Then, at the end of my junior year, I finished my finals earlier that expected. I decided that when I got to town, I'd go by Rocky's and see if I could spend a couple of days with him. Dad wasn't expecting me home this early.

However, when I pulled into his parking lot, I found something I wasn't expecting.

I saw Rocky's truck first then I saw Clay's truck which really didn't surprise me. It was then I saw another car that I recognized but couldn't understand why it was here.

Getting curious, I decided to try and so some spying.

Rocky's apartment was on the back side of the building with thick woods behind the property fence. Going around the opposite end of the building, I eased up to the bedroom window, .

The lights were on and the blinds were partially open but the room was empty. Staying in the shadows of the shrubs, I eased over to the dining room windows. Same thing..lights on but no one in sight. I then eased up onto the patio and found the living room lights on and the blinds partially open. Open enough for me to see what was going on.

There in the living room, was Rocky, Clay, and a third guy. The guy was on his hands and knees with Clay's cock in his mouth and Rocky's cock pistoning in and out of his ass. I was sure that I recognized the man.

Suddenly the man stopped sucking Clay and turned in my direction, looking back at Rocky and said, "Fuck that ass, stud. You know how I like it."

With that he returned to sucking Clay's cock. Soon, both men climaxed and I watched as the man swallowed Clay's load as Rocky deposited his up the man's ass.

The man then rolled onto his back and Clay and Rocky began sucking him. When he climaxed, Clay and Rocky kissed and shared the load.

I eased away from the window and quietly returned to my car, not believing that I had just watched my own dad suck and get fucked and sucked. No way would I have believed that my dad was gay if someone had told me.

I returned to my car and moved to another spot where the trees formed dark shadows from the security lights. I waited and watched.

Approximately twenty minutes later, I saw my dad come out and get into his car and drive away. I started up my car and pulled into the space where he had been parked. After a couple of minutes, I got out and went to Rocky's door and knocked.

When he answered, all the color drained from both his and Clay's face, thinking that they had almost been caught with my dad. Little did they know that I had seen them.

"Uh, hey Mark. What are you doing here?" Rocky said.

"Oh, I finished early and thought I'd stop here for a couple of days of fun before I went on to dad's"

"Uh, sure. Come on in."

I went in and acting as normal as possible, I kissed them both, groping both their cocks.

They were nervous as hell to start but when I didn't ask questions and began stripping, I assume they thought everything was okay.

Soon, the three of us were having sex and the next two days were awesome. I stayed at Rocky's while he and Clay went to work but the nights were wild.

Time arrived for me to go home. I arrived shortly after dad returned from work that Friday. When I went in dad hugged me saying how good it was to have me home. We talked about school for a while then went to dinner.

I now looked at my dad in an entirely different way. Knowing he was gay, I now found him more handsome and hot. I, myself, wanted to have sex with him.

Since I had told Rocky and Clay that dad didn't know I was gay and had promised not to say anything to anyone, I hoped that they had kept their word.

Dad acted totally normal when we were together. I was sure he knew nothing, but I had to find a way to bring everything out in the open.

The following weekend Dad asked if I had plans for Saturday night.

"No, I don't. I thought we might rent a movie and stay home."

"Sure. That sounds good," he replied. After lunch Saturday, we went and found two movies to watch. Dad cooked on the grill for dinner and after cleaning up we settled in to watch the first movie.

I knew what I was going to do.

About twenty minutes into the movie, I very casually asked, "Dad, how long have you been gay?"

With the strangest look on his face, he asked, "What in the hell makes you think I'm gay?"

"I finished my exams early and drove home a week ago Wednesday."

"What? You didn't get here until last Friday."

"Let me finish, please," I said. "I decided to stop by Rocky's and see what jobs were going on. When I saw your car in the parking lot, I got curious. I know I shouldn't have but I started peeking in his windows. I saw the three of you on the living room floor. Let me just saw that I saw Rocky behind you and Clay in front of you and I also heard what you told Rocky. Then I saw them both take care of you."

"Oh fuck son, no." he said when he could finally talk. "What made you curious?"

"One,I had no idea you were friends with Rocky. And secondly, I knew both he and Clay were gay. I've been having sex with them myself since that first summer I worked with them."

"Mark, are you gay?"

"Totally, dad, and it appears that you are also."

"Yes, I am. I've wanted so bad to tell you but I had no idea how you would take it. But I damn sure didn't want you to find out the way you did."

"How long?" I asked.

"I played some as a teenager with a buddy of mine sucking and fucking each other. I kind of enjoyed it but he decided he wanted just pussy. I was bi and went with girls in high school but also found guys to have sex with. My senior year, I got your mother pregnant and we married and you came along. I was thrilled to have a son. You're mother, however, decided that she had missed out on a lot of her life and wanted to get a divorce. You were two and I didn't want to loose you so I insisted that she give me custody. She did, and instead of dating other women in college, I dated other guys. Some were students, some were single working guys, and some were married guys. I knew that I was totally gay so I learned to accept it and went on with my life, hiding it from you. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. The main thing is that you were happy with your life."

"I was and also having you with me. You were my life."

We talked a lot and I asked how he met Rocky.

"It was a couple of years before you graduated high school. Bob had given a barbecue for his employees and invited me. I met Rocky there and as we talked something clicked between us. Later he said he was about to leave but would like to get to know me better. I said that I'd like that also. He asked if I was leaving soon and I said yes. He gave me his address and suggested that I stop by on my way home. I did and we talked and one thing led to another and before long we were in bed together. Then about six months after that he had me over and introduced me to Clay and we had our first three way."

"Interesting," I said. "All this time that I've been having sex with them they never gave any indication that they knew you more than just to say hello."

"Same here. All the ever said to me was that you were a great worker. How did you get started with them?"

I filled dad in on everything starting with my experiences jerking with Josh and ecoming curious, then went on to tell him how I saw them in the construction office when I returned for my phone.

"So your first sexual experience was with Clay and Rocky?"

"Yes, it was," I said, then afer just a moment later I said, "However I wish it had been with you."

"What? You wish it had been your own father?"

"Yea, dad, I do. Since I found out you were gay, it's all I've thought about. I'd love to have sex with you."

"Holy shit. This is unbelievable!"

"Why? I'm of legal age and we both like the same things it seems. So why not?"

"Mark, you're my son and I love you dearly but I just don't know."

"I hope you will agree," I said, "but in the meantime I hope you have no objections if I go nude here at home. I'm much more comfortable that way."

"I can live with that, I guess," he replied.

The movie had ended and I got up and took it out and put in the second one. As it started, I said, "I'll be right back."

I went to my room and stripped, hoping that dad would soon do the same. I wanted desperately to see him nude up close.

I returned and dad looked me up and down, smiling. After a moment, he said, "Very nice."

"Thanks," I replied.

We began watching the movie and out of the corner of my eye, I could see dad glancing over at me. About an hour into the movie, he got up and left the room. Moments later, he returned to the room. He was nude.

Looking at him I smiled and said, "Like you said, 'very nice'."

He just smiled then instead of sitting in his chair, he sat on the sofa a foot away from me. After a minute he said, "Son, I don't know if I could have sex with you but I would like you to sit closer and let me hold you."

"I'd like that," I said as I moved over next to him. As he put his arm around me I lay my head on his shoulder, turned slighly toward him and rested my free hand on his chest. I felt him let out a big sigh.

As my hand lay on his chest, I began to rub it and caress his nipples which quickly became rigid. Later, I turned my head and looked up at him. As I did, he looked down at me.

Without hesitation, I lifted my head and kissed him, quickly parting my lips and offering my tongue. He was stunned, but after a moment, he returned the kiss, offering his tongue to me.

Both our cocks began to stiffen and after the kiss, I quickly leaned down and began sucking his beautiful cock.

"OH FUCK!" he exclaimed, then after a moment I heard him say softly, "Oh fuck, yea."

Gently, he pulled me off him and eased us each to the floor. Within seconds, we were in our first sixty-nine, eagerly sucking each others cocks, and soon swallowing each others loads.

"Mark, I love you so much," he said afterward.

"I love you too dad, and I want to feel your love up my ass."

"I want yours also."

Before long, we were in dad's bed kissing and making out. We spent the entire night kissing, making out, sucking, rimming, and fucking. Feeling dad shoot his load up my ass was remarkable. I loved it.

All day Sunday, and every evening that week we had awesome sex. On Friday morning, dad said, "Why don't you ask Rocky and Clay over for dinner tomorrow night. Just say you want us to get to know each other better."

"Sounds good," I said. "Then do we tell them we know everything?"

"Better than that," he said. "You answer the door clothed and invite them in saying your going to let me know that they are here. Come back to my room and strip. I'll be nude and we'll walk out together totally naked and watch their expressions."

We did as planned and when we walked out the look on their faces was priceless. We told them to join us and as they did, I told them about seeing them and dad and me confronting them.

"Well," Rocky began, "you both wanted us to keep your secrets and we did. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about slipping up and saying anything."

"Me too," Clay added.

After eating, we had wild sex, but when it was time to finally sleep, Rocky and dad cuddled together as did Clay and I.

That began our partnerships. Before long, after sex, that is how we paired off. I was falling for Clay.

The summer was filled with sex and over all too soon. I returned to college for my senior year and when I graduated, dd was there as was Clay and Rocky.

Bob hired me permanently as an engineer checking the properties. Within six months, dad asked Rocky to be his lover. About a month later Clay asked me to be his. Needless to say, dad and I both accepted. Rocky and Clay moved in with us and dad remodeled the house giving Clay and I our own huge bedroom and private bath.

Bob soon figured things out and was cool with it. Dad and I became even closer and are both extremely happy. We all have sex together and Rocky and Clay are understanding and give dad and I time to have sex one on one. things couldn't be better.




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