I know this gay couple in Sydney, I met them years ago and they are are good fun to party with.  They have a boat that is docked in the harbor which is just amazing to hang out on.  I've had a couple of New Years Eve's on the boat watching the fireworks on the harbor which was pretty cool.

A few Sunday's ago the guys were taking the boat out and invited me along.  It was a gorgeous day and we parked the boat in this quiet little cove with nobody else around.  On board, there was a mid thirty's couple (Mel and Andrew) I hadn't met before, the gay guys and myself.  Once we dropped anchor in the cove we didn't waste anytime getting in the water and the four of us guys all stripped down to speedos and Mel stripped down to a bikini and we jumped in.

I always wear a speedo when I'm the boat, I consider myself straight but wearing a speedo is a little bit of a tease to the gay guys and isn't something I would do around most of my friends.  There has never been any hanky-panky between me and the guys and they have met some of my girlfriends in the past.  Usually the gay couple wear speedos and I was pleasantly surprised when Andrew had no qualms dropping the board shorts to reveal his speedo.  The water was refreshing.

For the next few hours the five of us were drinking, eating some snacks and just working on our tans in the Australian sun.

Just another Australian Sunday afternoon, four speedo guys and a girl.... hahaha.

Things were just like a normal Sunday until Mel asked if I was an extra third for the gay couple.  I suppose it might have looked like that with us all wearing speedos and the three of us joke around like old friends do.  The three of us laughed at Mel's question and had to explain that I was just a straight friend.

As women tend to do, Mel kept asking questions..... so what is with the speedos?  Well I swim a bunch and I participate in triathlons so I wear speedos it isn't that odd, and by the way, your husband wears speedos does that mean he is gay?

Her reply was... sometimes he is, well I tell him so.

More laughter.

Mel kept the interrogation going, do I have a girlfriend?  No.  When was the last time I had sex?  A bit personal for someone I just met that afternoon but everything was light hearted and fun so I told her it has been like three months.  All four of them sighed and told me how sorry they felt for me.  Hahaha.

Have I ever been with a guy Mel asked?  No, well, kinda once in a threesome but nothing gay happened?

That got everyone excited and of course they wanted details.  I told them about it, I was eighteen and this women started chatting me up at a bar in Sydney late one night after I had lost my friends.  She and her husband were on holidays and they took me back to their hotel room where the husband and I took turns shagging the wife.  Probably doesn't even count as a threesome since it was more the husband and I taking turns.

It was then that I noticed the front of everyone speedo stretching a little bit.... I only noticed because I felt my cock stir a little bit.

Mel asked if I had ever sucked off a guy?  Never, not even close.  Would I?  I hadn't thought about it, never say no right?
That got a cheer from the audience.  More laughter and more drinks.

Mel wouldn't let anything go though, as so many girls are, and kept going.  So Dave, what would it take for you to suck off a guy?  You have to remember that everything was in good humor so my response wasn't sexual at all, it was just a joking response.  I said, what are you offering Mel?

At first I was shocked at what Mel offered, she said I could fuck her if I sucked off her husband.

To be continued......

Dave "Speedo" Evans
[email protected]

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