The room was getting hot, adrenaline was rushing through my body, heart was beating faster than it ever has, this was finally going to happen. Looking back at my life, I would've never thought I would be in this position, let alone being here with Alejandro. In between raged breaths for air, I'd look into his brown smiling eyes and just see how content he is with this whole situation. Removing my fingers from his, I reached down for his shirt and pulled it over his head revealing to me a chest sprinkled with hair, and abs only a football player could attain. It took months and months of dedication for Alejandro to go from a runners body to the body he has today. I proceeded with one last kiss before exploring the rest of him.

Starting at his neck kissing slowly, eventually led to me sucking on the skin allowing it to get red and irritated. I continued to leave my mark down his body, making sure that he nor I would ever forget this night. I got a feel of his hardening dick through his sweats, squeezing near the base and stroking it haphazardly as I played with his nipples. "Matt, you don't need to do this if you're not ready. You just being here with me is enough," Alejandro told me.

"Alejandro, don't worry about it. If I'm going to lose my virginity, I want it to be with you," I told him as I removed only his sweats. I wondered how his underwear was able to keep the monster of dick within its fabric. I copped another feel and he was still sporting a semi. Then I started mouthing him through his underwear. I could tell that Alejandro was beginning to get antsy, pushing and grinding against my mouth. So I pulled them down, and Alejandro was now fully hard, standing at attention. Holding it in my hands, finding it difficult for me to wrap my fingers all the way round. It had a couple large veins running down its length, leading up to a large set of balls. Pumping Alejandro's length long and slow, while I lapped up his balls alternating between the two ever so often. I brought his dick to my mouth and started at that head, first sucking  then swirling my tongue around it. Then I tried to go as far down on his dick as I could before I started to gag. Repeating that trying to go further down each time, relaxing my throat and breathing in and out slowly until I reached the base. With the rest of my energy I went to town sucking on his cock, with Alejandro letting out small moans here and there.

Then Alejandro got up from the bed and placed me on back. "It's your turn now Matt," he whispered into my ears, with our bodies only separated by my clothes. He did the same to me, pulling my shirt and sweats off, leaving me in my underwear and left his mark on my neck and chest. I felt every single one of his touches, it made my heart beat a little faster and made me crave his next touch even more. He pulled down my underwear with his teeth, while his hands were playing my sensitive nipples. Alejandro started at the base and licked his way up to the head then started sucking. To say that it was the most amazing feeling ever was an understatement. When he pulled off, my dick was slicked with his saliva and he jerked it off slowly, all while looking into my eyes. I pulled him in with a long kiss, tongue and all, with his still hard dick grinding onto mine.

"Lay on your stomach for me," he told me, and so I did. I knew that he was going to eat my ass. Alejandro has always been an ass guy by the way he used to stare at girls asses, or when he'd openly stare at my own whenever I was in my swimming gear. He started at my taint, kissing it moving towards my hole. When he started, my head started spinning and I clenched on the sheets with a tighter grip. Then he tongue fucked my hole, loosening it up for his fingers. When he felt my hole was good enough, he grabbed for the lube in his night stand, and covered his fingers with them. Alejandro put just one in, and fuck. It's not like I haven't had my own fingers up there before, but this was different. He had control and had me moaning into his pillow every time he went further, or put in another finger. "You're all good now, Matt. You sure you wanna go through with this?"

As a response, I got onto my back and lifted up my legs starting to play with my own hole. I looked up at his face, and it was like something clicked in him. He started to slick up his dick with some lube and a condom. Alejandro lined it up with my hole, pushing against it until the head was in. "Fuck," I said under my breath, "Go slowly okay." I winced at the pain as he went in slowly. It was unreal how the pain turned into pleasure, soon I figured that Alejandro was all the way in.

"Fuck, Matthias you're so tight," Alejandro told me before he pulled his dick all the way out and back in. The emptiness made me want more. At every thrust, moans escaped my mouth, Alejandro pounding faster and harder.

Sweat was running down Alejandro's body, he looked beautiful. He had the look of concentration, as if he was at one of his games. Concentrated at getting himself off, and making sure that I enjoyed every single moment. He caught me staring at him, Alejandro smiled, kissed me and pulled out. He sat at the backboard, "Sit and face me, I wanna stare at you while you get fucked." I got into position, grabbed hold of his cock and slowly went down, letting a moan escape my lips. I decided to take control this time, going for long and slow strokes first. Alejandro was biting down on his lips, wanting me to faster he pushed in further when I reached his base. He held onto my dick, mimicking what I was doing going long and slow. It was becoming unreal, I needed to cum but Alejandro sensed it so he just stopped. He wanted to play a game, well then so will I. Taking charge again, I sped up the pace knowing he must be close to cumming. Alejandro must've had a great stamina, I've been riding him for whats felt like forever.

Continuing to edge me, I told him, "Please let me cum." Alejandro just smiled at me and he took control. He fucked me harder than before, longer and faster strokes going in and out, hitting my prostate over and over again. The moaning was uncontrollable between the two of us now. Grabbing hold of my dick once again, he jacked me off. "Alejandro, I'm gonna cum," I moaned out as continued to fuck me.

The cum was all over Alejandro. It piled up in the ridges of his muscles, and it was dripping down his face. I've never cum that much or as hard before. I was starting to get light headed, and I was seeing stars circling around me. "I'm getting close," Alejandro said. He pulled out of me, and pulled the condom off. He was furiously jerking off his dick, when the cum exploded everywhere. It pooled around my chest, and I wanted a taste of it. I got some of the cum on fingers and brought it to mouth, it was sweet.

Next thing I know Alejandro is on top of me, kissing me with some of his cum still in my mouth. "I love you, gonna miss you a lot when I leave tomorrow," I told him.

He gave me the signature puppy dog eyes, something he's pulled on me numerous times in the past. "I love you too," Alejandro said before returning to his regular happy self, "I'll get us cleaned up, then we'll head to sleep." He got up from the bed and headed to the washroom. He returned with a damp washcloth and cleaned the both of us up.

Alejandro turned the lights off and got back into bed. I positioned myself so I could place my head on his chest. He was still breathing hard, and his heart was beating fast. Alejandro wrapped his arm around me, "Goodnight Matthias, glad you came to surprise me."

"Goodnight Alejandro," I told him sleepily. I snuggled in closer to him, feeling a kiss one forehead I fell asleep in his arms.

Author's note: I'd like to apologize for the lack of uploads of this story. To be completely honest I just found it difficult to say what I wanted to say and get my words across. I'm also a full time student, so finding the time to sit down and write without working about school comes once in a blue moon. Anyways I hope you all like the story even though it's a little short. Feel free to contact me at my email : xavier. [email protected] 



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