As a young man I was constantly flooded with emotions, and of course sexual desire, My desires were not like other young guys, I would date girls and wanted to fit in with the teams players so to speak, I was In my senior year at High School, eighteen years old. and all I knew about sex is that I'm suppose to have so much sexual desires for girls that it would make me go crazy if I didn't do something about it, or at least beat off to fantasizing about their tits and nicely shaped bodies and of course their pussy's.

Problem is I have never had these feelings I saw girls as very pretty and I wanted to be their friends, and a big problem that I was having was I was getting jealous of some of my girlfriends boyfriends, I couldn't understand why I was wanting their guys, as much as they were, I would see, one of my male friends with a girl and notice a nice bulge in their crotch, and I would get this almost pain in pit of my stomach, and I didn't understand why, I had at that time heard of 'Queers', or 'Faggots' and I was puzzled about why they were so blatently ostricized or shunned by the male population, because I was a really nice looking, very well built, manly guy, I didn't have feminine traits and mannerisms, I was for all intents and purposes and very Hunky looking High School Jock, I was in sort of a dilema, I finally went to a counselor and talked and just opened up to him and come find out Mr. Jenkins, (The Counselor) just happened to be 'Gay' himself, and he told me not to be so upset, that Life would come around and be Happy with my gayness, You'll find out what it is to have gay sex, I ask him if he would have sex with me, I said Mr. Jenkins, your a very handsome man, nd he said thanks for the compliment but He told me He was gay and lived with another teacher from another school and was in a committed relationship with him, but He thanked me for the offer, and said It was very flattering.

I left his office feeling better, knowing I was not alone on some desert Island somewhere in time.

I Finally went and enrolled into a College about three hundred miles away, and I got a dorm room, was introduced to a roommate named Carl Benson, A real Jock if there ever was one, He came into the dorm room about a day or two after I got there, I introduced my self and when he saw me he just got a great big smile on his face, and I noticed he was built like a bull dozer, Muscular He was into Track and Field Games and Threw discus and Shot, His arms were like Stove pipes big thick veiny and hard muscular and He was wearing shorts and I noticed his legs looked like very heavy veined muscular thick Like a tree trunk, and a bulge in front that looked like he had a football stuck in them, Fuck man he was a total knockout, I said Hi! my name is Bart Madison, He just had the biggest smile and said Man, I just know we are going to be really good friends, I said I sure hope so.

I helped Carl get his stuff into the dorm room and we just set on the beds and sorta leaned back and started sharing things about our selfs to each other, Carl was one of five brothers born to a rather succussful businessman in Kansas city, and got into the track and field side of sports there at High School, he went to the all state Track and Field Championships and took first place. I said very impressive, He said Yea, but now I need more and He just kept smiling and looking into my eyes, He looked at me and just bluntly said theres something else I need to talk to you about, He said I Like to jack off at least once a day, sometimes more, You do know what that is don't you? and I responded shit yes man so do I, but don't all guys? He smiled and said yea, He then said I have four brothers and we did it in front of each other in our bedrooms at home, I said really, feeling shocked, but rather excited, then he said I hope that won't be a problem, and then he said Bart, maybe we could do it together a few times, I said well possibly.

Carl was so friggen open about being naked, I came into the room one afternoon and Carl was laying on his bed with his head up on his pillow, Nude as a newborn, laying back looking at a porn magazine, I noticed he had a boner and was gently stroking it while looking at the magazine and he looked around the magazine at me and said Hey man, wanna join me. I said maybe and went into the bathroom and then came out in my underwear, he said man schuck the unders Lets get a look at you, I felt kinda embarassed and slid my boxers to the floor, and he set up and saw my eight inch cock and said mother fucker man, your dick is awesome dude, I felt my face get red and then Carl said man come over here and lay on my bed beside me, I said why? He said so I can watch you jerk off with me, he said I love to watch other guys jerk off, I get hot and turned on by it, I said alright, I never really thought about it, I lied, I have fantasized about it a lot, So I crawled up and layed down besides Carl and just gently started my stroking of the old cock, I noticed Carl layed down the magazine and was watching me and He was starting to breath really heavy, and I was staring at his cock, just thinking I wonder what that would feel like in my hand, if it would feel just like mine or different. Then Carl turned kinda toward me and said man you know what's really cool? I said What? He said lets change, and stroke each others cock, I've done that before and It feels awesome man, I said sure and I felt someone elses hand on my cock for the first time in my life and It felt fucking out of sight, the pressure was different and the excitement was building up as Carl slowly stroked me and brougt me to a crescendo of a sexual high, I was lost in the feeling it was producing and breathing heavy and I said Carl Man that is awesome feeling I said I'm gonna squirt it off soon if you keep that up, he said thats why were doing this to give each other pleasure, and Then he said man 'want it to feel even better'? I said how is that possible? He said like this, then he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth, My fate was sealed, that feeling was from the Palace of the Gods, and only pleasure they were meant to have, Damn, I was almost gagging from breathing so fucking hard and my cock had never felt harder, His mouth was making me feel like I have never felt before, I could feel every lick of his tongue and every slide of his lips as Carl slid his mouth up and down and swirled his tongue around the tip of my cock, I could feel as he moaned his excitemnt at sucking my cock and It was starting to get harder that ever, It felt like the skin on my cock would split, Carl took my cock into the deepest recesses of his throat and just held my cock there for about a minute as he swallowed and his throat muscles milked at my cock head, It was like nothing I had ever experienced before I was raising up to meet his sucking and I noticed he was rubbing my nutsack, and then twising my nipples, fuck man where had I been all this time, Not knowing about this pleasure I was outta there so to speak, Carl then startes massaging my rectum with his finger, he had wet it with some saliva and just slipped just the tip into it and I lost it then Fuck I hunched up and started feeling the feeling of my cock erupting into his mouth with cum and Carl just started sucking it harder and I noticed He was swallowing it, Fuck how awesome, I finished and it took me couple minutes to come down off my high from this intense experience.

After about what seemed like a half hour, I said Carl Man that was something, I never experienced anything like that before It was totally the best thing ever, He smiled that smiled and said You liked it did you? Maybe we can start doing that on a regular basis, I said You better believe it man, I noticed Carls cock was thick and stiff and standing straight up and leaking that pre-cum an I leaned over and said Carl man I have never done that before but I want to at least try once, He said 'Help yourself Man' I leaned over and licked the liquid off Carls cock and he wimpered and moaned a little at first, then I slid It into my mouth and Just held it there, A first for me, God It felt awesome, He head was hard, yet so soft and velvety smooth and I could feel his heart throb in his cock, the shaft was lightly veiny and just as solid as a peice of iron, I was starting to feeling euphoria as I gently slid the length of this thick, hard, wonderful seven and a half inch peice of stud meat into my throat and I kinda gagged at first and then I found my limits and started sucking like a Oreck vacuum I felt like I could suck up a bowling ball, fuck I was so turned on I got another stiff cock, I guess I was doing a pretty good job for a first timer cause Carl was saying Yea, man, Ohhhhhh Fuck Bart, Your gonna be a master at this very soon, are you sure this is your first time, I just grunted with my mouth full of cock and grunted UH HUH! and kept on sucking about three minutes of silence while I sucked and then It felt like an explosion hit Carl, He said OOOOOHHHHH Fuck man, and held his breath, his stomach started leaping up and down and I felt his cock start doing a leaping in my mouth and felt a hot thick, salty sweet, kinda a bleachy taste flooding my mouth, and I started like a hungry pup on its mothers tit just drinking it as fast as I could, Fuck Carl filled my mouth and I just kept swallowing I was suprised at how I liked the taste of his cock and then his cum, God I thoughy I was in love and I guess I was, A little with Carl, but a Lot with the taste of cock and cum.

In the next few days and weeks I found Carl to be a great friend and a wonderful lover, we neither went sexually unsatisfied, And Carl Introduced me to getting fucked which I loved too, I found I loved to get my ass eaten out and the feeling of a hard hot cock as it entered My manhole and that feeling of the climax as his cum filled my intestines. and Knowing how to make my lover feel needed, wanted and desired, That was a wonderful year of First times for me. Carl and I stayed room mates for all the time we were together in College and are still friends and get together ever so often. Man when I think back at that first year, I am so glad I was paired up with Carl, my first year there and got initiated into gay sex, I just love it.



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