It was starting to get cold now. I've been sitting at the park for hours now trying to get a hold of what happened. I mean I should be happy right, Alejandro was all I ever wanted. He had the face of an angel, prominent bone structure, warm inviting brown eyes that were framed by glasses that suited him so well. He always had some sort of facial hair that always looked unruly, but on him it was perfect. Like myself he was shy, but it never stopped him from saying what was on his mind especially if he partook in intellectual conversations. The brain of Alejandro was just something else, sure he wasn't the smartest person I know, however he has a thinking process that could match said smartest person. But I think the best thing about him is the soul that he has, it did pull me in. His soul was so genuine, kind, he was always so humble and looking to help someone out in need. It was my turn to make him feel like the only person in the world. He meant so much to me, that I didn't care if I got hurt in the process. All my dreams have finally came true, and I might have just ruined it by running away like that. I had to get back to his apartment right away and try to make things better.

I was on my way, and typical me not paying attention, I bumped into someone. We both fell on the ground. "Oh Matthias, we need to go back to the apartment. I've been looking for you for hours now, and you don't even have a coat," Alejandro told me with tears in his eyes. "C'mon, it looks like its about to snow."

He lead the way with me quickly following behind him. When he finally closed the door to his apartment, he told me to sit on the couch while he got a blanket and wrapped both of us up. We just sat there, no speaking but it seemed that the silence was enough for the both of us. I looked at him. I could tell from his eyes that he was just so content sitting with me. Then he caught me staring at him, the dimple in his left cheek was showing. He just smiled at me and brought himself closer to me. I put my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. "I wanna show you something later okay? I wanted an opinion on it," he said. I just placed my face into his neck and nodded. "Well c'mon we have to go get ready, I'm taking you to go eat first." I looked up to him, and tried give him my best puppy dog face. He looked at me and smiled again. "Don't you dare try and pull that on me," he tried saying sternly, but ultimately failed, "Let's go get ready."

He took my luggage out of the closet and placed it on his bed, then leaving me to go change himself. Knowing that this was probably us going out casually, I decided to dress down. I was looking for the right thing to wear, but I just couldn't decide. So i just to followed Alejandro into his closet to find something of his to wear. He was in his underwear of course, which fit him very nicely. Accentuated the big bulge he had, and his bubble butt. This isn't the first time I've seen him in his underwear, but when I did we were still going through puberty so there wasn't much bulge to eye at. His closet was very organized and very stylish I might add, somewhat very reminiscent of my own style but there was a different sort of edge that I don't possess. While I was still deciding on what to wear, Alejandro cleaned up as usual. He wore a black wool cardigan with a denim shirt buttoned up all the way, with tight black jeans. Around his neck was one of the necklaces I bought him a several years ago, a silver chain with an aura quartz crystal on the end. It must've meant a lot to him if he were to have kept it after all these years. I finally chose one of his flannels to wear. It was a bit too big on me, but I didn't mind. I paired it with with a somewhat loose white v-neck and ripped black skinny jeans. I put my slicked hair in a beanie, plus I knew that Alejandro always liked it when my hair was like this. We put our jackets and boots on, and we were on our way.

Alejandro told me that we were going to walk as he wanted to take some pictures of our experience tonight. The sun was in the process of going down but it still bright which was nice because it was around late November. Alejandro walked ahead of me going backwards with his camera with the lens pointed at me. It was a past time for me and Alejandro to go on little adventures throughout Toronto and take photos. His photos were based around architecture, while mine were mostly of nature. Once we got legit cameras, our styles changed but we always kept to our roots. Alejandro was now into portraits, and most of them revolved around our friends. Once he was done he came beside me and just smiled again. He took me to one of his favourite pizza places that he told me so much about. 

It was a nice place, I could see why Alejandro like it so much. The waiter brought us to a booth and handed us our menus. "You can order for me, since you basically live off of this place," I told him. 

The waiter came back with water and asked if we were ready. "1 large chipotle chicken florentine and two of your specialty green smoothies," he told the waiter. 

"Matthias, I was wondering if you wanted to come back for Christmas break. I know that your last class is on the 3rd, and your last exam is on the 14th. I have to go back to Toronto anyways to drop off some stuff to my parents, so I can pick you up then."

"Are you serious? I'd love to come back, but are you sure?"

"Yeah, I thought that it would be nice for you to come and celebrate with me this year.

"I smiled at him, "You're so sweet, but that means I'd have to get all my gifts for our friends before then," we both laughed because that means he would have to do the same. 

Our food arrived and wow was it good. While we ate, we continued our conversation talking about how school is, and how our friends are doing, typical kind of stuff I guess. I insisted on paying since Alejandro was kind enough to bring me here. Once we were done at the restaurant, Alejandro hailed a taxi and told the driver to take us to the university where Alejandro went to. When we arrived, there were still students roaming the campus. He took hold of my hand and guided me to the art gallery that was on campus. Alejandro must've been rather well known to the people in the art gallery as they said greeted him while we passed. "Trust me, you'll like what you see," he said as he covered my eyes with his hands. Slowly guiding me to where he wanted me to be, he removed his hands and that's when I saw it.

It was a rather large painting that I saw. The background was a mixture of greys and other neutrals, that surrounded what seemed to be 2 pairs eyes. One pair of the eyes were brown, and it had an expression of adoration towards the other pair of eyes. This pair were green and it looked like they were smiling. On one of the corners, Alejandro's name was scribbled. I knew Alejandro was always artistic, but it wasn't what he pursued in university he rather studied subjects like philosophy and psychology. But the painting that I saw was something that I never knew Alejandro was capable of doing. "It's beautiful," I told him looking directly at him. That's when I realized that the brown eyes were his. It had the same brightness and inner rim of amber as he did. That had to mean that mine were the green ones. I mean the amount of detail that he put into this was ridiculous, from the small hints of blue and gold in the irises to the extremely small veins around the eyes. 

"Must've taken you a long time to do this. I'm so proud of you for getting your art into the gallery," that's when I took the risk and went in for the kiss. His lips tasted like the minty chapstick he put on earlier. His lips were soft and smooth, there was no tongue but for me, his lips were all I wanted. I felt some of his beard against my face, it was felt quite funny on my face but I had to get used to it if I was going to be kissing him a lot. He put his hands on my face and I can truly tell you that it felt like time stood still. I had to gasp for air in between some of the kisses, because you know he really did take my breath away (cheesy, I know right). 

His lips pulled away from mine, "That was a surprise." He looked at me and that was it for me, I gave him a short kiss. He kissed my forehead, then he took me under his arm and guided the way again. Alejandro decided that we should get back home so that we could have an early start since it was last my full day before I had to go back to Toronto. 

When we were in the cab, I was still under his arm, and I snuggled into him. I could smell his cologne now, it was a fresh and woody scent with notes of citron, ginger, sandalwood and some other stuff but I'm not really sure of the names. From the scent, I could tell it was YSL L'Homme, I had one myself but it just smelled so much better on Alejandro. Since we were caught in some light traffic, Alejandro showed me the pictures that he took of tonight. The first couple was of me with the sunset in the background, then there was some of us when we were at the restaurant. The last ones were my favourite, Alejandro had captured the moment of me looking at his painting for the first time. I had to make sure that they got printed off for me to have. 

Once we arrived back at the apartment, we changed into sweats and sat back on the couch. Alejandro had snuggled into me this time which was weird because he was a bit bigger than I was but he seemed to content with his position. He had put on one of our favourite movies, Catching Fire although we have watched it so many times. During the movie I would occasionally look down and watch Alejandro's reactions, he always got so animated when it came to the simplest of things it was honestly so cute. 

When I look back at it, me and Alejandro always had it easy. We just clicked from the beginning, it never felt forced or fake in any way. Though there were times where I felt that I didn't deserve him. I never really had guy friends until I met Alejandro, and when we became friends its kinda like he felt obligated to be around me all the time which prevented him from doing like I guess guy stuff. We did do guy stuff though, we were on track team together all throughout middle school, then I switched into competitive swimming in high school, and he did football. I went to every single one of his games to cheer him on, and he did the same for me. I remember at one of my meets, he was there with my other friends and they had the biggest sign cheering me on. When I won, I heard Alejandro started yelling and hollering, and when I saw his face it looked like he was happier than I was. Thinking about it now, I started to think he's been into me this whole time but I guess I'll never know, and at least I have him now.

It was starting to get late, and I was getting tired. Alejandro must've noticed so he turned the movie off and he carried me into the washroom so we could get ready for bed. "Did you have fun today Matt?" he asked me while I was brushing my teeth. I nodded yes as my reply. He looked at me with the same adoration as the eyes in the painting.

Once we were done, he carried me into his bed. We were face to face and just stared at each other. I honestly don't know what I did to deserve him. Then Alejandro broke the silence, " I love you Matthias," and then he kissed me. I tasted the mint off of his tongue, I smelled his cologne, I could feel his arms covered in goosebumps. His skin was so warm, his lips were still soft against the beard that he had. I climbed on top of him without letting his lips go, and that's when I felt his heart beating really fast. I took hold of both his hands and intertwined my fingers around his. We were breathing really hard at this point so I had to let go, but when I did, the words "I love you too" came out of my mouth and the kissing resumed. 

Sorry I ended off with a cliffhanger, but I'm still trying to figure out how I would write the sex scene, so I guess spoiler alert for next chapter. Other than that, I'd like to thank everyone for the nice comments and the ratings that I received, it's nice to know that the first chapter wasn't a flop. Expect the next chapter within a week, and feel free to add any suggestions to what Matthias and Alejandro can do for future chapters. Thank you :) 



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