I had lost my job at the Customer Call Center after only a couple of days. Granted it was because I had given head to the President's son and his friend but it was still a bummer. Now I had to start the whole process again.

I didn't want to tell my parents that I had lost the job, they had been so proud that I had gotten a job right out of college. Instead, I would get up each morning like I was going to the job, get in my piece of shit Chevy and head to our local library where I could use their computers to look for jobs. I sent in applications for a bunch of jobs, even some I didn't want, but hadn't heard anything back. I even went back to the campus to see what may be available through Career Services. They were mostly the same jobs that I had applied for prior to graduation.

After a week of having no luck, I decided to try a temp agency just to make some cash to pay my car insurance and buy gas. Maybe I would have enough left over to go out every once in a while to try to find some nice cock. Thank God my father had given me money to buy some work clothes, at least I would be set for a short time.

The lady at the temp agency was actually very helpful. She asked me about my degree in Business Administration and about previous employment. I left out the Customer Call Center. Since I had taken a couple of accounting courses she thought she had a good fit for me. There was an auto and truck repair garage owner that was being audited by the IRS. He had lost his bookkeeper about a year ago and hadn't filled the position because he thought he could handle the books but realized he couldn't. His records were a mess and just in a bunch of stacks around his office. She told me he wanted someone for a couple of weeks to organize all his records. He was too cheap to pay an accountant to help, so he wanted to get his records organized before he went to meet with his accountant. I decided to take the job even though it would only last for a couple of weeks at best. It was better than nothing.

The morning of the day I was supposed to start, I got up just like I had been doing while I had been looking for work. I did my typical morning routine and then got dressed. I put on a pair of chinos and a dress shirt, thanks to my Dad, and checked myself in the mirror. As usual I liked what I saw. The pants and shirt fit my 5'10" perfectly. Even though I hadn't been working, I still went to the local gym I had bought a membership for as soon as I had gotten the first job to keep in shape and maintain my body weight of 165 pounds. I made my dirty blonde hair look as work appropriate as possible while still retaining a bit of the messy look that I liked. My blue/green eyes were clear even though I had had a couple of cocktails the night before at one of the clubs plus had stayed up a bit too late being fed and bred by a guy that had hit on me.

I grabbed a travel mug of coffee, grabbed the toast that my Mother wouldn't let me leave without and kissed her goodbye. I got in my piece of shit Chevy and ate my toast while I drove to the address the temp agency had given me. I don't know what I had been expecting but it sure wasn't what I found at the address. I had made an assumption that the place would be like Jiffy Lube or Firestone, boy, was I wrong. The place looked like it was a patchwork of metal. Around the outside of the place were tires and a variety of car and truck parts. There were a couple of cars that looked like they hadn't been moved in years. It actually made me feel better about my piece of shit Chevy. There were three bays with lifts. There were cars in two of the bays and in the third bay there was Ford pickup that looked like it had over 200,000 miles on it easily. I pulled my car into what looked like it might be a parking space and got out of my car.

The place looked so dirty and covered in grease that I was almost afraid to enter the building. The smell was a mix of burned rubber, oil, car fumes and other indescribable odors, it was funky to the Nth degree. With the bay doors open it was also hotter than hell in the place. If you don't have air conditioning in Phoenix in June you are out of your mind. There were a couple of fans blowing the hot and odiferous air around the garage.

There were several men hanging around outside of the garage beneath an overhang of the building, at least they were out of the sun. One guy looked like he had stepped out of an old western due to the fact that he was wearing jeans, cowboy boots, a western shirt with a cowboy hat on his head. Another guy was in more typical work clothes, blue workpants and a white t-shirt. The third guy looked like a gang banger in pair of jeans that were below his ass and a tank top that didn't even reach the waistband of his exposed underwear. There was one of those large orange jugs of water with a stack of plastic cups sitting on a lone table. Even though there were some plastic chairs all three of the men were pacing.

On the inside of the garage there were six men working on the vehicles. Two of the men obviously either enjoyed their beers or didn't eat the right kind of food because their bellies protruded so much that their t-shirts just barely met the waists of their work pants. One man was pretty much bald except for the ring of hair around the sides of his head. The other man had a full head of gray hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in days. Their t-shirts were covered with grease and sweat. Overall, not an appealing pair of men.

Two of the other guys looked like average Joes. While I wouldn't say they were buff, neither of them had beer guts. They were also wearing work pants and t-shirts. It was obvious, however, that the men either knew how to do laundry or had someone do their laundry for them, because their t-shirts only appeared to have the day's grease. These guys obviously knew their way around vehicles and appeared to be doing almost all of the work with a little help from the belly guys.

The last two were completely different. Both looked to be in their late 20s and were smoking hot. They both had that rough trade vibe going that I like. They were both over 6' tall. One of the men, who had dark hair and eyes, plus dark eyelashes that I would kill for, was wearing one of those one piece work uniforms. He had taken the top portion off and it was hanging from his waist. He had broad shoulders, big pecs, massive biceps and a clearly defined eight pack. He had unbuttoned the front of the uniform enough so that his treasure trail of dark hair was visible. If the man was wearing underwear it wasn't holding anything in place because each time he moved his obviously large cock was swaying with each step that he took.

The other guy was in jeans and a black wife beater. If he had grease on his shirt it wasn't visible. He had dirty blonde hair like me that was swept back either by sweat or some sort of hair product. I could see that his chest must be covered with blonde hair because it was sticking out from the top of his wife beater. His shoulders were massive as well. While I couldn't actually see his pecs, the way the shirt he was wearing stretched across his chest indicated that they were as large and hard as his coworker's. He also had biceps that were as well developed. There was a worn spot on his jeans were his cock must usually hang that was quite large leading me to believe his cock was pretty damn nice.

My staring must have become obvious because both men turned to look at me and then say something to each other which was followed by a laugh. I shook the dream of getting one or both of them to take me on the garage floor out of my mind and took a few more steps into the garage.

"What can we do for you kid?" asked one of the men with a large gut, "That old Chevy you were driving having some trouble."

"Uh, no sir, I'm supposed to start working here today and I'm supposed to find a man named Stan."

"Boy, you sure are overdressed to be working in this shit hole. You'll find Stan inside the office, through that door over there." I knocked on the office door and didn't get a response. I knocked again, still no response. "Kid, just go in, Stan ain't hearing so good anymore."

I went in to what could only loosely be called an office. It was more like a storeroom but at least it had air conditioning. There were shelves filled with various auto parts, a desk where an old man was sitting, a couple of file cabinets and two folding tables that were covered with stacks of paper. Under the tables were boxes filled to overflowing with papers. There were two computers, one on the desk and one on one of the tables, both were several generations behind current technology. The old man hadn't raised his head when I walked into the office.

"Stan?" no response, "Stan?" still none, "STAN!"

The old man looked up, "What can I do for you?"

"I'm Chad, Chad Cartwright. The temp agency sent me over."

"Oh yeah, great, great. Move those papers from that chair over there, pull it over here and take a load off."

There were two chairs by the folding tables that were also covered with stacks of paper. I lifted the pile off of one of the chairs and placed it precariously on the stack on the other chair, and brought the empty chair over by Stan's desk and sat down. "I was surprised when they told me that they were sending a guy over, I just thought it would be some old broad bookkeeper type. Whatever, I'm glad you're here."

Over the rest of the morning, Stan told me the very long story about how his bookkeeper had quit and that he had just fucked things up. Fucked them up enough that he was getting audited by the IRS because he had never submitted their quarterly taxes for almost a year. He also thought that the garage was losing money even though they were doing more work than ever before. What he wanted me to do was pull together a complete balance sheet of personnel expenses, operating expenses, purchased supplies, revenue, etc.. Looking around the room I knew it was going to be a daunting task but I needed a job. He told me he'd like me to work pretty standard hours of 8 to 5 with a 15 minute breaks both mornings and afternoons and an hour for lunch. He also shared with me that all of the employees were parolees. He hired them because he had been in prison when he was very young and someone had helped him when he was released and he thought it was his responsibility to pay it forward. I had to admit it was a great thing that he was doing but it also made those two guys working the garage even hotter in my mind. He told me that I would start the next day and he suggested I wear something that was more conducive to a garage setting.

As I drove away from the garage, I couldn't take my mind off of the two guys at the garage. Both men were ripped and looked like they may have dicks of death. The more I thought, the hornier I got. I had to keep adjusting myself just to stop my pants from strangling my cock.

Due to the length of the story that Stan had told me it was almost lunch time. I figured I could stop and get something to eat but I realized I could also stop and get fed. I knew that there was an Adult Bookstore not far from where I was and I knew that lunch time tended to be busy so I headed in that direction. Just as I hoped, the parking lot was almost full when I pulled into the area for parking which was right off the alley behind the store.

Now chinos and a dress shirt is not my usual attire for cruising at a bookstore but they were going to have to do. I went inside and wandered around the front of the store among the men that were "looking" at magazines and videos. Many of them were looking at straight stuff but I knew they just wanted to get their rocks off. As I passed a couple of guys that appealed to me, I let my hand accidently brush against their crotches before giving them a smile. After a couple of laps I went to the counter and bought some tokens and went to the arcade which was behind a swinging door. There was several dimly lit hallways with doors on either side. Some of the doors were open while others were closed. Several men were leaning against the walls some with one of their legs up to make sure their packages were visible. Others were wandering the hallways checking out was available. There was a mix of guys about my age, some businessmen types, and everything in between. I cruised a businessman that was showing a pretty large bulge. Just after I passed him I went into one of the booths that was between two other booths that were open. I closed the door, dropped some tokens in the slot and found a vid that was showing a guy on his knees sucking a huge piece of meat. I took off my shirt and hung it on a hook that was inside of the booth. I heard the door to the booth to my right open and close. I looked through the glory hole and saw it was the businessman. I ran my fingers along the edge of the hole and watched as he pulled a semi-hard cock from the zipper in his slacks. He obviously didn't want to waste any time, the head of his dick came through the hole and I started to lick the large head. As he pushed more of himself through the opening I wrapped my hand around the shaft and stroked it as I started to suck the head. I used my spit to get his whole cock slick so that it was easier to stroke it while I continued to suckle the head. I heard the man say "Shit that feels good."

I heard the door on the stall to my left shut. I pulled my head off of the businessman's dick but continued to stroke it. I looked through the opening to my left and saw what looked like the legs of one of the college aged boys that had been walking the halls. He bent down and looked through the hole, so I made sure he saw me return my mouth to the businessman's now hard and precum dripping cock. God, he tasted good.

It must have been enough to get the college kid's juices flowing because his cock came through the hole to my left. I pulled off the businessman's dick long enough to spit in my left hand before wrapping it around the kid's cock. From then on I alternated between cocks enjoying the unique taste of each while stroking them both.

The businessman started bucking his hips, almost to the point that the cheap plywood wall was shaking. I knew he was close, or at least in a hurry, so I went into overdrive not wanting to miss a drop of his load. I was rewarded with a mouth full of sweet and salty spunk which I greedily sucked down. The man quickly pulled his cock back through the hole and zipped up. By the time I heard him leave his booth all my attention was now focused on the college kid. Even though he was hung, he was young, so it didn't take long before he too filled my mouth with his spunk, and a lot of it. I was glad that I had taken my shirt off because cum was leaking out of both sides of my mouth. The kid's cock disappeared back through the hole still dripping. I wiped the cum that was on the sides of my face and feasted on the last of it. Even though two more cocks had appeared in the glory holes, I put my shirt back on and left the booth. I was going to be nice and share the wealth. I went to one of the booths that I knew was glory hole free and stroked out a load as I watched a hulk of a man fuck the hell out of another guy on the small video screen. I went back to my car partially satiated.

My Mom was concerned that I got home so early but I told her that I had left the office early because I wasn't feeling good. In her usual style she wanted to make me something to eat but I told her I didn't need anything. What I really needed was a cock up my ass but that wasn't going to happen. I went to my room and watched some TV and didn't even come out of my room for dinner.

The next morning I dressed in another pair of nice pants and a dress shirt so that my folks would think I was going to the Customer Call Center but I actually packed a gym bag with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for the garage. I told them that I was going to go to the gym after work. I actually ate some of the eggs and bacon my Mom had made before grabbing my travel mug of coffee before I headed out the door. I drove to a parking lot and changed my clothes in my car.

I got to the garage a few minutes before 8. All 6 mechanics were in the garage but hadn't begun working yet. All 6 were sipping coffee and smoking and appeared to be talking smack between themselves. When they saw me that stopped talking and just looked at me. I went over to introduce myself. The two guys with guts were Jock and Thumper, talk about names that didn't fit. The two average Joes were actually Joes but one of them went by Joey. The hot guy with the great eyelashes was Tony and the dirty blonde was just G. Today both Tony and G were wearing well-worn jeans. Tony's were riding low enough that I could see that he was wearing a plain white jock. He had on a plaid shirt without sleeves that was open all the way. G was wearing a similar get up as the day before, a tight pair of jeans and a wife beater. I hadn't noticed yesterday but both men had tattoos. Not the kind that you would get at a tattoo parlor but the handmade kind that were either black or blue. I had no idea what the shapes represented but they were definitely hot, as were the bulges in their jeans.

When I went into the office, Stan was hunched over his desk with his head in his hands and mumbling to himself. He looked up from the desk when he finally heard me and gave me a look like he didn't know who I was and then must have remembered and simply said, "Get to work."

For the next two hours I began sorting all of the papers that were stacked on the folding tables and put them into categories that would make some sense. I had been at it for almost two hours when the door to the office opened and Tony walked in. "Hey pretty boy, take some petty cash and go get us some cold drinks, it's fucking hot out here." When he left I looked over at Stan and he just shrugged his shoulders and pulled out a cash box and handed it to me. The box was stuffed with bills ranging from $1 to $100. There were also checks that were written to the garage. Some were almost a year old. No wonder this place was such a financial mess.

I grabbed some bills and went into the garage, when I asked what everyone wanted, Tony was the only one to speak up, "Just get us some Cokes...and not Diet Cokes, those are for pussies." As I started to leave for the garage heading for the convenience store across the street I could have sworn I head Tony say to G, "Nice ass."

Before I bought the drinks, I used the bathroom in the convenience store since I had to go. I bought the Cokes (and a Diet Coke for me) and came back across the street. As I handed the Cokes out to the guys no one said thanks but Tony did give my ass a slap as I headed back into the office.

I worked for a couple more hours and felt like I was making a bit of headway when Tony came into the office again. "Stan, Stan, STAN! Where the fuck is the roach coach? We're getting hungry out here."

"Oh, ugh, ah...I'll take care of it."

Tony left and Stan raised his head, "Kid, call Ralph's and ask them where the fuck they are."

Before I asked Stan who Ralph was I remembered I had seen a bill from Ralph's Food Truck in the stacks of paper I was sorting through. I found one and called the number on the invoice. The man on the other end of the phone told me that he wouldn't be coming any more since the garage was three months past due. Shit. When I asked Stan about it he said that he had agreed to buy the guys lunch as part of their compensation. After I told him that Ralph's wouldn't be coming he told me to "just take care of it."

I went out to the garage where all the men were working on the three vehicles in the bays. When I told them that Ralph's wouldn't be coming there were several different responses. The two big gut guys started swearing and complaining that this was the last straw. They hadn't gotten paid for the last week and now no food. One of them looked at me and said "Tell Stan to fuck himself", and then they both walked out. Joe and Joey just looked at each other a shrugged and went back to work on the vehicles.

Tony walked over to me and was so close I could feel the heat radiating off of his body. He put a finger on my chest. "Sweet Cheeks, go order some pizza. Order sausage, I gotta a feeling that's what you like." He grabbed his crotch as he said it.

I went back into the office, found a local pizza joint's menu on the wall and ordered a couple extra-large pizzas to be delivered. When they showed up about ½ hour later, Tony came into the office and just took some money from the petty cash box for the pizzas. It looked like a lot more than what he needed. On his way out of the office he said "Better come get some, pretty boy." Stan just seemed to be oblivious to everything that was going on. He just kept sitting at his desk with his head in his hands.

I went out into the garage and took a slice and stood with the mechanics while I ate it. When I was done I needed to go wash my hands. I realized that I didn't know where the bathroom was so I asked Joe. He pointed to a door in the corner of the garage. The bathroom was disgusting, just like everything else in the garage. It was the only one so it must have been for both men and women. It had three stalls and three sinks, all of which could use some heavy duty Scrubbing Bubbles. Just like the adult bookstore the partitions between the toilets were cheap plywood. And just like the bookstore there were glory holes between each.

As I stood at one of the sinks washing the pizza grease from my hands, Tony came into the bathroom. "I wondered how long it would take you to finally come in here." Without saying anything else he went into the end stall and closed the door. I just stood there. "What the fuck are you waiting for, get into the middle stall and suck my fucking dick." In my mind I was debating if I should just leave but my inner cum whore made my feet move toward the middle stall.

When I went into the stall Tony's cock was already hard and sticking through the glory hole. "Get to work!" I took a look at the toilet seat and knew I didn't want to sit on it. I also wasn't too keen on getting down on my knees on god knows what was on the floor. "What's the problem? Too big for ya?" While it was quite big and thick it wasn't the biggest that had been between my lips so I bent at the waist and took in as much as I could before it hit the back of my throat. "G and I had you pegged from the minute you showed your ass here yesterday, you're just like the bitches that took care of us when we was in joint down in Florence."

I don't know if it was the way he was talking, the fact that he had been in prison or just that he had that rough trade look about him but I couldn't work his cock fast enough. I squatted down so that I could take more of Tony's cock into my throat. I was ready to meet the challenge. As I looked through the hole I noticed that there was a small tattoo just above his shave pubes. It was an arrow pointing at his cock with the words "choke on this". I sure as hell was going to try. I put my hands on either side of the glory hole and just started to move my face back and forth on his cock. He wanted me to do all the work and I was happy to oblige. His aroma was all man and his dick tasted of sweat. At one point my nose was pressed against the top of the hole and I just stayed there letting my throat muscles and tongue do all the work. "Jeez kid, you are one hell of a cocksucker." A torrent of cum followed those words, unfortunately most of it just went down my gullet and it wasn't until I pulled back that I tasted his spunk. I may have imagined it, but it tasted like cigarettes and whisky.

As soon as he finished, Tony pulled his cock back and came out of his stall. He pulled the door to my stall open and stepped in. Still in my squatting position he rubbed what cum was still on his cock on my t-shirt. I watched as he stuffed his semi-hard dick back into his jock and then button up his jeans. He grabbed me under the arm and pulled up as I continued to lick my lips. "Listen faggot, this is how it's going to work. Stan is a nice old dude but he doesn't run this place anymore, I do. Our friends and acquaintances come in to have work done. We only take cash now. Some of it we give to Stan and the rest we split up among ourselves. Stan still pays us so we got a sweet deal going. Our friends can launder some cash and we keep our pockets full. When a regular customer comes in, you'll take care of them. Even though you still should only take cash you'll give them a receipt so that the place looks legit to outsiders. If we need any supplies or parts, you order them from who we tell you to. They make some coin and we get a nice little kickback. Oh yeah, whenever G or I tell you to get your ass into this stink hole of a john, you'll do it. If either of us tell you to take care of one of the customers or our friends, you'll do it. Are we clear about everything?" I nodded yes. Tony grabbed my ass, "and if you're real good I'll make sure that that cute ass of yours gets some of what I just gave your mouth. If you're really, really good at doing what I say, we'll share some of the money coming in with ya." With that, Tony left the bathroom.

I went back to the office trying to figure out what to do. These guys were taking advantage of an old guy that was just trying to make a living. For the next couple of hours, I continued to try to make sense out of the books but now that I knew what was going on, I knew I would never be able to get the books straight. Mid-afternoon, G came in and told Stan to take a walk. For the next half hour G instructed me about how I was supposed to do what Tony had told me about earlier. There were three zippered bags, one had the name of a bank on it and the other two were just plain. G told me how to split the money up and that he and Tony would take the two plain bags at the end of the day and that I should take the other one and drop it off at the bank on the way home but only after I pulled $100 from the bag and put it in the petty cash box.

G stuck his head out of the office door and told the other guys to keep Stan busy if he came back before he was done with some "business" he had to take care of.

"Tony tells me your mouth is as good as any of our bitches back at the prison. I told him he was full of shit but he told me he wasn't lying. I told me I'd have to give your hole a try and let him know what I thought. Get your pussy ass over here and get on your knees and show me what you've got."

I knelt in front of G while he kept his hands at his side.


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