'It's no use, I can't; I simply can't'

'But we're almost there. This time, we're almost there, Kyle,' I said, trying to keep the pleading tone out of my voice, nearly overcome with the passion of the moment and not wanting to stop here.

But stop here we did. This time Kyle had managed to suck me hard after what seemed to be an interminable time of preparation through fondling and kissing. And I was just maneuvering him to my lap, to setting his well-prepared and opened ass on my throbbing cock, when he froze again. I could feel the tension in his body, the stiffening of his muscles. And I could almost feel his ass close tight around the thumb I had in it to prepare the way for my cock.

He turned over on his side in the bed and I could tell he was fighting hard not to break out into sobs. I know I was trying just as hard not to show my utter frustration and disappointment.

'I'm so sorry,' Kyle whispered. 'I want you; I really do. I just can't will my body to carry through with this. It's no use. We'll simply have to stop trying.'

'Shush, shush, baby,' I said in my most comforting voice. I laid down behind Kyle and drew him to me in my embrace. I pulled him close to my engorged cock so that it ran up the small of his back, letting my cock tell him in no uncertain terms how badly I wanted him.

I wrapped my arms around him in a close embrace, waiting, hoping that he would lose the tension and he could make another try to permit me this ultimate intimacy. We were lovers in every sense but this, but we both needed this final melding of our bodies. I needed to fuck Kyle.

I would fuck Kyle. I just had to find a way. We just needed to get across this barrier of him mind and body resisting my possessing him to the fullest.

I stroked his body until I could feel the tension draining out of him. His breathing told me he was near sleep. I took my hand and pushed my cock to his crack and I started to slowly dry fuck him across his crack, letting the side of my cock rub against the rim of his ass, trying to bring him into the mood.

But I felt him tense right up again. 'I can't do it, Clem, I just can't. I'm so sorry.'

'There, there,' I shushed him, returning to stroking his body, trying to release the tension once more.

'Do you think a surrogate would help?' I asked after a lengthy time of calming him down once more.

'A surrogate? What do you mean a surrogate?' he asked with a dreamy whisper.

'A woman, maybe,' I said. I wasn't quite sure what I was saying myself, but he was showing interest at this idea, so it was something for me to try to develop. 'Perhaps I could feel as close to you if I watched you fuck a woman and maybe was permitted to do some fondling while you two were doing it.' I had no illusions that this would be enough for me, but it was at least another way to approach it.

'Maybe,' Kyle said after a few moments of silence.

At least it was a beginning. I stroked and kissed his body until he drifted off to sleep, but I made no further attempt to take him. There was hope now of the possibility of another approach to my goal. I would fuck Kyle. It was just a matter of developing a new approach.

Over the next week I thought about the problem hard. I don't know what made Anna pop into my mind, but there, suddenly, the possible solution to the problem was in my mind. I knew that Kyle would react well to Anna, and I knew from previous experience what Anna liked. With luck all three of us could get what we wanted. Kyle clearly wanted me to fuck him; he had said so constantly; he just needed his mental and physical barriers lowered. Yes, I thought, a surrogate could be just what we needed.

I had no trouble convincing Anna to be our surrogate. She was an accommodating lass who loved to be stuffed, and I had been with her before in the arrangement I was planning. She would have no illusions what her role would be; she just appreciated big cock from handsome men, and both Kyle and I could give her what she wanted in that department.

And Kyle proved to be taken with Anna too, just as I knew he would be. On the designated evening, we gathered for a brief period of shared wine and foreplay in my living room and then I sent Kyle and Anna off to my bedroom to become much better acquainted. I told Kyle that I would be joining them after he had gotten comfortable with Anna and to the extent that he could remain comfortable with me giving them both attention.

I waited for twenty minutes and then I stripped down and climbed the steps to my loft bedroom. Anna was still on her knees between Kyle's thighs, sucking his cock big, and he was playing with her tits with one hand and had his other hand stretched across her back and a finger searching between the crease between her butt cheeks. They were both fully naked. I sat on a chair well within sight of Kyle and kept my eyes locked on his, while I stroked my cock and Anna rose up from the floor and straddled Kyle's thighs. She took his cock in her hand and guide it inside her and then she moved up and down and back and forth on his joystick while sitting in his lap.

After Anna had gotten Kyle really worked up and pumping her cunt with his cock, I came onto the bed behind Kyle and rubbed his shoulder muscles and his nipples while he and Anna were pumping each other. I let him feel my engorged cock in the small of his back, and he alternated between kissing Anna's lips and mine.

When Kyle was obviously comfortable with this sharing, Anna, as prearranged with me, came off of Kyle's lap with one leg and, without losing her encasing of his cock, brought both of them down on their sides. I then moved behind Anna and entered her ass with my cock. I had done this before with Anna, and she moaned her welcome of this double penetration, Kyle pumping her cunt and me pumping her ass.

The woman Kyle and I now were sharing was compliant and flexible and moaning loudly, sandwiched there between us. She was languidly writhing between us, satisfied with the double filling, not caring that my intention was that we would actually be making love to each other, Kyle and I. I took Kyle's hand and placed it covering the root of both of our cocks, so close together, both buried inside the trembling Anna. And I held it there with my hand, making Kyle fully feel where the three of us were joined so intimately.

Kyle could feel our cocks together, so close together as they gently stroke in and out of Anna. His hand was rubbing against both cocks at the root, with my hand covering his, Kyle and I sharing our sharing of the woman and each other. Kyle obviously found this arousing, as I had intended him to do. His free hand wrapped itself around one of my firm butt cheeks, pushing me in and out, giving me the rhythm of my fuck inside the woman's ass. My other hand other hand moved to between Kyle's chest and Anna's, bringing her nipples against Kyle's, rubbing and tweaking them together.

I held Kyle's eyes in mine and I could see the rising passion and lust in his eyes. He was melting to me with the help of the surrogate woman. I moved into a lip lock with him over Anna's shoulder. We were both searching deeply each other's mouths and tongues.

Anna cried out and went rigid as we both ejaculated inside her, simultaneously, and our cream flowed out of her ass and cunt and met and mingled under our finger-laced hand.

We all lay there panting. Kyle started to move away, but both Anna and I held him there with us and we started the dance of love all over again. Both Anna and I focused on bringing Kyle back to arousal with our hands and lips, and within a short time, Kyle's hips were in motion once more and I could tell from Anna's sighs and moans that his cock was once more alive and stroking inside her.

I left Anna then and came around to the other side of Kyle and tongued his ass as he pumped the surrogate woman. He hardly seemed to notice; he didn't object, even if he noticed when I started to finger fuck him in rhythm with his fucking of Anna. What I had set in motion had successfully taken his mind off of my fucking him.

He didn't tense up at all this time as I entered him with my cock and ran slowly in all the way to the hilt. He was in full rut now, enjoying his second go at Anna and even more aroused at my lovemaking inside his ass.

When Anna had seen that I had successfully breached Kyle's defenses, she left us, as prearranged, and Kyle and I continued making love, me stroking his ass deeply and vigorously with my cock and turning him in various positions, for the next half hour or more. He was moaning and groaning his love for what I was doing with him, with no evidence of the fear or tenseness that had previously plagued us, and I knew that we no longer would have trouble with me fucking him deeply and hard all thanks to our surrogate, Anna.



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