Being new to this city I considered myself lucky to get a job at Dwight Towers. The pay was pretty good and the work was interesting. There were about 13 men and 4 women who were regularly on the payroll to maintain these upscale condo towers, and most of them went out of their way to make me feel at home. Being 25 years old and living in a new city can be really hard without friends.

Unless there was an emergency, we had shifts of only two people working at a time-one for each tower-with other being on-call if there was more than the two of us could handle. The supervisor would write up our schedule, which left me usually working with one of the more experienced guys and we got along great and I always learned a lot.

I was shocked when I came in this evening and found out I was working with Ted. Out of all 17 people, Ted was the only one, which was always razzing me. He was not much my senior and it was unheard of that I would be working with another new guy and not a well-seasoned worker this early. The supervisor was a nice guy but he was quite chummy with Ted, which irked me. I assumed it was because he was a good supervisor that he got along with everybody whether he liked it or not.

Ted is about twice the man I am. No joke. He is about 220 lbs and 6'5' and I am only 175 lbs., he is as strong as an ox and I'm slender but fit. I feel like a little kid next to him even though I'm 6 feet tall myself. He is loud and obnoxious and I'm quiet and reserved. He is always making snide remarks about being a pretty boy. Once he grabbed my chin and made fun of my 'boyish peach-fuzz' and then said it was 'probably the same down below' followed by laughter. Another time he grabbed my nipple and twisted it HARD. I backed away and twisted out of his reach and glared at him while he smiled, grabbed his own sculpted pecs and squeezed it jeering, 'If you work harder maybe you'll look like a real man.'

He did these things during our half hour overlap where we would be in the locker-room so I was dreading a whole evening on the same shift of this guy. What was the Supervisor thinking?

When I got to the locker-room Ted was already there. 'Looks like you're with me tonight pretty boy.'

'Yeah...' I said unenthusiastically.

'Now you learn what it's like to do some real work. Get some hair on your balls.' He laughed at his joke.

I was thinking that he probably hadn't done much real work since he started here and I have to go through a whole fucking night of this! Shit! If his muscles came from anywhere it was due to good jeans and the gym because he did dick all while he was here. His constant references to my manhood were getting on my nerves to. He probably had a little dick I thought to myself and smiled. The big hairy ape probably had a little tiny dick while I had a big hairy thick 8' rod and a big hairy low-hanging ball sack.

That thought game me some consolation as I headed into my shift.

I just walked up to sign in with Sam, the Supervisor, and as if in answer to my question he said 'Hello, you'll be working with Ted tonight. I think you've earned a rest from the old guys now and Ted's a good guy.'

Ted's anything but a good guy I thought. More like a fucking lowlife pratt actually. But I just said, 'Thanks' when in truth I wanted anything but a break from the old guys right now and I didn't want to be alone with Ted all night in case he discovered I was gay. Then I might as well save myself the time and quit right now.

Ted was called away to the roof to work on Elevator 2 in Tower 1. It needed some parts replaced. I was kept busy working on routine stuff. In fact, all in all, the evening wasn't going too bad. Ted was up there and I was down here. Good!

That lasted until about an hour before our shifts ended. I got a call on my pager and it was Ted. 'Fuck!'

'Get those dimples up here pretty boy, time for you to do some real work.' Then he hung up before I could reply. I was seething, then I calmed down, then I took the long way around.

I figured no need to rush into the 'stupid-zone' if I don't have to and someone will be taking over in just over 50 minutes.

When I finally got there I peered into the maintenance room of Elevator 2. Ted had his back to me, it was hot, and he had taken off his button-down shirt. He still had on a tight white tank top that looked pretty sweaty. It showed off his v-shaped back, and bulging arms. His dress shirt was slung over a pip not far from where he was working. A broom was lying forgotten on the floor between his legs with a pile of container packaging and dust by the broom's head. 'What a mess' I thought to myself, and dangerous to be working on gears with stuff all over the floor.

'What do you need?' I said curtly.

'About fucking time pretty boy.' He sneered, and then added 'Been looking at yourself in the mirror.'

'Fuck you.' I mumbled.

'What'd you say?'

'Nothing.' I recovered, 'What do you need Ted?' I think he did hear me, but he let it slide.

'I want to see you fix this baby, the gears are not aligned and it stops a meter from each floor. Think a pretty boy like you can handle it or do you want to go back to modeling jockey shorts.'

I couldn't take it any longer, 'Stop calling me pretty boy!'

'Alright... Touchy...' But he was being sarcastic.

My training specialized in elevator service and I was anxious to show him I could do anything that a big dumb ape like him could do. Besides, calibrating an elevator isn't very difficult on this model.

Ted stepped over the broom handle and to the side beckoning me to take his spot. I stepped up and he grabbed me around both shoulders like an old friend 'Now we'll see what you're made of Pret...' I glared at him and he released his grip on me.

'Sorry,' he smirked and went out of view behind me.

I quickly got to work taking off the. Told the computer to send the elevator to the 7th floor from the 6th. The display revealed that is stopped almost exactly one meter too high. After about five minutes, I was engrossed in what I was doing when the handle of the broom cam up between my legs and smacked into my balls.

'Fuck!' I said, turning around. My dick started to grow. 'Shit what now!' I thought to myself.

'Sorry,' Ted grinned, just going to clean up while you're working. He was holding the broom from near the base, it was still pressing up between my legs. I was blushing and looking pissed.

'Lighten up.' He said, sliding the handle out while still pressing up against my balls. 'It could be worse.' Then with a mischievous grin, he poked the end of the handle into the back of my pants, right in the crack where my hole was. 'You could have lost your virginity to this broom.' Then he laughed. My dick was getting fatter and longer in my work pants.

I spun around and swatted the broom handle away but I couldn't help but grin. 'Quit screwing around!'

'You're laughing--about time man. You take yourself too fucking seriously.' He mock scolded me.

'Yeah well...' I turned around because I was getting conscious of my growing dick. 'Quit it.'

Almost done, I squatted to access a floor panel, which contained the calibration wheel. My dick was at full mast and throbbing down my pant leg when Ted started talking again.

'You're smiling on the job man. Better watch out or people will wonder what you're up to.' He jeered.

'What the fuck are you talking about, I'm not smiling.' I turned my head to show him I wasn't then turned got back to spin the wheel to the proper location.

Then I felt something slide down the back of my pants. Ted had grabbed a hammer out of his tool belt and pushed the handle down my pants and inside my underwear. As I stood up in surprise, Ted kept pushing in and pulling down on the other end of the hammer. The effect was that the end of the handle slid into my crack and pressed on my hole while the other end pushed down on my pants exposing my entire ass.

Ted made out like it was an accident but I wasn't so sure. He quickly pulled out the shaft of the hammer from the crack in my ass and stuck it back in his tool belt. 'Shit man, you shouldn't have stood up so fast, nearly lost it to the hammer. I can't leave your around tools, can I?'

'Fuck you Ted!' I yelled at him and turned to face him, reaching around at the same time to pull my pants over my smooth firm ass. But he was looking down at my crotch.

'You're not enjoying this are you?' He jeered and I blushed.

'Fuck! I think pretty boy's got a chubby.'

It was hard to miss but I said, 'I don't fucking think so.' and turned around.

Just as soon as I turned Ted cam up behind me, grabbed a handful of my pants on either side of my waist and yanked them and my underwear down to my ankles in one swift movement. My thick 8' dick sprung up and hit my flat abs with a thud and my ass was only partly hidden by my shirttails.

Ted then stood up and held me firmly on each shoulder and spun me around to face him and looked down at what I was sure was a raging hard-on. I quickly moved my hands to cover it but it was too big to hide it all at once. Ted took his hands off my shoulders and grabbed the front of my shirt. With a quick jerk he popped all the buttons apart and yanked the shirt down my shoulders and right off.

I was suddenly standing in front of him naked except for my shoes and my pants down at my ankles.

'You look pretty fucking turned on to me.' He stood back and looked at me and I blushed hard and bent down to pull up my pants but Ted had put his right hand on my shoulder and guided me back to a standing position.

'You interested?' He said. But this time he wasn't making fun of me, he sounded like he really meant it. I looked shakily down at his dick as if in an internal struggle. Ted unzipped his pants and let a hefty fat prick pop out. It wasn't as long as mine but it was hard, thick and had a big mushroom head.

I reached out and grabbed his dick. It was so fucking hot. You could feel his power pulsing through it and it was dripping a lot of precum. As soon as I touched it he started thrusting his hips. I couldn't believe that the stupid asshole Ted was fucking my fist and I was enjoying it. Fuck!

Ted stepped up closer to me, reached a muscular arm around me and pulled me close. I felt his dick press into my abs with my hand still around it. His balls were still hidden in his pants but I felt them. They were big. Fucking big!

He held me firm like that with one arm--tight and close, my neck on his shoulder. He slid his other arm down my back and found my exposed ass. His fingers worked into my crack and he gripped me really right just as he penetrated my hole with his index finger. 'I've wanted a piece of your ass I first saw you.' He mumbled into my ear but his focus was entirely on my ass.

He spun me around facing the wall with my hands and legs spread apart. I felt him slide his dick under my balls where the broom had been before. His strong hands slid around and up my chest, feeling my nipples. He stopped and stood up a bit, releasing his grip on my nipples and his dick pressed harder up between my legs. He reached into his pocked and got a condom, ripped it open. I felt Ted working it onto his dick between my legs and then felt some lube being applied to his dick.

He arched back and guided his dick to my tight hole. 'You are so fucking hot man. I'm gonna fuck your ass hard,' he said. I couldn't get over that he said I was hot? Was he gay or just a straight guy who would fuck any hole no strings attached? He didn't seem to be into much foreplay but I didn't care. 'You want to feel this dick up your ass?' He taunted me.

When I didn't reply he said, 'Come on man, tell me how much you want to ride my dick.'

I was still thinking it was a trick. He would go back to the others and tell how we were alone and I got turned on and said I wanted him to fuck me. But it couldn't be a trick. How would he explain this position? I lost my inhibitions and replied. 'Yeah'.


That was all he needed. He pushed and his dick split my tight hole wide apart. It hurt like hell but I was so turned on. I was all but naked facing the wall and he was behind me with all his cloths on, just his dick sticking out of his pants and up my ass.

With his hands on my shoulders he arched his back and slid his fat dick right up my ass--as far as it would go. Then he moved his hands down to my hips and grabbed them hard.

'Ohhhhhhhh mmmmm... Fuck,' was all I could say.

Ted started humping my ass, his thick dick working my hole hard and rough. I could feel his heavy balls slapping me hard. After humping me like a rabbit he slowed down, almost pulling all the way out before pressing it all the way in and holding it there, still holding my hips hard. He moved his hands to my chest and grabbed my defined but slender pecs and started humming my long and hard again. Suddenly he jerked his dick in all the way and held it there, his body twitching and his thighs quivering. He was cumming hard.

'Ohhh god yeah!' Ted bellowed embarrassingly loud. 'Fuck.'

I could feel his dick pulsing deep within me.

He pulled out, ripped is condom off and shoved it into his pocket to hide his deed and simply left.

I was standing there naked facing the wall with a raging hardon and a sore ass. 'Come on, shift's over,' he called.

I yanked my pants up and pulled my shirt on. 'Fuck! The buttons are all ripped off'. But I put it on anyway.

When I got down, Sam was about to leave after signing in the next guys. Ted had already left.

'What happened to you?' Sam asked about my shirt, smiling. 'Get it caught on something?' He winked.

'Um yeah.' I replied and hurried out thinking, 'Fuck, Sam was in on it. He set me up!'

I always did like Sam.



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