I had made the arrangements through Gaydar three weeks earlier. One night while sitting at the PC until the early hours of the morning I'd been surfing around to see if there were any interesting blokes living in Madrid. I have a villa there, was planning a holiday and was thinking about a meet. None in the chat-room that night appealed and I was just seeing who else was in other rooms when a private message popped up.

'I like your profile, want to chat?'

I saw the name of the sender: 'redhead23' and, red hair being a fetish of mine, I decided to have a quick look. Meanwhile I wrote back the obligatory 'hi.'

The profile showed a couple of pictures of a young guy with his arm around a girl at a party. No nude pictures, sadly. It said he was 23, from Scotland, looking for chat, e-mails, 1 on 1 sex, etc. Nothing remarkable. Underneath however his details, though sketch, contained a very interesting sentence: 'I prefer to be subservient to older men.' His orientation: gay, his role: passive. I was getting interested.

Another message had popped up in the private box.

'You like my profile?'

'I'd like to see more of you,' I replied.

'What were you doing in Madrid room?'

'Going on holiday there in three weeks.'

'We could meet... if you want?'

I thought about it for a moment, it wouldn't hurt to meet up. But what was he after?

'And what would we do if we met?' I asked, hoping he would pick up on the suggestive tone I had intended.

'Hmm... I can think of lots of things I'd like to do.'

A private message screen popped up. From 'redhead23': 'Hope you like this pic.'

I opened the attachment. And yes, I did like it. It showed him, looking younger than in his other photos, standing in a bedroom wearing only a pair of white shorts. Behind him I could see posters of racing cars and football players, but little else to give away his interests or lifestyle. But I didn't look at the background for long, the sight of the smooth, slim boy in tight fitting underwear distracted me. His hair was shorter than in the other pictures and the light in the room made it seem darker; a kind of rusty brown colour.

I replied: 'I like the picture very much. One from me on its way.'

I sent him a reciprocal message attaching my favourite pic of me. I'm wearing army trousers and my seven inch boner is well outlined. The top of the trousers are open to show how hairy I am down there. It also shows my hairy chest and stomach, which I'm holding in as it was a bit flabby then. The picture makes me look like the middle aged, successful bear that I am.

I waited for his response. All that came back were three big smiles and four exclamation marks.

I sent him another private message: 'I'm staying at my villa between June 1st and 8th. Maybe you'd like to visit me there?

And that was it. A meeting was arranged, some more messages were exchanged - hot, horny and very promising - and two weeks later he sent me another private message: 'Am heading off tomorrow, still on for meeting?' I replied immediately. I was to be there a week later and reminded him of the address, date and time.

The day came. He rang in the late afternoon while I was sleeping and left a message. As soon as I heard his voice on the answer machine I thought that he was going to cancel. But, after a certain amount of nervous babble I heard the rest of message: 'looking forward to tonight, will be there at eight. I'm hoping you'll fuck me in that pool you mentioned.'

Just before eight I waited outside by the pool. The grounds had been beautifully kept, a new gardener Jose had been working all afternoon on the lawn but had left an hour earlier. Jose was kind of attractive, in his fifties, well muscled and with a face full of beard. I didn't know him well. I'd engaged him only two days before the end of my last visit. But that day I paid him no attention as he pottered around the villa, all day my mind had been on my encounter, wondering if the lad would turn up. I'd prepared the house, tidied up and made everything look just right for his visit. I'd be well pissed off if he didn't show. And I was interested to see if he would live up to his promises, do all the things he said he would in the private messages we had exchanged since first chatting. I had suggested a plan, like a kind of roll play, and I was keen that he followed the scenario.

Sure enough at exactly eight o'clock I heard the side gate unlatch and heard someone come around the side of the villa. He stopped for a moment, when he reached the back patio where I was sitting, and looked up as if checking that we were not overlooked. We were not. The back of the villa was completely hidden by tall trees on two sides, a large wall on the other and the villa itself. Very private.

He didn't look at me but walked directly to the far end of the pool. The water shone up a dazzling blue in the dark night, lit from underneath. I kept my eyes on the lad as he passed by. Slim frame, tight round ass in Chino shorts, white shirt hanging form his shoulders and dark red-brown hair, cut quite short at the sides and back but with a slight fringe to the front. He looked better in person than in the photos.

At the end of the pool he stopped and turned back, finally looking at me across the still water. According to our plan I stood up, walked to the edge at the shallow end and started to remove my clothes. He mirrored me some twenty five metres opposite, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and letting it slip from his shoulders to the tiled floor behind. I kicked off my deck shoes, he removed his sandals. I undid my shorts and let them fall to the ground. He did the same.

He stood there, lit from below, his smooth skin glowing turquoise from the reflection of the pool and his white underwear appearing neon in the strange lighting. He looked at me still, I could feel his eyes cover my broad chest, my hairy stomach and then rest on my trunks. I don't know if he could make out the shape of what lay within but from where I stood I could see nothing of what he had concealed in his shorts.

But I would discover soon enough. He'd turned up and undressed just as we had planned, I knew that the rest would follow the script.

Or so I thought at the time.

We approached the opposite edges of the pool, stood for a second as if preparing ourselves for the shock of cold water, and stepped in. I waded at first and then, when it became too deep, I swam to the centre slowly, always watching his progress. His head rose and fell beneath the water but his eyes remained open and on me. As we drew closer I could see his face more clearly. Soft, round, still boyish and with a smile that warmed as it grew larger.

We met in the middle of the pool and trod water. I smiled back.

'Well?' he said and his voice was also soft, almost timid.

'Well?' I countered.

'I like what I see,' he replied.


He put out a hand and moved closer to touch my face. His palm stroked my cheek and his fingers played with my beard for a moment before his other hand came to rest on my shoulder. Then both slid tentatively around my neck and he pulled himself up to me. His chest was rising and falling with his deep breathing as it pressed against mine and I could feel his legs kicking below, maintaining his buoyancy. I put one arm around his waist, pulled his crotch in against mine and landed my mouth on his.

Although he should have been expecting the kiss, he still gave a little yelp of surprise before succumbing and opening his lips for me. Our tongues explored deep inside as our hands gripped and explored outside, around each other's bodies. I felt the small nape of his neck, the slippery smoothness of his back and the firm cheeks of his arse. I felt him explore my shoulders, the back of my head and the small of my back. This kissing lasted for several minutes, until, tired by treading water, I started to pull him to the shallower end of the pool. When I could touch the bottom I turned his back to the side and, kissing him passionately again, forced him back to the edge. I pinned him there as I worked on his mouth, running my fingers through his hair and letting my other hand start to explore the tops of his legs.

Beneath the water he was grappling with me too, fishing about to get to the front of my trunks. By my growing cock was pressed too firmly against his groin to allow him access and I moved his hand around to my arse. He lost no time in pushing it inside my trunks and gripping my arse cheeks. I did the same, forcing my hand into his tight shorts and cupping his cheeks, one in each hand. I had control of him like this and lifted him up slightly so that I could feel his cock against my stomach, pressing to be released.

'How does that feel?' I drew back and asked him, massaging his arse and rubbing his cock against me.

'I like that,' he panted and wrapped his legs around my back. 'I like to be held.'

'You like it when your cock rubs up against me, eh?'


'What else do you like?'

'I like the feel of your hairy arse,' he whispered into my ear.

'And I like the smoothness of yours,' I growled back and pulled him off me.

With a deft movement I lifted him from the water and sat him on the edge of the pool, one leg either side of me. My face was at the level of his groin and I could see, right in front of me, his cock outlined by the wet, cotton shorts. I placed my hands on his knees, gripped them, and started massaging my way slowly up his legs. He squirmed when I reached the top of his legs and started sliding my hands further in. My fingertips brushed underneath his ball sack and he gripped my forearms.

'That's so good,' he said. 'Please do more.'

'What do you want me to do?' I asked, grinning slyly up at him. 'Eh? What's your wish now?'

In answer he took my hand and placed it across his hard-on. It felt small against my big palm, small, hot and perfect. I squeezed it, he moaned, I cupped his balls with my other hand and he moaned again. I gripped the top of his shorts and started to pull. He raised his arse from the floor, supporting himself with his hands, and a few, light red hairs came into view. I smiled up at him again before plunging my mouth down to taste the hair above his cock. The shorts came down further and my lips grasped the base of his shaft. Further down with the shorts and I felt his cock-head released. I drew back and rubbed my beard across the sensitive end. It was pink, glistening with water and pre cum, circumcised and as smooth as the rest of him. If his cock was this virgin looking, I thought, how sweet would his arse be?

I pulled his shorts right off and threw them away into the pool.

'Lie on your back,' I ordered and he complied.

I lifted his legs up and back towards him and the small, puckered hole lay waiting for me. I wasted no time, I was hungry. When my tongue dove straight into the sweet tasting recesses of his arse he let out a long, shivering moan and tried to slide himself closer towards my face. I chewed on him, fucked him with my tongue, scraped his smooth thighs with my beard and felt his small balls slip on my forehead. I heard him moan as he writhed around before me, gripping at his arse cheeks to part them further for me. He was loving this. The sounds he was making were driving me on, getting me hotter, until I knew that I couldn't do anymore in this position.

I stood back, the water lapping abut my waist, and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. He sat up and stared at me.

'Please don't stop,' he said and held out a hand to me.

I said nothing as I heaved myself from the pool. I stood dripping in front of him and he moved onto his knees.

'Suck my cock.' I demanded and, without hesitation, he ripped my trunks away.

'Jesus,' I heard him hiss.

'Can you take that in your cute young mouth?'

'I will try,' he said and then added, 'sir.'

I smiled inwardly at his use of the word. This lad knew how to turn me on. He knew what he was doing.

I looked down at the youthful face looking up at me and slowly, deliberately he opened his mouth and waited. I placed a hand on each side of his head, tilted it down and held it still. I stepped forward a slight pace and rested my stiff cock on his bottom lip.

'Lick it,' I commanded.

His tongue explored my piss slit, touching it very gently, before moving underneath the head, over the top, wherever he could reach. He tried to look up to me, straining his eyes as he smiled. I forced his head down again and shoved my meat into his mouth. I rammed his face into my hairy pubes and heard him gag.

'Take it son, relax,' I encouraged and pulled his head free again.

I only gave him a few seconds before pulling his head back over my shaft, all the way over until my balls flopped into his chin. I felt his throat contract, felt him suck; then I moved him back again. I pulled him to me once more and he got the rhythm. I fucked his face hard, feeling my cock slide all the way to the back of his eager throat, feeling the heat from his mouth surrounding me, my balls banging against his face and all the time his hands gripping my thighs tighter.

'You do that well son,' I encouraged. 'I could fuck you like this till I shoot down your throat. I could fuck you like this all night. You've got a really hot mouth. You know how to suck lad.'

He tried to grunt some reply and so I rammed him harder. Then I stopped. Without taking my cock from his mouth I put my hands to the back of his head and pushed it against me. Then I started moving my hips into him instead of moving his head towards me. I got more speed like this, more power. I could ram into him, feel his fringe against my stomach and I could gyrate my hips so that my cock turned and twisted in his mouth. This way I could slide my cock around inside his face, push his head downwards so that my shaft was stretched, tilt his head back so that I could tower over him and plunge in, pull myself out until only my aching cock head was resting between his lips and then thrust myself back into him. Pound him quickly for a minute, like a rabbit fucking, and then pull back slowly, confuse him, use his face as my sex toy.

Until I knew I was too close and his jaw was starting to weaken.

I gave him a rest, pulled my cock out for the last time and lifted it up. I tilted his head back, still controlling it with both hands, and then slapped my balls down onto his dribbling mouth. I rubbed them around his face, let my cock bounce freely, hitting his cheeks with it and watched him try and reach for it with his tongue again.

'Stand up,' I ordered and released him.

'Yes sir,' he panted and did as he was told.

His own cock had not softened; in fact it looked fatter, wider than before. It stuck out in front of him with a pair of hairless balls hanging in a large, wrinkled sack below. Above his shaft his pubes glistened red and short, they were the only hair that I could see on him. His flat chest heaved with excitement and nervous energy and his face still shone with sweat and water as he smiled that coquettish smile.

I wanted to kiss him and let him melt into my arms, but hat was not the game.

I turned him back towards the pool and said, 'get in.'

He slipped into the water and waited for me while I too stepped in. Then I did hold him. I pulled him towards me, allowed him to burry his face in my chest, lick at my nipples for a moment and run his hands down to grasp my cock. As I kissed him again he pulled at my balls, ran them through his fingers below the water and tried to get a fist around my shaft to wank me.

'Turn around,' I whispered into his ear. 'I'm going to fuck you now.'

He did turn around. He put his arms on the side of the pool and pushed his arse out to me. I pressed up against him, feeling my cock slide up between his crack until my balls were pushed flat on his flesh. My hands slid down from his shoulders and gripped him by the hips. I centred my cock head against his hole. I didn't loosen him up, I didn't want that cute hole relaxed. I wanted him tight and squirming as I fucked him and I felt his body tense as if he knew this. He prepared himself. And I shoved straight in.

The lad let out an almighty groan of pain and pleasure and threw his head right back as our bodies slapped together beneath the water.

'What you doing there!'

I froze.

'I said what you do there?'

It was a voice I recognised but did not expect. I didn't know what to do. The lad had also panicked, his arse tightened around me like a vice and wouldn't let me go. Someone approached the two of us from the side of the house.


Jason Fuller

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