I was twenty when this story happened, I was in my last year of college, I was majoring in Business Administration, among other things, but It was my desire to get into Big Business. Maybe a Corporate, High dollar job,down the road after getting in good with a good company, and of course my Business education and degree.

Well I got hired part time in this Large company in a major city in the Midwest, I started in the mail room and because of my education thus far, I was screened and was taken to the 8th floor of the building of the company that I was working for.

I was a rather intermediate office runner, actually having things to do with every department on that floor, but mostly what you would call a 'gopher,' When someone would need something or paper delivered I would either go fur it or take it to whom ever it was directed to.

Well I finally got to go into Mr. Downy's office, I had heard what a sour asshole he was, I was almost afraid to meet him.

I went into his office with a box of office supplies and set them on his desk, I realized just how plush his office was, damn I even noticed his office had a private rest room to the side, and his being Executive vice President of the company he also had this little bedroom with a closet and kitchenette over to the other side of his office, his office actually looked like a living room, A big screen T.V., DVD player, CD and music setup, It was awesome.

Both the bathroom and bedroom had closing doors. I just guessed he stayed there some nights when working late or having business meetings.

I walked into the office and as I was getting ready to leave, there was this younger really good looking man walking out of the bathroom at the side with a toothbrush still in his mouth and some toothpaste still on his lips. He stopped when he saw me and smiled, grabbed the towel on his shoulder and wiped the toothpaste off his mouth threw the brush back into the lavatory, and said, 'Ah, I'm sorry, I was just getting ready to face the day.'

'I understand,' I said as I smiled back at Mr. Downy.

'And who might you be?' He asked,

'Oh! sorry, I'm Ken, I'm just your go-fur here in this office.'

'A what, a Gopher, whats that?' as he smiled a big very nice smile?'

'Well sir, if you need something or whatever taken to another place or office I am your man, I go fur you and get it or take it.' I said.

'Oh, Well I'll just call you Ken if that's o.k.'

I don't like rodents in my office,' then he giggled.

'Well then Ken, would you mind getting me a cup of black coffee this morning, I'm not worth a crap until I've had that first cup of black coffee, make sure it's not stale coffee either, I like my coffee fresh.' he said.

'Hey Mr. Downy, I'm the same way, I like my coffee fresh too.' He just smiled, I went and got a cup of fresh coffee, brought it back to Mr. Downy.

I sat it down, 'there you go sir,' I said.

Mr, Downy looked at me and said, 'Didn't you get yourself one, I wanted to have you set and enjoy a cup of coffee with me,' I smiled 'I'll be right back.'

I got myself a cup of coffee and went back to his office.

I tapped on the door and went in and he offered me a seat, and smiled at me.

I noticed a real saddness in his eyes, he looked unkempt, sorta like he had this I don't care attitude, needing a shave etc.

He chatted with me about college and I noticed the place where they had been a ring on his left hand, where a wedding ring had been.

I found later from his secretary that Mr. Downy's Uncle was the CEO of the company and he was in line to be president, and that saddness that he was carrying around was the result of his wife screwing around and then leaving him for the other guy. He had been devastated from that experience.

I began to try to make him feel better, by learning things about him that He liked and talking to him about golf, which I liked, I wasn't a pro, but I liked it. I also found out he like to fish, and go to ball games, both things I loved also.

It was on a friday afternoon I got the call to go to Mr. Downey's office, I went and knocked, his secretary that set outside his office told me to go on in, he was expecting me.

I opened the door, and he was again in the bathroom and he walked out in just his white briefs, I was sorta embarrassed but also rather turned on, I had not really noticed how well built Mr. Downy was, he was about thirty or so maybe thirty two or three, Im not too sure.

but he said, sorry don't be to shocked I just took a shower and need to go to the other room to get my pants. He walked across the room with just his white Abercrombie and Fitch briefs. I swallowed with this lump in my throat, Damn his package really filled out those briefs. I saw this nice, thick bulgeing outline of a nice, looking set of balls, perfectly outlined in his briefs and this thick cock laying out to the side, not hard but very noticeable, I could tell he was circumcised because the bell of his cock head was very noticable, I sat there in awe, as he pulled his pants up and put on his white tee shirt.

He turned around and I said, 'Mr. Downy, your a very well built guy, you know that don't you.'

'Well Ken, up untill my ex and I seperated I tried to keep myself in good physical shape, and since then I have sorta just let it slip away.'

'Well what I wanted to ask you was would you like to go to dinner with me this evening, I hate to eat alone. I Can't say I have a lot of friends either, I have been so involved with this business.'

I accepted his invitation and I went home. I had given Mr. Downy my cell phone number. I got a call about five and gave him my address, He got there on time and we went out to a very plush place, I felt like wow! I had never been in such a place.

I Said, 'Mr. Downy this is such an awesome place.'

'Well Ken, first off, we are not at work, and please do not call me Mr. Downy, I'm just plain old Austin, Just call me Austin.'

I smiled and said, Austin, I would never have guessed that name.'

'Yeah, it was Grandpa's name, and I got stuck with it.'

The evening was awesome, we went to a Movie and for the first time In months I guess he had a good evening. At the end of the evening we were getting ready to call it a night.

'Thanks Ken, It was so nice to just go out again and enjoy an evening, not eating a t.v. dinner warmed in a Microwave at the office apartment.'

I reached over, shook his hand and and held it a little longer than normal, and said, Austin, I want to thank you for a very nice evening. I can't remember ever having such an delicious and awesome meal, god man, it was fantastic.

I noticed his face looked happy for the first time since I had met him.

'I'm very glad you enjoyed it Ken.' Then he said,

'Ah, Ughm! would you like to come in and have a drink?' He asked. I said, 'Why Yes of course.'

I really wanted to do more than just go out to eat with this beautiful man, My mind kept thinking about that awesome looking bulgeing cock in those briefs, just going to waste.

We went in and he poured some Brandy and we sat on his sofa, and I just stared at his face, and the more I looked at Austin, the more gorgeous he looked. I loved his short crew cut hair, his awesome dark eyes were mesmerizing, I had forgotten he was my boss, but at this point it didn't matter.

I was looking at him and I was shocked at how bold I was getting, 'Austin, do you realize just how good looking you are?' He looked a little taken back by my statement, 'I'm not kiddng sir, you are a beautiful man, His hand was laying along the back of the couch and I reached over and layed my hand on his hand as we sat there on the couch, and began to gently and sensously rub the back of his hand, I was a little surprised that he didn't pull his hand back.

His eyes went to mine, very luscious and desirous, and a little surprised looking, and he just smiled and said, 'Thank you Ken, you'r very sweet.'

I really wanted to scream out, 'Austin I want to make love to you, I want you to ravish my body,'

My heart was beating like a jackhammer as I rubbed along his hands and hair covered wrist, I just kept staring into his eyes.

I finally heard my voice just blurt out, 'Austin, how long has it been since you've had sex?'

'His shocked face looked into my eyes, and said,

'I don't even remember but Why would you ask that?' he said.,

'Well the truth is Mr. Downy, Austin, I have this very powerful desire to Have sex with you.'

I saw this smile, and instead of rejecting me he said, 'Well Ken, I'm not gay and I have never had anything to do with another guy,' he said.

'Well Austin, have you ever had a blowjob?' I asked.

'No I haven't, my ex wouldn't do that sort of thing, I had always wanted to feel what it would feel like, but she wouldn't touch my cock with anything but her hand.'

I scooted over next to his body and I reached out and started to unbutton his shirt, he just sat there like a guy on drugs and smiled at me.

I unbuttoned his shirt first, undid his shoes and sexily and sensously took his shoes and sock off, he just watch with intensity as I undressed his body, smiling like a kid in a candy shop.

I removed his shirt, then pulled his tee shirt off and began to lick on his nipples, I heard his voice gasp and make these funny sensous noices, If felt his hand pull my head against his chest as I licked and sucked on his nipples.

'Damn man, I had no Idea that my nipples would feel like that. What's next?'

I reached down and undid his belt and then unsnapped his trousers and opened them up, I Leaned over and began to lick, nibble and suck on that thick bulge, He just slid down onto the couch to give me better access. Reached up and he raised up and I slid his trousers down to his ankles and then began to suck and nibble on his nutsack thru those Abercrombie briefs, by this time his cock was really creating a tent and bulge.

'Holy Fuck man, I never dreamed a guy could bring this response in my body, it's fucking fantastic.'

I pulled his elastic band away from his body and saw that beautiful thick black hairy bush, slid them down passed his knees and leaned and tasted that awesome pre-cum leaking cock in my mouth, His cock was beautiful, cleanly cut, with that pinkish swollen head, that shaft was awesome, thick and lightly veiny,it was like something out of a man's adult magazine, it was perfect looking.

I just enjoyed his cock head, cleaning off the pre-cum, and feeling it swell in my mouth as I started treating it like a delicious Ice cream cone. I was in heaven doing this for him, he needed to have someone that wanted him, and him alone, bringing him that pleasure that he needed to fulfill that basic, natural need to unload a load of his manseed, and I was just the guy to do that for him, I could tell he was enjoying what I was doing, his nut sack had tightened up and his balls were pulling up tight beside each side of his heavy cock, and I began taking that whole cock to the balls in my mouth with each stroke, licking that awesome head and swirling my tongue around the bell, I wanted my man to know just how it feels, to be pleasureed, his body was doing funny things, I don't think he had ever experienced before, His muscles were set like concrete, and his stomach was doing that pre cum dance a guys stomach does just before he unloads his cum.

I was in my zone bringing this to him. I could hear his moaning, 'God Damn Ken, Holy Fuck, what an awesome feeling, I'm gonna blow my nut, if you don't want my cum in your mouth you better get off,' 'Fucking NO WAY MAN,' said, I wanted his cum with a passion, and in about three more minutes of intensly sucking and deep throating Austin, I felt his body start jerking and he let out a groan and yell as his cock started belching a load of stored up cum that could have filled a quart jar.

I just kept sucking, swallowing, and stroking his slowly softening cock and licking up the last little tid-bits of cum that come trickling out of the tip of the spent cock. licking, slurping, making his body jerk with that after cum sensitivity, I smiled at his face and looked into his eyes and I saw a satisfied, happy, pleased looking boss.

I layed back on the couch, and he just stayed there laying back and breathing heavy, comming down from his sexual high, totally exhausted.

'Holy Fuck man, that was one intense climax, God man, if it was anymore intense my heart couldn't take it,' then he started laughing.

'Want to spend the night?' he asked.

'Sure, man I'd love to, but only if I can sleep with you.'

He leaned over and kissed my lips, 'I guess that is alright, seeing what you just did and all?'

'Hey Austin, it's more than all right.' I said.

We went to bed that night, I was the most happy man in the world, and Austin was acting like he was walking on air. Happy, totally exhausted and seemingly completely fullfilled.

We crawled into bed, and we both slept naked, We had laid there for about ten minutes, when he leaned over and said, 'Ken, can I suck your cock?' I was sorta shocked.

'Sure, I would love that' he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth, then he stopped and said, 'it was only fair since I had sucked him off.'

I Let him do his thing, but I really wanted him to experience the rest of the experience.

I told him to get off, and I realized he was already very hard, and turned on, I guessed he hadn't had sex in so long, he needed to get off several times in a row to get him back to normal.

I pulled him back over onto his back and I took a tube of lube from my pocket, and lubed his thick cock and got him ready, then I had him get up on his knees, his cock sticking straight out and hard.

I laid on my back and raised my knees and my ass up to his crotch and stuck about three fingers lubed with analease lube and told him to start easy and fuck me, He had never done anal to either sex before.

I felt his anxiousness as he quickly shoved about five inches into my asshole, stinging as it was from the first intitial thrust, I finally adjusted to this thickness and I slowly finished thrusting my ass back up untill I had his whole cock buried into my anal opening. God he felt so fantastic.

I saw a big smile come over his face as he began to fuck my asshole like a breading bull, god could Austin use that awesome cock of his.

He was taking it home, and god did it feel so fucking good.

I could feel that thick flared out head as It rubbed my prostate and it was making me crazy with lust, I knew it wasn't going to be long and I would be shooting my load up onto the both of us.

I felt his climax begin to built, his cock felt like it was getting thicker, and he began thrusting faster and with more intensity, his face was getting redder and he was puffing air out of his clenched teeth, yep he was about there, when I felt his breath let go, 'AWWWW Fuck man,' he yelled, and I felt his body start shaking as he buried that hard thick cock to the balls, deep inside my bowels and I felt it flexing as it unloaded his manseed deep inside my manpussy. As he finished I began to shoot my load, He had wrapped his hand around my cock and began to stroke me as He finished shooting his load into me. I shot cum up over my head and on the wall above me, as I almost yelled as I shot it, it was so powerful a climax I felt faint.

We both fell beside each other, gasping for breath, wiping sweat from our faces and totally spent laying next to each other.

'Fuck Ken, I could fall in love with you, god man, this sex is outstanding, I never dreamed sex with a guy would be like this.'

Well the rest is history, Austin and I were lovers from then on. I look back and don't regret a thing we did.

He is so fucking good looking, I still work with his company, he is now president and I'm his personal Assisstant, I go with him to all his meetings, and on all his trips, last year we went to Europe together on business and we always of course take pleasure with the busines.



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