I sat on a log overlooking a beautiful scene on an overlook point in the Mountainous area of northern Washington, It was a majestic, awesome looking area, full of life, and beauty, the sounds of animals, birds, I heard some kind of animal in the distance, just the kind of place I needed to be since leaving the military to get my head on straight.

I guess I should introduce myself to you, I'm Larry Schuller, I just completed a six year stint in the Marines.

I had just turned eighteen when I enlisted and went off to the Marine basic raining camp, now altho I'm gay, I didn't let anyone know it while I was in the Marines, although I did get picked up and given some really fantastic blow jobs, which I loved, by men at different times.

Thinking back I began to realize that I leaned toward being gay before going into the Marines, I remember in High School, in the locker rooms I had these funny feeling when I noticed other guys stripping down for gym class or in the showers, I found myself getting boners when seeing their gorgeous muscular bodies, those awesome bulges in there Jocky straps, gorgeous asses, I even remember noticing that I like a guy that was slightly hairy, especially their asses, but I liked a little hair on their chests and I loved seeing them in the showers with a beautiful thick bush around their hot, thick cocks. I never was attracted to chicks, not even a little, I thought they were pretty and I played the part of straight but deep down I knew I was gay, or at least thought I was, just not out and active.

Then to top that off, I went into the Marines, I had become even more of a mature guy, with raging hormones and body desires which wern't helped by being Thrown into a mix of just gorgeous guys with a miriade of bodys, cocks of all shapes and sizes, cut and uncut, that was almost more than my desires and lusts coult stand, yet I did my part well of not letting guys know that I was lusting and staring at them.

I kept my composure and desires private, and the only time I let my guard down was when I could stand it no longer.

I was on a three day pass, I had gotten a ride into the nearest town, and I met this young sailor setting in his dress whites at a bar, he was in town for the same reason I was and we just sort of hit it off.

We took our drinks and decided to take a small table over out of the hustle and bustle going on at the bar.

His name was Kyle, we chatted about just about everything, where we came from, our homes, our families.

For some reason the more we chatted the more attraction I felt toward Kyle, I wanted to make love with this very handsome young blond headed Sailor, we were sitting in a booth, side by side, just carrying on, when I couldn't help myself I put my hand on Kyle's leg and slid it gently up toward his crotch when it hit something hard and thick and swollen, I realized Kyle had a very nice cock inside his Navy dress whites and he must have been feeling the same way I was, I squeezed it and he licked his lips and pushed his hips forward motion as if to say, 'Oh yeah man, that feels fantastic,' his eyes were closed and I said, 'Kyle would you like to get a motel room, theres one about a block up the street.'

'Oh yeah, I need some loving really bad, It's been so long for me,'

We both stood up dropped a tip on the table for the server, and walked out of the bar side by side with our trousers tented like a mother fucker.

When we got the single room at the motel, we split the bill, we sat down and took off our shirts, there we sat bare chested, and Kyle was perfect, slightly muscled, beautiful blondish light brown hair across his chest muscles and a washboard stomach.

Kyle looked up and me and smiled, 'I love to kiss if thats alright,' Kyle was sweet, softspoken and gentle, not quite femish but gentle.

Now you must realize that all I have ever done with another guy is get my cock sucked, before I went into Marines I loved taking a walk down the hiway outside of town, and not haveing a bag or luggage with me was a dead giveaway.

I wouldn't have gone half a mile away untill I would get picked up by some guy that wantd to suck my young cock, god it was an awesome feeling as they brought my body to a total explosian, I could almost feel my toes cramping in my nikes as I came to a full cum shot, holding their heads down to my pubic hair as I unloaded my cum into their throats.

Well Kyle was beautiful, a guy I could fall in love with, we stripped and before I could figure out what I really liked to do sexually, I was on my back, my legs were pinned up over my shoulders and Kyles tongue was penetrating my asshole, I had never felt that before, IT was awesome, I thought I would burst, my cock was like a steel pipe and leaking pre-cum and Kyle was in his own zone, working my asshole over with his tongue, sucking my nuts, doing things I didn't know happened.

It was then I decided I wanted to get in on the fun, I flipped over and thats when I saw his cock about to burst the white material of his briefs. it was beautiful, and the area around the head was like he had wet his pants.

I slid them off his body and I looked eye to eye with a very long, thick Alabama python, his cock was like nine plus inches and so thick it looked like his wrist, I barly got my mouth over the foreskin covered head, but that pre-cum was phenomenal, I loved it and the more I worked the more cock I got into my mouth and Kyle was loving it, before long he was face fucking me as I learned to take more and more of his cock into my throat.

Kyle's actions let me know he was getting clost, he was tightening up, his balls had already disappeared into his body, his cock was tightening up like a peice of solid brick, and he was breathing like he was breathing his last breaths.

Kyle then reached down and grabbed my head and pulled it close to his body and Held it there almost choking me with his thick cock, I felt it jerking in my mouth as it expelled a huge load of sweet, salty, musty tasting almost bleachy nut sauce, his body was jerking and he was grunting like a wild boar as he filled me with his cum.

I felt like a million dollars for being able to take his load and give my first blowjob, and all Kyle said was 'Holy Shit man that was fucking amazing.'

Before the night was over Kyle had me eating his asshole like he had done mine and I got the great pleasure of stuffing my eight inche cock balls deep into Kyles awesome body and He milked my cock with his anal muscles, something I never even knew could be done, It was the most fantastic cum of my life, I didn't think I was ever going to quit cumming as I fucked Kyle like a mad man, we both enjoyed it, because Kyle shot another load as I busted my nut inside his body, Kyle stroked his cock and shot cum up on his chest and face, we took turns swiping his cum off his chest and licking it off, cleaning his chest. That was a three day leave I'll never forget, I never did get to connect with Kyle but he has my home address if he wants to contact me.

I came back to my self setting on the log there in the mountaions, overlooking that scenic overlook, there was not a human within miles I had been hiking into the mountains for almost two days, my hiking boots on, my backpack, bedroll, I was totally enjoying myself.

I was getting ready to strip and take a dip in this cool mountain stream pool when I hear what sounded like a mans voice, not in words but there was a moaning and grunting sound. I walked over by some bushes and parted them and I was totally stunned to see what was before me.

I looked forward at this big rock and there before my vision was a God, and Fucking naked God, beautifully bronzed, laying naked against the big Rock like a statue with the biggest cock I had seen since Kyle and I found each other, But it was even bigger, or at least it looked that way.

This guy was astounding looking, and he was naked as a newborn, His chest was chiseled, thick pec muscles, lightly covered with curly dark brown hairs going down the full front and then into his crotch which had this beautiful bush, and he had his huge cock in his right hand slowly haveing himself a strokeoff out here in the woods, I watched as his uncut cock began to shine as his hand moved back and forth slowly, sliding that gorgeous foreskin back and forth with each stroke uncovering that beautiful flared bluish pink head, shining in the sunlight, It was the most awesome scene I had looked upon since I came into these moutain woods.

It was more than my body and mind could take, I began to unload my pack, shucked my boots and then my shirt and hiking shorts, there I stood now myself naked, enjoying this beautifu man, and I began stroking my own cock, I had broke a limb back on the bush that was between us so I could clearly watch with no obstruction, and I leaned back against a tree and just watched and stroked my own cock, but I really wanted more, but didn't think it would happen.

I could feel my nut coming on, and I knew it wouldn't take very long, since it had been alost a week since I had shot a load, I closed my eyes as the climax came close and began to really stroke it like mad.

I opened my eyes to get another look at this gorgeous man, and I gasp in shock, There in front of me not two inches from my face was this mans cock, god it looked big, I jumped, startled, 'Go ahead it loves to be sucked,' he said.

Without hesitation I leaned forward and heard this muscular, gorgeous guy, with a set of nuts like a bull, let out a moan, as I took about six inches of his thick uncut cock into my mouth, I was in heaven and he was enjoying it too from the way he was acting.

He looked down at me and smiled, 'Hi, Im Park Ranger Dan, and who might you be, I'm really glad to meet you.'

I pulled off his cock and looked up and smiled,'Sorry can't talk with my mouth full, Hehehe, Im Larry Schuller, glad to meet you,' I said, then like a starving dog, I slid my mouth back over Ranger Dans thick cock and began to work it over. I knew he was enjoying it and I was stopped by his hands grabbing my arms and pulling me up like I was a little boy.

'Turn around,' He said. I turned around and leaned agains a tree branch and he knelt and spread my asscheeks apart and for the second time in my life I felt a thick tongue go into my asshole and began to licking and working it over, Damn did I ever love it, I was going balistic,

He had eaten my asshole about ten minutes, I was about to fly over the moon, my cock was dripping when he stopped, slathered some saliva on his thick cock and placed it at the entrance of my asshole, and I felt one hell of a pain as his thick cock broke thru the opening of my asshole, and he slid about seven inches into it. I thought at first I would scream but who would hear it, 'Just hold on son, it will begin to feel better and get really enjoyable.' he said.

Well he was right, and after about ten minutes of his gently sliding the first four or five inches in and out of my asshole, it began to feel awesome, I began to push back against it, and I could feel it touching something up inside my asshole, it was my prostate, and each time that thick shaft slid into my asshole, I would feel like shocks of tingling sensations, and I felt like I was gonna cum with each thrust, I wanted to go faster and deeper, faster and deeper is what Dan started doing, I was grunting like a breading bull, and Dan was laying the log to my ass, it was the first time for me but it was the most awesome feeling I had ever felt, I realized then what my young sailor friend Kyle had felt, because now I was in the same situation.

Dan began to grunt, he lay over against my back and like a lover he pulled me tight against his body as he fucked me like a friday night whore, I was in heaven as he grabbed my pre-cum leaking cock and began to stroke me like mad, I felt the cum boiling in my loins and my nuts were so tight against my body that I thought they would never come out again.

I let out a loud moan as Dan Thrust wildly and loudly, letting out a loud yell and groan and I felt all nine and a half inches of his thick uncut cock bury deep in my insides and began to unload its contents, he stroked my cock a few times and I unloaded a huge load all over the ground.

We lay tightly against each other and let the feeling subside, I didn't want this to end, but we finally seperated and Dan told me to come with him, I walked over by the big rock he had been laying on, and I watched as he put on his ranger outfit and his hat.

I dressed and followed him to his ranger cabin.

It was almost dark and Dan ask me to spend the night with him, I did, he made us a really nice supper of fried chicken and potatoe salad, damn nice cook too.

Well I spent the night but We didn't get much sleep. I stayed close to That Cabin for almost two weeks, and Dan and I enjoyed ourselfs immensly.

I go back there several times a month and visit, I had moved to Washington and work in a small town about thirty miles from the mountain cabin.

I guess you might say I found my place in life and I am totally happy.



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