until it lodged in his throat cutting off his air. Cody then shoved his cock into Gavin's hole, all the way, hard and fast. They could see Gavin's body go tense, his face turn red. When Eli pulled back, Gavin gasped for breath, choking. Cody began to fuck, to fuck hard, relentlessly he hammered Gavin's hole. Eli moved slower, easing his cock back down Gavin's throat, cutting off the air each time, working his cock back and forth through his mouth, feeling the slick drool pool around his lips and drip down as he kept feeding Gavin his cock, over and over. Cody, still pumping furiously, pinched each of his own nipples hard, the pain/pleasure hitting as it always did and he thrust hard and came, pumping his load in with Eli's, mixing their cum in Gavin. Cody kept pumping as he came, feeling the two loads cover his cock, making it slick, keeping it hard. When he pulled back cum would ooze out, drip down Gavin's ass. Eli saw Cody's expression and knew he had filled Gavin with his load and he pulled out and stroked him cock, tightly, making it red, needing to cum again. He stroked it hard, slamming his hand down as Gavin stuck his tongue out and ran it over Eli's balls. When Eli was ready to cum he backed up and aimed his cock at Gavin's face, and shot his load. The wads of cum hit Gavin across the cheek and over his open mouth, capturing what he could he ate it.

When they pulled back they shoved another butt plug up his ass; a larger one, stretching him open some more. And they left again, turning out the lights. How long he laid there he didn't know, but when the barn door slid open he awoke. The lights came on and soon Eli pulled the butt plug from his ass and Cody released him from the platform. Cody bound his wrists back together, but kept the connection between them slightly loose. He handed Eli the rope as he turned and went to the old wooden bench sitting back toward the front edge of the space. Cody lay on his back as Eli led Gavin over. Cody stroked his hard cock a few times, smearing lube over its length. Then he held it up vertical and Gavin knew what was expected. He turned his back to Cody and began to ease his ass down when Eli pulled him up.

"Face Cody; he likes to watch a guy's expression as he gets fucked" Eli told him. Gavin saw the smile on Cody's face and he turned and stepped over his hips, legs spread to accommodate the bench and the farm boy laying on it. He eased down and felt the wet round head of Cody's cock penetrate him, slid into him as he went down, all the way until he was sitting on Cody's body, his insides filled with Cody's cock. Eli pulled the rope holding his wrists up and over his head, pulling back. opening up his arms, taking his balance away.

"Move that ass, boy, come on, ride me" Cody's voice full of need.

Gavin pulled up and went back down, roughly, not able to ease down but dropping down hard, and he did it until he was sweating and slowing down from fatigue. Cody held his thighs as he tried to keep up the pace but when he was obviously not able too, Eli pushed him forward, holding him up just over Cody, who leaned up and kissed him on the mouth. Then he felt it; Eli' cock. His big thick cock pushed to gain entrance by Cody's cock. Cody smiled up at Gavin when he saw Gavin's expression change; anxiety spread over his face.

"You remember the safe word, don't ya?"

"Yeah" Gavin whispered. Cody laughed in his face.

"You going to use it now?" he taunted Gavin.

"No" Gavin whispered.

Then Gavin felt it; the stretching, the penetration as Eli's cock eased in, pushing for space next to Cody's cock. Eli pushed and stopped and then pushed in some more, working his cock into Gavin's depths, inch by inch he penetrated him. Gavin was breathing hard, feeling himself take Eli's cock, take it next to Cody's. He had never been stretched open so much before. He was sweating so much it dripped down on Cody. When Eli finally stopped pushing in he felt his body against his ass. Still holding the rope, keeping his arms pulled back and over his head, Eli began to fuck him, sliding his cock along Cody's pushing into his depths, bringing new sensations around his opening, feeling it burn with the stretch.

"Goddamn he's tight" Eli grunted has he worked his cock into Gavin, fucking him steadily, through the tightness. Cody began to push up some, trying to move his cock, showing his need arising.

"Fuck, Eli, you're making me cum" Cody cried out as he cock began to flex in the tight confines of Gavin's insides. Eli fucked harder, working Cody's load out using it to lube his own cock. He pumped a few more times, pulled out and stroked off on Gavin's back. Eli wanted to see this load, see it run down Gavin's back. He let go of the rope and Gavin feel over on Cody exhausted, breathing as hard as if he ran a marathon. Their sweat slick bodies rubbed each other, trapping their warmth between them. Cody kissed him lightly on the mouth.

"That was great. You wore me out" Cody told Gavin, who was thinking the same.

Eli helped Gavin up and didn't say anything as he led him to the middle of the space. He brought down the chains as Gavin stared open mouthed, unable to believe they weren't letting him go. Cody came over carrying some crudely made steel shackles. Each one was heavy. They put them on each wrist. Cody got Gavin to sit on the floor and he put one on each ankle, they fastened the chains to all of them with padlocks. The left him sitting on the floor, chained. As they walked away he heard Cody ask about Gavin's car.

"The Johnston boy said it would be ready after lunch tomorrow, and if we let him come over and have some fun he wouldn't charge anything" Eli responded.

"You gonna let him come over?"

"Sure why not, he deserves to get to be top. He's been such a good bottom bitch why not let him have some new pleasures."

"Yeah; can't wait to see what that nasty bitch will do" Cody said. What Eli said afterwards Gavin couldn't hear but he heard them laugh as the lights went out and the door closed. Gavin lay back, hearing the chains as he settled down in the darkness. It was quiet, and so dark he could see nothing. He even held his hand in front of his face so close he touched his nose, but saw nothing. He wondered how long he'd be kept; wondered about that Johnston boy. His cock grew hard again.



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