Hi - This is the first of my long journey to the submissive bottom I am now and the nasty things I have done and enjoyed over the years, I felt like I wanted to share them.

So I guess this is how it all started. Me at the time a very horny guy and looking for something new to sexually satisfy me. So a Little about myself, at the time when my sexual awaking happened i was 21. At that point in my life I had slept with a few girls but knew I liked men, big strong hairy men that would use me.

I had met a few guys online but only sucked a few of them off which I really enjoyed, prior to that (and still do) I webcamed a lot with random guys online. I enjoy being submissive, stretching my ass hole and talking dirty. This gets me off, but I was after something more. I had a long afternoon with nothing planned so I decided to post an advert to cragslist, just asking for any dirty older men who wanted me to carry out some humiliating or degrading tasks for them, in exchange I would carry it out and take some photos and send them back.

I got a fair few replies across the afternoon but nothing that got me going (or was humanly possible!) until one email reply popped up in my inbox. The first thing I noticed that separated it from the rest of the poor e-mails was that it was several paragraphs long not just a few lines of nonsense. He explained that he liked training submissive guys and making them do more and more degrading things. Attached were a few photos, the guy in question was in his late 40’s and had a large hairy cock with beautiful low hanging balls.  I eagerly responded and soon enough got a response.

He wanted to see if I would do some simple tasks first like show my cock and asshole, photos me in a doggy position etc. I think I also sent him a picture of me sucking of a guy from a few months ago which I looked hot in. My cock by now was so hard loving the idea of a stranger planning nasty things for me to carry out. Once he was satisfied he emailed me a picture of a previous sub with just the line. ‘I want this but I know you can do better’. The picture showed a young skinny guy on the floor, with a butt plug in and body covered in wax with a couple of pegs on his nipples.

I quickly ran to my kitchen cupboards and found some candles and a handful of clothes pegs. I also found some thin rope which I had a plan for. I headed for the bathroom and lit the candles, I pulled out the biggest of my butt plugs and set to work easing it into my hole. After ten minutes or so i managed to work it in, I then got hold of the rope and tied it around each of my balls and then the head of my penis and pulled it tight until I couldn’t handle any more grip from the twine. I tied the last of the rope around my throat and felt it dig in.

The wax had started to melt at this point so I started pouring it over my cock and stomach, the hot wax turning my skin pink and really sensitive. My cock was straining against its restraint and was gushing precum.  Once I was satasfied that I had covered enough of myself in wax, I started placing the pegs on me. I had several on my nipples, balls and cock. The pain was more and more intense to the point that I actually I couldn’t take anymore. I took some photos of me looking helpless and in discomfort. I laid there for a bit and took in the feeling of degrading myself for some stranger and got more and more turned on. I spent a good half hour gently torturing myself with the rest of the candle wax until the candle was just a burnt out wick.

I emailed the images across and started tidying up the copious amount of wax that was spilt, and was trying desperately not to play with my penis. I wanted to enjoy this feeling. Soon I had a response telling me he was impressed and that I was a good sub. I started begging him for more, It was a while before a response came through stating some of what he had planned for me, reading that was enough to set me off and i let out a huge spurt of cum all over my chest. I just laid there exhausted and wanting more.

I hope you have enjoyed this first instalment, please let me know if you want to hear more of my stories!

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