Most people who find out they've been kidnapped, or witness the almost death of their boyfriend, would curl up in bed and lock themselves away from humanity for say... A good majority of the minimum recovery time needed.

But then again, Rex wasn't most people... 

With all the pandemonium with the Lavoisiers over with, he could finally get back to what really mattered... his studies. One could say, he was just as academically obsessed as ever... if not more. All the drama in the world couldn't keep him from focusing on things like school. But sadly for him, today was one of the two days he dreaded, the day known as, Saturday. Which meant... no school. So he'd have to suffer, until the beautiful sound of school bells echoed through his ears, come Monday morning. At the moment, the only bell ringing out at a deafening pitch, was the sound of his alarm clock.

Turning over on his side, he snatched his pillow over his head with a groan of annoyance, as he blindly felt around for it on the nightstand. He smacked the snooze button several times before it finally stopped. Settling back into a light slumber, he let his arm hang out of the bed, just in case he had to hit snooze again. As he dozed off, the sensation of something wet and slobbery licking his hand non-stop, quickly shook him from his sleep. Shooting up, he snatched his hand up and stared at the fresh dog drool dripping off of it. He looked down to see his new four legged roommate sitting at his bedside. It wagged it's tail as if it were trying to make mini twisters. Rex swallowed a nervous gulp, as he looked for something to defend against the unwanted intruder. But it was too late. The four legged beast jumped up on the bed and launched an all out lick attack, all over his face.

"YAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" he screamed, at the top of his lungs. He ripped the covers off, jumped out of bed and rushed out the door. He made sure to slam it closed behind him, as an added defense, "Fischer!! Fish!! Fischer!!" he yelled, booking it to Fish's room, "Wake up!! WAAAAKKEEEE UUUUPPP!!!" he cried, shaking him awake, as he sat on top of him.

"Mmm... What time is it Rex?" Fish asked, groaning out a long yawn.

"Raygan's dog was in my room, again. He attacked me!"

"Seriously omega?" he asked, rolling his eyes. He sighed, counting the many times Rex had woken him up, over a dog that was anything but aggressive. "Rexasaurus, he licked your face again, didn't he?"

"Yeah... can we please go get a lock for my door? Bento keeps coming in and I don't understand why. You think he senses my fear?"

"Maybe... Or maybe he likes the way you smell. Although, we both use the same body wash and he doesn't seem too keen on me. Hmm... Well, all I can chalk it up to is, he wants your attention."

"I don't want to give him attention! He's crazy! Let me sleep in here with you, till I can get my lock fixed." he said, collapsing on top of him.

"You poor, poor thing." he said, patting his head with a giggle, "We've only lived here for a week, and you've burst in here everyday to hide from Bento. Too funny. You're more than welcomed to sleep in here. I don't mind. Although, you'd think someone who survived a hostage situation, and oh, being raised by kidnappers wouldn't be afraid of a little dog." Fish said, grabbing his glasses from the nightstand.

"Right, living with crazies was halcyon, compared to that damn dog. Of course I kid... slightly." he said, with a uneven laugh, "I just need to get back to my basics. Now that I'm not worrying about my crazy ex-family, I can get back to my studies and cram for all my test."

"Booooorrrring! Snooze-fest omega! The dust from all of the shit that just went down hasn't even begun to settle... and you went back to school like it wasn't nothing. You aced your test and even on the weekend you're amped about school. Cray-zay!! And since you were so hyped, I had to go, or I wouldn't have gotten my car. Although, daddy budged a bit and gave me a concussion gift. So, I really went 'cause you couldn't go alone. Plus, Lammy-chan needed me to hold off all the noisy ass gossipers! By the way, you handled all their haggling like a champ."

Climbing off of him, Rex laid next to him thinking about all the kids who he'd never talked to prior to the excitement, bombarding him with a thousand questions. He handled it with grace and dignity. Letting the phrase, 'no comment' roll off his tongue multiple times.

"Yeah, I wish Leo had been there. The hero gets to lay at home, on bed rest. I'm sure he's relishing in that glory." Rex said, with a chuckle.

"Lucky ass bastard!..." Fish sighed, "Anywho, isn't today your special meeting day?"

"Meeting day?..." Rex said, repeating the question to jog his memories, "Oh, yeah! I'm supposed to be meeting Rowan and Gavin. I'm nervous as hell. I mean, what if they don't like me? What if they blame me for the family falling apart? Or---"

"Whoa there!... Rexi, calm down. Breathe. In. Ouuuuut--..." Fish said, taking in calm breaths with him, "First, they're going to love you. Second, that wasn't your fault. You didn't ask to be kidnapped. Your mom and dad are still cool... They don't have to be together to be a family. You worry far too much."

"I can't help it! This is crazy! I still can't get over the fact that I have a sister. A twin sister! That's seriously insane... How's my dad going to receive me? He had two daughters and now he only has one... And then... me... What am I going to do?" Rex asked, face planting into the sea of floral pillows, "What am I going to wear?"

"You seriously should try to help it. You had the same fear with your mom, and she loves your ass. As do the rest of the people in your life. Dude, you told my entire family and Lamb's moms you're intersex and they still love you. Like, come on! After that you shouldn't even trip. Ya know?"

"I'm finished speaking with you... You're mean..." Rex said, in a playfully angry voice.

"I'm mean?" Fish asked, with a scoff, "Boy bye! Anyway, as far as clothing goes, Gothico, I think your usual skull adorned garments, will suffice. What else would you wear? Oh, I could put you in some floral! Wouldn't that be fun?"

"I'll stick to my usual." Rex said, giving him a side eyed look, "I just want to make a good impression."

"You being yourself is a good impression. Just be you. It's gotten you this far, why stop now?"

"I suppose... Are you busy today?"

"If you're asking 'cause you want me to go with you, you know I'm always there for you."

"Thank you, Fish. You're a life saver. Honestly." he said, pulling him into a hug.

"Awws! Thankies... Well, let's get dressed up and meet your family. No need to worry." Fish said, hugging him back, "I have a feeling you'll be pleasantly surprised."


Across town, in a ranch style house on the far side of the Island, Gavin and Rowan were getting the house ready.

Rowan had just finished rearranging the bookshelf in the living room for the fourth time, before finally moving on to the host of magazines thrown across the distressed coffee table. Shuffling them around a few times, she headed down the hall to her room. Pulling out several articles of clothing she tossed them on the bed. She sighed, thinking that clothes should've been the easiest thing to decide. To know that today she'd be reunited with her long lost sibling, was pretty crazy. Flopping down on the bed she fell back and rested her arm over her face.

She wondered what Rex would be like. If he'd like her. If they'd have things in common, aside from DNA.

"Ro! Rowan!" Gavin called out, from the front room.

"In here, daddy!" she answered.

Peeking into her room, he looked around at the many pairs of shoes peppered on the floor and the litter of clothes on the bed.

"Looks like a bomb went off in this place... You nervous?" Gavin asked, looking around at the chaotic mess with a small laugh.

"No... Maybe." she groaned out, "I mean, what if he doesn't like me? What if we get into a fight? Or like, it's just awkward silence and we're just staring at each other!?" she asked, question after question in a hyper speed, "I should change my hair! I was going to wear it down, but that might be overload-"

"Ro... Whoa, girl, relax." Gavin said, trying to wrap his head around half of what she'd said, "Baby-Doll, Rexalynn will love you. I'm nervous, too. We just have to be calm. Let's take things slow and steady, OK?" he said, patting her head.

"Okay..." she said, staring up into his hazel eyes with a smile, "I really just want him to like me, Daddy. I'm sure this is crazy scary for him too. Growing up with people who kidnapped him, that must've been terrifying. I feel kinda bad, 'cause I was supposed to be taken, too." she said, looking down at the floor nervously. The sight of her pet fennec fox, Temari, playing around with it's stuffed flower plushie toy, "Dad, do you think he'll be mad about that?"

"No." Gavin said, pulling her into a tight hug, "I don't think so. It's not your fault that Rexalynn was kidnapped or any of the events after that. Do not think that at all. You two will get along and be the best siblings slash best friends there ever were. I promise."

"You can't promise that, dad..." she laughed, flicking her lavender eyes up at him, "You can only promise things you know for sure."

"Exactly, kiddo. This is one of these instances, that I can guarantee. I know that he won't be mad, and I know that you will get along. Doesn't that reassure you?" he asked, resting his hand against her cheek reassuringly.

"Yes... a little. Now I just have to do something with my mane and pick out and outfit. Try not to freak out anymore. I hope for you, this promise is not broken, mister-know-it-all." she teased.

He laughed, ruffling her hair, "I never break a promise. Trust me." he said, heading for the door, "Good luck with your hair and outfit. I can't make any promises when it comes to that." he said, with a wink.

She laughed, popping up to look through the barrage of clothing. She knew she was probably over thinking as usual, but she just couldn't help it. If having something in common was what she wanted, her and Rex definitely shared the worry-bug-syndrome.


Over in the suburbs, Lamb was busy trying to convince Leo to change his bandages, but that was easier said than done.

"Leo! Open this door!! You need to change your bandages!! Hello!!" Lamb shouted, banging on Leo's bedroom door. He sighed heavily, trying the locked door again.

"No! I don't want to! I'm sleepy. Go away till later. I need rest. It's the weekend. What the hell's wrong with you?!" Leo asked, pulling his thick yellow comforter over his head. Pulling his phone from under his pillow he decided to shoot Rex a text.

•LEONARDO: Uni, whatchu' up to!? I miss you. A lot! Text me back. Lamb's being mean to me. If I wasn't on bed rest I would come over... somehow. Kinda hard with no car.

•LEONARDO: Hey that rhymes! LOL!

•REXALYNN: Hello, Troubled Lion... I'm getting ready to go meet Rowan and Gavin. I feel like throwing up. My mind's plagued with fear and I'm a total wreck. HELP ME! And I seriously doubt Lamb's being mean to you. What are you doing to him? And I miss you, too... a little. :)

•LEONARDO: You're so mean!! Today's the meeting day? Damn! That came quick. That'll be fun. I don't know why you're worried. They're your family. You've met my parents, so just go in thinking you've already met the worst peeps in the universe and you'll be fine. Yes?

•REXALYNN: Laugh out loud! That's surely true. Oh my gosh! Well, at least Fish is going, and Karsyn. So, maybe I won't embarrass myself too much.

•LEONARDO: If you can't embarrass yourself in front of family, then we've got a problem. Wait, wait, wait?! Did you said Raggedy Andy was going?! Bullshit! I want to go! I want to meet your twinnie and daddy. While I'm there I can ask for your hand in marriage. Haha! That'd be sick, right?

•REXALYNN: This is exactly why you're not going. See what you'd say? Marriage?!! Honestly. You're a mess. You know that right?! I have no time for your craziness right now. My mind is spinning and I'm getting dizzy.

•LEONARDO: No. I'm a genius. I keep telling your ass. I'm serious though. I want to go. I need to get out of the house. Like everyone has been coddling me. Which, that's cool and all, but I want out. Except I can't escape 'cause I have no wheels. Shit! Why didn't I invest in a traditional bike, too!!? Or a skateboard? Just take me instead of Fish. Let me meet my in-laws. I promise I'll be good-ish.

•REXALYNN: Nope. No way, mate. You're not going. You need rest. You were in a mini coma and you got shot. Just lay back and relax. You should be on cloud nine. No school for a few weeks. That's just what the doctor ordered. Literally. That should be just enough time for you to get over your school-allergy. Don't you think?

•LEONARDO: No, I'll never get over it!!! NEVERRRRR!!! Anyway, have fun meeting the family. Without me... *cries* They will love you. Not as much as me, but they'll love you. I'll just lay here and wallow in pain and sadness...

•REXALYNN: Should it even be possible for someone to whine in text form like a little *petulant child? Fine, you can come Troublefield... but heed my words; If you ask anything pertaining to marriage or to the likes of, I will skin you alive! Are we clear?

•LEONARDO: That sounds a bit psycho-killerish... But I'll be dressed and waiting on the porch. I'm so excited! I wonder what kind of ring to get you? Do you think your sister will help me pick rings? L!OL

•REXALYNN: I regret bringing you already. I'll see you soon, Leo. Oh, and Fish is still going. Invite Lamb, too. I hope they won't mind the added company.

•LEONARDO: I hope not either. Just say we're your bodyguards. Also, I don't know why Fish has to go though... but whatev'.

•REXALYNN: Funny, I was wondering the same about you. I guess some questions aren't meant to be answered. Cheerio, Mate. 1-4-3...

Coming out from his bed hideaway, he laid his phone down, and looked up to see Lamb in his room. He cocked his head at him curiously.

"How'd you get in here?" he asked, brushing his hair from his face.

"Oh, I used your pick set. You really should put that thing up. Now, it's time to clean and re-dress your bandages. You're a lucky cat to have a best friend who'd do this for you." Lamb said, saturating a cotton ball with some antiseptic.

Leo rolled his eyes, "If you say so... Just get this over with. We've got some peeps to meet." he said, pulling his shirt off.

"What? Where are we going?" Lamb asked, gently dabbing his wounds.

"Mmm...." he grimaced, "That shit burns. Rex invited us to come meet his sister and papa. He's nervous as fuck, so we're going for moral support. So, nurse Northcote, once you're done, go change out of these scrubs and lets roll out.

I think Mrs. Whitehorse is going to pick us up. I wonder what they're like. I met Rowan once when I first started volunteering at the shelter. She was really nice."

"I'm sure he has nothing to worry about. This should be fun. I'm glad all the drama is done." Lamb said, sticking on two new bandages.

"Yeah... I'm aiming for a drama-less rest of the semester. Thanks for tending to me, by the way." Leo said, hopping up to go change.

"No prob. I only had to break in to do it." Lamb said, with a chuckle, "But, yeah me too. That'd be really great." he said, thinking that would be great. If only it were possible with the demons that lay in wait to attack them.


As the time sailed by, Karsyn , Rex and Fish pulled up in front of Lamb's. He and Leo were posted on the front porch, ready and raring to go. They hopped up and headed to the car, climbing into the backseat with Fish.

"Yo, who's ready to meet the family?!" Leo asked, leaning around into the front seat. He kissed Rex on the cheek, hoping it would distract his solicitous mind.

Rex looked up at him in the mirror and smiled.

"Hey boys!" Karsyn said, happy to see them.

"How have you been beautiful?" Leo asked, pulling a container of mints from inside of his jacket.

"I've been wonderful, baby. Just reveling in being reunited with my son." she said, quickly glancing at Rex with a smile.

"I'm sure. So crazy to have been so close, yet so far. I'm glad y'all are one once more. Are Mr. Whitehorse and Rowan excited, too? I'm sure they are." Leo said, settling into his seat.

"Oh, goodness... I couldn't get Rowan to hang up. She's been asking me tons of questions and she's been blowing up my phone, for about the last hour about how nervous she is." Karsyn said, with a giggle thinking about the several text she'd received.

"Aww! Twinning already. Rex is doing the same. That's why someone's so quiet." Fish said, sending Umi a text. It'd been some days since he'd heard from her and he couldn't help feeling worried. Since the last time he'd seen her she'd been in horrible spirits. But that'd be putting it modestly.

"I'm always quiet, Fish..." Rex said, pulling at the neckline of his sweater nervously, "They won't mind I brought everyone along will they?"

"Oh, no! Gavin loves company. He probably cooked a smorgasbord of food. He'll be delighted, and I'm sure he'd love to meet your friends and give Leo a hard time, since you're dating."

"He'll be okay-- with me and Leo right? He's open to things, right?" Rex asked, nervously.

"He's very open. I think he'd just be a protective daddy. He won't even let Rowan date. Not that she's interested." she laughed.

"She's not interested in dating?" Fish asked, "Why so?"

"She's focused on her music and she hasn't found the right person yet. But she can take her time. Gavin would prefer never. I suppose, that's how fathers are when it comes to their daughters. No man or woman will ever be good enough."

"Well, no offense, but he's never met me." Leo said, with a cocky grin.

"Oh Lawd..." Fish scoffed, shaking his head with a laugh, "Rexi, prepare yourself for a new boo, 'cause this fool is going to show out. Puredee clown." he said, snapping his fingers in a fancy way.

"You'd be mistaken, Fish-bait... He's gonna love me. I know it." Leo said, nudging him in his side.

"Uh-huh... Whatever you say... I'm thinking for your next boyfriend we go with someone from a K-pop group." Fish said, dismissing Leo's confidence.

"You've got jokes..." Leo said, crossing his arms over his chest with a sharp sigh.

Rex laughed, hoping that his new found papa would like Leo. He couldn't imagine anyone not liking him. He was just like the sun; warm and sparkly... More like blinding if he stared at him for too long. But for him, it was impossible to exist without him in his orbit.


After a long drive, they finally pulled up to Gavin and Rowan's ranch house.

There was a pasture of cows and horses on one side and chickens pecking around out front. Along the left side of the house, some pieces of scrap wood Gavin had managed to salvage from an old house, was leaned against the wall. It was an impressive stack for sure, considering it blocked an entire window off. Rex's eyes darted from side to side just taking in everything. He couldn't comprehend he was really about to meet his sister and father. It hadn't even been a week since the truth about where he came from had been revealed and confirmed, but here he was, dressed in the normal-ist clothes he had. A black sweater he'd stubbornly turned inside out to hide the skull face on the front, a pair of black skinny jeans and all-black converse boots. To say he was nervous, would be the understatement of the century. Was there even a word bigger than nervous? Anxious? A train wreck?? Whatever the word, he definitely was exhibiting every fraction of it.

"Rexalynn? Rex..." Karsyn said, gently shaking him out of his bubble of fear.

"Huh?" he said, looking through the windshield at the one story house in front of him, "Is this it? We're here already?"

"Yup. Don't be nervous, okay? They won't bite. They're so excited to have you back. I know this is all so sudden, but you have nothing to worry about. They're going to love you." she said, resting her hand on his thigh. He gave her a smile and shook his head. He had to believe it. He hoped his fears really were running ramped, and not spot on with all the scenarios flying uncontrollably through his head. Just as he was getting himself together, the sight of the front door opening immediately brought the little ounce of fear he'd been able to rid himself of crashing right back on top of him like a stack of bricks.

Gavin who had to be 6'2" and half stepped out first, dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a sweater that was half red at the top and horizontally striped from the chest down and a pair of cobalt blue work boots. Rowan followed behind excitedly, dressed in a turmeric color long sleeved blouse with a paisley print in autumn colors swirling around, a pair of gray cuffed tweed shorts, a thick brown belt wrapped around her waist, thigh high maroon socks and chunky heel ankle boots. After battling with her hair for what seemed like a millennium, she finally tied it up into a messy bun.

"Your dad's even hotter in person." Fish said, tucking his hair behind his ear with a giggle.

"You're so not helping my nerves, Fischer..." Rex said, resting his hand over his stomach.

Karsyn laughed, and unfastened her seat belt. She grabbed her purse from the passenger seat floor and climbed out first. Heading over to them she was quickly snatched into a tight hug by Rowan, who was about the same height give or take a few inches.

"Not to mention it's not helping my confidence." Lamb teased, placing his hand on Rex's shoulder, "Don't be afraid, Gothico... they're your family. They will love you."

"Thank you, Lamb." he said, patting his hand as he worked up the courage to get out.

"We'll be right behind you. You go first, Rexi. If your dad asks, I'm single. Okay?" Fish said.

"Are you?" Lamb asked, wrapping his arm around him playfully.

"I'm scouting for my second husband. I'm thinking instead of sister wives, I'll have brother husbands. Of course, you'd be my main husband." Fish said, pulling Lamb into a kiss.

"Okay, hurry Uni. Please don't leave me in the car with them. I'm injured and I can't take all of this PDA. Especially on an empty stomach. So chop, chop." Leo said, making faces like he was about to vomit.

"Shh... I'm going..." Rex said, swallowing his nerves. Quickly swinging the door open, he climbed out and headed over to them. Letting out a breath, he shook off what nerves he could. Reaching them, he gave a quick smile, before speaking out in a shaky voice.

"Hello..." he said, unsure if he should put his hand out and give a full introduction.

"You've grown so much. My goodness." Gavin said, pulling him against into a tight hug. Rex smiled into Gavin's chest, taking in his woody, pine scent, "I can't believe you're really here. I never thought I'd see you again." he said, his voice shaky with emotions of joy.

"Dad, I think you're squeezing him too tightly." Rowan said, wanting a chance to meet her other half.

"Oh, sorry." he laughed nervously, releasing him from his tight hug.

"I-It's OK." Rex laughed, stepping a few steps back. He looked over at Rowan, seeing she was even prettier in person. They observed each other silently before she pulled him into an even tighter hug than Gavin's.

"I'm happy you're home." she said, a smile etching across her face as tears stung her eyes, "I know you probably don't remember me, but it's okay. We're going to make new memories. Even better than the old ones. I promise."

Rex hugged her back, feeling like he could burst out into tears as well. He couldn't exactly explain the sensation that had come over him. He wondered why he'd been so nervous. Though he didn't recall a thing about Rowan, or any of his family for that matter, he felt like he'd missed her for years.


Okay, so lemme know what y'all think. This is a rough version that hasn't even gone through editing yet. So, please forgive any mistakes... I just wanted to share this little snippet with you guys. Well, this is a full chapter, so it's a bit bigger than a snippet, huh? LOL! I've been pretty busy as of late, trying to start a biz (multiple) with my mom and studying this-and-that, are taking up my time. I will try to be more active and bring you the next installment soon, and catch up on all my fav authors on here. I'm having withdrawals! Over hear shaking. hehe... Anyway, I'm up to 48 chapters so far, but I'm anticipating a lot more. So, for those of you who stuck with me through 50 chapters, be prepared for a longer ride, cool-cats.

Kiss-Kiss, Meow and Ciao, for now, Meowzzers,



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