The weeks went on with my online relationship with this older dom. I spent most evenings on cam to him displaying my body in all sorts of positions as well as stretching my ass with the biggest items I could find in my house. My anonymous online Dom who i never saw only heard his voice wanted me to refer to him as simple ‘D’. He wouldn't let me know anymore about him and would punish me when i asked.

During one session he was telling me to confess all the nasty things I have done over the years these usually consisted of me inserting random objects in me, wanting in risky or public places or sucking off the few guys I have and the one attempt at anal very early on.

One comment that peaked his interest was me drinking my piss, I had done it a few times and enjoyed it, I liked the messy warm element to it. D wanted to watch the whole process, he got me to drink four litres of water on cam for him. We had some fun with it to get me to accept that much water. For a bit D got me to lap water out of a bowl like a dog on my hands and knees until he really wanted to test my submissive nature and push my limits.

He commanded me to disconnect the shower head, lube my ass and insert the hose into my ass and douche myself. He allowed the first ‘flush’ to go down the drain, the next had to go into the bowl for me to drink up. I set up my laptop up in my bathroom and gingerly disconnected my shower head, kneeled in my bath and inserted the hose up my ass. I felt the warm water flood my guts and start filling me up. I could hear D telling me over the laptop speakers that I was a good little sub, as I desperately wanted to keep as much water in as I knew the next load I will be drinking.

My stomach started cramping and i had to take the shower hose out as my ass gripped it as much as it could. I sat up and tried to hold the water in me to try and clean as much as I could. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and let it all out into my bath, I looked down as was pleased that the water was virally clean! D instructed me to fill myself up again and after holding the water in me for 2 minutes squirt it out of my asshole into the bowl positioned under me in the bath.

I half filled the bowl with my the water from my ass, I could hear D barking over the speakers for me to drink it down the bowl. I reluctantly pulled the bowl up and could slightly smell me in it, I took the water down and managed to swallow without much gagging. D sounded pleased with my performance but I still had at least two more bowl to drink down before I was up to my drinking limit. I could feel the pressure in my bladder building as I carried out the last douche.

I was soon pleading with D to let me piss, he denied me as he wanted to see me squirm and beg. He go his wishes i got to the point where I told him I would do anything for him, which was what he wanted to hear, at that point he let me pee. I grabbed the pint glass and started to fill it up, I could feel my warm piss fill the glass once it got near the top D ordered me to point my penis up towards my chest and let the rest of my piss cover me.

Once the rush of relief came over me, D wanted me to drink every last drop of my warm piss from the pint glass in one go. I started slowly but after a few seconds the odour hit my nose and i gag slightly spilling more down me but i carried on until the last few drops were being swallowed eagerly by me. D requested that I piss on myself one last time which I did, collecting the stream in my hands and rubbing it over my face.

I spent some time after laying in my bath stinking of my own piss and thinking of how much of a sub I have started to become as my cock hardened wanting more of this treatment.

I hope you have enjoyed this second installment, please let me know if you want to hear more of my stories!

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