Brodie had one more week at home before he had to head back to college for his junior year, and he was feeling frustrated. The last few weeks had been the best in his life now that he and Wesley were spending time together, going out on what felt like his first real dates and then back to Wesley's house for sex. He was staying at Wesley's more than he was staying at his home. The work at the grain elevator was has hard as ever, but working with Wesley from time to time made it seem to pass quickly.

He had stayed at home Sunday since his mother had family over for lunch and then dinner; the typical affair of her preparing too much food, and after eating lunch, having everyone hang around, walk across the property to the fish pond, or some of them would sit outside and talk while others would crowd into the living room to watch a race on TV. Since it was late when they left and Brodie didn't want his mother to get suspicious about him wanting to go to Wesley's at such a late hour he stayed home last night. Monday morning he helped his father with some repairs on one tractor and then he went inside to get his dinner and head to the grain elevator for his shift. He arrived at his usual time just prior to the noon starting time when he saw Wesley leaving the office, visibly upset, storming across the gravel parking lot.

"Wesley! Hey Wesley, what's the matter?" He yelled as he jogged to catch up to him. When Wesley saw Brodie he stopped and waited. Brodie came up and stopped short, seeing how Wesley was so red in the face, so visibly upset, appeared ready to actually cry.

"What...what's wrong?"

"You'll find out soon enough...those goddamn assholes."

"Hey, who...what are you talking about?"

"I just got fired and they're waiting on you to come in to do the same to you."

"Fired? For what?"

"Someone told them about us. They know and the assholes are firing me and you for it."

"Oh shit."

"Right...oh shit."

"Wesley, will you wait here for me; let me go in..." and he didn't know how to finish; didn't know what he was going to do.

"No, its best I leave, but I'll be at the house if you want to come by after they fire your ass too. I don't recommend it, for I'm sure one of them will soon call your dad and tell him, so you may want to go home and do damage control."

"I doubt it'll matter...I'll see you in a few minutes."

He watched Wesley tear out of the parking lot and take off. Brodie then turned and headed to the office, his insides tied in knots. Inside everyone stopped talking when he came in and just stared at him like he was an alien. His boss came around the counter holding a piece of paper Brodie recognized as a check.

"We're letting you go, but you know that already, having talked with your boyfriend in the parking lot" his boss said, his voice cruel, "here is your pay for the work through last week. Now you just git on out of here." Brodie's boss turned and walked away as everyone just stared at him. He thought he could take it, knowing what was coming, but this was worse than he had imagined. Men he had known all his life turning their back on him. The hurt knotted up in him until it burned, then he got angry.

"Fucking bigoted assholes" he said as even toned as he could as he turned and headed for the door.

Someone yelled back "What did you say? What did you SAY, SISSY BOY!" But Brodie ignored them as he slammed the door and headed to his car. No one came out of the office and the few men on the grounds just stopped what they were doing and stared at him as he made his way to his car.

At Wesley's house Brodie went up to the rear door and let himself in. It was eerily quiet; no radio, no TV, nothing but dead silence. He found Wesley sitting at the table in the Kitchen, elbows on the table, chin resting on his hands, staring into space. Wesley didn't even look over at Brodie when he finally spoke.

"What am I going to do? No one in this shit hole will hire me now."

Brodie pulled a chair out and sat down, not sure what to say. They sat in silence for a long time, until Brodie felt he had to say something.

"Wesley, I'm sorry. I feel like this is my..." and Wesley cut him off, his voice weak but firm.

"Stop...just stop Brodie; you know as well as I something like this was bound to happen. We both like...we're, and if we'd not found each other, the chances were we would have found someone else"

Brodie, tears coming to his eyes, breathing shallow, trying to hold it together just nodded and sat silent.

"May be I should do what you've been pushing for the last couple of weeks; you know, apply to a community college and get the feel of going to classes and then transfer to one of those big fancy universities" his voice strained and caustic.

"Why not do that, Wesley. There is a community college just a few miles away from the university and we could..." what he was saying interrupted by the phone ringing. They sat there listening to it ring, one, two, three times, before Wesley finally got up to answer it.

"Hello" Wesley answered his voice low and flat. He listened for a few seconds.

"Yes ma'am..." and he listened for a few more seconds. "Yes, I understand."

He stood silent again, not looking at Brodie, who sensed it was probably his mother.

"I'll keep him here and wait...Yes,...see you shortly." Wesley eased the phone back into its cradle. He looked up at Brodie and gave him a weak smile.

"That was your mom; she and your dad are coming over here. They got a call from those fuckers at the elevator know she didn't sound really upset, but just asked if you was here, and told me to keep you here for they thought it best we all talk together."

Brodie was wide eyed in fear, wondering how his parents were really going to react. Would they cut him off, tell him to just stay here at Wesley's, leave him unable to go back to college...could he do it himself...would his dad look him in the eye...would his mother..." and his thoughts got more and more jumbled up as he waited. Wesley paced the floor in the kitchen; then he pulled four glasses out and put ice in each one. He took out a pitcher of tea and filled each one, while Brodie watched amazed at his stoic southern nature.

Brodie heard his mom's car pull around the house and he got up to meet them at the door wondering if he should step outside, if the initial confrontation would be better out there. As he stood frozen in place facing the door Wesley stepped around him and just as Brodie's parents came up to it, he opened the door.

"Mr. and Mrs. Madison, come in." Wesley held the door open and stepped back to allow them room to enter. Mrs. Madison went immediately to Brodie and hugged him tightly as she spoke.

"Brodie...I'm so sorry...this pisses me off what they did to you...and to Wesley."

Brodie shot Wesley a shocked look and he saw Wesley return it. Brodie had never heard his mother use a coarse word or a profanity, and to hear it now seemed to break the tension in the air. His father, stoic as ever, stood just inside the door waiting. When Brodie's mother finally let him go, she stood back a step, then turned to Wesley, who froze, unsure what she was going to do or say. She stepped up to him and gave him a hug as best she could, with him so tall and standing in shock at her gesture and she such a small woman. When she let him go she straightened up and wiped at her eyes with a tissue she had wadded up in her hand.

"Can we sit down and talk" Brodie's father said.

It was awkward at first, but Brodie's parents admitted to knowing Brodie had attractions to other boys and they didn't know how to broach the subject with him. They had made a trip to the university one weekend. They were going to surprise Brodie with their visit but instead they got there and found Brodie with another boy on his sofa. The blinds were open and they saw them before they had gotten to the door of his apartment. They were so shocked they just backed away and returned home. On the drive back they talked about it, thinking of all the clues over the last few years and how Brodie had never really dated girls and seemed to just go through the motions during high school. They were angry at first, upset and wondering how to confront Brodie but in the end they realized it didn't matter; he was still their son. They just didn't know how to talk to him about it.

Then there was this summer and it so obvious to them something was going on between Wesley and Brodie, they had initially gotten upset again then realized it was just silly, that they liked Wesley and if he and Brodie made each other happy, then they would just let things be; but they did worry about someone figuring it out and things turning out as they had actually come about.

By the time Mr. and Mrs. Madison finished talking everyone had relaxed, leaned back in their chair, no longer hunched over the table.

It was Mrs. Madison who did most of the talking, but now it was Mr. Madison who spoke up.

"Wesley, Brodie is going to leave here, at least by end of next week but if he listens to us, he'll leave as soon as he can get his stuff together and get back up to that university. It is you I'm actually worried about. What will you do now?"

"I don't know."

"Yes he does" Brodie spoke up.


Spring arrived early and the trees on campus soon began to bud out with new growth. Brodie came out of his advanced English class and went over to the bike rack where he had locked his that morning. His last class for the day behind him he was heading back to the apartment. He rode casually across campus, enjoying the sunshine and the warmth it was bringing to the air. He crossed the main highway separating the campus from town and headed down the street riding a little faster now that he was riding with traffic. It took only a few minutes to ride the ten blocks to the apartment complex, and he circled around the main drive to the back and pulled up to the sidewalk. He pulled his bike up and began to head to his apartment door when he heard the familiar sound approaching. He turned and saw Wesley pull up in his Jeep, parking next to his Civic. Wesley hopped out and headed toward him.

"How was the test?"

"Not too bad, I think."


Wesley was taking courses at the community college nearby and was set up to transfer after the summer. He had crammed as many classes as he could take in last fall's term and then this spring, allowing him to transfer to the university next fall. He had gotten set up with a college loan and a small grant. It was tough since he worked part time to pay his own way, but he had found a mechanics position that paid better than average and living with Brodie cut his expenses substantially.

Inside the apartment, Brodie put his bike in the wall bracket as Wesley laid his books on the table and went to the kitchen to fix a sandwich to take to work.

"Hey, what time do you have to be at work today?" Brodie called out from the living room.

"I have to leave in a little over an hour. Why?" Wesley yelled out.

"Just wondering if we had some time together is all."

Wesley packed his sandwich and put everything in the refrigerator and headed back to the living room. On the sofa, which was backed up to the front wall at the window, sat Brodie, completely naked, slowly stroking his cock. Strips of light coming through the blinds cut across him from behind. Wesley stopped and stared at him, smiling at Brodie's blatant lasciviousness, the way he could at any time want to have sex, and Wesley knew it was a part of Brodie he loved, the way he could be so much more open about sex, admitting his desires, his wants and acting on them.

"You want to come over here and throw a good fuck into me before you have to go?" Brodie asked, play acting his naughty boy persona.

"Yeah, I'll fuck your ass" Wesley replied as he was pulled his shirt off and then began to undo his jeans as he made his way to the sofa. As he moved up in front of Brodie his jeans and briefs slid down his legs dropping to his ankles. Brodie slid up and took Wesley's cock and balls in his hand, tugging them outward, as he leaned in and licked the cock head, ran his tongue over it several times; then he licked the balls pulled tight in their sac. As he let go of Wesley's cock and balls, he caught the cock head in his mouth and let it slide into his mouth. All the way he moved his mouth, sliding down Wesley's cock, feeling it respond, get hard, as it pushed to his throat. Brodie worked his mouth over it, ran his tongue over the head, up and down the shaft, and slid back down its hardening shaft, letting it fill his mouth. Wesley began to pump with his hips, feeding Brodie's lust, watching as his cock slid in and out of Brodie's lips, wet, glistening in the light, hard. Wesley grabbed Brodie by the head, held him in place as he worked up a smooth rhythm, working his hips, sliding all of his cock through Brodie's mouth. Wesley was worked up to a heated state, his cock so hard it ached. He backed out of Brodie's mouth, stepping back a short hobbled step.

"Turn around and get on your knees" Wesley said with urgency.

Brodie got up and moved back onto the sofa on his knees, resting his upper chest on the back, as he looked back, waiting, watching, as Wesley moved up to him, his hard wet cock held tight in his fist. Brodie watched as Wesley moved up between his legs, rubbed his cock up and down his ass, felt the wet slick head stroke his desire, tease him; make him want it more.

"Fuck me, Wesley...fuck me" Brodie whispered, his voice barely audible but full of desire.

Wesley pushed against Brodie, nudging his cock tight to Brodie's opening, pushing against its tightness, feeling it spread open, stretch to accommodate the head of his cock, watching as it slid into Brodie. Brodie grunted, arced his back downward; pushed his ass back taking more of Wesley into him. Wesley held still a moment, feeling the tight ring of Brodie's opening grip his cock just behind the head.

"Goddamn I don't know how you can be so tight every time" Wesley stated as he began to push into Brodie, to slide more and more of his cock into his depths. Brodie took his own cock, already partially erect and began to stroke it, as he pushed back to Wesley's pushing his cock forward, coming together to fill him, stuff his hole full of cock. Wesley knew they didn't have much time, he needed to leave soon, and he began to move his hips, swing them in that natural move, to work cock through Brodie, fucking him in a faster and faster pace. His fuck was urgent, his need to cum building, as he pumped his cock into Brodie, harder and harder, hips thrusting back and forth. Brodie was pumping hard cock now, his hand a blur as he stroked with an iron grip, going with the sensation of pleasure, the feel of Wesley in him and the feel of his cock hard and sensitive.

Brodie felt the harder, jarring thrusts of Wesley slamming cock into him, the way his insides felt full, the way his hole was stretched open, taking Wesley's fuck; he heard their bodies slap together, the grunts that escaped from both of them, the way the sofa squeaked as it was rocked closer and closer to the wall. Wesley's hands had a tight hold of Brodie's hips, holding him steady, keeping him in place, as he fucked his hole, slammed his cock into him, the swing of his hips getting shorter and jerky in motion, his cock swelling up bigger, harder, ready to explode.

"Fuck..." and Wesley slammed into Brodie hard, pushed against him as if he was trying to crawl up inside him, and Brodie knew he was pumping his load into him. The way Wesley slammed his cock into him without backing up at all. It was too much, the hard physical way Wesley was pumping cock into him, the way he shoved in deep, pumping his load into him and he came, pumping his cum onto the back of the sofa and across the cushion underneath him. Wesley slowed but keep moving his cock through Brodie's opening, feeling his hole spasm, pushing his cock through the load he'd just deposited, letting it pump back out, slicking up Brodie's opening for his ease out. Wesley pulled his spent cock from Brodie and slapped him on the ass.

"Nice fuck college boy" as he turned to go to their bedroom to clean up for work. "Now I've got to hurry or I'll be late."

Brodie picked up Wesley's and his clothes from the floor, wiping off the sofa with his briefs, as he felt Wesley's cum run down his thigh. He went into the bathroom and got in the shower with Wesley who was rushing to rinse off. Brodie stood on the far side and watched, watched as Wesley rinsed the trials of soap off his big muscled body, and he smiled. Wesley kissed him quickly and told him he had to get ready and go. Brodie then showered, taking his time, enjoying the feel he always had after sex with Wesley, whether it was rushed and quick like now, or whether it was slow, intimate, sometimes going for hours until both were exhausted.

Then he thought about how things had turned out, with Wesley coming with him after the events of last summer and enrolling in classes at the community college. His progress was quick and amazed Brodie how well Wesley was doing, how quickly he adjusted to living the life of a college student, but then he was older and much more level headed than most. Brodie's parents continued to help as much as they could and Brodie had a part time job at a local restaurant earning good tips and the shop Wesley worked quickly increased his pay when they saw how thorough and competent he was as a mechanic, even trying to get him to drop out of the community college and work full time. He smiled at how lucky he had been as he leaned against the wall of the shower and just let the hot spray wash over him.


Mr. Madison pulled around the house and parked under an old oak that was by the drive that led to the barn. He started for the house when he saw Brodie pulling in the drive with the tractor, the wide cultivator hanging on its hitch. Behind followed Wesley in his Jeep. Brodie pulled the tractor to an open area of the rear yard in front of the barn as Wesley pulled in by the pickup. Wesley hopped out and headed toward Mr. Madison, taking off his shades and wiping them with his t-shirt.

"You boys get finished at the Peterson place" Mr. Madison asked Wesley, referring to a field he rented from that family.

"Yes sir, we've got the field completed. We've just have to run back and get the other tractor."

"Well it can wait; I'm sure lunch is waiting for us. Let's eat and then you boys can go" Mr. Madison told Wesley; then he turned to Brodie as he came across the yard. "Brodie, let's eat first, then you can go back for the other tractor."

Brodie smiled at his dad "Ok; I'm starving anyway."

"So how does the corn crop look this year" Wesley asked Mr. Madison as they made their way toward the house, knowing he had been surveying the corn fields as Brodie and he finished the cultivating of the soybeans.

"Looks good; best we've had in a few years."

"When can you start harvesting?"

"Probably in a few weeks; last part of July."

"Well, you know I'll do anything I can to help and Brodie and I both want to help as much as possible but..." and Wesley stammered, hesitated, when Mr. Madison spoke up.

"You don't want to go to the elevator, and quite frankly I don't blame you. Don't worry neither of you are going over there; it's bad enough they way they look at me, knowing we didn't kick Brodie out of the house or run you off, or worse...the jackasses...Brodie can run the combine, although I know he doesn't like it...or you can and the other can run the bush hog over the stalks and help keep everything running smoothly."

"Yes sir" was all Wesley said but the smile on his face was enough for Mr. Madison to know how much Wesley appreciated what he had said.

The last two weeks had started out weird for Wesley, coming back here for the summer, the staying at Brodie's parent's house, having given up his place and sold off everything he didn't need. It was just weird; especially the arrangement at night of Brodie's parents pretending to keep them separate with the extra bed wedged in Brodie's room, but each night when the house would get quiet, Brodie would slide into bed with him. For several days it troubled him, afraid Brodie's parents would find out, know they were actually sleeping together. That is until one day last week when Wesley was doing his laundry and Brodie's mother came to the table and began to help him. They talked casually about college and what a difference the last year had been and she told him how she was a little afraid at first it would be awkward having him stay this summer but once he got here everything just seemed to fall into place, a routine that was nice, and she told him she was glad he was here, then she laughed, making Wesley wonder what was so funny.

"I just wish we hadn't bought that silly bed we put in Brodie's room; it must be really cramped with it jammed in there" she said as she looked at Wesley. Wesley was frozen in place, not knowing what to say. "Oh Wesley, relax, I know Brodie is the one who gets in bed with you and thinks we don't know. He is so me" and she laughed. "Oh that boy breaks his mama's heart, he does, but that mischievousness...well that he does not get from his father" and she suddenly looked at Wesley, eyes opened wider as her expression showed she just had a revelation. "Why Wesley, it is you that is like Brodie's father; all stoic and quiet" and she laughed again. "Oh honey, I don't understand everything, but I'm not stupid."

"No ma'am...your definitely not that" he whispered the last to himself.

Now he was walking into the house, grouped with Mr. Madison and Brodie as Mrs. Madison's 'men' and it was nice, for his own family had stopped having anything to do with him since last summer. They lined up at the sink in the mudroom, one for washing filthy hands or washing vegetables from the garden, and then headed into the kitchen where the table, as always, was set, with the food being brought over from the range. They had just stared to eat when they heard a vehicle drive around the house and park near the rear porch. Brodie jumped up to see who had arrived.

"Oh shit, it's Jack from the elevator" Brodie blurted out.

"Brodie, watch the mouth" his mother stated but a look of concern crept over her face, as well as everyone else's. Brodie's father got up and headed to the door.

"Ya'll just keep your seat; I'll see what he wants" as he opened the door, turning before closing it behind him, "Brodie go eat; I mean it" and he closed the door. Brodie came to the door and pulled the curtain back to watch, and soon his mother and then Wesley joined him. The two men talked a minute, Mr. Madison shaking his head no several times, then putting his finger in Jack's face and saying something, but not raising his voice where anyone could hear except Jack. Jack looked stunned but shook his head yes. Then Mr. Madison came back up on the porch as everyone rushed back to the table. He came in and stood a minute looking at Wesley.

"Well you snoops probably are wondering what that was all about; and I...well, goddamn it, I don't know what to think. Wesley, they want you back at the elevator. It seems they can't find anyone who can do the job like it needs to be done."

"Well they can go f..." and Wesley caught himself.

"What did you tell them?" Mrs. Madison asked as he put a hand on both boy's arms to quiet them. Mr. Madison hesitated a moment looking down at the floor, but when he raised his head he was smiling.

"Pretty much what Wesley almost said" and the tension in the room was broken as they sniggered.

"Why is Jack still outside?" Brodie asked.

"He wants to hear it from Wesley; seems to think he can change his mind, how they need him and all that nonsense. Wesley, I think you should put closure to this." Wesley nodded, as he understood exactly what Mr. Madison was saying, knew it was the only way for him to get over last summer completely, to put it in the past once and for all. He got up and headed out as Mr. Madison sat down and motioned for Brodie to stay seated.

Wesley was gone only a minute when he returned to the kitchen. He sat down and began to eat with the rest of them, as everyone kept looking at him to say something. After a few moments, the tension too much to stand, Brodie broke the silence.


"Well, what?"

"What did you tell him?"

"That I wasn't coming back to that elevator, not for any reason, and I wasn't going to live or work in some place that treated me like...." and he looked at Mrs. Madison and knew it was ok this time; " shit." Everyone sat for a moment, Brodie the most shocked that Wesley would use that word in front of his mother, but then she laughed, out loud, throwing her head back, covering her mouth, and it was good again. Soon they were talking amongst themselves, enjoying their lunch.

After lunch, Wesley and Brodie retrieved the other tractor and soon had everything cleaned up and put away in the barn. They sat for a while in the back yard, just talking, with Mrs. Madison bringing out tea and cake for everyone. The sun was blistering hot and the temperature was in the nineties, even in the shade. The gnats were relentless whenever there was no breeze, but as the day wore on a slight breeze blew from the southwest, pushing the gnats away and stirring the heated air around them. Mrs. Madison had gone back in the house and Mr. Madison was in the barn doing something to occupy his time. Brodie looked over at Wesley, watched as the breeze blew his hair across his forehead, the way his t-shirt fluttered across his stomach were it wasn't stretched tight.

"Come on; let's go back to the pond" Brodie told Wesley.

"What for?" Wesley asked, smiling at Brodie, knowing he was up to something.

"Oh, come on, let's just go down there for a while...ok?"

Wesley got to his feet and held his hand out to Brodie, pulling him up to his feet and they headed to the Jeep. The lane across the property ran around the barn and then along the edge of the field. They rode quietly, bouncing and rocking down the rough narrow path as the hot sun beat down on them. At the rear of the property, where the grade sloped down to a gulley, the land was planted in pine, the rigid rows running parallel with the grade cutting across the property. The lane cut down the slope then turned down the gap between two rows before turning down a waterway in the middle of the property. Near the bottom of the grade the manmade pond came into view. It was a long narrow pond situated in the gulley with a damn on the low side, an earthen structure. The grass was allowed to grow up nearly a foot high around the bank of the pond. Wesley pulled the Jeep to the edge of the tree line and stopped. They got out and walked down to the water's edge. Protected by trees on all sides, down in the hollow of the gulley, there was no breeze, the air still, hot and humid. Dragon flies fluttered along the edge of the pond, landing on blades of grass sticking out in the swallow areas. Wesley followed Brodie as he eased around the pond, keeping an eye out for snakes. When they got to the back side, under the shade of an oak set back from the pond, standing separate from the other trees, they sat down in the thinner grass growing there. They sat not talking, just looking out over the pond, for several minutes.

Brodie eased up on his knees and moved over to Wesley and straddled his legs, moving up till he was up against him, sitting on his lap. They kissed lightly at first, then slowly their passions ignited, their kissing and making out increased. Wesley grabbed Brodie's shirt by the waist and pulled it up over his head. He kissed Brodie, moved to his neck, running his lips over Brodie's skin, nipping him, tonguing his ear, tasting the saltiness of his skin, as Brodie hugged against him tightly. Wesley ran his hands down Brodie's back, felt the slick skin, sweat lightly covering it. He pulled Brodie's body to him as he ran his mouth over his chest, down to one of his nipples, sucking on it, tonguing it, taking it with his teeth, tugging it, giving his head a turn, twisting the nipple, feeling Brodie push his body against him tighter. Wesley held Brodie by the back as he twisted around and eased Brodie onto his shirt lying on the ground. Wesley ran his tongue down Brodie's stomach, into his navel, knowing it tickled him by the way his stomach pumped up and down hard as he did so. Brodie's hands pushed his cap off and ran their fingers through his hair, rubbed over his head, guiding him downward as he began to undo Brodie's jeans and tugged them down. He pushed Brodie's briefs down with his jeans, down to his knees, exposing him to his ministrations. He kissed Brodie's cock on the head, then took it in his mouth, slowly easing down it, feeling it respond to the warmth and the slickness of being in his mouth. As he worked his mouth up and down Brodie's growing erection, he kept pushing his jeans and briefs down, shoving them to his ankles. Brodie kicked off his shoes and worked his legs free as Wesley sucked each of this balls into his mouth, licked them in their sac, then moving back to his cock as he ran one hand over Brodie's chest and stomach, feeling his warmth, letting his touch raise the sensations he was feeling. Brodie began to push up with his hips, to work his cock in Wesley's mouth, as Wesley's hair fell down and lightly ran over his crotch, tickling the skin as Wesley's mouth brought his cock to full hardness.

Brodie sat up pushing Wesley off his cock, which bounced and flexed as it was released from his mouth. Brodie moved up on his knees and kissed Wesley as his hands began to unbutton Wesley's shirt, getting it opened up all the way down. He pushed it back off his shoulders letting it fall down his arms as he worked his lips, his tongue, over Wesley's neck, his ear, and down along his chest. Brodie pushed Wesley onto his back as he mouthed his nipples, ran his tongue around them and back and forth between them, then he moved down, feeling the tense muscle under the skin, the shape of each, sharply defined through his skin as he unfastened Wesley's jeans, pulled the zipper down, revealing the white briefs stretched out by his hard cock. As Brodie ran his tongue and lips over Wesley's stomach he ran his hand over the mound in Wesley's briefs, squeezed the hard cock confined in them, stroked his fingers along its length. Wesley's hands ran through Brodie's hair, feeling the soft fine hair slid through his fingers, feeling Brodie's head as it moved down and mouthed his briefs, running his mouth along the length of his cock, kissing it, tonguing it through the fabric, feeling it react, flexing under the briefs as Wesley's hands pushed down on his head.

Brodie sat up and tugged Wesley's jeans and briefs down to his ankles, where he stopped to remove his work boots, one then the other. He tugged the jeans and briefs off, revealing Wesley's body, its dark muscled form; the masculine strong body. He moved up to Wesley, moved between his legs, his cock sticking out straight. He began to lift Wesley's legs whereupon Wesley lifted them up and put them on his shoulders as he moved up, pushing Wesley's legs up, bending him over, opening his ass up, exposing him to Brodie's desire. Brodie leaned down to him as he held his cock, shifting up to Wesley, probing his ass, running it along his ass, urgent, longing to enter him, to penetrate him, to feel them interlocked together. Wesley's feet dropped down and around Brodie's waist, his heels digging into his lower back and pulling Brodie into him. Brodie's cock pushed against his opening, pushed hard, then penetrated through the tight opening ring, stretching it to accommodate his cock as it slowly eased into him. Brodie moved slowly, gently into Wesley until he was all the way in, pushed tight into him, body to body. They kissed, tongues dueling, Wesley's hands on Brodie's back hugging him, feeling his lean body respond to him, to move over him. Cock moved through Wesley's opening, pulled back and then pushed back in, over and over, until his round little ass was rising and falling with each thrust into Wesley.

Brodie kept up his pace, working his cock into Wesley, feeling it slide into Wesley, slick and hot. Brodie rose up, holding himself up on his outstretched arms, fucking harder, pumping his cock in full hard strokes as he looked down Wesley, who's eye were closed, his head thrown back, taking Brodie's fuck. Brodie pushed himself to the edge, working his hips faster, working his cock urgently in Wesley until he tensed up, his cock swelled up and he blasted into Wesley, pumping his thick white load into Wesley. He kept pumping his shooting cock, feeling the spasm of its ejaculations. When he was spent he fell down on Wesley, realizing how hot he had gotten, how sweaty, and how his breathing was still rapid. His need of Wesley still not satisfied, his desire for him still needful. Brodie slid his cock out of Wesley and moved up his body. Wesley sat up holding his upper body up by his outstretched arms positioned behind him. Brodie moved up over his lap, moved his ass over his cock; rubbed along its hardness, building up his desire. Brodie reached back and held up Wesley's cock and eased his ass down to it, put his hole over the head, and eased down on it, penetrating himself. Wesley watched as his cock disappeared into Brodie, as his ass took Wesley's cock, letting it probe deeply into him. Brodie was impatient, his lust driving him, and he began to ride his body up and down Wesley's cock, moving up almost all the way to the head, barely keeping it in his hole, then slamming down, his stretched out hole taking the shaft's slide through it. Brodie's lean body, sweat pouring off of it, rode Wesley with a vengeance, worked his ass up and down. Wesley hugged Brodie, feeling his hot, slick body rub against him, increasing his pleasure, his desire for him; his need to cum in him.

When Brodie slowed, fatigue taking him, Wesley hugged him tightly and rolled him on his back, shifting on top of him, letting him feel his weight on top, feel his hard cock work his hole in a new position. Wesley soon was pumping Brodie with urgency, his hips swinging through full hard moves, shoving his cock deeply into him, until he couldn't take it any longer, and he came, pumping his load into Brodie. He slowed his thrusts, moved his cock with more determination, feeling it pump his load out and then slide through it, slicking it up. When he was spent, he kissed Brodie passionately, and then he settled down by him, the two of them sweaty, their stomachs heaving up and down as their breathing was still rapid.

It would take a few minutes for them to calm down, but they snuggled next to each other, naked, spent, in the tall grass, not caring how it lightly stung their skin. They would lay there quietly for a long time, holding each other, until they heard a plane flying close by and they remembered there was a world outside the one they had escaped into as they lost themselves into each other.

Eventually they got up and got their clothes back on and sat under the tree talking, about the summer, the next fall when both would be at the university, and hesitantly, with some nervousness, they talked about a more distance future.



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