Peyton only had a minute or so before his next class started so he flipped his backpack over his shoulder and rushed to the men's room. The corridor wasn't particularly crowded, the small rural high school having less than three hundred students, even though it covered most of the county, and Peyton easily wove his way down the corridor and into the men's room. He knew something was wrong as soon as he opened the door. Someone was crying out, pleading for someone to stop over and over. He rounded the corner and saw them. Four seniors, boys in his class had a young guy on the floor kicking him.

"Hey, what the fuck guys; stop it" he yelled as he came into the room.

"Shut up Peyton and mind your own business" Greg said as he looked up at Peyton approaching them.

"Yeah, we're just teaching this faggot a lesson is all" Paul added as he began to kick the boy again but Peyton rushed them, punched Paul hard in the face, pushed two of the other boys, one into a lavatory, the other into a stall, the open door swinging inward causing the boy to land hard on the toilet. Peyton rushed up to Greg, got in his face blocking him from the boy on the floor.

"Leave him alone" Peyton said staring Greg in the eye.

"Okay, okay, we'll leave your boyfriend alone" Greg responded sarcastically.

Peyton didn't reply as he watched the others pick themselves up making threats and disparaging remarks as they went out of the toilet. When the door closed Peyton helped the boy up. He recognized his face but didn't know his name or anything about him. Peyton was surprised to see the boy was nearly as tall as he was when he stood up but he was so skinny, rail thin, his body looked like all legs and arms, even his neck looked longer than usual. The boy was so messed up, his long hair sticking out and hanging down in his face, even though he kept pushing it back out of his eyes, and his clothes were ruffled up, his shirt torn and a couple of buttons missing.

"You okay?" Peyton asked as picked up the boy's books scattered over the floor.

"I think so" he replied, his voice quivering and Peyton saw his nose and lip were bleeding.

"Come on, we're both late for class and we need to get you seen after" Peyton said as he led the boy out and to the office. Peyton and the boy sat in the small lobby as the receptionist paged the nurse and principle.

"I'm Peyton."

"I play on the football and baseball teams" the boy replied as he held the tissue to his nose.

"What's your name?"

"Oh...I'm Sean."

"Sean...what grade are you in?"


The nurse arrived followed by the principle and soon Peyton was left standing in the lobby with a note to get into his next class. He walked down the empty corridor thinking about what happened to Sean, the way the older boys were so vicious and how they thought nothing of it, that is was acceptable for they thought the boy was a 'faggot'. It made Peyton burn inside, his stomach knot up. He wondered what was so wrong with it. He wondered how Sean would fair after this, the boy was so skinny and seemed so meek. He thought about what would happen if someone was openly gay in this school, the way they would be treated. He knew things were changing, changing fast, for he had seen the news, but the reality was different here in this rural community and in this high school.

Peyton went into his English class interrupting the teacher, handing her the note from the office. She read it then looked at Peyton with concern.

"Is the boy alright?"

"Yes ma'am; just banged up."

She nodded her head; "Okay, take your seat and turn to page 234."

Peyton tried to concentrate on the discussion but his mind kept returning to Sean, to the idea of someone being gay and he let some of his old feelings rise up, feelings he kept suppressed inside and he looked over at Katie and smiled, his girlfriend for the last year and wondered if she was the one...or if there was someone else. They would graduate in four weeks and everyone would start their adult lives, heading off to college or some job, a few going into the military and most would be married within a few years. Katie was already hinting at getting a ring soon, but for Peyton it didn't feel right.

Six Years Later

The diner was crowded for lunch and Peyton sat a small table in the middle of the room where most didn't want to sit, preferring the booths along the wall or the tables at the front window. He ate slowly as he watched the people around him. It amazed him, the way they went about their lives as if they had no doubts, no reason to question anything. He saw two former classmates with their families and he nodded a quick greeting toward them still shocked to see both of them with two children. It didn't seem real. As he sliced through the country style steak he wondered what Katie was doing and if she was happy. She had finished college two years ago, got married and moved to Denver. He had broken it off with her just before they graduated high school, no longer able to continue the relationship when it wasn't working for him.

Peyton knew he was expected to settle down, to get married, and start a family. Every time he was at his parent's they asked him if he was seeing anyone, why he wasn't serious about settling down. They reminded him over and over how he was such an attractive young man and so many of the girls in the community had wanted to go out with him and he endured it, knowing they meant well, but he found himself not going by as often and finally in the last few months he noticed his mother never brought it up any more.

He thought about marriage, family, this life expected of him, thought about it all the time but every time it didn't feel right, wasn't what he desired, not the way they wanted it. He knew the problem, knew it for a long time, but he'd never had the courage to face it, to go with his feelings. He looked around the room, his eyes landing on one after the other. Grady with his dad, probably talking about their farm who was three years younger than Peyton, muscular, his bare arms visible in the sleeveless shirt he wore and his long brown hair unruly, wavy curls falling over his forehead and over his ears. In one booth was Ryan, the brother of John, one of his classmates. Ryan was in college, tall, athletic, with short blonde hair and dark olive skin. He wore a t-shirt with his college on front and Peyton could see the shape of his upper body as it stretched the t-shirt. Peyton didn't look long, just quick glances from one to the next. There was a guy with his parents by the front window, tall, lean, his hair some odd cut, cut real close on the sides and long on top, so long it fell into his eyes. He looked out of place but Peyton found something enticing by the way he didn't fit in, the way he ignored local convention and didn't seem at all concerned how some others in the diner stared at him. Peyton found himself smiling each time he saw someone give the boy a nasty look. He glanced over at the waiter two tables over, the way his pants fit tight to his round ass, the way his shirt, tucked into his pants showed such a narrow waist and he had to admit to himself he was attracted to other men more than he was toward women. He still found women attractive, had even dated a couple of times after Katie, but over time he faced the realization it wasn't what he wanted.

The bell on the door rang and Peyton automatically glanced up toward it. A woman entered, followed by her husband and after holding the door open for them, a young man came in behind them. They stood together waiting to be seated talking among themselves. The husband and wife looked like so many other couples in the area, even a lot like his own parents, but the guy was different. The tight dark gray sweater, its v-neck showing the white t-shirt underneath and the jeans, some brand other than the typical brands worn by most guys, the legs tight down to the black boots. The clothes showed the lean tall body underneath. Peyton found himself staring, looking at the guy's sharp facial features, his strong jaw, high cheek bones, the slightly upturned nose and his thin shapely lips, curled into a smile the entire time they were waiting.

The boy looked across the room and when Peyton saw him look his way he cut his eyes quickly back down to his plate embarrassed to have been caught staring. But he sat here with the image of the guy in his mind, the short brown hair, so neatly cut, the top slightly longer with the ruffled uncombed look. He took a bite of food and when he went to take a drink he let his eyes cut over to the guy again. The guy was talking to his parents but Peyton saw him cut his eyes his way, look over toward him and it made Peyton feel such a mix of emotions, the notion that another guy was looking at him, the idea of him being in such a public place, with people he knew, and he was alone, staring at this guy waiting for a table. He was checking out another guy and let his fears embarrass him, afraid everyone in the diner could see him checking out guys, could somehow even read his mind, see his thoughts when he looked at these guys in the diner.

Peyton began to eat a little faster thinking he had to get out of the diner or he would be casting his eyes toward this guy the whole time he was here, but no matter how Peyton tried not to do it he let his eyes scan down the guy's tall lean body and back up once again to the face, the way he was smiling, talking so animated with his parents, a way Peyton had never been with his own. Then Peyton got this nagging feeling, something was familiar about the guy, he felt he should know him, like he was from around here and someone he had crossed paths with before.

A waitress went over the guy and his family and had them follow her to an empty booth along the wall. They made their way through the dining area, cutting around on the main path and Peyton watched them out of the corner of his eye. The parents slid into the booth but the guy hesitated, looked over toward Peyton making him look back down at his plate and he moved his fork into a slice of steak trying to concentrate on finishing his lunch. Peyton kept his eyes down focused on his plate for he knew the guy had caught him staring several times already. He lifted his fork and as he did he saw the dark gray sweater and jeans coming into view right beside his table.

"Peyton? You're Peyton, right?" the guy asked as Peyton looked up shocked.

"Ah...yeah, I'm Peyton" he replied and for a moment he was flustered, the guy knew who he was and he couldn't put a name to the face, felt embarrassment, his anxiousness rattled him but he finally took a quick breath and looked up into the guy's eyes. "I'm sorry, I can't remember your name...but you look so familiar for some reason."

The guy laughed and gently touched Peyton on the shoulder and it was like he was being shocked, the touch electric.

"I'm not surprised you don't remember me. I was only a ninth grader the only time we really met each other."


Sean smiled and nodded his head and Peyton suddenly remembered the events of that day so long ago, and he remembered how Sean was such a skinny kid then and his eyes turned up to the person standing before him, the same one, but so different now.

"You've filled out since then" Peyton said and suddenly felt embarrassed at the acknowledgment of his looking at Sean's body.

"Some...but I'm still skinny" Sean said then he leaned down closer to Peyton and lowered his voice. "Hey, I never did properly thank know, for stepping in. They were kicking my ass and I..." Sean hesitated a moment, unsure what to say.

"Forget about it. I only did what was right. Jesus there was four of them, all seniors, so you didn't stand a chance with those assholes" Peyton interjected.

"Well, thanks again. It meant a lot at the time" Sean said as he squeezed Peyton's shoulder. "Hey you're alone...would you like to come sit with us?"

"Oh no...I'm almost finished and I need to get out of here. I've got some work to finish up before the rain moves in tomorrow."

"I take it you're farming?"

"Yeah, dad and I work together and I have the old Jameson place now."

"I know that place. Last time I was there it was pretty run down."

"Yeah, it has been a lot of work getting the house fixed up but it is home now."

"Sounds great...maybe I could see it sometime" Sean said and Peyton felt flush, knew his face was red.

"Yeah, come on out anytime. I'm home in the evening all the time. I don't go out much or anything."

"You're not married with a couple of kids?" Sean asked and his tone sounded slightly sarcastic, something about it knowing.

" single" Peyton stammered.

Sean looked over at his table and saw the waitress was there getting drink orders.

"Hey I need to go but I'm glad I ran into you, Peyton, and I really am thankful. I hope to see you around" Sean said as he gave Peyton's shoulder one last gentle squeeze before moving away. Peyton sat frozen in place, his mind reliving that day when he stepped in and stopped the bullying, came to Sean's rescue and he glanced over to him in the booth, looked at the way he had matured, attractive, sure of himself and Peyton felt a sense of envy. He ate the last of his lunch, grabbed up his check and made his way to the register. As they ran his card he glanced back over to Sean and Sean waved at him, smiling and Peyton found his hand up making a small quick wave back.

All afternoon Peyton thought of Sean, the way he had grown up, the way he was dressed and how his body had filled out, much more than Sean had admitted, even though with his height the leanness of his body was actuated. Peyton felt like he let something slip by him, some opportunity missed and he let his imagination roam wild while he cut across the field back and forth, over and over, making his way across it. He imagined Sean calling him up, maybe they go out to dinner or a movie, and they come back to his place, just the two of them alone in his house, next to each other on the sofa and Peyton imagined how it could unfold, how he'd move on Sean, get him naked revealing the body underneath the clothes and he imagined touching Sean, letting Sean touch him, and he imagined sex, abstractly, the idea of it, brief imagines but he couldn't get the reel of imagines in his mind to play it out, to make it real in his mind and he knew he didn't know how. It wasn't the mechanics of sex for he had, late at night, alone in his house, pulled up websites, gay sites, and watched what two men could do, how they did it, so he knew, knew all too well, but he didn't know how to make it happen for himself.

Peyton slept poorly that night, waking often, unable to stop thinking about Sean and how silly he was being, letting his imagination get the best of him, to dwell on this guy, to think of the possibilities, no matter how remote. He crawled out of bed as the sun hit the blinds and reflected light into his bedroom. A quick breakfast and his second cup of coffee Peyton made his way back to the field for he had about ten acres to go before he finished. He fueled up the tractor from the tank in the back of his pickup and was soon underway, keeping his eyes on the horizon to the southwest. He was watching for the rain clouds knowing they were on the way.

It was after noon when Peyton pulled the tractor into the barn and got his pickup back under the carport and as he made his way to his house the rain began. Just a few large drops began to fall at first, then gradually more and more, faster and faster until it was raining hard. Peyton took a hot shower and put on clean clothes and went into the kitchen. He stood in the center of it looking around trying to make up his mind what he wanted to eat or what would be easy to prepare. Then he looked over at his keys lying on the counter near the back door and the idea of going back into town and eating at the diner suddenly seemed the better option, and the idea of running into Sean again, as unlikely as it was, sat in the back of his mind as he headed out the door.

Peyton was at the window, it so late the lunch crowd long since cleared out and he watched the few people on the sidewalks stroll by, the traffic that cut through town as his mind kept circling back to Sean, the one that got away, as he thought of him, for he couldn't imagine it any other way. He ate slowly, not rushed to get back home as the sun began to shine in through the window, slowly moving deeper and deeper into the space. Peyton was facing the door and watched the few other patrons pay their checks and leave. The waitress refilled his glass and asked if he wanted desert which he declined, sitting back wondering what was holding him back and why he didn't act on his feelings. It was Sean now, and in the future it would be someone else, but would he ever have the courage to take a chance. The idea of always holding back knotted his stomach and made him feel short of breath. He looked out the window watching a tractor drive through town, a new one someone was driving home instead of loading it on a trailer. Then a shadow crossed over him, his view out blocked by a white shirt and there was a tapping sound on the glass and for a moment Peyton was confused, unable to process someone was just on the other side of the glass but he straightened up in time to see Sean coming in the diner carrying a bag from the drugstore two doors over.

Sean smiled at him as he approached and Peyton couldn't help it, couldn't stop himself from smiling broadly back at Sean, elated to see him again. Sean was wearing a white tank top, loose fitting on his body, with tight jeans and those black boots he had on yesterday. Peyton saw how his upper body was much more muscular than he imaged, even as lean as he was, built like a runner or a swimmer and he felt his heart race faster as Sean came up to his table.

Only an hour, sixty short minutes and Peyton found himself standing in his back yard next to Sean. They had talked for a few minutes, circling around the topic Peyton was thinking about, Sean flirting with it, almost teasing Peyton till Sean had leaned forward and looked over at Peyton, conspiratorially.

"I was thinking of coming by your place when I left town...ya see what you've done with it."


"Yeah" Sean replied smiling; "were you heading back home or..."

Peyton interrupted Sean "I'm heading home" he blurted out.

Sean was standing in front of Peyton looking at the improvements to the old house, the new windows, and the screen porch along the back of the house.

"You've done a lot of work since I saw this place last" Sean said without turning around. "Have you got much left to do?"

"Just want to redo the laundry room and put a new floor in the living room but I think my next project will be to do some renovation to the old barn."

Sean turned and looked at the barn, the faded paint, the new doors that stood out against the rougher old siding of the walls and the new roof.

"Most of the work needed is on the inside but the exterior still needs some work too" Peyton said in a low voice, so distracted by Sean standing next to him and he saw Sean's eyes focus on him as he smiled.

"You want to give me the grand tour inside your house" Sean uttered in a low voice.

Peyton knew he would feel claustrophobic inside, would probably panic and he looked at Sean, saw the way he stood in front of him and without forethought he moved to him, took his chin in both of his hands holding him steady and kissed him. It wasn't a long kiss, romantic or gentle but when he pulled away Sean smiled at him, his eyes relaxed as he took Peyton's hands.

"I wondered how I was going to break through that stoic fa├žade" Sean said and Peyton grinned before looking down. Sean, holding onto Peyton's left hand led him inside the house. Sean saw a modest but neat home, a small kitchen with a round table for dining and through the doorway to the front a living room and as he led Peyton through his own house, the smallness of it allowing Sean to easily find his way. Sean led Peyton to the small hall and into the master bedroom. The bed was unmade, the quilt and sheet pulled back and Sean pulled them to the foot of the bed. Peyton stood just inside the room, frozen in place, nervous, anxious, so unsure of himself as he watched Sean stand up straight and turn to him. Sean pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. He unfastened his jeans and pulled the zipper down revealing the briefs, bright blue and bulging, and Peyton stared at them, looked at how he could make out the head of Sean's cock and the shaft pushing against the thin fabric.

"Help me get my jeans off" Sean whispered as he sat down on the bed holding up one foot. Peyton came out of his trance and moved quickly to Sean, kneeling on the floor and removed first one boot, then the other. He slipped each sock off laying them in each boot. He moved up between Sean's legs and brought his lips to the smooth skin of Sean's chest kissing it, letting his lips move over it feeling the softness of its surface till he felt a nipple and he flicked his tongue over it, sucked on it with his mouth and nipped it with his teeth. His hands took the jeans and briefs by the waistband and he began to tug them down, slowly, one side then the other till Sean's cock flopped out free, already hard, and Peyton moved down to it, ran his lips over the shaft, wrapped them over the head and let it slide between them. He moved down on Sean's cock as his hands continued to push jeans and briefs down. Sean combed his fingers through Peyton's hair as he felt the manipulation of his cock. He rose up on his elbows and watched Peyton, the way he awkwardly moved up and down his cock, occasionally nipping the shaft with his teeth but Sean felt so aroused with Peyton sucking him, this guy who had stood up for him in the past, so attractive and shy. He pushed upward with his hips and Peyton gagged, lost rhythm.

Sean felt the ache of his hardness, so aroused, his need rising fast he pushed Peyton off of his cock and sat up. He pulled Peyton's shirt off, gently, unrushed, as he slipped it from Peyton's body.

"Stand up" Sean asked Peyton.

Peyton stood in front of Sean who moved up closer and began to undo his jeans, slipping the button free, pulling the zipper down and finally working them down his legs. Sean stripped Peyton, removed all of his clothes and he looked up at him, smiling, as he took Peyton's cock and stroked it, let the thick shaft fill his hand. Sean moved to it, took it in his mouth and let it sink slowly into the warm slick recesses of his mouth till it pushed into his throat. Peyton inhaled hard and steadied himself by holding Sean's shoulders. He felt Sean move along his cock, back and forth, stroking his desires, and he began to pump his hips, the primitive movement so instinctive and Sean took it, held Peyton by the thighs and let him work his hips back and forth. Peyton began to fuck Sean's mouth, to push inward all the way.

Sean knew Peyton was fully aroused, his cock hard as stone, and when he held Peyton's hips still and pulled his mouth off he saw how Peyton's cock flexed up and down and at the slit a clear bead of lube form, grow larger and then drool down toward the floor. Sean moved down and captured it on his tongue and moved upward swiping his tongue over the head of Peyton's cock capturing all of it. Sean eased back, rolled over onto his hands and knees and looked back at Peyton.

"Peyton...Peyton, come on, fuck me...fuck want know you do" Sean whispered and he watched Peyton, his eyes glassed over, move up to him. He felt Peyton rub his cock over his hole, felt the flared head of his cock press against him and he lowered his head and pushed back. Peyton pushed forward at the same time and penetrated, stretched Sean's hole open and sank a couple of inches of cock into him. Sean inhaled hard, his body quivered and Peyton ran a hand over his back and down to his ass rubbing his skin feeling the tautness of it, the way it quivered beneath his palm and Peyton let his hand come down to Sean's waist. With both hands he held Sean's waist and eased forward, sinking his cock through the tight opening, inch by inch till he pressed his hips up against Sean's ass and he held still.

Sean breathed slowly, deeply, feeling his body adjust to Peyton's penetration, loosening to it, and he moved forward and pushed back, slowly, feeling Peyton slide through his opening. Peyton watched Sean move on his cock, watched how the tight ring of Sean's opening let him slide in and out and he tightened his grip on Sean's waist, held him firmly in place and began to fuck, to drive his cock into Sean. Sean moaned and grunted as Peyton rocked him back and forth, fucking him, faster and faster, the bed squeaking and rocking with their fuck.

"Oh...fuck..." Sean uttered as he threw his head up and back, and pushed back to meet Peyton's forward thrust. Peyton was lost to the moment, the way he was connected to Sean, this boy, taking his fuck, and he thrust his cock harder and harder into Sean, his hips working back and forth steadily, faster and faster until he felt his body tighten up, every muscle flexed up hard and he held tightly to Sean's waist and drove inward hard, slapping his hips to Sean's ass as he pumped his cum deep into him. Peyton pumped his hips erratically until he was spent and his cock was pumping cum back out of Sean's hole, and he pulled out roughly, grabbed Sean by one leg flipping him over onto this back. Sean's hard leaking cock flopped back onto his stomach and Peyton took it, held it up and sank his mouth over it. He sucked it in his mouth, let the shaft slide through his lips till it hit the back of his throat. Sean held his head and began to pump his hips upward, to fuck his cock into Peyton's mouth and it didn't take long, this warm slick sensation too much and he came, hard, shooting thick wads of cum into Peyton's mouth filling it till Peyton had to swallow.

Peyton laid his head on Sean's stomach, both breathing hard, lying still. Neither said anything for a long time, just lay there feeling the other's breathing return to normal, the warmth between them, the sated feel of their desires.

Peyton finally stirred, sat up and looked down on Sean who lay there with his eyes closed.

"Are you asleep?" Peyton asked.

"No, no, no...just lying here savoring this moment."



"Can we do it again?" Peyton asked sheepishly.



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