It was Jose and he looked very disturbed. What could I say? It was obvious what we were doing. More to the point was what was he doing here and what would he do next?

He stood right in front of us, looking down from above with his hands on his hips. His face set with surprise and anger.

'I go all the way to my house and I remember I forget my keys,' he said as if he felt he needed to explain. 'So I come back...'

He gave up on the explanation as reality dawned.

'Oh,' he said flatly.

I still did not know what to say. I was well and truly caught, with my cock still firm and stuck in the arse of a young lad. And with a six foot irate Spaniard towering down on me. It would have been funny if it had happened to someone else. I blinked, swallowed and tried to speak, but my mouth had run dry.

'I see,' Jose said slowly, his expression had still not cracked. 'You like to do this in pool?'


'You like to be fucking with young men in the pool?' he said, and it sounded as if he was trying to work the situation out.

He knelt down and landed his heavy hands on his thighs directly in front of the lad. The palms met the denim with a dull thud and it seemed like he was showing us just how strong he was. He took the lad's head and lifted it from where it hung, down between his arms, staring at the water as if to hide. When the boy's eyes met his, Jose's expression did change; first to a look of surprise and then to almost a smile.

'And you like to be fucked in the arse by this man?' he asked, more quietly now.

'Yes sir,' the boy replied. He was nervous and, unsurprisingly sounded scared.

'Just this man?'

'Any man, sir.'

Jose stood up again and looked at me. He put his hands on his hips and shook his head.

'Shall I do?' he tutted and then corrected himself. 'What shall I do? Shall I get the police? How old is this boy?'

'I am twenty three sir,' the lad said. 'It's alright...'

'You keep quiet,' Jose ordered and the boy immediately fell silent. 'What shall I do?' Jose repeated and stood there for a while considering his options.

As I waited for him to decide just exactly what he should do I became aware that something was happening below the water. My cock felt less constrained. The boy had relaxed and I knew I should at last pull out of him. I started to but was stopped. Just as my cock head reached the inside of his hole he tightened it again, trapping me once more. And then he pushed back a little further, sliding my cock right back to where it had been. Once deep inside him again I felt him relax, and then tighten, squeezing my shaft with his muscles. He relaxed, drew away from me and again stopped before I could pull out. He repeated this very, very slowly creating no ripples in the water as I watched the gardener wonder what his next move should be.

Jose's cold, brown eyes never left mine as he held me in a hard stare and started to remove his shirt. His expression never changed as his threw off his boots and undid his jeans. He didn't say a word as he pulled down his boxer shorts and revealed a semi hard, fat, eight inch cock.

I said nothing as both me and the lad looked up at him. He ran his hands down his hairy body, over his nipples surrounded by greying fur, and finally grasped the now hard shaft of meat that stood out from a deep cushion of black fuzz.

'What shall I do?' he said again and this time jerked his head back.

I was still staring in disbelief when I noticed that the lad had released me. He had climbed out of the pool and was on his knees before Jose by the time I realised what was going on.

'He's a good boy,' Jose was saying as the lad feasted on his cock. Jose was smiling at me now and beckoned me to join.

I clambered from the pool, my cock only semi hard now, and wondered what I should do. Jose gave his jerk of the head again and I approached him. He grabbed my cock with one hand and pulled my face into his chest with the other. Instinctively I started on his nipples, flicking them with my tongue, biting them and sucking them into my mouth. I could feel his hands, like boxing gloves, grappling around my head, pushing me harder into his chest and moving me from one side to the other.

And then there was a hot moth around my cock again, bringing it back to firmness and the lad was doing his work. I reached for Jose and felt his thick, heavy cock in my hand. My fingers barely touched as I wrapped them around it and started wanking his long foreskin over the huge head. I could hear him grunt as I bit on him, pulled on him and then I heard him gasp in pleasure again as the lad moved back to suck. I released the huge dick and felt Jose grasp at mine and start to play with it. Then his mouth was on my chest and one of his huge fingers was exploring my arse.

Suddenly he backed away from me and pushed the boy from his groin.

'I know what we do,' he said and pulled the lad up to his feet.

'What sir?' the boy said, still subservient and clearly eager to do anything for either of us.

'On your back,' he ordered and the lad complied.

With my new friend flat on his back on the tiles he looked even more vulnerable. His sleek white body glowed in the artificial lights from the pool and all around him the reflected patterns of water played on the trees. But then a great hulk of a shadow passed over him and Jose was standing over his head. Slowly, with great control over his weight, he lowered himself down until the boy's face was lost amid the wealth of hair and Jose's arse was just above his mouth. I saw the lad's hands on the old man's thighs and saw Jose lower himself just a little more. His expression changed completely, to ecstasy, as the boy started to work his magic tongue on the arse.

I got to my knees, crouched and slipped the young cock into my mouth. I played with his nipples, ran my hands over his smooth flesh and felt all of his slim body. He arched his back, reaching for Jose's hole and pushing his cock into my throat. I left it, sucked on his hairless balls, probed beneath them and once again pulled his legs up so that I could lube up his arse. I wanted to finish what I had started.

Jose must have seen that I had left the boy's dick alone as the next thing I knew he was on all fours, his face buried into the young crotch, his arse sliding up and down across the lad's face. He held the boy's legs for me as I fucked the smooth arse with my tongue. I could hear them both groaning and grunting with their individual pleasures and realised that I was doing exactly the same. This was definitely not in the scenario I had planned It was better than that.

I felt the legs being lowered beside me and drew back. Jose was getting off the lad and the lad was standing up.

'You on your back,' Jose ordered me and I lay down. There was no way I was going to argue with him.

My cock slapped against my stomach as I lay prone and waited but did it was not allowed to lie there unattended for long. The lad stood across my chest, straddled me and looked down. His eyes were wide and his smile broad as he lowered himself, reached underneath for my cock, pushed it against his hole and sat.

My back arched as I slid deep inside him, deeper than in the pool. His weight pushed me all the way until I knew there was no more length to go. I heard him let out that long, deep groan again as he started a slow rhythm, fucking himself on my tool, up and down and relishing every inch.

And then my vision was obscured by a pair of huge, hairy balls as they landed across my face. I felt Jose's thighs, thicker and hairier than mine, either side of my head and tasted the sweet, hot taste of his arse as it was presented to me. He was on all fours again, his arse in my face and his mouth over the lad's cock once more.

I gripped on the strong muscles as I pulled him desperately about my face, my mouth around his hole, my tongue forcing its way inside. His balls fell about my chin and I could feel him pumping at his cock. I twisted an arm free, reached for his meat and grabbed it from him. The lad lifted himself from my cock and then plunged back on it. It grew hotter. I felt one of his small hands grab my balls and squeeze them, the other was on my chest. His tight arse massaged up and down my shaft and constricted, relaxed, squeezing me towards climax. And all the time I chewed on Jose's hairy, Spanish arse.

I felt Jose's hole contract, heard him start to moan, short sharp grunts and heavier breathing. His cock swelled in my hand, his balls tightened. His bulk started to shiver. I joined the lad's rhythm, thrusting my hips up to meet him as he came down, impaling him, harder each time, not caring if it hurt him. I felt his arse tighten and stay tight. I heard him calling out, 'harder, I'm coming,' and I slammed up into him. I heard Jose's grunts get louder. I heard the lad, 'fuck me, sir, fuck me. Come in me, oh shit,' and the pleading in his voice sent me to the edge.

The thick shaft in my hand exploded a hot splattering of cum across my chest. Jose sat up, forcing my tongue further into his arse. I thrust into the lad and felt my jism fill his insides. His hole gripped me, sucked it all out of me and another wad of Jose's thick cream splashed onto my stomach. My hips jerked, I spurted again, the lad cried out, and I felt his load hit me under the chin. The cock in my hand blew out once more and the juice ran hot around my fingers as my pumping slowed. The tightness around my cock relaxed and then gripped as the boy gasped again and another warm jet of youthful juice landed on my flesh. My hips twitched, and the last of my cum filled the lad's arse. I felt it run around my cock and start to leak around my pubes as the boy's rhythm slowed. He still gasped and jerked and I felt his juice drip from his cock and onto my pubes, but he too had to slow.

And then my face was free again. Jose stood up and I could see my boy still sitting on my cock, gasping, panting and still smiling. He pulled at his own dick and twitched, his head lolling forward and then snapping upright, until, exhausted by his efforts, he flopped forward. He lay one had either side of me, bent down and kissed me. My cock still gripped in his arse. And then, with a grunt and a satisfied sigh, he released me, rolled off me and lay looking up to the night sky.

Jose was already dressing. He said nothing for a while and then, as he was zipping up his jeans he said, 'how long you staying?'

I rested my hands beneath my head and smiled up at him, all worries now gone.

'A couple of weeks,' I said.

'You?' he demanded of the lad.

'Just one week, sir.'

Jose thought for a moment, rocking his head from one side to the other, weighing something up.

'Good,' he said simply. 'Then I will see you tomorrow.' And he turned to leave.

'Jose,' I called, craning my neck to see him. 'Don't forget your keys.'

'My keys?' he sounded surprised and then patted his pocket. 'Are here.'

'But you said...' I didn't understand.

He winked at me and nodded towards the house.

'How you say..? Wipe your messages?' he beamed, turned and left.

I was lying there, reflecting on the audacity of the new gardener to listen to my private messages, when I heard a splash. Rolling over onto my side and propping my head contentedly on one hand, I watched my lad lying on a float in the pool. His smooth arse rose perfectly out of the water and beneath him the neon blue light shone up and around him.

It looked as though he was swimming in the sky.


Jason Fuller

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