'OH SHIT! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, Oh fuck, ughmmmmmm,' was the last thing I remember hearing as my cousins body began to spasm and I felt his thick cock begin to blast shot after shot of cum into my mouth and throat. I took his load and began to swallow, but that wasn't so unusual I had done it lots of times, actually everytime I spent the night with Aiden.

It all began when I was like fourteen, I lost my father to a drug dealer fight back when I was like ten, my father had become involved with drug dealers and ended up dead from it.

My mother had gotten a job and was doing a fairly nice job at raising me, but there were times she needed some privacy at home, she would have a gentlemen caller or just be honest wanted a hot roll in the sack with a man, so thats where Aiden, my cousin came in.

My mother would send me over to my Aunt Peg's house, who had this seventeen year old son named Aiden, and of course I would have to sleep with Aiden in his big bed.

I loved Aiden and I guess he was my Idol, I began to love seeing him in his white briefs at night when we went to bed, then one night we were laying there and I told him I wanted to see his cock, it was so thick and heavy looking in those tidy whites, and for some reason I wanted to feel it.

He told me to go ahead and as I reached over and began to rub and massage it, it began to swell up even heavier and thicker, Holy shit it was huge feeling, Aiden seemed to be enjoying what I was doing because soon after it became hard, he pulled down his briefs and let me have at it.

This became almost a nightly thing and after about a week he would come to bed and immediately pull down his briefs in anticipation, and I was ready to enjoy doing it for him.

That led to me jerking him off and he even began to stroke my young cock off for me too. I loved how it felt.

I loved to see him shoot his thick load of pearly white come, damn he could shoot it, it sometimes hit him in the face when he shot, we would both laugh at it when that happenen.

Then for some reason I wanted to see what it tasted like and I licked some of it off Aiden's stomach and call me dumb but I like it.

Then next thing I knew I liked his cum so much I began sucking his cock and swallowing his thick creamy load and loving it, almost as much as Aiden did, that was my introduction to sucking cock, which to this day I still love to do, I love to feel a nice cock as it shoots cum into my mouth Im twenty nine now, and Aiden is married now but still comes by the apartment for a good head job every so often.

After my father died My grandparents put back enough money for my college education so I was set to go to college after High School.

I enrolled in a College, actually a State University, and got accepted, not really knowing yet what my major would be, the only thing I was good at was sucking cock and swallowing cum, lol.

I finally decided upon Business Administration and a second major in Civil Engineering.

I got to the University on the 30th of August in time to get myself set up in my dorm room and ready to start the semester.

I was to share a room with another student which I had as of yet not met, I was hoping he would be someone that I would get along with.

The first guy was a self centered peice of shit and I couldn't stand him, so I ask for a transfer to keep from getting into trouble wanting to bash his head in, he was verbally abuseive and just a real asshole, I could tell he was a real homophobic SOB, and I certainly didn't want him to know about my sexual life.

Well I ask for a different room citing 'religeous' reasons lol, and was sent to a different dormatory building.

I got to my new room and was greeted by the friendliest face on campus.

'Hey man, I'm Danny Jacobs, Let me help you with your things,' he said.

I looked up, astounded at what I saw, there was this young man, about twenty two, I thought I was dreaming, he had a pair of sweat pants on, a tank top shirt, a ball cap turned around backwards and shower flip-flops on, Holy shit he was gorgeous, built like a tank, about 6'2' tall, thick muscular arms, looked like a football player and handsome as fuck. I found out later he was on the Track team, shot put and discus thrower.

I knew that sharing a room with me was going to be hard on me. Lol, mother fucker, I do mean, 'Hardon' too.

Danny helped me bring in my things and then reached down pulled up his tank top shirt tail and wiped sweat from his face, Holy FUCK!, his stomach was out of a Body builder magazine, washboard, with a hairy treasure trail of thick wiry hair running into his sweatpants from the navel down, this guy was beautiful, I knew I would be sporting a boner the full four years of college with him in my room.

Danny and I gelled really well and became good buddies.

Danny was there planning to make a career in sports, most likely a coach in High School or something, and I found out later that they had paired him up with me so I could help him, I had always been almost a straight 'A' student in High scool, and Danny needed a little tutoring.

The year was going pretty good and I was having a real go at the holding my desires at bay with Danny, he had no problem strutting around the dorm room in front of me in just his briefs and definately no problem with undressing to the buff and changing his underwear in front of me, and of course I couldn't keep my eyes off his gorgeous body, especially his beautiful ass, it was out of a dream, he would change into clean underwear by bending over and I would get a boner like concrete as I watched Dannys gorgeous ass cheeks spread open as he bent over and see that lightly hairy asshole winking at me, I would have to hold myself down to keep it from showing as he gave me such a beautiful visual each time.

He even heard me moan one time and turned around and of course I could see one hell of a thick cock hanging down, it was almost torture on my senses.

I even had this little habit, I wanted Danny so bad, I would wait for him to leave for whatever, and I would grab a pair of his briefs and put them up to my notstils and breath in his awesome crotch odor, I would get so fucking turned on smelling that awesome odor of his crotch I would get hard enough to blow a nut, and would end up stroking one out to a nut busting cum, and cum I did, all over the place then I would hide his worn underwear under my own pillow so I could sniff it at night, I was obsessed with Dannys body and odor.

Then there was this one afternoon that Danny had to go to the Gym for a practice and as soon as he left I got a pair of his underwear and yanked my pants down and was laying on my bed with his underwear in my mouth tasting him and smelling his underwear, and of course beatin my meat like a madman, Damn I was really into it, When the door came open to our room, In walked Danny, his practice had been cancelled, he got a glimpse of me and what I was doing, he stopped dead still, 'Holy Shit Dude, What the fuck are you doing,' he said with a slight grin on his face, as if he had never done this before.

Then he noticed I was holding a pair of his underwear in my hands against my nostrils, 'Are those my underwear,' he said. I thought I would die.

'Yes Danny they are yours. Sorry, but I might as well tell you the truth, I'm gay, and I have been lusting after you for almost three months now, I think your the hottest guy on this campus.' I said.

'Please don't be mad at me, I don't want to loose your friendship, I really like you.' I said.

Danny giggled, smiled at me and said, 'Well Shit dude, I can see you like me, shit man, you even got a boner and all, wow.' he said.

'Well if you want you can keep the underwear,' he said.

'Danny! you don't understand, it's not the underwear, it's your aroma, your essence, it's you I like and desire.' I said.

'Wow, No shit man, I never met a gay dude before, this is like sooo cool.' he said

'Well I'm sorry man, but I don't think I'm gay, at least I've never done anything that way before, but I respect you and I like you, so no, it won't make us any less friends,' he said.

'Thanks Danny,' said, I got up still naked and sporting a big boner and kissed Danny on his cheek, 'your a very sweet, kind person, and I really like you alot.' I said.

Danny blushed and said thanks, but your still my best friend here on campus, I won't tell anyone your gay, O.K.' he said.

Danny looked at me and said, 'Well anytime you need one of my pair of used underwear there here in a pile for you, help yourself.'

'Truthfully Danny it's you I want,' I said.

'ME! what would you do with me?' he asked

'Well I said, as I reached out an rubbed down the length of his soft cock hanging there inside his gymshorts, I would love to give this a good workover for you. I know you jerk off and seem to enjoy it, I have watched you after the lights were off, and I got so turned on I did it with you.' I said.

'Danny blushed,' No shit, I always thought you were asleep. he said.

'But for now, lets just say, I think your one hot, sexy guy.' I said, and got up and got my clothes back on.

Things went on for several weeks and I still helped Danny with his studies and he was doing a great job in the area of academics, his grades were certainly improving.

I would get the opportunity to cop a feel of Danny's thick cock every so often, he never reacted to it, he would just grin and look into my eyes, and I would still lay in bed and listen to him beating his cock in the dark.

It was right after the Thanksgiving break we were in the dorm room and Danny and I were discussing our birthdays I told him mine was comming up in the first week of December, Danny said, 'really?'

'Danny smiled at me and said, 'Well, what would you like for your birthday?'

I smiled at Danny and said, 'Want the truth, I would love to have a go at this,' and I reached over and squeezed Dannys thick cock,Damn it was thick and long, it felt like a python laying there in his sweats.

Danny smiled at me,'No shit man, you want my cock for your birthday?' he said.

'I can't think of anything I would like more,' I said.

Danny smiled at me and went back to reading a book he had in his hand.

Well several days passed since that happened it was now my birthday, I was just coming back from the College Library with some papers in my hand when I got a call on my cell phone from Danny, 'when are you coming back to the room, I got your birthday gift here for you.' he said.

'I'm on my way right now, be there in about five minutes,but Danny you shouldn't have gotten anything for my birthday,' I said.

'Sorry to late, it is here waiting,' he said, sounding very pleased with himself.

I got to the room and opened the door and there was Danny laying in bed with his covers pulled up to chest chest, and smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

On the little night stand was this little cake with one single candle lit, and a card that read,

'To the most awesome guy in the world, Thanks so much for all you do and your help, I hope you enjoy your birthday present to the max, it can be used anytime you feel the need for it, and it's the gift that keeps on giving, enjoy!'

I was a little bewildered at the card because there was not gift laying on the bed or table, nor was there any money in the card.

I Looked at Danny and said, 'Wheres the gift, I don't get it.'

Danny smiled really excitedly looking and said, 'It's here, pull the covers down,' I walked over to the side of the bed looking a little bewildered, and pulled the covers down and got the shock of my life.

There laying back up against his stomach was his cock, hard as a peice of rock, with a red ribbon and bow tied around it, with this little note attached to the ribbon, saying, 'Happy Birthday Ken, this must be eaten right away, before it spoils.'

I looked up and smiled at Danny who was grinning like a kid with a new toy, 'I hope you like your birthday present.' Danny Said.

I began undressing as Danny watched and It didn't take me very long to lean down untie the ribbon and began stroking my birthday present, and Danny was really enjoying my present too.

I leaned over and Heard Danny let out this loud gasp as I took his thick hard cock to the balls in my mouth and began sucking it with fervor. That familiar aroma of Danny's underwear came waifing up into my nostrils and I was a gonner, Damn he was one hot gorgeous guy, and my cock got like a peice of glass.

I began to feel Danny's cock swell out and thicken even more as I sucked and enjoyed its thickness, the thick head was flanged out like a bell, and I could feel it as it flexed out in my mouth, god I thought of my cousin Aiden, and how I enjoyed his thick cock, and then when Danny began to pant and I knew he was about to unload in my mouth I began to work at it all the more, I wanted to make sure Danny enjoyed it too, believe me he did, I felt his thick heavy load as it filled my mouth, it was one hell of a full load too.

It was later that night after he had recouped from his first blow-job that I began sucking on his cock a second time and when he was ready I got up straddle his body and lubed up his his manhood, and I sat down on it letting it sink deep inside my body, it felt fantastic to feel a thick cock up my manhole again, it had been so long, and from the look on Danny's face I wasn't the only one enjoying it, I rode Dannys cock like there was no tomorrow, feeling that thick cock rubbing my prostate gland, and Danny got the full blast of my cum on his chest and face when I shot my load.

Seeing me do that took Danny's pleasure over the edge and he pulled me down hard against his body as he began grunting, shoving his thick cock to the balls inside my asshole and unloading his semen deep inside my intestines, all in all It was the best birthday I ever had.

I was totally enjoying my birthday present to the fullest, it was awesome, I love a good cream filled birthday present.

Before my birthday was over I had emptied his cock of its cum twice and nothing feels better than haveing your birthday present shoved up your asshole and making love with it.

I was one happy camper that birthday, and Danny and I were closer than ever, and before the year would be over, I felt Danny mouth sucking me off a couple times, but I will never forget that birthday, and the special birthday present I got from My room Mate and close personal friend, Danny.

It was truly a gift that kept on giving, for the next three years while at college, actually it's still giving and just as enjoyable today as it was then. ciao.



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