After my first time, I spent a long time looking for the stud that took my virginity that morning in the stairwell. For a while it was all I thought about and I so wanted to recreate it again with him. I went to the gym at varying times of the day sometimes twice a day hoping to find him. I walked around campus in my spare time searching for him but again but no such luck. Eventually the school year came to an end and I decided that I would stay for the summer break rather then go back home. I found a summer job at the local coffee shop and a nice bachelor apartment close to downtown.  

Some of athletes and international students stayed for the summer but most of the population went back home. I had figured that there was no chance of finding him and so I got back into a routine. Gym in the morning then work until 4 or so, then make supper and go for a run or a swim. It was nothing exciting but I enjoyed it.  

One morning at the gym I noticed a new poster by the water fountain advertising summer hockey camps for local kids. I remember when I was a kid I went to one of those camps and some of the players from the university team would be the coaches. However one of the pictures of a player caught my eye, and I got closer for a better look. It was a picture of a little kid with a player from the university team. That player was the guy I had been looking for all this time!  

I went to work and thought about it most of the day. It started to make sense as to why I hadn't seen him again. The hockey players had their own locker rooms and gym that the public didn't have access to. They also had very different course schedules and were on the road most of the fall. It came to me that they also went to a very different bar then most of the students. The bar catered to them, and most of the guys that I knew from school would never go there as the girls that went only wanted to hook up with the athletes.  

I decided that I would go that weekend, just have a causal drink and see if I can spot him. I got there late as I did not want to be there that long and wanted to be in a crowd as not to look too out of place by myself. As soon as I walked in I went to the bar and got a beer and was able to look around a bit. Almost immediately I saw him. He was at a booth with some other jocks and a bunch of girls around the booth as well. I didn't want to approach as he would never had acknowledged me. So I decided I would just walk by the booth a few times hoping he would recognize me. It worked. He saw me, he made eye contact for a split second and then went back to talking to his buddies. I went back to the bar and got another drink. I looked back at the table and he was gone. I worried that I had scared him off but when I turned back to the bar he was standing beside me asking for another round for his table. While he waited he looked over at me and said "meet me outside in 15 minutes". He went back to the booth with the drinks I finished mine and went outside. Again the fear sat in. The anxiety that I had felt during our first encounter, about being caught, about being outed.

There was a steady stream of people coming and going from the bar, then he emerged. He starting walking across the street but motioned for me to follow. I followed and he went a ways down the street away from the crowds and onto the main lawn of the university. It had lots of trees and I watch him look over his shoulder at me and step behind a tree. I followed and he grabbed me as I got to the trees and pushed me against the tree out of sight. We were out of sight but still this was too public an area for us to do anything. He put his hand on the front of my jeans and felt my engorged cock. He kissed me deeply and I could smell the beer on his breath, he then asked "do you live around here?" I told him yes and he told me to lead the way.  

He followed with quite a distance between us to be sure no one would think he was following me. I got to the house and my apartment was on the attic level so I waited for a minute for him to catch up then proceeded up the stairs making sure he saw me. He followed and we arrived in my apartment, he closed the door behind him and again kissed me while removing my shirt and forcing me against he wall. He pull his shirt off and began to unbuckle his pants, I did the same. I lead him to the bed where he lightly pushed me down on it. He then removed my underwear and began to suck my cock. After a minute or so he stood up and remove his own underwear and stood over me with his fully erect cock. He rolled me on my back and got into a 69 position shoving his cock in my mouth as he got back to sucking mine. I loved it. He was very good at giving head almost too good, I was trying to slow him down as I was getting close. I pushed on his hips trying to get him to stop but he wouldn't he kept sucking and licking. I couldn't stand it anymore and blew my load into his waiting mouth. He took everything he could then grabbed me by the hips and picked me up with his cock still down my throat. He then spread my ass cheeks and spit my load onto my hole. I continued to suck his cock as he fingered me lubing my hole with my own cum.  

He stood up withdrawing from my mouth and got around between my legs placing them on his broad shoulders. He then leaned forward and pressed his cock against my hole. I remembered this part being so painful but I knew not to fight it. He firmly pushed himself in, and I gasped as he entered me and I heard him sigh with pleasure. He let himself slide slowing into my hole then withdrew all the way. He pushed just the head in this time and made very small motions in and out but not going beyond the head. I wanted more, I tried to press against him but he would just back up further. He then lowered his upper body onto mine and kissed me deeply then whispered in my ear. "You want all of my cock don't you" "Yes, please fuck me!" I said. With that he let himself slide all the way in. I felt his balls rest on my ass as he paused for a second. He then withdrew and this time quickly pushed himself back in all the way. I groaned in pleasure and he continued fucking me like this for sometime. I was able to look at him this time and to feel his huge arms and back muscles. He was gorgeous! I grabbed his head and kissed him, I wanted to savor this time as I was in heaven. I felt the pressure start to build in my ass, as if I was going to piss, my cock was throbbing and oozing pre-cum as he fucked me deeply. I wanted him to cum with me and so I lowered my legs and wrapped them around his hips and encouraged him to fuck me faster and harder. His eyes closed and I felt his balls slapping my ass with each hard deep thrust. I couldn't take it anymore, my dick started to shoot stream after stream of my load in between our two bodies. He fucked me harder and harder and sweat was dripping down his body onto mine. He then grabbed my legs and threw them up on his shoulders fucking me as deeply as possible, over and over again he slammed into me and I felt his pace quicken and he started groaning and I felt his cock explode into me, deep into my ass. He fucked me hard and I began to feel his cum running down the back of my ass, I was overflowing with his seed. He then collapsed on top of me breathing heavily covered in sweat. I wrapped my arms around him and we lay there for what seemed like a long time. He finally rolled over and his cock slide out of my hole. I looked over at him and gave him a smile and said "Hi, I'm Stuart", he laughed and said "Hi, I'm Brad".  

Brad spent the night that night, and would come back many more nights that summer.



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