Stuart's First Time,

This story takes place in my sophomore year. I as 20 years old, short blond hair, fair complexion about 5-8, 150 lbs making me kind of skinny. I had known I was gay for some time now, but came from a small town where being gay was something that your heard of on the news, nothing that you could actually live with. So it remained a secret to everyone I knew.  

I had been going to the gym on campus for some time now, trying to increase my build a bit. It was going pretty good but I had to focus on my weight routine and not the guys all around me. Occasionally I caught myself staring a few times but I was lucky as no one noticed. There were all kinds of different men at this gym. I preferred the lean but built guys. I always went at the same time of day. 6:30 in the morning. I found this the best time for me, between my schedule and the fact the gym was least busy at this time. There were some usual's that were always there and a few people that came at random times.

The morning was just like any other. I arrived at the gym and began my routine, I was in between sets when someone I had not seen walked in. He was taller then me, with dark hair and a body that was perfect in my mind. His arms were well defined, his abs showing through the material of his shirt and probably 5-10 but about 175Lbs. I was only glancing at him whenever I could trying not to be noticed by him or anyone else in the area. He sat on the bench next to me and started doing incline chest press. I was able to see his large chest and shoulders at work, pulsating at he lifted the weights. I continued with my routine and he switched to decline chest press. While he was upside down the material in his shorts showed the outline of his package but also his cock. As he hung upside down it swung around making me realize how large it was, at least 6 inches soft and very thick.  

I finished my lifts and went for the showers. The showers in men's change room were just one large room with 10 shower heads. No stalls or curtains. I thought this was kind of weird when I first started there but became use to it after a while. I was always quick and tried my best to keep my eyes off the other guys in the shower. This was usually not a problem as I was by myself most of the time and even if someone came in it was probably just an old man going for a swim or something. However this time was different. I went in and washed up. The water was hot and I was enjoying it a little more then most days. The shower room door opened and in walked the stud from the gym. He gave me a nod and went to the shower across the room. I noticed his cock swinging as he walked. It was indeed large. His pubs were trimmed and his head hidden by foreskin. I turned around casually, as my cock was starting to stiffen. I faced the water so he could not see me. I stood there for sometime trying to think of things that would turn me off. It was working, my cock began to shrink. I waited another minute, turned around with my eyes closed and rinsed off. I opened my eyes and there he was rinsing his hair, hands in his hair with his eyes closed. Every muscle showing, the soap sliding down his abs and down his long cock and low hanging balls. I couldn't help myself, he was the best looking man I have ever seen. Before I could realize I was staring, he opened his eyes and caught me looking at his cock. I turned the water off and grabbed my soap bottle holding it in-front of my once again hardening cock as I walked, hoping that he wouldn't be able to see. I had to walk by him as I exited the room and I noticed his eyes on my cock and then on my ass as I passed him. I panicked. This could be the end of hiding who I really was. I grabbed my towel off the hanger and headed for my locker. I dried off and started getting dressed when I heard foot steps coming towards my row of lockers. I was still hard and I not yet slipped on my jeans, just my boxer briefs which would not hide my engorged cock. I grabbed my jeans and started to put them on when he came into view. Towel over his shoulder, and his beautiful shimmering cock in clear view. It was slightly engorged, even larger then before. I turned around and put the jeans on. He opened the locker next to me and dried off. It seemed he was taking his time and waving his cock for me to see, while he toweled his hair. I so wanted to grab it and hold it in my hands, imagining what it would feel like in my mouth. Again he caught me staring. I turned around and put on my shoes, grabbed my pack and headed out of the locker room. As I turned the corner I could see him putting his shirt on over his six pack abs. I continued out of the locker room and down the hall to the main stairs.

As I was getting to the end of the hallway I heard the locker room door swing open. As if instinct I turned towards the secondary stairs, and made eye contact with him. The secondary stairs were old and not used very much as they were the long way out of the building, they had a door at the top and the bottom that closed behind you. I decided that I would go in those bottom doors and wait to see if he followed. I put my pack down at the bottom of the stairs and waited a minute. To my surprise the door swung open and in he walked. He knew exactly what I wanted. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me deeply while unbuttoning his jeans. I couldn't believe this was happening, I was terrified but he was all I had every fantasized about. He then put his hands on my shoulder and encouraged me to my knees where his cock was eagerly waiting. Now clearly larger then before but still not at full mast. I slowly put it in my mouth as he breathed deeply. He put his hand on the back of my head and push his cock deeper into my mouth, he was huge, probably 9 inches. I took as much as a could but gagged when he reached the back of my throat. This seemed to turn him on as he pulled out and then pushed back in even deeper saying "suck my cock". I did as commanded. He continued this for a few minutes and I was getting better able to accommodate his huge dick. I stated to taste his pre-cum as he forced himself in and out of my mouth. He started holding my head against his pubs with his dick down my throat. He groaned as he removed his shirt and dropped his pants down to his ankles. While I was sucking his member he reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and slipped his hand down the back finding my ass hole. He licked his finger and slide it into my tight hole. At this moment it occurred to me that my fantasy was about to come true, he was going to FUCK ME!

He grabbed me under my arms, picked me up swung me around pushed me down against the stairs. He slide my pants and underwear down and I felt his tongue against my anus. It felt so good as he massaged my hole in between pushing his finger into me. I was scared but at the same time did not want it to stop. He stood back up and I felt his cock against my tight hole. He pushed hard, my instinct was to clinch down preventing his entry. He whisperer in my ear, "relax, take a deep breath". I did as I was told and he entered me slowly. It was excruciating! I felt like I was being torn open by his giant head. I gasped, and he withdrew. I heard him spit, and realized that he was lubing his cock. He again forced himself into my virgin hole. The pain was intense but I was able to bear it as I had dreamed of this day for years. He started with small strokes working his way deeper into me. It was still painful but I was starting to feel pleasure too. My dick was rock hard swinging under me as he fucked me faster and faster, deeper and deeper until he was all the way in. I could feel his pubs against my ass as he buried his cock in me all the way. He paused for a second and stepped closer to me. He withdrew all the way and then slammed his meat in my ass, I moaned as the pain/pleasure was intense. He then began to fuck me fast and hard, My virgin ass was getting a real pounding! He said "you like that big dick don't you, now your going to get it". He grabbed my hips with a strong powerful grip and pulled me towards him as he thrust into me, over and over again. I began to feel this intense pressure inside me, like I needed to piss. I had never felt anything like it before. I was dripping pre-cum but much more then ever. It seemed like every time he thrust into me more would ooze out. This continued for another minute and then I couldn't hold it anymore. I began to pump load after load of my hot spunk. I couldn't believe it, it was the most intense orgasm of my life and my cock was not even touched. He continued to fuck me, then he started groaning and fucked me even faster. "I'm gonna cum in your ass!" he said in between his rapid breaths. A few seconds later he pounded deep in my ass and I felt his dick pulsate and a warm feeling in my hole. He continued fucking me for a minute as he used my hole to deposit his seed. He pulled himself out of me, grabbed me by the shoulders and sat me on the stairs. He then shoved his cock in my mouth. It was covered in his cum, all around his pubs and dripping down his balls. "Clean me up" he said, still out of breath. I licked every drop I could find, enjoying the taste of his cream and finally feeling his balls with my tongue. With that he pulled up his pants from around his ankles slipped his shirt back on and continued up the stairs leaving me at the bottom with my ass and mouth filled with his cum.



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