In my senior year of high school I became curious about gay sex after my first jerk off session with another male.

My best friend, Josh, and I had gone camping and on our first night there Josh got his backpack and pulled out several porn magazines he had swiped from his older brother.

We were dressed only in shorts as the weather was warm. Even though it was past six, with daylight savings time, there was still a lot of daylight left.

We were sitting by the lake on a blanket when Josh tossed me one of the magazines saying, "Take a look at this shit."

I began to thumb through the magazine and asked, "Where the fuck did you get these?"

"I swiped them from Curt's room and if he finds out before I can put them back, he might kill me."

Looking at one picture he said, "Look at this bitch. She gt this guys cock all the way up her. he must have nine or ten inches."

I glanced from my magazine to his and he was right. The guy was huge and she was taking it all.

After a few minutes, Josh looked at me and said, "This shit has me so fucking hard and horny, man, I got to do something about it."

Without and hesitation or shyness, he lay back, raised his hips and pushed his shorts down his legs then kicked them off. His rock hard cock was fully visible. he returned to the magazine as he started stroking his cock and said, "Mark buddy, fell free to join me."

I was facinated watching him jerk off and a moment later I slipped off my shorts and joined him. It seemed strange, yet exciting, to be jerking off with him and have him watching me.

We did it several times over the few days we were there. And after seeing the girls sucking the guys, I began to wonder what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth. The women seemed to be enjoying it.

That camping trip began my curiosity about sex with another male. Although I became more and more curious, I never acted on it.

I graduated high school and began my first year at the state university, majoring in civil engineering.

During spring break of my freshman year, I mentioned to dad that I wanted to get a job during the summer and save most of the money to help him with my expenses.

"Mark, you keep getting the grades you've gotten so far and I'll gladly pay for your schooling."

"I know you will, Dad, but I'd like to contribute some."

"We'll see," he said. "If you'd like me to, I'll talk to Bob Green and see if he can use you this summer on some of his jobs. You might learn something about construction that will help you in school."

"That would be great. Thanks."

I returned to the campus and finished out my freshman year.

When I got home, I took a week off to relax. Dad knew I wanted some 'down time' so he had it worked out with Mr. Green that I would start work the following Monday.

The day after I arrived home, Josh called and asked if I wanted to go camping again. I said sure but only for a couple of days. I wanted to spend some time with dad. He agreed and said he'd pick me up the next morning.

As we drove to the campsite, Josh told me that Curt had moved into his own apartment with his girlfriend and that when he left he told Curt he had been into his magazines. He said Curt laughed and said he knew he had been because they weren't in the same order as he had put them.

"I asked him if he was taking them and he said no because his girlfriend didn't want them in their apartment. He told me I could have them if I wanted them."

"Did you take them?" I asked.

"Hell yea! Every fucking one of them. I brought them all."

After setting up camp, Josh pulled out a large stack of magazines. We sat and began looking through them, both of us getting boned.

The third one I picked up was a magazine where two guys were with one woman. as i turned the page I saw something I wasn't expecting.

One of the guys was fucking the woman at the same time he was sucking the cock of the other guy. There were several pages of the bisexual action. I was facinated seeing one guy suck another and my curiosity became even stronger.

About that time, Josh said. "Fuck it! I can't hole out any longer."

Standing, he quickly removed his shorts, releasing his hard cock. Laying back on the blanket we had spread out, Josh began stroking his hard cock. I quickly stripped also and began stroking my own cock, stealing glances at him. I made sure I was watching when he shot his load out onto his stomach. I quickly shot mine.

We stayed two nights and returned to town where I spent the rest of the week with dad.

Then, on Monday, I went to the offices of Green's construction and met with Mr. Green.

After being shown into his office I said, "Mr. Green, I want to thank you for putting me to work this summer."

"Mark, first off, you're a grown young man. Please, call me Bob. Secondly, do a good job and you'll have a job every summer."

"Thanks, Bob. You won' be sorry hiring me."

He wrote down an address and handed to me.

"This is the address of the job I'm assigning you to. When you get there, ask for Rocky Caldwell. he's the supervisor. He'll be your boss. I'll call him and let him know to be expecting you."

"I'm on my way, and thanks again."

"My pleasure," he replied.

I left and went to the job site and met Rocky. He was about twenty nine, six-three, hairy chested and very muscular with large pecs, biceps, and abs, showing through his tight fitting sleeveless tee shirt.

He put me to work cleaning up to start, telling me to watch and observe what was going on since I was majoring in engineering.

"Ask questions if you want to. All the guys know what your major is. Bob said to let them know and to help you out. They'll be glad to answer your questions."

After a couple of weeks, I was put helping one of the framers. He was very willing to explain what he was doing and why.

I learned a lot from him and told him so. his name was Clay and he was also in his late twenties, and like Rocky, he was also well built.

About half way through the summer, one Friday at lunch, Rocky told us all that we were ahead of schedule and to take the rest of the day off as well as Saturday. We were all thrilled.

Everyone darted for their cars or trucks and headed home or to a bar. I went to my car and headed home.

About half way home, I realized that I had left my cell phone charging in the construction office. I turned around and headed back to the site. We all had a key to the gate, so I knew I could get in. However, when I arrived I noticed the gate still open and Rocky and Clay's trucks still at the site.

I parked and headed for the office. As I approached the steps, I heard Rocky and Clay's voices. They were slightly raised and i figured they were in an argument about something. I stopped and listened.

I eased over to the window and squatted down. About that time, I heard Clay say, "Fuck yea. You know how much I love your cock up my ass."

Rocky replied saying, "Yea, just as much as I love yours up mine."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I slowly raised up enough to see into the room.

There they both were totally naked. Clay was laying on the desk, his ass hanging over the edge.

Rocky stood between Clay's raised legs, pistoning his cock in and out of Clay's ass wildly as he leaned forward and tongue kissed Clay.

After the kiss, Clay said, "You know where I want you to shoot that load."

"Yea, the same place I want you to shoot yours."

I watch, shocked at finding these two masculine hunks were into men. Rocky pulled out and pulled Clay up and off the desk. Clay quickly knelt down and began sucking Rocky's long thick cock. After a moment, he pulled off and as he began stroking Rocky's cock, he opened his mouth wide. Suddenly Rocky's cock exploded, sending most of his load into Clay's open mouth and some onto his face.

I watched as Clay swallowed and stood up. Rocky took his place on the desk and soon Clay was fucking Rocky.

My phone was on a small table by the window, charging. Suddenly it rang and when it started both guys turned their heads toward me, seeing me looking in.

"Get your ass in here Mark!" Rocky screamed out.

I knew I had no choice but to go inside. I went to the door, opened it and stepped in. Both were still naked, looking at me.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Rocky demanded.

"I, uh, forgot my cell phone and came back to get it," I said, scared shit-less.

"How much did you see?" Clay asked.

"From right after you said you liked his cock your ass."

"Well, you saw plenty," Rocky said, "and it looks like it got you turned on."

"Yea, it did."

"Well, it seems we have a couple of problems here. One is whether or not you're going to say anything to anyone about what you saw."

"I promise not to say a word to anyone," I replied.

Well, the other problem is what to do about that boner in your jeans. You ever done anything with another guy?" Rocky asked.

"Just jerked off with a buddy of mine."

"You ever consider doing more?"

"Yes, I have," I confessed. "I've been curious but never really had the chance to do anything."

"You do now. You want to satisfy that curiosity?"

"Uh, sure," I replied.

"Okay, first, strip. Get totally naked like us and let's see what you look like," Rocky ordered.

I began stripping and as I did, my cock got even harder at the expectation of what might happen.

Once I was totally naked, they looked at me and my hard cock.

"Damn nice," Clay said.

"Fucking A," Rocky replied. "Come over here."

I did and stood right up next to them. Rocky began rubbing my chest and playing with my nipples. As he did, he leaned down slightly and began kissing me, offering his tongue. I responded and offered mine, finding that the kissing turned me on and was hot. As we kissed, Clay began slowly stroking my cock.

Without thinking, I grasped their hard cocks, one in each hand and began stroking them. Rocky ended the kiss and Clay took over kissing me.

After a moment Clay pulled back as Rocky asked, "So, you've never been sucked?"

"No. A girlfriend I had tried it for just a second and said it was gross and stopped."

"Well, I want Clay to finish what he started, and while he does, your going to get your first blow job."

Rocky lay back on the desk and Clay slid his cock back into Rocky's ass. As he returned to fucking him, Rocky pulled me closer and quickly swallowed my cock. I gasped them moaned loudly.

Soon, I climaxed into Rocky's mouth as Clay neared his own climax. Rocky pulled Clay to him and kissed him sharing my load. Then suddenly, Clay pulled out of Rocky's ass and began jerking his own cock, aiming it at Rocky's open mouth.

This time, I had a close up look and the cum exploding from a cock and into a guys mouth. Rocky's tongue was coated with cum and he quickly swallowed it all. Pulling me closer, he kissed me and I could taste clay's cum in Rocky's mouth and it was awesome.

Rocky looked at me ad asked, "What did you think of your first blow job?"

"Awesome, and I can't wait for the second one," I said looking at Clay. He smiled and said, "Just let me know when you're ready."

We talked, and I told them about how my curiosity began and got stronger when I saw one guy sucking another.

Before long we were all three hard again. Rocky looked at me and asked, "You want to try sucking? You don't have to if you don't want to."

"I want to," I said, and walked over to Rocky.

He was leaning on the desk and after walking up and facing him I kissed him then knelt down and took his hard cock into my mouth. The feeling was unbelievably fantastic.

I began pistoning my head on his cock. As I did, Rocky said, "Oh fuck! He's a natural."

Before long, Rocky warned me that he was about to cum. I kept sucking and soon his cock exploded into my mouth. I loved the feeling. I collected the load, savored the taste, then swallowed.

"Damn, man," Clay said, "his first time and he swallowed it."

Clay was standing close and when Rocky asked what I thought about sucking another guys cock, I simply turned to Clay and swallowed his.

As I did, Rocky said, "Well, I guess he liked it."

Soon, Clay climaxed and I swallowed his load also. After I pulled off Clay said, "Rocky has had you, now it's my turn."

With that, he knelt down and sucked me off while Rocky and I kissed. I son fed him my load as he moaned.

After he swallowed and Rocky and i ended the kiss, rocky said, "We really need to get out of here."

"Yea, we do," Clay added.

Rocky spoke up suggesting Clay and I meet him at his place about eleven Saturday morning for burgers then an afternoon of sex. We both agreed.

"I'll tell dad that since we had the day off, the crew is getting together at your place to watch the baseball game on TV."

"Perfect," Rocky said, then looked at me and asked, "Mike, does your dad have any idea at all that you've been curious?"

"Fuck no! I just don't know how he could handle the idea of me possibly being gay."

They both just nodded.

The next day, we met at Rocky's, stripped naked, and after eating lunch, we began kissing and sucking and fucking. I had my first man ass. It was Rocky's and later I fucked Clay.

After fucking Clay, I told them that I wanted to get fucked. They agreed, and since Clay was smaller than Rocky, it was decided that he would fuck me first. Together, they got me ready, warning me of the initial pain.

I survived it and by the time Clay climaxed I was loving it. I told him I wanted to see what it was like o feel the cum shoot up my ass so he didn't pull out.

The feeling was magnificent and after he pulled out I told Rocky to fuck me.

"You sure?"

"Yea, I want it."

"Damn, I'm not believing this," Rocky said.

But he honored my wish and soon was fucking my ass, and filing me with his cum.

When he pulled out I told them how much i loved it.

"Can we get together often?" I asked.

"Sure, I'll work something out and let you know," Rocky said.

We began staying after work a couple of days a week and on Sunday I'd make an excuse to get out of the house and meet either Clay or Rocky for a one on one and sometimes both for a three way.

All too soon the summer ended, but not my sex. I found a few guys in town that were into man sex and would get with them. None were students. They worked in town where the university was and had their own place. Two were married and would get a motel room for our meetings.

Each summer, I'd work for Bob and rocky would insist that I be put with his crew. Sex between Clay, Rocky and I was frequent during each summer.

Then, at the end of my junior year, I finished my finals earlier than expected. I decided that when i got to town I'd go by Rocky's and see if I could spend a couple of days there with him.

However, when I pulled into his parking lot, I found something I wasn't expecting.

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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