As I drove home from my first day of work at the garage, I could still taste G's cum on my tongue. G had even been more aggressive than his co-worker, Tony. G had put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees. While I stared up at him, he pulled the front of his tank up and over his head giving me a good look at his taut abs and big, hard pecs. "Like what you see cocksucker? Not much to do when you're behind bars except work out. Well that and getting pretty boys like you to take care of guys like Tony and me. Instead of privacy like we have now, the other prisoners got to watch and knew who ran things. It was even better when Tony and I would make some queer do us both."

He ran a hand from his pecs down his abs to the top button on his well-worn jeans. While he unbuttoned his jeans my eyes wandered the body of one of the men that I had admired since yesterday. Over 6' with dirty blonde hair on his head and his chest. His shoulders and biceps were massive. He didn't look like he had an ounce of fat covering each defined muscle group. When my eyes finally were on his crotch, the outline of his cock was clearly visible in his jeans. The material that was covering his dick was worn so thin there were actually a few spots where I could see through it. After releasing all of the buttons he pushed his jeans down revealing a thick cock that was almost as long as Tony's. Maybe that was why G seemed to be the number 2, it all came down to cock size.

G put his hand on the top of my head and started to slap my face with his hardening cock. "I bet you can't wait to get your cum swallowing mouth around this." Holding the hair on the top of my head firmly, he pushed his thick dick between my lips, over my tongue and into my throat. "Shit, Tony my man was right, you can take cock." Holding my head firmly in place, G face fucked me like he hadn't gotten off in a long time. During the entire time he called me ever name from cocksucker to pussy boy that he knew. With one final push he moved his hand to the back of my head and kept my nose pressed against his pubes as he unleashed his seed into my throat. He pulled back his still hard cock slowly letting me catch the last few drops of cum on my tongue. When his cock was out he squeezed some more cum from his dick and ordered me to lick him clean. When I had, he pulled his jeans back up and stuffed his still rigid cock back behind the fabric. The jeans were tight enough to hold it down but the outline was even more prominent than before. Between his body and his bulge, if I had run into him at a bar, I probably would have dropped to me knees in the middle of the crowd to feed off of what he had to offer. "You better go home and get some rest fag, because tomorrow between Tony and me and some of our guys that will be stopping by, you're going to be a busy, busy little bitch."

Besides enjoying the taste of G, as I drove I started to think about Stan. Tony and G were taking advantage of the old guy even though he was the one who tried to help them. God knows how much money they were skimming off the top; what sort of kickbacks they were getting; and what other crap they might be running out of the garage. Even though I was a cum whore, I wasn't a thief and I wasn't going to let Tony and G get away with what they were doing.

As I pulled my piece of shit Chevy into the driveway of my parents' house, I was having a debate in my mind of what I should do. I couldn't talk to my Dad or Mom about it since I was already lying to them that I was still working at the customer call center. I could call Crime Stoppers and give them an anonymous tip, but would that be enough for them to do anything? I finally decided to call my friend, Patrick from college, because his dad was a cop and he might be able to give me some ideas.

I had forgotten to change my clothes before getting home, so I had to sneak in so my Mom wouldn't see me in a pair of jeans that now had dirty knees and probably cum stains on my t-shirt. I lucked out and made it up the stairs to the second floor undetected when I heard my Mom ask me what I wanted for dinner. I told her that I had eaten something just before leaving work and I wasn't hungry. She grumbled, as she usually does, that she's concerned about me getting enough protein.

When I got to my room, I peeled off my clothes and stuffed them in a drawer so that my Mom wouldn't find them when she came into my room for my dirty laundry. Sad, I know, a college grad still at home with his Mom still doing his laundry. Instead I wadded up the pants and dress shirt I had left the house in and put them in the hamper before jumping in the shower.

When I stepped out of the shower, I checked myself out in the mirror, as I usually do. If I wanted to continue to get cock and cum I needed to make sure that I looked my best. Everything looked good. My 5'10" body still looked like it was carrying my 165 pounds, but I was going to hit the gym that night to keep my muscles toned and my ass high and tight. After making my dirty blonde hair just the way I like it, I put on a pair of nylon workout shorts and a string tank. Before I left for the gym, I called Patrick to see if he wanted to meet me at the gym so we could talk. Luckily he was free and said he would meet me there.

I met Patrick when we were both in community college in a bathroom in the basement of the library. I had taught him to suck cock and we had been fast friends since, even double teaming a guy or guys that struck our fancy.

Patrick was already at the gym when I arrived, he let me throw my wallet and car keys in the small locker he had already gotten and we started our workout. We started out with cardio on elliptical machines (ass work!) and I started to tell him about the garage and that I felt the need to do something. I asked if I should talk to his dad and he agreed. After 30 minutes of cardio we did another 30 minutes of circuits. This allowed us the time to check out some of the other guys that were working out. There were two guys who were working out together with free weights that were fine. Patrick and I looked at each other and smiled. We started to do squats by the two men followed up by stretching. We kept doing stretching until the two guys finished up and headed for the locker room. Of course, we followed. Luckily they were sharing a locker near Patrick's. As we hoped they took off their workout gear and headed to the steam room to help them loosen up. We waited a few minutes and then we stripped down and followed.

Even though the steam was thick we could see that they were the only guys in the room. Both were lying in their backs slowly stroking their meaty cocks. One of the guys raised their heads, "We were starting to think we were wrong about you two." That was all the invitation that we needed. I went over to one of the guys and swallowed his cock with one swift movement. By the way the other guy moaned I thought Patrick must have done the same. A couple of times the door would open and a guy would come in but that didn't seem to bother our new "friends", they kept us on their cocks. A few men turned around and left when they saw what was going on but the majority of them watched the show while they beat their meat. Almost as if we had one mind, Patrick and traded places and finished off our new "friends."

When both men had dropped their loads they stood up and the guy who had spoken early said, "We are here every Tuesday night about this time, hopefully we will see you again". With that they left the steam room. A couple of the guys that were watching wagged their cocks at us but even though I wouldn't have minded feeding off a couple of the gym rats, we needed to get to Patrick's dad's place so I could talk to him. Luckily, Patrick had an extra pair of sweats that I could but over my skimpy shorts and string t. I followed Patrick to his dad's place. As we walked up to the door, Patrick told me to just to tell his dad everything I had told him except the part about Tony and G and what I done with their cocks.

For the next hour I told Patrick's dad everything that I had been told by Stan, Tony and G. He asked me some very pointed questions and I was honest with my responses. After hearing all that he had to say he sat quietly for a moment before speaking. Finally, he said, "This sounds bigger than just the police. If the place is being used for money laundering, kick-backs from national auto parts companies, plus stealing from the owner, I think we need to call in the Feds".

At that point I was ready to just tell Patrick's dad that I just wasn't going to go back to the garage and would start looking for another job. The whole situation was starting to scare me. In his calmest voice Patrick's dad reminded me that I had come to him because I wanted to do the right thing. He said he would call one of his contacts at the FBI and that he would make sure that anything that happened wouldn't fall back on me. He made a call and told him what I had said about the garage and then he spoke for a while to whomever was on the other end of the call. When he ended the call he told me to meet him and his contact at a diner that was close, but not to close, to the garage at 7 am.

I drove home, tried to watch some TV but I just couldn't pay attention. I ended up tossing and turning all night until my alarm went off at 6 am. I got up showered and shaved. When I looked in the mirror it looked like I saw that I had huge bags under my eyes. It didn't sound like my parents were up so I didn't put on a fake work outfit, instead I put on one of my pair of skinny jeans with a State t-shirt that was a small when I should be wearing a medium. I got out of the house without being seen, got in my piece of shit Chevy and drove to the diner.

When I walked into the diner, I saw Patrick's dad sitting with a man whose back was to me. As I got closer to their table I couldn't help but notice how his suit jacket emphasized his back and shoulders. I could also tell that he had very short hair, almost a crew cut but with just a bit more attitude. Patrick's dad waved and got up as I got closer to the table. The FBI agent stood and turned toward me. The man looked like he had just stepped out of a movie screen. I guessed that he was in his late 30s or early 40s. He stood at least 6'3". His hair was dark with some gray at his temples. His dark eyes were behind a nerdy pair of black framed glasses that actually made him look sexier. His dark suit was immaculately tailored showing off his perfectly proportioned body. His white shirt looked like it was so starched that it would never show a wrinkle. His subdued tie was perfectly knotted. He stuck out his right hand which swallowed mine as he shook my hand, "It's nice to meet you Mr. Cartwright, I'm Agent Taylor." We all sat down at the table and a cup of coffee appeared before me as if my magic. He shared with me that Patrick's dad had filled him in on everything I had shared but that he needed to hear it from me.

From the moment I had sat down my cock was aching to get out of my jeans, my ass was twitching and my mouth was salivating. Agent Taylor was one of the sexiest men I had ever seen and I caught myself staring as I told him the story of the garage. As I talked our knees would occasionally touch and I tried to stop myself from quivering.

After I had talked for about a half hour and had two more cups of coffee, I looked at Agent Taylor with a question in my eyes. He didn't get my question, but instead started to tell me what he was going to do. It was his plan to have someone observe, from a distance, who was coming and going from the garage. He also said that he would have a few undercover agents come to get some work done on some vehicles that wouldn't indicate that they were law enforcement. He also told me that I should just do my job, including whatever Tony or G asked me to do, but that was part of the story I hadn't shared with him. Nor had I told him that they would expect me to "take care" of customers when they told me to do so. Finally, Agent Taylor told me that it might take days or even weeks before they would have enough information to take any action. I understood but I felt bad for Stan, the owner, because Tony and G were taking advantage of him and the old man's livelihood. I finally left and drove to the garage, parked and walked in the filthy place.

Tony, G and the Joes were just standing around. Tony spoke up, "Hey, there's our cute little bitch. We were wondering whether you'd be back or not". He was wearing the one piece suit he had been wearing the first time I had come to the garage. Like that time, he had the top undone and it was just hanging from his waist giving the full view of his expansive shoulders, chest, biceps and abs. I swear I thought I could see the top of the base of his cock. He grabbed his crotch and squeezed the outline of his dick and said, "Ya just couldn't resist this could ya, faggot?"

G was in his usual jeans and wife beater. "Shit, check out the way he's dressed. Those tight jeans and t-shirt are just saying that he wants us to take care of his pussy." The two Joes looked uncomfortable during the conversation. It made me wondered if they used to service Tony and G before I got there.

Tony came and put his large arm over my shoulders. "When we got here this morning we told Stan that he needs to find a couple of mechanics. The four of us can't take care of all this shit. Besides, G and I have other stuff we need to be doing. Old fart just mumbled something and then left. I guess it's up to you to get some guys here and get 'em here fast, we got friends coming in and we got to keep up a good front. Get your ass in the office and find some guys. If you're quick about it and find some good guys, I might find the time to fill that ass of yours today, the way you were just looking at me, I know you want a good fuck." He slapped my ass. "And don't forget about getting us cold drinks in a while and then getting us something good for lunch."

I went into the office sat down at Stan's messy desk trying to think about what I could do. At first I thought I should call Agent Taylor and have him send some guys from the FBI who could act as mechanics to gather info but I realized that if they were too obvious Tony would know that I was involved. While I had been looking for a job someone had told me to check out Craigslist, this website that listed job openings. Little did I know that Craigslist would become useful for me in years to come. I pulled up the site on Stan's computer and listed the opening for two mechanics before I could post it, the site wanted $25 for the listing. I went out to the garage where the Tony, G and the Joes were talking to two guys I hadn't seen before but I liked what I saw. They were both tall and built like Tony and G. One guy was white and the other guy was black. The white guy was wearing a pair of snug jeans and a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up so high that it looked like it must be cutting off the blood supply to his biceps. Several of the buttons on the front of his shirt weren't buttoned, I don't think it would be possible based on how his chest was pulling the open shirt material. I could see some prison tats on his smooth chest and arms. His head was shaved but based on the color of his eyebrows I assumed he had brown hair. The black guy had a pair of baggy jeans on. They were riding so low on his body that his whole ass was exposed, covered with a pair of tight briefs. He was wearing a wife beater like G that looked so old and worn that it was almost see through. I couldn't help myself, I was staring at the two of them. There was money changing hands along with a package of something.

I don't know if they sensed me but Tony turned his head toward me. "What the fuck do you want?"

"I need a credit card to pay for the ad for the new mechanics."

"Isn't there one in the desk or something?"

"Not that I've found."

"You gotta one?"

"Yeah, but it's supposed to be just for emergencies."

"Well, this is an emergency. Place the fucking ad. I'll pay you back later today."

I turned and walked back to the office and heard Tony say, "That's the piece of ass I was telling you about. He's only given head to G and I, but if that's an indication of what he can do, his pussy must be prime. I bet it's as good or better than any of those bitches we had when we were all in the slammer."

As I entered the office, I was so turned on I could feel precum wetting my jeans since I didn't have any underwear beneath my skinny jeans. I entered my credit card number and within minutes I saw the ad pop up in the "skilled trade" section. A few minutes after that I got a reply and then another. I scheduled them to come in to the garage that afternoon for an interview. Excited, I went back into the garage and announced, "We've already got two applicants, I'm going to start interviews at 1."

"Well, it seems our pretty boy can do more than just suck dick", Tony sarcastically said. "Go get us some cold drinks now."

Having learned from yesterday, I took some money from the petty cash box and went across the street to the convenience store. To my surprise, Agent Taylor was in the store. "I'm glad you came here, I wanted to let you know that we've already got the garage under surveillance. The two guys who showed up a while ago are really bad ass, make sure to be careful around them and don't piss them off. You better get what you came for and get back or they are going to think something is up."

I bought a bunch of bottles of Coke and took them back to the garage and passed them around. "That's a good girl" said Tony as he took a bottle from me.

I went back to the office and saw that several more guys had responded to the ad. I ended up scheduling interviews every half hour from 1 to 5. There were still responses coming in, I responded that I would get back to them the next day if either of the positions were still open. Since it was almost Noon, I went out to the garage to find out what the guys wanted for lunch. Tony said the Joes were going to go out for lunch and that G was out on a delivery. "You and I and my colleagues here can get something in a little while. He told the Joes to close the bay doors as they left, which they did. Tony put his beefy arm around my shoulders again and said, "Let's go back into the office." He and I and the two other guys went into the office and Tony locked the door. "We don't want no one to bother us during our lunch hour."

Tony went over to Stan's desk and pushed everything but the computer on the floor. He pushed the computer off to the side. Then he reached into the petty cash box and pulled out a $100 bill. As he handed it to me he said, "Consider this prepayment for the customer service you're about to deliver." That got a laugh from all three men. "Now get out of your clothes." As the three men watched, I removed my shoes and socks; pulled off my t-shirt, and then slid out of my skinny jeans.

The white guy spoke up, "Check out that ass." I could actually see the outline of his cock grow in his jeans while he talked. I glanced from it to the black man. He had his hand down the front of his baggy pants. Tony had begun to rub the bulge in his jeans but stepped back letting the two guys take the lead.

"OK bitch, get your cute ass up on the desk", the black men said as he stepped toward me. I sat on the edge of the desk while he pushed the front of his pants down revealing a large bulge in his briefs. He then lowered those until his dick and balls were free. He started to stroke his cock as he stepped closer. He had an impressive cock. It was maybe 7.5" but it was one of the thickest I had ever seen with a huge head. He stepped close enough to put a hand on my chest and pushed me so that my back was on the surface of the desk. He roughly grabbed my hips and pulled me forward so that my ass was completely off of the desk. The white guy watched all this happen, but as if he had been done many times he walked behind me, I thought he was going to pull his cock out and use my mouth, but instead he grabbed my ankles while the black guy pushed them back toward him. The position made my ass even more exposed. The black guy started rubbing his fingers along my ass crack and began to tickle my hole. The black guy turned to Tony, "Whatcha got to grease up this bitch?"

Tony went out to the garage and came back in with a can of oil, "There should be a little left in here". It must have been a can that had already been used for an oil change. The black man grabbed the can from Tony and let the last few drops from the can fall onto his fingers. He started rubbing the oil all around my ass hole and then spread what was left on his cock. His fingers returned to my hole and he slid one of his fingers in and started to move it around. It was followed shortly by another finger. He moved his fingers and stretched my asshole. He pulled his fingers out but almost immediately put both of his thumbs in my hole, stretching it even farther than before.

"Gotta make sure you're pretty white ass is ready to take my meat, boy." His thumbs left my hole and I could feel the head of his cock pushing in. Inadvertently I tried to move my legs, "Come on bro, hold his legs in place, you know how I like it." The white guy increased his grip on my ankles and held them still. With deliberate slowness the black man pushed until the head of his cock popped through my sphincter. I moaned. The black guy turned his head to Tony, "Man, you were right when you said this cocksucker wanted a good fuck". He turned his head back until he was looking at me, "And I'm gonna give you a fuck you will never forget."

I clenched my mouth and squeezed my eyes shut while more of the black man's dick went deeper. Using slow pressure he finally was all the way in. "Shit, not many white boys can take me all on the first try." Again with great slowness, he pulled all the way out but kept the head of his cock against my hole. "Kid is fucking tight." He pushed in again with more force and then pulled all the way back out again. The next time he entered with even more power.

The white guy finally spoke, "Mika, I always like watching your cock slide in and out of some bitch's ass, gets me hot every time."

"That's why we make a good team Richie. I like putting on a show and getting you hot, that way you're ready when I shove my dick in your ass."

Mika continued fucking me by pulling all the way out and then jamming it back into me. I raised my head so I could watch him plow my ass. I could feel the oil ooze with each of his thrusts. By then Mika had closed his eyes and seemed to be on autopilot. He never missed my ass with his thrusts. He was driving it in with such force that I kept sliding back on the desk causing him to grab my hips and pull me toward him again. I was in cock heaven. If he had it to give, I would have taken more of his cock. I think I even started saying to go deeper which made Mika slam me harder. During the entire fucking, Mika had his hands on the edge of the desk like he was doing push-ups. Besides enjoying the feeling of his cock, I was fascinated watching how his pecs would tighten and how his biceps contracted. All of a sudden he pulled his hands from the desk and put them on the back of my thighs and gave one final push. I felt his jizz mix with the oil, as he pulled back both liquids soothed the ravaged walls of my ass. Mika stepped back and I saw that his dick was still hard and thick. "Get your ass over here Ritchie, I'm ready for you. Now that I've cum once, I can keep going for a long time, baby."

Richie let go of my ankles and walked around the desk. He unbuttoned his jeans and got out of them faster than I thought possible. He bent over the back of one of the chairs and Mika started to pound Ritchie's ass. Neither of them spoke, they just fucked.

I sat up on the desk and felt cum and oil spill from my ass onto the desk top. I looked over to Tony and saw that he had his dick out and was beating it hard and fast while he watched Mika and Ritchie. He must have been getting close because he told me to get down on my knees and catch his load. Completely naked I got on my knees in front of Tony and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue just in time to catch the first of several ropes of his cum. I stayed in that position until he squeezed out the last couple of globs. I looked up to his eyes and made a show of swallowing. "That's right bitch, enjoy what I just gave you."

I stayed on my knees as Tony and I watched Mika fuck the shit out of Richie. The two men must have known what the other liked because they worked in unison even up to the point when Mika came again. Richie pushed his ass back getting as much of Tony as he could and then Mika gave a growl. I assumed that Mika had just filled Richie with his second load.

I watched as the three men straightened themselves up. As they left the office, Tony turned to me and said, "Pretty boy, you better start putting on your clothes, according to my watch your first interview is going to be here in a few minutes. If you can find a couple of faggots like you that can actual work on cars we could be making a lot more coin than we already are. Your ass is going to bring in some good money."

After the three men left, I put my t-shirt and skinny jeans back on. I could still feel cum and oil slide out of my ass when I answered the first knock on the office door. I just hoped that my jeans were dark enough that they didn't show anything when I led the candidates into the office.

For the next four hours I interviewed eight prospective mechanics. I realized that I liked interviewing people and walking through the process. While my ass was telling me to hire the two young guys that looked like they be making money doing porn on the side, my brain, for once, told me to hire the two guys who actually knew something about auto mechanics. I hired them on the spot and figured out what forms I needed to have them fill out so that I could get them on the payroll. I even shared with them that there was some shady stuff going on in the garage. Both told me that it was pretty common that stuff like that went on in a garage. They both told me they would keep their heads down and just work on the vehicles. I think it was that afternoon that made me realize I might want to pursue something in human resources for my next job.

When I came out of the office at 5, Mika and Richie were gone and Tony asked me if I had hired the two good looking guys. He wasn't too happy when I told him I had hired two other guys. He bitched and moaned for a while but then said it made sense to have someone who actually knew how to fix cars since that was the front.

Tony, G and the Joes closed the bay doors and were getting ready to leave. Tony hinted that I should come with him because he thought he knew some guys that might be interested in a little partying. He didn't seem too pissed off when I said I really needed to stay a while and work on organizing Stan's files. As he walked out, Tony told me to grab another $100 from the petty cash box because the deal with Mika and Richie had gone better than he expected. "I got some other guys coming in tomorrow that are going to want to spend some time with ya." Then they were gone.

I went back into the office. I called Mom and told her that I was working late at the customer call center and not to wait up. For the next several hours I really got a lot done with Stan's files and felt like things were getting close to being organized enough for him to go to his accountant. It wasn't looking good though, he really could get caught up in what Tony and G were doing. I just hoped that the FBI would be able to help.

When I left the garage, locked up and headed for my piece of shit Chevy, I noticed a guy leaning against a restored not piece of shit Chevy. It was all tricked out and was riding on big rims. The guy looked to be about my age and maybe an inch taller than me. He was wearing a bandana on his head, covering most of his thick, dark hair. He was wearing a white t-shirt with its arms torn off. There was a rip at the neck that went down enough to reveal his chest. He was wearing a baggy pair of shorts and had unlaced, high top Converses on his feet. While he stared into my eyes, he pulled his shorts to the side making sure I saw the outline of his cock that was out of proportion with his body.

"You the dude that Mika and Richie told me about?"

I let my eyes move up from the outline of his dick to his face. "I don't know."

"They told me there was this white punk here who really knew how to take care of this." He pushed his shorts down and pulled out a pretty substantial cock. "By the way you just licked your lips, I think you are." My eyes kept moving from his dick to his eyes. He did a movement with his head that was an invitation to come closer. "Go for it punk. I need to roll soon." I looked around. "Shit, in this neighborhood, people see a lot more than a fag sucking a dick."

When I got close enough, he just leaned back onto his car, spread his legs and rested his hands on the highly waxed car. I looked around again and got down on my knees on the asphalt and grabbed the cock by its base and brought the head to lips. "That's what I'm talking about, it eat." I did and was rewarded with a nice load of warm cum. As soon as he had finished blowing his wad, the guy pulled his baggy shorts back up, got in his ride and drove away. As I stood there, I saw Agent Taylor sitting in a car across the street. He must have seen everything. He started his non-descript car and drove off.


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